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how to express your feelings
How to Express Your Feelings & Get Your Point Across the Right Way

Expressing feelings can be like pulling teeth, because it’s just as painful. If you’ve forgotten how to express your feelings, here’s how to do it right.

how to make yourself look older
How to Make Yourself Look Older: 12 Ways to Fool Anyone You Want

There are a lot of reasons you might want to know how to make yourself look older. If you’re trying to fool someone, this is how to do it.

how to find yourself

How to Find Yourself When You Feel Like You’ve Lost Your Way

You don’t need to be middle-aged to have a life crisis anymore. If you feel lost, read on if you need to know how to find yourself again.

how to get to know yourself

How to Get to Know Yourself and Reveal Your Life’s True Passions

The unfortunate truth is that many people don’t know who they are. Learning how to get to know yourself is something everyone should do in life.

Meaningful Conversation Topics

40+ Meaningful Conversation Topics to Get Through Any Discussion

There’s not much worse than a dry conversation. Having meaningful conversation topics will show people the perfect side of you and keep things fun.

not ready for a relationship

Not Ready for a Relationship? 7 Legitimate Reasons Why It’s Okay

Dating can be a tough nut to crack and leads many to wonder why bother. Here are seven reasons why you’re not ready for a relationship.

How to Overcome Insecurity Issues

How to Overcome Insecurity Issues and Reclaim Power Over Your Life

Don’t let your insecurities hold you down or from accomplishing your dreams. It’s time to fight back and learn how to overcome insecurity issues.

how to calm your nerves

How to Calm Your Nerves in Any Situation You’re Walking Into

Knowing how to calm your nerves and keep your cool is essential. No matter what’s going on, here’s how you can keep yourself under control.

how to be interesting

How to Be Interesting and Become the Heart of Any Conversation

Ever talked to someone and see their eyes glaze over as they nod mindlessly to whatever you say? Here’s how to be interesting and avoid being the bore.

how to confront someone

How to Confront Someone When You Loathe Uncomfortable Interaction

We can’t always avoid discussing uncomfortable situations with people. Knowing how to confront someone in a civil manner is more than necessary.

how to start a new life

How to Start a New Life and Move On From the Toxicity for Good

Life doesn’t always go as planned. There’s some toxicity that’s so hard to get rid of, we must learn how to start a new life. Here’s how to do that.

how to look rich

How to Look Rich: 38 Ways to Look like You’re Rolling in Cash

You don’t need flash and bang to look like a million bucks. Read on to find out how to look rich with a few simple changes!