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giving up on life
Giving Up on Life: How to Change Your Self-Deprecating Attitude

Everyone feels like giving up on life every now and then. You’re not alone. Here’s how you can change that negative attitude and live a better life.

how to gain confidence
How to Gain Confidence and Turn Your Life Around for the Better

There are a lot of things in our lives that may make our confidence dwindle. This is how to gain confidence and take control of your life again.

calm your mind

Calm Your Mind: How to Get the Inside Voices Out of Your Head

Nothing is worse than when anxiety gets the best of you. To halt the constant inner voices and calm your mind, try these 11 tricks.

Attention Seeking Behavior

Attention Seeking Behavior: Why Some People Go Looking for Drama

It’s all around us, and we’re not talking love. From the chronic liar to the online troll, here’s the 101 on attention seeking behavior.

how to move out of your parents' house

How to Move Out of Your Parents’ House: The Checklist You Need

Wondering how to move out of your parents’ house? It may sound exciting, but there’s a lot that comes with it. I mean, who’s going to do all your laundry?

i need a hug

I Need a Hug: 20 Mood-Boosting Things to Do When You Feel Down

It’s not often that I feel so upset I need a hug. But when I do, there’s definitely something wrong. Here’s how to get yourself in a great mood again!

how to be yourself

How to Be Yourself: 14 Steps to Unfake Your Life & Love Being You

“Be yourself,” they say. Well, it’s easier said than done. Don’t listen to their crappy advice, it’s time you heard how to be yourself from the pro.

Superficial Person

Superficial Person Alert: 36 Shallow Traits They Just Can’t Hide

A superficial person is someone who is all about the surface or appearances. Not having much underneath, it is best not to expect much from them!

Repressed Anger

Repressed Anger: How to Let Go Before It Eats You from the Inside

There are some moments when you’re going to be angry, but if have repressed anger from a high school breakup over text, well, that’s different.

How to be Comfortable with Yourself: A Guide to Not Giving a F*ck

Learning how to be comfortable with yourself can be a long process. But it’s beyond worth it for your happiness. Here’s how to stop giving a fuck.

why am i so emotional

Why Am I So Emotional? Science Has the Answers You May Not Expect

When it comes to being an emotional person, there could be a lot more to it than you realize. If you ever wonder, “why am I so emotional?” here’s why.

Conversational Narcissist

Conversational Narcissist: Do You Love Talking & Hate Listening?

If you dominate a conversation, you’re probably a conversational narcissist. Since a conversation takes two, try and close your mouth once in a while.