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What Women Want Men to Know

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Men don’t really have to be confused by women and their ways if they really try to understand them at times. Here are a few things that can help you understand your girlfriend or wife better.

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What Women Want Men to Know

We don’t always try changing your mind

This is a big misconception you guys have about us! Just because we engage in a lively animated debate, it does not mean we’re looking for an argument or that we’re trying to change your mind. Women may be different from men in many ways, but one of the most obvious is that we love a healthy fight. We love arguing about little things and we like retaliating to your comments once in a while. And no, it’s not because of PMS!

It’s just that a good argument gets our hormones raging at times, and we love the making up after the argument. So try understanding that women don’t want to change your mind now and then. It’s just that we want to contradict you and bring that fire back into the relationship, along with a bit of our sugar and spice.

Tell us about your ex

Now we’re not trying to convince you to open up your secret diary and pour out all your secrets, but we definitely do want to know a bit more about your previous crusades and escapades.

It’s just that when we know you have an ex, we wonder what went wrong in your past relationship. We assume you’re perfect and we wouldn’t be able to figure out a reason for the break up, so a part of us really wants to know what it is that made the both of you break up.

And if you don’t say a word about your ex, we’d begin to wonder if you still have the hots for this ex of yours. And it’s not like we want to know all the intimate and gooey details either. We just want to be reassured that she is not a threat. Another really important reason we want to know about your ex is because we want to act snotty and aloof when we bump into your ex at some point of time.

Explore us

Blunders galore! When it comes to making out, you men can see just two parts on a woman’s body. There is a lot more on a woman’s body than just that. We do love the obvious zones, but we also prefer the not-so-obvious zones too. And each time we get into bed, if you’re going to pounce on us, whether we’re ready or not, things can get quite irritating, especially if you can’t last long. So explore us and show us that you care about our needs just as much as we care about yours.

Tell us if we look fat

Perhaps this move would be something you’d rather avoid, if you’re worried that the repercussions may just make things worse for you. But on the contrary, we’d really love it if you could actually tell us that we look fat in a dress. Just maybe not in so many words. We would be really grateful if you could say “That looks nice, but I think you look awesome in the red dress you tried earlier”, instead of “It looks great, buy it if you like it”. We know that you’re just trying to be nice, but it’s not like we don’t know we’re bordering on the other side of the waistline ourselves. So telling us that something makes us look fat in a nice way can help you score big points with us, but it’s not like we’re counting anyways.

You see, we really are not that confusing as most men perceive us to be. All it takes to know women is a bit of thoughtfulness and some interest in understanding what goes on in our minds. And life can be oh-so-perfect!

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  • Elean J
    May 11, 2012 | Permalink |

    Ahhh.. no, i disagree with this post! I think guys should just try as much as possible to be themselves, do or say those things you think honestly and inocently right. The day you start thinking of a way to understand a woman, thats exactly the day she starts seeing you as weird!!!

  • Disner
    June 15, 2013 | Permalink |

    Dammit Woman.. :/

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