What Kind of Boys Do Girls Want?

what kind of boys do girls like?

What kind of boys do girls like to date? How can you impress a woman and make her like you without pretending to be the infamous bad boy? Here’s your ten step guide to making women want you.

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In the introduction, you would have read about the right ways to attract a girl by being bad and yet, revealing a soft side now and then.

While it’s not easy to hold your feelings back, it’s something you need to to learn.

At least for the first few weeks, until you’re certain she likes you back.

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Learn to control your emotions

It’s the emotional control of the brat boy that really makes him so desirable.

Don’t look at the popular icons. Get real and believe in yourself! Your self confidence is the one thing that wins over girls *if the way you talk doesn’t*.

But bad boys don’t make a habit of giving off this attitude with the women they trust. Girls like their space and also like to make their own decisions.

Your arrogance is attractive, but not if you throw your weight around your girl’s life.

Playing hard to get challenges her ego

You think the girl who’s ready to risk her life to get a glimpse of you is cute. But why would she do that in the first place? Well, she’d probably do that if you’ve been interacting with her, and yet, don’t give her any more attention than what you would give to just about anyone else around you. [Read: How to flirt with a girl like a friend]

And remember, brat boys, like bad boys, love themselves more than anyone else. At least, that’s how they pretend to be.

Your indifference…

There’s more than a slight difference between playing hard to get and being indifferent. You could be indifferent for real. Even if you want to show your feelings, hold back. The bubble pops once you wear your heart on your sleeves. Every girl wants to know what’s going on in your mind, but when you bring that out in the open, there’s nothing more to know about you.

But there are two sides to the same coin, so a girl could also misinterpret this as a lack of interest. So make sure, there’s a sliver of interest in all that indifference.

And just one pointer, many guys do that even after hitching the girl, which can be really rude to the girl, who’d just be left insecure and confused. Don’t ever to that, because then you wouldn’t be a Brat Boy, you’d just be a son of a gun.

Be unpredictable

Not crimes. No! But your ability to do anything you want and getting away with it gives you a matchless edge. Girls expect likeable brats to be whimsical too! We know that nobody is perfect and that’s how we want the guy to be. Be really sweet one day, and completely ignore her the next. Yup, it’s frustrating for women, but the irony of it all is that they want it just like that! [Read: How to become a better guy]

High handedness

A high handedness in your behavior can at times bring out your negative side, but it can turn out to be racy too! Know this, being high handed doesn’t necessarily have to mean arrogance, it actually is your superior belief in yourself and the ‘fact’ that you’re better than anyone else. Women love being around a man who can strip others off their power at his whim. So go for power, brat boy!


Your pride is a pull factor. Are you able to stand up for yourself? There’s nothing that can put off a woman more than a guy who brags the whole way, and vanishes without a trace when it comes to standing up for himself or the people with him. A bad boy would stand up just for himself, but a brat shows his concern for the people around, even if he’s outnumbered! Idiotic, yes, but so damn sweet!

The aphrodisiacal man

It’s the confidence oozed by the bad brats that has girls swooning. Confidence in speech and control is your ticket. But your carnal confidence makes you a hit with the girls. It’s time to also tell you (in belated fashion!) that the inimitable arrogance of the bad guy also makes him desirable. Most girls don’t expect their guys to come in ‘pink-ribbon boxes’ anyway. Neither are they expected to be fussy and finicky about things. So, a racy and adventurous bad boy trait, with an adventurous streak is sensational.

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So be prepared to turn a new leaf and drop all signs of the bad boy. After all, you are looking at dating a girl and keeping her too, right? If you want to be a keeper, and make a girl fall in love with you, being a brat is your best way forward.

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8 thoughts on “What Kind of Boys Do Girls Want?”

  1. Argan says:

    I guess girls like powerful men.

  2. 32 DD says:

    I like having rough sex.

  3. A says:

    Okay guys.. this is just all wrong. Do you seriously think we want you to ignore us sometimes!?

  4. Candlelight Warrior says:

    Alright, first things first: Don’t listen to what this article expresses. REAL ladies like gentlemen, and to be treat (as what they are) LADIES. I like men who are nice and sweet. Girls also like intelligence and for a man to have his own thoughts and opinions. The stressful part for a lady is when this hot guy talks WAY to much. If I’m trying to talk to my friends, listen to music, and just chill out then you start rammering on about your entire life; at the end of the night they’ll probably want to kill you. Although, we like conversation, mostly when it’s about a debatable topic. I think what charms ladies the most though, has to be how funny a man is. There is nothing more sexy than good-looking, funny man. But the turn-off is when you joke too much or try really hard to be funny. Funniness comes naturally, so don’t stress over! Also, attitudes and over-confidence won’t hardly fly either.

  5. Urusigh says:

    Heh, at least girls aren’t the only ones being told to ignore the other person sometimes just to drive them nuts. I think it’s stupid when they do it and I’m certainly not going to follow that advice. Behavior I like gets rewarded with behavior she likes, behavior I don’t gets a warning or a walk. There’s nothing honest about just screwing with the other person’s head, even if it works.

    Still seems stupid that admitting upfront you like a girl can backfire. They usually fall faster and harder than men do, so by the time we get around to saying it we are either already playing catch up anyway or never had her interest in the first place.

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