15 Things Guys Do That Are a Big Turn Off for Girls

turn off for girls

Seeing someone you really like and don’t want to blow it? Find out the most common things that turn girls off, so you won’t commit any of them!

They say, “Just be yourself!” and “Don’t ever change a thing, just to win a girl.” But you’ve tried being yourself before, and it didn’t get you anywhere—not even first base. You see, in the game of love, you have to play the part and look the part, no matter what phase you’re in. Most girls are actually very easy to please and hard to disappoint.

Things that turn girls off – 15 habits to avoid

You don’t have to be Prince Charming if you’re just a humble, small-time pauper; however, just make sure you tame down your despicable habits. Whether you’re still eyeing a girl or you’ve been together for decades, here are some of the most common things guys do that instantly turn girls off.

#1 Letting the girl pay. Don’t invite her *or even your male friends* to a movie or dinner, only to let them pay for you. It’s one of the major no-nos when it comes to dating. You might say that she’s rich and she’s okay with it. Sure, it’s possible that she’s okay with it once in a while, but if it slowly becomes a habit, she’ll start to resent you.

Girls, even the most modern ones, still want their men to buy their dinner. If you are broke, don’t invite her to something expensive. At the very least, go dutch. But never let her foot the bill when you’re the one who invited her. [Read: 13 must-follow rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

#2 Forgetting and canceling dates. If you set a date on Saturday, make sure you remember it and make sure you show up! You have no idea of the amount of trouble women go through to prepare for dates. She could have gone to the salon already and bought a new outfit.

And, of course, she has cleared her schedule and has invested some time imagining what your date will be like. If you’re not too sure you’ll be available, don’t set a date! This is a big sign that you’ll be a flake if you have a relationship, and girls are so tired of that.

#3 Smothering them with attention. You might think putting girls on a pedestal is a surefire way to make them attracted to you. Au contraire! If you put them on a pedestal on the first few days of dating, chances are, her interest in you will gradually wane. Why? Because most women want the challenge. If something is a given, it becomes boring—even cringe-worthy. Although they want to hear you confess your love for them, they don’t want you to be needy or desperate. They want you to want them but not so much that you start to become uninteresting. [Read: 5 reasons why loving someone too much kills the love instantly]

#4 Being too passive. Girls want to be the ones in charge once in a while, but if they notice that they’re the ones initiating most of the time, they’ll start to get exhausted. They want men to be decisive and active, not passive or reactive all the time. You should be the one asking and planning most of your dates. You should know how to lead, because even if *especially if* you’re dating a feminist, she wants a man who knows how to lead.

#5 Constantly checking your cell phone. When you’re on a date or when your girl wants to have quality time with you, give her your undivided attention. It doesn’t take much! You don’t even have to say a lot. Just make sure you’re listening. Constantly checking your phone is such an annoying habit. One glance on your phone could totally ruin her enthusiasm to share her thoughts. Unless you have an emergency, put the phone down.

#6 Being rude to waiters and pets. You can tell a lot about a person’s personality by how they treat those who are less powerful than them. Pay attention to how you treat waiters, beggars, animals, and sales people, because you should treat them kindly. And because most women gauge how sensitive you are based on how you are toward them. If a man kicks dogs and shouts at waiters, it’s a sign that’s how he will treat a girl once the romance wanes. So, before you even approach a girl, teach yourself to be gentle. [Read: The 10 biggest offs for girls when you’re on a date with them]

#7 Arriving late. It’s not really a deal breaker, but being late most of the time can create resentment in the long run. It simply shows that you don’t value her time enough to make the effort to arrive on time. It’s a turn off for many girls, especially if you’re set to meet at a fancy restaurant. You don’t want her to be known as the girl who always waits for her man.

#8 Borrowing money…always. Oh, come on. You’re much better than borrowing money from your girl all the time. It’s such a big turn off to be financially dependent on her, when you should be treating her to good dinner now and then. And since you’re so broke, it’s almost certain you can’t give her gifts, as well. As much as possible, borrow money from other people *hint: your parents*, because doing this could put tension on your relationship.

#9 Posting too many updates on social media. Almost every girl I know gets turned off by guys who are constant social media posters. There’s no clear rule for this, but at least limit your selfies and don’t post about yourself more than 10 times per week. You want to leave a bit of mystery for your girl to discover. It also makes you look vain, which most girls hate. Be too busy and engaged with meaningful endeavors to post another meme. That makes you hot. [Read: 18 bad habits that’ll make your girl want to leave you real soon]

#10 Wearing crocs. Wearing tacky items such as crocs, corduroy pants, and a man bun can make any girl cringe. Look, you don’t have to be sartorial if you’re not fashion-savvy, but at least find out the top 10 fashion don’ts for men and just don’t wear those. You might grumble and say crocs are your fashion statement, and that if a girl really loves you, she’ll accept you for who you are. That’s valid. However, if you’re still trying to win her love, don’t show up with ugly shoes.

You are trying to impress her, remember? Unless your intention is to make her laugh *which could be cute*, just stay away from items that are obviously tacky.

#11 Rushing into sex. Whether you’re just dating or you’re already hitched, it’s still a turn off for girls if guys rush them to have sexy time. We know you are craving it, but practice delaying your urge to match hers. Don’t just get inside the room and start undressing. You have to connect with her first via conversation or foreplay because *surprise!* girls want a bit of affection before having sex. [Read: 10 steps you must follow to get a girl to have sex with you]

#12 Video game addiction. Some women, even if they’re dating the handsomest, most eligible bachelor, turn down guys simply because they found out that the guy is addicted to video games. Maybe they’ve been with videogame addicts before and know that it’s a waste of time to convince addicts that there are other better things to do. They can already imagine your weekends together and they don’t like the picture. No matter how much you argue that it’s just a game, turn offs are turn offs, and this one is on the top of the list…unless she’s a gamer, too.

#13 Poor hygiene. This needs no explanation. Our sense of smell is very powerful. We can remember thousands of smells and associate them with certain moods, events, or people. If you have bad breath, that kind of smell will be etched forever in your girl’s memory, and you won’t be as sexy to her as before. If you’re trying to win someone’s heart or if you’re already together, make sure you take care of your hygiene from head to toe, not only for her, but for yourself. [Read: The 25 biggest dating deal breakers for women all men must know]

#14 Talking about yourself all the time. Sure, she wants to hear what happened to you today, but please ask her back. Don’t just go on and on without bothering to think of her and whether she’s still interested. Make sure your conversation is balanced. Please be aware. It is such a big turn off if a man keeps blabbering about his life and his interests, without caring if the other party has opened her mouth in the last hour.

#15 Putting other people down. If you’re always whining and saying bad things about other people, girls will start to think that you’re one of those pessimistic nit-picker types, who blame other people for their unhappiness. If that’s who you are, try to not show your dark side so much by focusing only on good things.

It’s a challenge at first, but do it at least for a month and you’ll find out it’s not so hard to cultivate, after all. You don’t want to give her the impression that you’ll blame her all the time when something goes wrong.

Dating is tricky. A part of it requires you to be honest and comfortable with yourself, and another part is always adjusting as you try to please the other person. But as long as you don’t do any of the things mentioned above, you’re likely to have a smooth ride.

[Read: 25 things about guys that girls find more attractive than anything else]

And most importantly, after understanding these 15 most common things that turn girls off, you’ll surely have a much higher success rate in winning their hearts.

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6 thoughts on “15 Things Guys Do That Are a Big Turn Off for Girls”

  1. Jason says:

    I’m surprised guys are managed to lock down those all-important Friday and Saturday dates. When it comes to me, especially in the earliest going, I have a lot of trouble trying to get girls who won’t flake on the weekends because they’re too up for having a good time with their friends rather than testing the waters. I suppose I get why, I mean you’re definitely in for a good time with your buddies, but I’m definitely never going to forget one of these nights for the sheer fact I got it in the first place lol. I guess there’s something to be said for midweek coffee.

  2. Louis says:

    I never thought that my Warcraft addiction was a turn off for girls. Let’s face it, video games are my kryptonite and I can’t ignore it or something. Especially not for a girl that won’t appreciate my passion for games. Hopefully some day I’ll find a girlfriend who’ll love to play games as well and we can cuddle together at my condo with keyboards in our hands. Anyway, this was so helpful, because no girl will tolerate your lack of hygiene or paying instead of you and stuff like that.

  3. christal says:

    Ugh, don’t let me even get started on telling you the major turn offs I had with my ex boyfriend. He doesn’t clean his feet, it’s so nasty all the time and it smells really bad, it reeks. His armpits are so hair and he has the worst BO. He has a hairy back like an old man. His dick is super small and that’s the saddest part! Every part of him is so dirty and I wonder why I even fell for the mother fucking dirty guy. He’s not dirty in a good way, he’s dirty in a, you know, garbage disposal way? He smells like garbage all the time. Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on telling you how fucked up his breath smells like. I kissed him one time and it’s just the last time I ever did. He doesn’t brush his teeth too, he has stains all over and I don’t even believe he uses a mirror. I could’ve gotten lice too because in his hair, there were white thingies crawling and it makes me cringe so much. He seemed like a very nice guy when we chatted online but really in person, I just can’t even. Ugh, he looked so decent in the low quality web camera and it sucks that I didn’t let him send me some HD photos of him. He was such a nice guy too but his hygiene just sucks. I really hate that I had to let him go. I’m just a neat freak like that and I really don’t know what to say to him other than, “YOU REEK! GO TAKE A SHOWER!” He smelled so bad that at the airport, I smelled shit from 10 meters away and a lot of people did too. I wonder how the plane even landed because he must have stunk up the whole plane and left everyone unconscious. Even the pilot. I really feel bad for him though. He made this great big effort to meet me in person. He’s from Australia and I live here in Kentucky. He really never realized he stunk so much. I guess I could go text him and say that I’m sorry, right? He’s a nice guy. I’m just going to spruce him up a little bit and get him some body therapy, like a whole body therapy. He will look hot as fuck. Okay, so let me just call him right now and see if I can get a hold of him. Yeah I’m just gonna call him instead because, I just realized that I did a nasty thing to him. So, yeah he did pick up but he was kind of shying away from talking to me but I did get him to trust me to take him to some place. I hope he doesn’t get mad that it would be a full body scrub place. I’ll pay for it all and he doesn’t even need to pay me back. I really can’t believe how I said those words to him though but if you were in my shoes and met him at the airport and even took him home to your apartment, you would’ve said those words too.

  4. Date2Relate says:

    A very good list with the crocs being the least offensive. What if she’s wearing them too? Then it’s something that can be shared. Funny how that works.

  5. Grace says:

    My turn offs, I just want to make a list for you guys. Bad hygiene. There is nothing more unappealing to me then a person who has poor hygiene. Nasty odor, bad breath, greasy hair…clean your sh*t up please, it’s not attractive. Constant Immaturity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty immature myself and I love it when guys are playful and loose. I just really hate it when I’m trying to be serious and they completely ignore it or give me juvenile responses, intentionally or unintentionally. KNOW WHEN TO ACT YOUR AGE. Heartlessness. Guys that hardly give their partner any affection or don’t care about anything. They don’t deserve to have anyone at all. Who would want a cold stone anyway? Players. Self explanatory. Men that use women can go fall into a hole and rot. Boring guys. -Yawnnnnnnnnnn- I cannot stand boring guys, or boring people in general. They never want to do anything fun and are sucky conversationalists, which leads me to my next turn off. Bad conversationalists. Oh. my. god. What is with guys that cannot hold a conversation for shhh. Shyness? That’s cool. I’m shy as well. But once I open up, I love to talk. I especially like having deep and thought provoking conversations but EVEN CASUAL IS FINE, JUST TALK! Grrr. Super thin/buff guys. I prefer my man soft and snuggable. Not overweight and not too toned. I like being able to touch his body without feeling any bones or hardness.
    Douchebags. Another self explanatory.
    Bad style. Having a good fashion sense is important to me, as I am a fashonista. I like a man that knows how to dress himself in his own unique style that suits him. Not looking like a blind person dressed him. Porn addicts. Porn is common for guys, I know that. I don’t agree with it at all but I accept it. But when it gets to the point where a mans idea of a women becomes completely distorted by all of the fake porn, airbrushed vaginas and fake acted out fantasy’s, they need to get their ass back into the real word or they are going to be awfully disappointed. Watch porn? Stick with homemade videos. Bad hair. Hair is also pretty important to me. I like guys that keep their hair smelling nice and looking nice. Talking about exes. If your in a relationship with me I’d rather not hear about your past girlfriends constantly, thank youuuuuuuu. Talking about other women. I know guys notice other woman, it’s natural. I find other males attractive too. But when your guy tells you to your face “Ohhhh so and so is so hot” or something of that matter, it’s straight out disrespectful. There are many more but I’m gonna it end here for now because thinking about this is just making me hate men.

  6. Guest says:

    Lol, I’m on this site to be a better husband to my wife, you both have the same complaints. Doing my homework and changing to make my wife happier

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