23 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew About a Girl’s Mind

things girls wish guys knew

Reading a girl’s mind can’t get any easier. Understand these 23 things girls wish guys knew, and you’ll be a charmer and a better lover, all at once.

Most guys assume girls are mysterious.

And many other guys think girls are manipulative and play hard to get all the time.

But is that really true?

Well, yes, we do like it when a guy that likes us can make the effort to prove that he’s worthy.

But that doesn’t mean we toy with a man’s mind when we like them already!

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The dating game girls wish guys could understand

Even before we get to the list of things girls wish guys knew, I think guys really need to understand this.

Girls almost always take time to fall in love.

But when they do fall in love with a great guy, they fall pretty hard.

So if a girl you’re pursuing takes her time to start dating you, it doesn’t mean she’s playing hard to get *even if that’s what you believe*.

It only means she’s still evaluating you as a dating potential.

The playing hard to get part of the dating game isn’t a game at all.

It’s just the way things work.

A guy gets attracted to a girl immediately, but it takes a while for a girl to fall for the guy’s charm.

Give that sweet girl you like so much a bit of time to actually fall for you, because when she does fall, she’ll fall pretty hard and stay in love too! [Read: How to woo a girl and make her fall for you]

Well, so now that I’ve got that big thing girls want guys to know off my chest, let’s get to the rest.

23 things girls wish guys knew about girls

A girl isn’t mysterious. The way you think and the way girls think are just a wee bit different. Women are more compassionate by nature and are more forgiving. Guys, on the other hand, are more aggressive and violent, and hold on to grudges for a lot longer. [Read: 12 giveaway signs that a girl definitely likes you]

Just because men and women are different in the head doesn’t make women complicated confusions. It is pretty frustrating though, when a guy just doesn’t take the effort to understand a girl better.

To help you understand a girl and her mind, here are 23 things girls wish guys knew about girls. It’ll definitely help you understand the girls in your life better, and they’ll appreciate you for the nicer guy you’d become once you know these things too.

#1 The staring game. Girls don’t like being stared at, unless we’re reciprocating to your stare by staring back. So the next time you’re sitting at a coffee shop trying to catch a girl’s eye, look at her a couple of times. If she seems disinterested and doesn’t lock eyes with you, let her be. She’s not interested in you, and you boring through her brain with your x-ray vision won’t change her mind. [Read: 1o subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#2 Staring at other girls. If you’re on a date with a girl or spending time with your girlfriend, try to avoid staring at other girls. And if you can’t help yourself, take a quick, casual peek at the girl in the next table and avoid looking at that girl again. Trying to exchange eye contact with another girl is disrespectful and insulting to your date.

When you’re with your new girlfriend, don’t flirt or compliment another girl about something you haven’t complimented your own girlfriend at some point of time before. It’ll upset her, because she’ll assume you’re more fascinated by the other girl. If a cold shoulder comes your way after that, don’t assume that your girlfriend is too complicated to understand. It’s just your big foot that’s stuck in your mouth that messed up this time. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women]

#3 The special days. Yes, we may have more special days in our lives. But that’s only because we try to make every other day feel like a special occasion that’s worth celebrating. If you can make the effort to remember our special days and plan for it in advance, we’d only fall more in love with you with every new special occasion. And don’t forget anniversaries and birthdays, that just hurts a lot more than you think.

#4 Shave encounters. We take a lot of effort to look our best for the special guys in our life, even if it takes an hour a day to look perfect. But sometimes, when we’re feeling really comfortable in love or on a lazy weekend, we could let go now and then and overlook shaving our legs or grooming the little bits of hair here and there.

Yes, hair does grow on girls too, as surprising as that may seem. So don’t make a big deal about it. Be nice to your lady, and wipe that mortified expression off your face when you see your girlfriend’s unshaven legs. And really, pulling your own pants up and comparing the length of your leg hair with her leg is so not funny!

#5 We love talking about feelings. Almost all the time, as humans, what we say isn’t always what we mean. So instead of just using our imagination to decipher harsh words, accusations and sweet words, girls like talking about it. Have a warm conversation with a girl, and it’ll definitely bring her closer to you. After all, all girls think a great conversationalist is an excellent catch.

#6 Chivalry is not dead. Many girls may not like to wait for a guy to hold the door open for them or pull a chair back for them all the time. But it’s definitely a nice feeling when a guy treats a girl chivalrously when he’s on a date with her. We find it very uncomfortable to be with a guy who doesn’t understand basic courtesy, especially when all other guys around know how to behave and treat a woman with respect. [Read: Chivalry is dead because men are lazy]

#7 Cuddling and spooning. This is just as important as sex. For a guy, penetration is sex. But for a girl, penetration is just penetration. Sex is foreplay, penetration and a bit of afterplay. Sex is an emotional connection for women. When you have sex with your woman, make love to her and spend time with her, not just while having sex, but at all other times too. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex more exciting]

#8 Shopping sprees. Girls love shopping. It’s like therapy and it makes most of us feel good even when we’re feeling down. So instead of behaving like a stereotypical male who pretends like he hates shopping, join us now and then. It’ll be fun, and we’d really appreciate it if you could help us pick the stuff that looks great on us.

#9 Our girl friends matter. The opinions of our friends matter, and we take them into serious consideration. So if you’re trying to impress a girl or win her over, pay attention to winning over her friends too. If you can win over her friends, you’re already half past making her fall in love with you because her friends will turn into your evangelists. [Read: 10 steps to make a girl want you and think of you sexually]

#10 Trust a girl with her hands. Girls are more dexterous and have better hand skills than men, so trust her when you need to pull a splinter out or jiggle a key. I could go as far as saying girls better drivers too *based on statistics* but hey, we won’t go there now!

#11 Don’t beef up. Girls don’t always like brawny men who can’t reach around and wipe their own ass. A bulked up hulk may awe other men but they almost always never impress women. To a girl, machismo doesn’t always mean bulky muscles.

#12 We fake it. Now and then, we fake it to make you feel better even if we’re not having the orgasmic scream of our lives. But that doesn’t mean you should take it easy in bed, and avoid trying new things in bed.

Even if we don’t always say we want something better in bed, we do drop a few signs later to let you know you could have done better. We’re not trying to puncture your ego, we’re just trying to help you get better in bed. [Read: 15 ways to turn a girl on and excite her mind]

#13 Fair and square. In a relationship, we want the same rules to be applied to both partners. If you don’t like us talking to a particular guy or don’t want us to go out on a ladies night, the same rules should apply to you too. Don’t try to control us and on the other hand, do whatever you like. It’s unfair and we’d never be happy in a relationship that’s biased. [Read: 15 subtle signs you could be a controlling boyfriend and not know it!]

#14 Funny guys. We love humor, in any way you can bring it, just as long as it doesn’t hurt us emotionally or physically. Girls are always drawn to guys who have a sense of humor. If you’re not a funny guy, memorize a few jokes. We’ll love you anyway! [Read: How to be a funny guy that girls love]

#15 Revenge. This is more of a warning than a thing girls wish guys knew, but it’s important for you to know this nevertheless. A guy may use brute force or throw a punch to get his revenge. But a woman’s mind doesn’t work that way. A girl always gets her revenge psychologically. So if you’ve pissed a girl off and she’s smiling at you, you have every reason to be afraid… very afraid!

#16 We love talking. Girls love socializing and talking to their friends for hours. And at times, a girl would also want to talk to her guy and spend a while talking about nothing in particular. So even if you aren’t into gossip or giggles, humor your girl. She’ll love the fact that you’re so understanding and cooperative.

#17 Reading your mind. A girl likes talking about the future and asking her boyfriend questions that can help her decipher her guy’s mind better. After all, it is the best way to spend a lazy weekend and get to hear each other’s opinions on compatibility and future plans. It can also help you understand your girlfriend a lot better too. [Read: 50 questions to test your relationship compatibility]

#18 We withhold sex. And that’s only because we know what hurts you most when we want to get back at you for something you’ve done. We really do want to talk to you and clear the air, but when you walk away or just laugh at us, evolution has taught us that the best way to get a man’s attention is by withholding sex. Talk to us, and understand us, and we’ll never have to resort to low blows like this.

#19 The dependable you. A girl always wants her man to be dependable and reliable. Your girlfriend may not always ask you for a favor or your help, but when she does, let her know that you’re always around for her when she needs you. It makes her feel more secure and protected, and that’ll make you feel great about yourself too.

#20 We love compliments. Girls aren’t insecure in a perfect relationship, but that doesn’t mean girls don’t like hearing compliments often. If you like something about your girl, tell her what’s on your mind. Girls absolutely love compliments, especially when it comes to appearances and romance. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

#21 Raking old issues. Girls bring up old issues during a fight, not to hit you with a low blow, but because we remember it. Women have a better memory than men, and we just can’t help it. When we’re angry with our man, we can’t help but pour out all our frustrations at once. But we’ll also give you the cutest smile while making it up after a fight!

#22 Public display of affection. A girl may behave coyly when her boyfriend puts his arms around her in public or kisses her cheek. But it definitely does bring a tingle of excitement for girls too. Public display of affection makes us feel good, just as long as you don’t make a horny face or indulge in PDA just to show off in front of another guy. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet]

#23 Awe us with your machismo. If it’s something we can’t do, we’ll fall in love just watching you do it! A guy’s physical strength is a big turn on for girls, because evolution has hardwired a girl’s brain to awe a man’s brute strength. Win your date a big prize after pounding a high striker at a carnival game and you’ll definitely impress her and leave her blushing with delight!

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Just understanding these 23 things that girls wish guys knew can make you a smoother man with the ladies and a big charmer in no time. And it’ll definitely make girls like you a lot more too!

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25 thoughts on “23 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew About a Girl’s Mind”

  1. TheCupKnight says:

    Disgusting. Stop writing lies about how women are in every way purer and subtler than men. Such erroneous and backward thinking, about Withholding Sex. Not every man is after sex, and holds sex so importantly. True men at least. Subtle you say? I can easily see through your own unmistakeable feeling of superiority over your own gender. Women are secondary to men, that is the order of nature. You can see it in the wilds, in the natural order of animals. As a woman yourself, you will agree this with me, when you say women like to look up to their men and have their men take charge in the first place. Because men were never equal to women, and women never equal to men.

    Having cleared that, it doesn’t matter whether you can accept it or not, but I just don’t like this apparent female belief in so-called being more refined and higher-classed than men. Men are the nobler sex, in ancient philosophies throughout the world, the masculine principle, or Yang, represents what is high, while Yin, low. Yang dominant, Yin receptive. Yang hot, and Yin cold. You will see there are a lot of similarities in this understanding with real men and women, like how women are generally colder than men. Yes it applies that way as well. It is the expression of the energy within the conceptual being of the person. So I hope now you understand. Feel free to argue with me, I will just see that as an attempt at seeking clarification.

  2. matt says:

    this just proves how stupid girls are in my opinion how is with holding sex a way of trying to talk their men why not just talk to them in the first place like men do when their angry and may i they also add this said to not be macho and then at the end it says to be macho once again makes no since and as far as evolution gose men ruled the earth for about 1800 years b4 womanly opinion even came into play so thats out the window and btw most men would take the womans rights act not because we dont wont to hear your opinion but because you think ur opinion is so much better than every one eleses

  3. Sergiy says:

    You two are so sad. Women are second in nature? Are you nuts? Maybe, judging by physical characteristics and abilities women are second to men but they are just as equally important as men. Women don’t like men to just take charge, it’s about taking charge about something meaningful. Taking charge is quite simple. And what in a world makes us a nobler sex, a philosopher of ancient times, are you kidding me? That was then, this is now, you should try coming back to reality or the present time for that matter. All this Yang and Yin stuff, your argument falls apart as soon as you realize what happens when you put them together. Harmony, peace, serenity, shall i say more? When a man and a woman are in love there is no difference between them, they are equal, mind and body.

    Now Matt, your opinion sucks, you obviously just havent had much luck with women and just trying to relieve the anger. Yea, women will withhold sex in order to talk to us because generally we men do not notice that they are upset until it’s too late or we don’t even know that we have upset them. Not all women can be brave and come right out and say what is on their mind, so they use other ways to talk to us. All men want sex and since it takes two to tango, women have an upper hand on us there. Also, her argument about machismo is quite simple, if you took the time to read it. She is trying to say that if you are extremely bulky, you are only going to be impressing other males around you, cause chances are you will be working on your figure more than you will on spending time with your woman. Now, if you use your strength strictly to do something for your woman, that will impress her, for two reasons, 1 you are doing something and (this is important) not hoping for anything in return and 2 you aren’t showing off for the other guys around you. And stop talking about this men ruling the earth crap, there have been plenty of female rulers back in the day and even better argument is, woman have sway over man now and they sure as hell had it 1000 years ago.

    Yes, i am a guy and i am in an incredible relationship of almost 2 years now. I work for this relationship, i listen to her, i look back at the mistakes that i have done and i try not to point the mistakes she has done, because 99% at a time she has already evaluated her mistakes twice over. I talk to her, i listen to her, i get upset when i do something that makes her upset and i am ecstatic when you forgives me for my wrong doing. Now, somebody will say well you just got lucky, NO, i just do my best to keep her happy. Absolutely anyone can have a good relationship, it all depends on whether you want to apply yourself and work for it. Believe it or not guys about 90% reasons for a relationships falling apart is because of the mistakes we make. Women are almost always a lot harder on themselves, so they try to not make mistakes in the first place. I will admit, i have caused pain to my girlfriend and some things i cannot believe that she has forgave me but she did and it took time but the important thing is being able to admit that you screwed up and not dwell on it. On the other hand my girlfriend has also upset me a time or two but bringing it up and trying to in a sense get revenge backfires so much more than anything you ever expect. Women will protect themselves and their self respect by any cost necessary, so if a woman upset you, take my advice on this, be gentle don’t try to prove a point by doing the same thing back. Make sure you think about what you are going to say but dont make a script for that would just be sad. I can go on on, but ill end here, just treat your women right and don’t be too quick too judge what women really want.

  4. Becca says:

    Serigy thank you. Both men and women make mistakes, and we’re both different, but that doesn’t mean that one is intrinsically better than the other. History is full of prejudice and inaccuracies, which obviously still exist, so it’s really refreshing to see someone who challenges that and tries to understand the truth through experience instead of reasoning through red-tinted vision.

  5. Clay says:

    Yeah. I’ld have to agree with Sergiy as well. Quite frankly, this one gender is better than the other idea is complete BS. Since when have discrimination and prejudice done anything good for society?

    Honestly, nothing here is wildly earth shattering just from any experience with it.

  6. Hollywood says:

    Yeah… Very offended by this ha. The majority of things you say most girls are better at I find myself just as good, if not better, than most of the girls I know. Be it my sisters, or the girlfriends I’ve had in the past, or my fiance. Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with the first post. I’m not superior to “Women,” Though I absolutely AM superior to SOME women, as some women are superior to me, in one way or another.

    May have been confusing, and trust me I plan to clarify it if that looked jumbled. I’ll just give one or two examples… like number 17: Reading my mind? Doesn’t happen. I almost always see through the “Subtleties of Women” before they can understand me, unless I want them too. Same goes for guys. I read guys too, and ALL people very well, and actively avoid people reading ME. No sex involved, it’s simply who I am. Most people just don’t get me very well, and they usually admit it. My own fiance rarely understands me.

    And how bout number 21: Raking old issues. That’s an immature trait I find in both males and females, and trust me, neither side should view that as positive. The inability to move on from the past is not something to brag about, is it? By the way, I have an excellent memory, better than most people I know or work with. Now, some women, maybe YOU, and some men, are just as good at this as me. You and I both know that we, ourselves as individuals, are very talented in our own ways and very intellectually gifted. And some people, like YOU, mistake it for superiority. I am happy to say that yes, you are absolutely 100% superior to almost everyone in one way or another. You have your natural abilities and your talents, your skills you’ve developed and your gifts you were born with. But guess what? So does everyone else.

    Take number 10 for example: you are apparently dextrous and good with your hands, if you weren’t you wouldn’t have assumed girls to be better than guys. But guess what? I play piano, I’m a good shot with a bow, rifle, and pistol, I can juggle pretty much anything I can hold, I can throw darts, knives and a baseball with exceptional accuracy, and I’ve never had any issue with a splinter I couldn’t take care of by myself. I don’t know a girl who can do all of that, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t one (or thousands upon thousands) of girls who can, and I’m sure there are plenty who do far more, and plenty of guys who can too.

    I hope you see my point here. It’s not that I think you’re totally bigoted and sexist (Which I may be wrong, so correct me if I am), because I can detect you’re highly intelligent, and at the very least you certainly think highly of your abilities and talents. My point is that people are always better than you. Somewhere in the world there are dozens of men and women better than you at any given task.

    It’s pointless to go into anymore specific numeric entries, but overall, some of that is true, and some of it is false. Some of it applies to me, and some doesn’t. Some applies to my lovely bride to be, and again, some doesn’t. The right thing to do would be to at least rephrase the ignorant and offensive parts of your blog.

    Oh, and Sergiy, well said. Still somewhat offensive, because not all of it applies to everyone, but a much more mature approach than the first two responses.

  7. serena says:

    I definitely agree With Sergiy and the rest of the comments the first two people that posted comments sound like they’ve been screwed up by women and decided to vent about It through there peanut shaped mind, I suggest they do more research to expand their knowledge on women. The truth is women are also important as men. Men would fail without women, and women would fail with men . Sergjiy your a true philosopher.

  8. Norman Gundifarah says:

    This is a good article and I’m pretty sure a lot of girls will enjoy reading it and reflect back on similar or related experiences they might have had. It is a good attempt by the author to clarify how a female mind works – which by the way is very intriguing and a topic for which any amount of explanation is less.

    Unfortunately, our generation is filled with two timers and just plain bad people, both men and women. The author has completely ignored the fact that a girl might just make use of generalized social norms like this and take advantage of a normal guy who follows all rules and still ends up unhappy as he realizes over time that he was just being used.

    Looking back, I can at least think of 2 girls who fit the authors description but were plain manipulative and had a bigger plan. The minute they realized things weren’t going to work, they snapped. #15 where ” If you piss a girl off,… be afraid ” is a subjective opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt depending on the specific situation. Males and females, feel bad / scornful when hurt or insulted and will react when presented with a chance for revenge.

    Bottom line is, just like there is no substitute for hard work while working towards a goal, so is the situation with a relationship. Mind games and unfounded generalized rules can actually cause more harm than good. Our generation has had the most number of relationship experts and websites and all the good stuff. Unfortunately, divorce, separation and infidelity rates – both men and women, are at an all time high. I guess the author doesn’t care about that huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Flying duck says:

    2 things Guys wish Girls knew about a guys mind

    1. Show up naked
    2. Bring Beer


  10. Devon says:

    Despite the biased pieces of remarks that hint towards women being superior to men, I found the article to be extremely helpful in learning and understanding the things that I either didn’t know or understand yet. I see no need to pick at anything about female superiority since the article is full of useful advice that many men would not figure out themselves without many years of experience; it is a truly enlightening piece of work that I am grateful to have found.

  11. Chase says:

    Yeah i dont know about yall but what i think is that everyone has there own opinion on this. But my opinion on this i that this whole thing is just a bunch of B.S. this lady just keeps talking about how much better women are then men but really neither are better i belive that woman can do whatever they put there mind to and so can men. i Dont care about statistics there are woman out there who takes out mail boxes, or runover a dog, etc. But there are also guys who do the same thing and there are some woman who are racers and there are also men racers. I know that this doesnt sound all smart and safisticated but i dont care i just wanted to get my opinion out there. Oh i left one thing out Everyone is equal you sexist. well atleast everybody except for them dumb blondes im just kiding that was just a joke to lighten your moods sorry if i offended anyone.

  12. Georgie says:

    I dont agree on # 16,17,18. I dont withold sex and talk about the future ( maybe because i dont consider him yet as a husband to be) even were almost 6 years in a rel. I dont also love talking because he is the one who talks all the time and sometimes i called him a nagger. But the rest i can definitely say its all true.

  13. Sarah says:

    Sergiy, who are you? That was the hottest thing I’ve ever read in my entire life. There should be more males like you in this world. You need to somehow be friends with my boyfriend haha.

    This article has a lot of bullshit is it, I agree. Like women being better than men. Don’t agree with that at all but just read what Sergiy had to say on the topic. He makes a great point. Maybe he’s just extremely happy in his relationship RIGHT NOW and would have a different opinion later haha who knows, but I sure would feel so happy if I had someone like that for my own.

  14. Adrian says:

    Being very dependable and talking to a girl is what always puts me in the friendzone. I’m sorry I just can’t agree with those points. I lost a girl to a guy that was much more of a “jerk” in behaviour than I was.

  15. M.A.BAIG says:

    Well I m a guy, and it is difficult for me to understand women your article helped a lot but my observation is that young women still fall for good looking macho guys .

  16. Snotty says:

    I think women tend to rationalize and have more trouble thinking ‘outside’ themselves. In a sense this makes them tend to be the weaker sex. They don’t use beauty for its intended purpose , which is to influence people to do what is right. They tend to be selfish with it instead and that makes them bad and men weak. Men, we have raw power. Yet some lack the prudence to know how to rightfully apply it. It used to be a woman needed a wedding ring , but not anymore, so they must think less of themselves than they used to.

  17. Aj says:

    Lets get the obvious out the way first. Men, guys, came here to see the mindset of a women in what they would like in men (or guys) at least that was my reason for coming. So that clearly tells you i dont have the best understanding of women lol. skimming through i keep in mind that all women are unique in there own specail ways, the author was indeed right about women being subtle(sometimes) thats way it is imporant to treat them, subtle, with RESPECT, because they to me are very presious, many men would agree. Reading the comments i saw an unavailing argument that seem to be about equality really…Women should be treated with the the same equal rights men have..like if women virtually always looks their best men should do the same for girls! and i have started to treat them more fairly, of coarse im not about to wrestle with her (unless she likes it ruff ๐Ÿ˜‰ like shes ah mocho man. but still treat her right you know? i know this was for before 2014 so i come from the future when i say this Matt and Thecup knight YOU GUYS ARE SO ignorant about women that is isnt RIGHT at allll interesting bring up that animal thing, and well expressed, you must be good with the ladies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Joshua P. says:

    I disagree with the whole “one sex is better than the other” thing, we are both equals. But I will share a few points in this list I do not like. You know, numbers 8, 12, 15, and 18 are prime examples of the things women do that they SHOULDN’T do because they cause unnecessary friction and conflict in a relationship.

    Number 8 shows how greedy so many women have become (mainly because of our materialistic-hollywood-keeping up with the Jones’ culture coming from the media). Sure, men like to spend money on stuff they like too, but what a SMART man or woman would do is only go on a shopping spree when there is sufficient extra in the bank, not expect it on a regular basis as a requirement to be happy within a relationship. There are plenty of poor men out there doing the best they can to make it in this world, and they can’t afford to take you on shopping sprees (at least not often). And that is NOT a legitimate reason not to love them either. There are plenty of good men out there with low paying jobs and they shouldn’t be denied the love of a woman just because of a sucky situation they happen to be in that they can’t get out of at the moment. If you judge him for not taking you shopping often enough, that makes YOU a gold digger!

    Number 12 is mean because you aren’t being upfront and honest with the man that he isn’t doing a good enough job in the bed. Screw all this “beat around the bush” stuff and just be honest about it. Having feelings hurt by your blunt honesty is still better than us not being able to trust you because you lied to us.

    Number 15 and Number 18 both fall under the same level of CRAP. A true, loving person does NOT take out revenge on the other partner, that only makes the relationship worse, not better. If he did something to make you mad, be upfront with him about it and resolve the issue by discussing it properly (no shouting at the top of your lungs). By getting revenge in any method, especially by withholding sex, you only add fuel to the fire. Sex is meant to be something that both people enjoy, where both people have the goal of actively trying to please the other. Sex should never be a system of “reward.” Sex should only be withheld if a man is actually being abusive to you, not because he innocently said something that you thought was dumb or embarrassing in front of your friends or family, or left the seat up.

  19. Martin says:

    I don’t get this…another article on this website states women as they get older prefer more emotional/sensitive guys rather than muscly guys, yet point 23 says a guys physical strength is a big turn on for girls???…discuss

  20. ennis says:

    Amazed that ANYONE would put this in print.What a bunch of double standards.Does this explain the 50% divorce rate?

  21. Aloera Gilman says:

    This is sick and most of it is lies! Most girls arent this way and its rediculous and sexist to say me all are!!!!!

  22. The Last Jaguar Warrior says:

    Allegra and everyone else with that same point of view, you’re just in denial. Admit and move on from this page.

  23. Brian says:

    Y’know, I wanted to really dig into a response for this article of blinding stupidity, but I don’t have the words. I’ll sum it up to say that the writer of this thing has fallen victim to the same problem that seems to plague the women of Western society in today’s times. An air of superiority to men and the idea that they are somehow more complex (I say complicated, not complext) just oozes from the very pores of most women today. We, as men, are expected to be completely obedient to every command they have and respond to every whime they have whether it makes sense or not. Women have become, in large part, completely insatiable in the attention they demand. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Read up on the “Men Going Their Own Way” phenomena, and you’ll get a glimpse of men’s reaction to modern women and their BS. I experienced from my ex-wife several of these traits listed that make life miserable for a guy caught in the web. I hate being part of that negative divorce statistic, and I know there are women out there that don’t subscribe to the “me” attitude of this writer, but I’d rather live alone and enjoy life that constantly be berated and unappreciated by a woman. Cheers!

  24. LiverLoverBoy says:

    I always know when she’s faking it because she isn’t a great actor. lol .This article cracks me up because these are all mostly true. My girl always wants me to go on a shopping spree with her. I go with her and spend for her because of course, I love her. Ain’t I just the best boyfriend ever?

  25. Harsh says:

    Lol! girls does not like muscular men????

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