The Perfect Gift for your Woman

The Perfect Gift for your woman

Pleasing the girl of your dreams with gifts can be a confusing affair. But with this list of gifts to help you, you’ve got nowhere to go but straight into her good books.

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1. A Romantic Poem

On her special day, pen a romantic poem or write something that shows your love and affection.

2. A Fluffy Teddy Bear

Soft toys! Who doesn’t love them…? Gift your woman a cuddly teddy and make sure it has a rose in the hand as you surprise her.

3. A Vacation

Nothing like the cold mountains or a lazy afternoon on the beach. Take off on her birthday and head to a nice romantic destination. Just her, you and your love.

4. A Heart Shaped Cake

You might not be a good cook, but try your best to bake a good cake for her, and make sure it’s heart shaped. She would love you for the effort.

5. A Night’s Stay in a Resort or a Star Hotel

A great way to spend a special day is by cuddling up in someplace nice and luxurious. If you can’t spare the time to go on a vacation, then book a resort or a star suite. You can spend the night together making sweet love on a memorable day.

6. Edible Body Paint

Gift her a can of flavored body paint. This is one gift you’re going to enjoy a lot too!

7. An Elegant Cocktail Dress

If you’re good with choosing dresses, then pick up a beautiful dress for her so you can take her out and paint the town red!

8. A Trendy Cell Phone

Women love those little phones just as much as men love seeing them use it. So take her to a store to pick her favorite cell or surprise her with a brand new cell.

9. A Jewelry Box

If you don’t think jewelry is an affordable idea, then buy her a good jewelry box with that little dancing couple as she opens the box. And make sure it also plays that lovely trinket tune when she opens it.

10. A Room Full of Heart Shaped Balloons

A room full of balloons can be a beautiful sight. Doesn’t cost much and is something she’ll never forget. Pick up a hundred or more heart shaped balloons and fill her room with them. And make sure you’re standing on the other side, with a bunch of roses, ready to wish her on her special day!

Here’s to you impressing her, and having a great day together!

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5 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift for your Woman”

  1. Diana says:

    All these presents are so romantic but they are great for people aged 20-25/ When you grow older, romantic plays the second role – more important is attention in general. Somple kisses, simple dinner in a restaurant, a box of chocolate, etc.

  2. Amalia says:

    Yikes, while a jewellery box might be good to have, the ones with the dancing couple and music would be atrocious. I think only old ladies or little girls would appreciate these.

  3. Sofia Helena says:

    Some girls like me, hate romantic things. I wouldnt like it that much if my man got me any of these :l

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