36 Sweetest Things to Do with Your Girlfriend

36 Sweetest Thing to Do with Your Girlfriend

Are you looking for ways to spend more time together and make her feel more special? Use these 36 sweet things to do with your girlfriend to do just that!

When you’re in love, there just aren’t enough happy things to do with each other, and for each other, don’t you think?

You constantly look for ways to display your love.

And you’re always eager to please your girlfriend just to see a smile on her face.

But love is a game of stages.

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And irrespective of whether you’re still infatuated by your girl or deeply in love with her, the easiest way to let her know you care is by displaying your affection.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, the cheesy displays of love and public display of affection would probably have come down a notch or two.

And that’s completely acceptable. After all, we can’t really stay in the infatuation stage all our life, can we?

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Sweet things to do with your girlfriend

As the relationship evolves, the guy generally stops trying too hard to please his girlfriend *now that he’s wooed her and won her over*. And this is when insecurities and confusions in love start to come out in the open.

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But if you truly love your girlfriend and want to make her feel loved and secure in the relationship, don’t stop indulging in romantic gestures.

Affectionate gestures may not really prove your love for her, but it’ll surely make her feel special and cared for.

A little more love and fun can make both your lives a lot happier and meaningful. After all, the happiest of relationships are the ones filled with romantic and playful gestures.

36 really sweet things to do with your girlfriend to make her feel loved

The sweetest things you can do for your girlfriend are the smallest and effortless ones. It’s the gestures you display when she least expects it. Use any of these 36 things to do with your girlfriend, and your relationship will become a lot happier, playful and spontaneous in no time! [Read: 25 romantic gestures you can use every day to bring a smile on her face]

#1 Give her a massage. Most guys completely underestimate just how relaxing a massage is to a girl. Just place your palms on her shoulders and her face will light up with a thankful smile! [Read: 11 tips every guy needs to know to give a perfectly sensual massage]

#2 Go out impromptu. If both of you are just relaxing at home, plan something spontaneous and take her out for ice cream or coffee. Girls love spontaneous surprises.

#3 Help her with her chores. If you’re lazing around the house, and your girlfriend’s busy slaving on her chores, get your butt off and offer to help her.

#4 Motivate her. Motivation always works twice as well if both of you do things together. If your girlfriend’s struggling to keep herself motivated to do something, join her and work towards the goal together.

Working out together is always a great way to start motivating each other, and let’s not forget how sexy and irresistible both of you would look after a few months of working out. [Read: 25 tips to motivate yourself to work out and look better]

#5 Buy a little something. Every now and then, stop on your way to meet her and pick up a small something, be it flowers, something to eat or even a silly something. It’s a great way to make her feel more loved without going out of your way to do something.

#6 A little holiday. Plan a secret romantic vacation or a weekend getaway to a place she loves or has always wanted to visit.

#7 Remember her dates. Keep the special dates in mind and make each one of them memorable, even if it’s just with a card or a flower.

#8 Take her out. Ask your girlfriend to dazzle and dress up and tell her you’re planning to take her to a candlelight dinner that night. [Read: 50 awesome date ideas to wow your girlfriend every time!]

#9 Do silly things together. The more playful you are, the happier your relationship will be. Fool around with your girlfriend by teasing her or whispering in her ear while nibbling it. Play games together, watch an entire season of a show or make a funny home video together while miming to a rock song!

#10 Make time for her. If you haven’t been able to spend enough time with her recently, cancel a couple of appointments or a few hours of male bonding time and instead, spend that time with your girlfriend doing something that both of you enjoy.

#11 Serenade her. As clichéd and corny as it sounds, it’s really romantic. And it can be really funny too, especially if you aren’t a good singer. Play the song ‘My girl’ by The Temptations in the background and sway around as you mouth the lyrics to her. She’s going to love it! [Read: 23 foolproof relationship advice all men need to know]

#12 Complete her bucket list. Sit down with her and ask her about the things she wants to do this month, year, or in her lifetime. And once she shares her thoughts, help her strike a few of her things-to-do from that list.

#13 Gift her a pet. If you think your girlfriend is into animals, gift her a pet. A pup or a kitten is perfect for someone who loves them. And if you want to gift something easier to take care of, gift her a fish bowl with two fishes and name them for her!

#14 A spa treat. Gift your girlfriend with a spa gift card or a day pass at the spa, and spend the time together at the spa.

#15 The last chip. Everyone wants the last potato chip even if they’re nice enough to decline it. When both of you are eating something together, always offer the last bite to your girlfriend. It’s a small gesture, but it’s a sacrifice that’s going to make your girlfriend fall more in love with you. [Read: 10 traits that every good boyfriend has in him]

#16 Paint a portrait. You don’t have to be an artist. If both of you are lazing together one afternoon, take a piece of paper and sketch a picture of her. Even if it’s a funny caricature, it’s something that’ll remind her of the good times even years later.

#17 Cuddle her. Cuddle her and caress her without trying to use the excuse as foreplay. Cuddling your girlfriend will release feel good chemicals that’ll make her feel more happy and loved.

#18 Keep the little things in mind. Never overlook the little things, like carrying the grocery bags for her, or holding hands while walking down a street or crossing it. Give her the better seat or let her have the better view wherever you are, at a restaurant or on a flight. [Read: 25 smart ways to keep your girlfriend happy all the time!]

#19 Surprise her. If she’s out and you have some time in your hands, surprise her by doing something for her that she was supposed to do when she gets back. It could be something as simple as doing her chores, washing the dishes, or even preparing dinner for her. After all, it’s always the little things that have the biggest impact in love.

#20 Create memories for her. Join new activities together or do something for the first time together. Snap pictures each time both of you try something new, and create a photo album for her. Within a few months, you would have created a whole book of memories that would last a lifetime. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your girlfriend melt!]

#21 Be there for her. Let her see that you’re always there for her, and are willing to be the shoulder for her to lean on. Stand by her during her rough times and give her your complete support instead of ridiculing her or putting her down.

#22 Drop a note. Guys may think this is corny, but it’s still something that’ll make your girlfriend beam with happiness. Text or write a sweet message to her out of the blue. If u can’t be corny in love, then send her a link to a romantic song and tell her that the song reminds you of her. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

#23 Say ‘I love you’. Look into her eyes and tell her that you love her. You don’t need to stare hard, just look into her eyes and the magic will work.

#24 Be thoughtful. Thoughtfulness is a trait that all girls love in a guy, but it’s still something no one talks about. If she’s running late for something, help her arrange her stuff, or if her iPad’s battery is about to run out, charge it for her, or prepare a hot cup of coffee for her when she’s coming to your place to meet you after a long day at work.

#25 Protect her. Make a woman feel protected and cared for, and she’ll love you more for it. Walk her to her car or to her doorsteps after a date. Call her to make sure she’s reached her place. Let her know that you’re concerned for her, and she’s always on your mind. [Read: 12 prince charming traits all girls want in their boyfriend]

#26 While she’s sleeping. You love staring at her while she sleeps, so why not make her feel more comfortable too? Tuck her in the bed and arrange the pillows for her to make it comfortable. Or if she falls asleep on the couch, place a cushy pillow under her head and cover her with a blanket if she’s feeling cold.

#27 Kiss her in mid sentence. If your girlfriend is saying something to you, and you can’t think of anything but how cute she looks, don’t hold back. Just kiss her. You’ll love it, and she’ll think you’re really sweet too.

#28 Be a gentleman. Put your girlfriend’s needs before yours when she’s with you. It’s what a gentleman would do, be it about picking the restaurant or choosing a movie to watch that night. [Read: How to be a real man the way he really should be]

#29 Don’t disturb her just to get her attention. If you know she’s sleeping or working hard on something, don’t disturb her by getting excited or noisy just because you’re bored and looking for attention.

#30 Give up bad habits together. If your girlfriend is trying to give up a bad habit, be it smoking or excessive shopping, give her the emotional support she needs. And likewise, if there’s a bad habit of yours she’s trying to help you get rid of, help her help you.

#31 Talk about her dreams. All of us have big dreams, but very few of us have the drive and the determination to follow it. Talk about her dreams and discuss ways by which she can achieve it. Help her work on deadlines and create a list of things to do, and before she realizes it herself, you would have helped her do more than just dream. You could help her make the dream a reality. [Read: How to please your girlfriend sexually and emotionally]

#32 Be her man Friday. As a guy, you know you’re better at some things than she is. So if there are a few things you’re good at doing, like fixing her car or speeding up her laptop, do it for her. Be the guy she can always depend on to fix anything in her life because you’re so awesome!

#33 Listen to her. Sometimes, just listen to her without trying to offer advice all the time. If she’s had a bad day and wants to bitch about things that annoy her, just lend her your ear and your sympathetic voice.

#34 The important days. Birthdays and anniversaries are important, no doubt. But in all of our lives, there are days when we’re aspiring for something bigger, be it a job interview, a new project, or a new achievement. If your girlfriend is focused on an important day, help her by being there for her, supporting her, and offering your help around the house so she can focus all her attention on the task. [Read: 13 conversations every guy has to have with his girlfriend]

#35 Dinner with guy friends. If you’re going out for dinner and drinks with your guy friends and your girlfriend’s eating alone at home, order a takeaway for your girlfriend and make sure you bring something back for her. It’s a very sweet gesture, especially if your girlfriend’s feeling too bored to cook for herself *you can always take a few desserts home if she’s already had dinner*.

#36 Pillow talk together. There’s nothing more satisfying than lying in each other’s arms and talking about the good things and the good times. Pillow talk is one of the most important ingredients in a happy romance, and it’s something that’ll bring both of you a lot closer too! [Read: 8 pillow talk conversations to make your girlfriend feel closer to you]

You don’t always need to splurge on your girlfriend to make her happy and feel loved. Sometimes, all you need are the little things that take no effort at all. Just try any of these 36 things to do with your girlfriend, and you’ll see how easy it can be!

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12 thoughts on “36 Sweetest Things to Do with Your Girlfriend”

  1. Erin says:

    I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago because he wouldn’t give me any attention. Now as I read this, I can’t even imagine such sweet guys could ever exist in the world. My guy wouldn’t even call me once a week, and would ignore me all the time to be with his friends.

    These are really sweet gestures, and any guy who does these things to his girlfriend is really a keeper. I just wish I could meet a guy who could display at least a few of these things.

  2. Laura says:

    This is a really great post. I wish I could somehow hint this at my boyfriend without it being too obvious….
    I don’t really agree with kissing mid-sentence though. My bf does that sometimes and it makes me feel like he doesn’t care about what I was talking about, and he’s just shutting me up without trying to come across overly rude.

  3. Chase says:

    This was all really great advice. I already did some of these things for my girlfriend but most of them i didnt even think about and i thank you. the only one i wasnt to fond about was the mid-sentence one. But other than that im going to try all of these things and see if it helps my relationship out. im going to post again in about a week to let you know how much your advice has really helped me and again thank you. Oh and if anyone else has any ideas especially the ladies then just help me out please because this girl meens the world to me her name is Lexi.

  4. Ken says:

    I do all of this for my girl because the way I was raised, but she still seems upset a lot… Maybe I’m not doing enough?..

  5. Jeff says:

    When your girl is upset just ask her what’s wrong or if she is okay

  6. Alex says:

    It’s weird, i do most of these things anyway. I checked this page cause a friend asked me what to do with his new girlfriend and i wasn’t entirely sure what to tell him, but i told him most of these because they’re what i do. I guess I’ve been doing something right. Lol

  7. The Last Jaguar Warrior says:

    It’s really strange to hear people say that want this to happen. Because in my experience, girls don’t like this type of romantic attention anymore.

  8. MAXX says:

    i want to do some of these things but i dont know if we are close enough yet…

  9. Abble says:

    If I see this, I’m wondering why my boyfriend won’t do this. I get tears in my eyes because the only thing he does is cuddeling and wanting me to go to bday partys of his friends. I wish my boyfriend did something like this to me. When I ask him to do something together, he only plans the same things. watching a movie and having sex. I’m not into that. I want him to do something fun because I’m getting tired of this. He never has money on his mind. Jealous at very girl who has boyfriends who suprise them with the tips

  10. yoana says:

    okay so my name is yoana and like im bi and have been going out with this girl for 4 months and we are really happy together,but the thin is that her parents told her that they didnt want her to be around me cause im bisexual,but they dont know that we are going out and one day it was our 3rd month anniversary i gave her a big stuffed animal and a kiss..4 days later she gave it bck and said her parents found out i gave it to her,i was scared they knew we was going out but they never did..idk what to do about this i love her so much and she also does.What should i do?

  11. yoana says:

    can someone help meh out? i would really appreciate it

  12. mike says:

    Do what ever the hell it takes to win the day. Win the girl.. good god man grow some balls and fight for what you love. You do not want the regret of “not knowing” when you are looking up at the ceiling on your death bed. No regrets my friend. Now get it done.

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