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  • Frank

    Great stuff! Guys really need to understand this, and I’m glad someone decided to point the stuff out that matters.

    Guys, if your girlfriend even tells you that she still thinks of her ex affectionately now and then, or if she picks a fight with you just to stay in touch with her ex, walk away. The point that she’s lying to you or fighting with you just to stay in touch with her ex shows where her priorities lie.

    I was in a relationship with a girl who told me she loved me, but she also wanted to stay in touch with her ex. I was okay with it at first, even though it made me feel awkward. He still had feelings for her. And eventually, she started getting distant from me often. And she used to snap at me and compare me to her ex constantly.

    I tried to be the nicest boyfriend I could ever be, and I understood she needed time to get over her ex, but instead of getting over him, she started getting closer to him. I couldn’t stand her ex’s smug smile each time I walked up to them or joined their conversation.

    And after putting up with her nonsense for a year, I dumped her ass because I was turning into an insecure mess. And as I thought, she started dating her ex within a week after I dumped her. But a few months later, she caught him cheating on her with his ex!! Karma rules. And now that bitch is trying to win my heart again. Lol!

  • JT

    Great stuff. I found text messages on my ex girlfriend phone telling another dude she’s still love her ex boy friend and every time she goes back to Houston tx she trieds to see him but he always end up not showing up and leaves her hanging. Plus she never posted pics of us on fb bc she said she didn’t want her family to know. Like Wtf? I can’t believe I got played her name is Allison Hester and she goes to HU in dc

  • sonu

    i am also through something like this.sme days before my gf told me that she still loves her ex, but she is afraid bcoz once they had a break up and likely the same way he may gonna leave her again . i told her politely to leave me and go to him,i also added that i won’t say a word to her. But then she replied she doesn’t want to lose me and she will never hurt me…. I am truly in a awkward situation whether to stay or leave.. if some1 can comment on my post, plz do reply

  • Andrew

    @ Sonu, In response to your predicament, I’ve been in this situation now 3 times and I always end up being compromised. My advice to you would be to dump her ass ASAP! Reason? She just told you she’s still in love with him! That’s proof that you the rebound guy she’s using you as a pillow to make herself feel better because she can’t make the harder choice of cutting him out completely. In other words she’s selfish! She’s with you but she still wants him more! If i had a penny for every time a girl told me she wouldn’t hurt me but still wants to be mates with her ex, I’D BE A MILLIONAIRE!!! The fate of your relationship has been decided already my friend, she just made the decision for you. There is no scenario in which your gf and ex can be friends because no matter how platonic she makes it out to be, people like that always have an ulterior motive! If you decide to stick with her you will find out the hard way! The situation will not end well and you will suffer in the end! That’s how these things play out, she’s playing you fella. Sorry but the truth is always hard to swallow. If she was really genuine she would do the right thing and block him out completely! But she won’t and I don’t think she ever will. It’s gonna be hard for you to make this decision but in the end it will be the right one. Cut her out and move on now and I mean right now! When your in this dilemma it’s hard to think rationally because you develop feelings for someone and when ex’s get in the way you still believe there’s a future for both of you! Keep dreaming cos in reality she will get back with her ex first chance she gets!! There will be no room for you buddy, three’s a crowd. Always remember your self worth is of the most importance! If you love and respect yourself enough you will meet a better person. In fact the right person is out there for you but your girlfriend is blocking you from seeing that with her B.S. Trust me man I know I’ve been there too many times, I recently broke up with someone who was still in love with her ex! It was hard but I know I made the right decision in the end. I realized my self worth was far more important. I realized I demanded more than someone who was still living in the past. In recent years I was in similar situations but I was too desperate, too sleazy to move on so I suffered the consequences. Now with my recent hook up with this girl I was seeing, she told me she was still mates with her ex. So we ended up having an argument about it and she confessed she hadn’t seen him in 5 years!! She didn’t see why they couldn’t be friends but I knew what she really meant underneath. So you see, it’s easier to learn from others mistakes but your own. You sir, have a choice and I hope whatever you do, you’l make the right one. Good luck buddy.

  • Sean

    So I have a question about something I discovered today that has put my mind in the gutter. I am currently in a long distance relationship with a girl who I met in the states back in May. We have been in close contact ever since we last saw each other. In the course of her back in her home country she started dating a friend she had and at first I was upset but there was nothing I could do since we weren’t anything. But she insisted that we remain talking to each other. Now are only thing keeping us apart is the fact that she is in another country and she can’t get a travel visa. So I have made the decision to marry her and bring her to the states. We both want to be together. Now today I decided to look on her exes Instagram and saw she commented on a pic of him with an athlete and she said to him that he is more beautiful. This made me pissed why would she call her ex beautiful. I wouldn’t do that. Her ex btw has made attempts to get back with her even arranging a trip with her father and diner at his parents now she has mentioned that he was a friend before and that there is nothing to worry about and for me please not think about him. So I want to know what the hell should I do please can someone with advice or even past experience help me. Thank you

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