23 Foolproof Relationship Tips and Advice for Men

relationship advice for men

Having a hard time pleasing your woman? Use these tips and relationship advice for men to communicate better and make her fall more in love with you.

If there’s one thing I know about men, it’s how competitive they are.

I’m sure you’d agree.

You want to be the best in everything there is, be it your games, your work or your love life.

And that’s one of the things I love about men and their attitude towards life.

But then again, there’s one other really bad trait of men too, and this one, I absolutely hate!

It’s a man’s attitude to give up when he feels helpless.

Now all men aren’t the same, and every circumstance is different.

But when it comes to love, these traits are highlighted beyond everything else.

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Men and their attitude towards love

Now I can’t paint all men with the same brush, but this is a subliminal trait of men that crops up every now and then.

When a man’s happy in love and in a perfect relationship with a woman *the infatuation period*, the man goes all out to impress her and woo her.

But as the relationship blossoms and the woman tries to correct a few flaws of the man, or the couple have a few fights, the man starts to lose interest in the relationship.

It’s not that all guys give up on romance easily, but most guys are convinced that the false stereotype that women are naggers and men are slackers is completely true.

You may not realize this, but men and women aren’t that different really.

Both the sexes want the same things, the same special moments and the same happily ever after. [Read: 23 things girls really wish guys knew about a girl’s mind]

But their approach to love and romance is different.

You want to be the perfect man, don’t you?

Don’t you want to be the best man in the whole world for your woman?

Don’t you want her to feel lucky and special for having a guy who’s as awesome as you?

Don’t you want all girls to wish their man was as wonderful as you, and envy your girlfriend for snagging such a perfect catch? [Read: How to become the perfect man using a secret role model]

Impressing your woman and keeping her happy can be the easiest thing in the world if you’re willing to keep her interests in mind. To keep your sweetheart happy, you need to think of the 80-20 rule, that 80 percent of the problems are caused by just 20 percent of the issues.

By using the relationship advice given here, you can do more than just fix any romantic struggles in your life. You can actually turn out to be an example of how a perfect guy really should be! [Read: The 80 20 rule in relationships and how to use them]

Foolproof relationship advice for men

A perfect romance, as corny as it sounds, isn’t difficult to create or hold on to. It’s the little things that matter, and that’s all you need. Use these 23 relationship tips and advice and woo your woman, and make her fall more in love with you with each passing day!

#1 Communicate. As hard as it may seem to sit down and talk about feelings now and then, it’s better than living through a relationship with hidden resentments and confusions. [Read: The guide to effective communication in a relationship]

#2 Don’t take your woman for granted. Do you take your girlfriend or wife for granted in any manner? Remember, she’s not obligated to do something for you just because you feel that way. After all, homemaking is not an exclusive woman’s job, nor is taking care of you her only priority in life.

#3 Show your appreciation. You know you love your woman. You know she’s a very important part of your life. But why do you have a hard time telling her how you feel every now and then? Learn to appreciate your woman with sweet words now and then and her blush will definitely be worth the effort! [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girl and make her blush]

#4 Surprise her often. You do remember how often you surprised your girl while you were wooing her, don’t you? Why don’t you surprise your sweetheart anymore? Is it because you believe she’s not special anymore or is it because you believe you don’t need to woo her anymore? Or have you taken her for granted already?!

#5 Don’t make decisions for her without asking her. This is something most guys do when they’re in a committed relationship. No matter how big your financial role is in the relationship, you need to remember that you don’t own your partner and you should never make decisions on your woman’s behalf without asking her opinion.

#6 Remember the younger ‘you’. It’s easy to take your woman’s considerate nature for granted, especially if she’s sweet and caring. Constantly remind yourself about how eager-to-please you were at the beginning of the relationship and keep that feeling alive. [Read: 15 subtle signs you’re a controlling boyfriend and don’t even know it!]

#7 Don’t disrespect your woman by staring at other women when she’s around. If you must stare at someone for any reason, talk about that person with your woman instead of trying to sneak glances. It’s way better than ogling at someone behind her back!

#8 Be honest. But don’t be brutally honest. We’re all rather sensitive when it comes to criticisms, so learning to sugarcoat your words is always a nicer way to say a bad thing.

#9 Indulge in romantic gestures. Just because you’ve won her over doesn’t mean you should stop wooing her. Do something special frequently *and do it because you like making your girl smile*. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures you can use every day]

#10 Have dreams and work towards it. Women love a man who has a dream and perseveres towards it.

#11 Be the best boyfriend around. Amongst your girlfriend’s group of friends, do you think you’re the best lover material? Do you treat your woman and her friends with respect? Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to expressing love in public or indulging in a bit of cute PDA now and then.

If you can win the best-boyfriend or best-husband poll amongst your woman’s friends, your woman will definitely think you’re a catch worth holding on to! [Read: 10 tips to be a perfectly happy couple that’s envied by all]

#12 Be the sex god. A successful relationship has two important traits, beautiful romance and sizzling sexual chemistry. If your relationship fails in even one of these two aspects, the relationship can start to go downhill. So work out, look your fittest best and bring out the sex god in you. [Read: How to make married or long term sex feel like a sexy one night stand all the time!]

#13 Give her your attention. If you’re in public with your woman, don’t give someone else more attention and importance than her *especially another attractive woman*.

#14 Communication. Guys and girls don’t always communicate the same way. Learn to listen to your girl’s point of view and think from her perspective before jumping to conclusions. The most successful of relationships and marriages are the ones where both partners learn to look at things from each other’s perspectives all the time. [Read: Top 20 reasons for divorce that most couples overlook]

#15 Those big dreams. Help your woman achieve her dreams without being threatened by her success. By giving space to each other and helping each other achieve your full potentials, both of you would feel more successful and satisfied in life, which would show in your happy relationship.

#16 Don’t give in to your addictions. Don’t ever make your woman feel like she’s second best, by putting your friends or your porn addiction before her needs. If that ever does happen, you seriously need to work your priorities out before you start to take some important things for granted. [Read: How to stop watching porn and avoid the addiction]

#17 Don’t walk away from an argument. Remember, the only reason why your partner confronts you is to clear any confusion and not to insult you. Fights in a relationship don’t happen to win points, it happens because one of you is hurting inside. [Read: 10 tips to fight fair and build a stronger relationship]

#18 Protect her. As a man, one of the manly traits you’re expected to have is dependability. Be there for your woman when she needs you and let her see that no matter what kind of trouble she’s facing, you’re always there to support her and help her through.

#19 If your relationship isn’t working, you have a part to play in the failure too. Instead of blaming your partner, make an effort to better the relationship. [Read: 12 subtle signs of a loveless unhappy relationship]

#20 Respect her. Chivalry is one of the traits that all gentlemen should know, especially if your intention is to treat women around you with respect. Displaying a chivalrous attitude is the perfect way to show your respect for the women in your life. [Read: The modern code of chivalry for perfect gentlemen]

#21 Create memories and cherish them. What is life but a collection of memories? And someday, many years from now, your memories are all that will remain to help you cherish your life. Create memories every now and then, be it snaps clicked with your cell phone, movie tickets, notes of love or even small homemade video clips of together moments.

It’ll help your lover see just how important each day together means to you, and at the same time, you’ll have a lot of warm memories to look back on, which will help both of you realize just how perfect your life together really is. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend feel happy all the time]

#22 Don’t cheat on her. People don’t cheat all of a sudden. It just doesn’t happen *other than a few exceptions on rare occasions*. Almost always, the urge to cheat starts slow, with your first few white lies about flirty conversations with a sexy colleague and working-late excuses. And then, you end up distancing yourself from your woman because both of you feel like there’s nothing in common anymore.

So instead of ruining a perfect romance over a few silly secrets like flirty conversations, be frank about it. Flirting with someone else is such a sexual rush only because it’s taboo and something most couples don’t talk about with each other. [Read: Why flirting with someone isn’t cheating even if you’re in a relationship]

You’re human and of course, it’s natural to find someone else attractive on the street or at work. By talking about your flirty conversations with your lover, she’d understand you better and feel more secure because you’re being truthful. And most importantly, once the taboo doesn’t feel so much like taboo anymore, the excitement of wanting to cheat will go away too!

#23 Tell her you’re proud of her, and mean it! You may not realize just how special and important your woman is, until you lose her. Just look around you, and visualize your life without this woman standing by you. To a woman, there’s no greater feeling than being appreciated for all the things she does for you. [Read: The 10 traits that matter to be a perfect boyfriend]

So walk right up to her, give her a hug and a kiss, and tell her how proud of her you are, and how much she means to you. You’ll then understand the importance of these relationship tips and advice!

[Read: 10 romantic ways to say ‘I love you’ without saying a word!]

Don’t wait for things to get bad in love before you start using these tips and relationship advice. Be a man the way he should be, and treat your woman the way she deserves to be treated, with love, respect and affection.

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8 thoughts on “23 Foolproof Relationship Tips and Advice for Men”

  1. Miracle says:

    You guys who wonder what girls want in a relationship, just take a good look at these advices. Seriously, if you want to have a perfect relationship, these are all you need. It’s not confusing to understand a girl, all you need is communication and love.

  2. Kyle says:

    These are some great tips but not all women are into that type of thing.

    I dated a woman who i did everything I could, open the door for her, let the lovely lady go first etc… she broke up with me because she thought I was treating her like a child and that I was saying she couldn’t do anything herself.

    You always have to tailor anything to the specific character of the man or woman. Say your dating a man with Aspergers (me for example), for those who don’t know, a man with Aspergers does have feelings towards a woman, but because of the different “wiring” of their brain, they struggle even with all the knowledge and advice in the world to express their emotions and feelings.

    So you have to make sure you tailor these tips specifically to your man or woman.

  3. brian says:

    I have a wonderful girl an wont nothing more but to be w her forever but we had problems w trust broke up got w other people an relized we needed each other but she went out one night an didnt come home an told me she would I dont believe she did nothing bad but got to drunk but it took me a mouth to get her to open up to me an she asked to c my facebook I showed her an when I asked she said no an I walked away she locked the door an after a few minutes she came down an said shed show me I dont wont it to ruin anything we have but I feel like she was hiding somthing from me an she said she didnt show me at first cause I act to controlling am I?

  4. joehachem says:

    this article is written by a woman is completely retarded, these things shouldn’t be expected of a man if the woman did nothing to earn them.

  5. spectrumxyz says:

    I agree with joehachem to a point. The initial dating stance of the guy should be on point with this article. However, at somepoint you need to realise that if she comes to expect these things from you that she may not be the one for you. I am currently stuck in a relationship that i have always done everything for her and now she is expecting more saying she cant wait to be with me forever and everything is perfect for one night then she makes excuses to not talk or see me for a week. She flips a switch on and off and things will be great for a day then i wont see her for a long time then great for a day wash rinse repeat.

  6. Victor says:

    Wow, this piece of writing is truly needed in these times. As a man, and I believe that I’m representing every man who loves his woman out there, I want everything that’s best for her. Men can really be hard on their loved ones and they can disrespect him. Actually that is one of the greatest causes that led to the appearance of feminism as a worldwide movement. It doesn’t matter if you think yourself as the perfect alpha male out there, you should definitely take a look at this. I read somewhere that the actress Emma Watson started a campaign called “He for She” she every man that signs up makes everything he can to ameliorate the position of the women. Well done, Emma, and well done to all those men who take these tips for granted and please the loves of their lives.

  7. Insidious Sid says:

    Typical load of blue-pill baloney. Here is the only list a man needs:

    1. Get in shape, wear nice clothes, and be as much of a handsome thug/barbarian as you can be.
    2. Treat women just “acceptably” and be playful and bratty with them, but never take their “tests” or anything they say too seriously.
    3. Figure out how distant and aloof she is and be just a *bit* more distant and aloof. (The person who cares LESS wins in modern relationships).
    4. Give her the occasional glimpse of the “badboy converted to sensitive man” but never actually become a blue-pill simp, mangina or white knight.
    5. Don’t buddy up with her girlfriends. View them as annoyances. Roll your eyes when she talks about them. Or stare into space.
    6. Have lots of MALE friends, with manly interests (she should regularly complain about min. 3 of your favorite activities and how much time they take).
    7. Only look at women hotter than her, and regularly talk to them. She needs to know she’s replaceable and by what kind of woman.
    8. Vanish with no text or communication min once per week for min 4 hours. When asked “WHERE?!?” say “With the guys….” and leave the room.

    If you do Alison’s list, you’re doomed. If you do my list, it’s pretty much the only way to tame the wild female instinct of constantly testing the crap out of a man while scanning the horizon for the “bigger better deal”. (Also known as “fitness tests” or more accurately “Sh1t tests”.)

    She needs to (a) know she’s expendable (b) know what kind of woman you’re capable of getting and (c) afraid to see you wander off with such a woman.

    OR you can go the “nice/blue-pill/simp/mangina/gay friend” method the hipster guys are trying and see if that works for you. I don’t think it works. I think the more you become like a woman the less she respects you and the more she loathes you. Why? Duh. Everybody knows the biggest misogynists in the world are WOMEN. Women hate eachother! Just watch them point and snarl at other women as they compare their bodies, hair and clothes to one another! (Hint: even if patriarchy created this, women perfected it.) So don’t become a woman to try and be with one. Forget third-wave / post-feminism. Forget lists written by women. Forget this “brave new world” relationship crap. It’s all crap.

    Be a man. And make her go insane trying to change you into something -anything- else.

    Red pill baby. It’s the only way.

  8. Insidious Sid says:

    Wow, you’re a white-knight mangina. Like, “of the year”.

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