Girl Things that Guys don’t Understand

Girl Things that Guys don't Understand

There is so much that men just can’t understand about women. Sometimes, men just assume a girl likes something when she actually hates it. Read more about what girls really like and dislike.

There should be a law against confused and imaginative men. Because they just think too much about women without actually doing anything about it.

If there’s a shy guy peeking at a girl from one side, there’s bound to be another stereotype staring blatantly from the other. The world is full of it.

But where in the world has it been suggested that women find these stereotypes and wannabes attractive or appealing? Most men are pretty clueless about what a woman likes or dislikes.

And then there’s the worry about the drawbacks and deformities. Summing them up for the men, here are a few things that all men should definitely understand about women.


Of course. Come on now, don’t be naïve. Don’t women scream and jump on the couch the second they see that tiny cockroach scampering camouflaged on the floor? Now you’re way bigger than that. Really! So why won’t a woman be able to see you?

Answer: Yes, girls do look at guys who are short.

Getting on the real side, and leaving the roaches out of the picture (they are such a distraction, those roaches), girls really don’t have a problem with short men. Just as long as they look cute. Hey, Tom Cruise wouldn’t have been the sexiest man in the world unless women were fine with short men, alright? All we need is a great guy who’s confident, happy to exist, and tall and big… on the inside. And ahem, maybe even in his drawers (if that’s not too much to ask!).


If you’re about to make love, play horsey, drive on first gear, play ‘hide and see’, or whatever else you like one night, and after a minute of tussle you fall on your woman and breathe heavily only to hear, “Honey, are you alright? Is it in yet?” especially after you’ve perspired like a pig to go all the way (read: as far as you could go in), what the hell do you think is the problem?

Ohh, I am so touched and depressed by your ego-meltdown, but is it the woman’s fault if she doesn’t know whether you’re in? Or is she supposed to like that?

“Oooh, sweetheart, the suspense is driving me insane, I think I’m going to reach for the sky. I can’t hold on any longer. Please… don’t stop, don’t stop… is it in or are you still limp? Gosh, the suspense feels so good in bed, honey…” Now wouldn’t all you boys like that? We women love small inconspicuous members. We just go weepy with happiness when we come across a guy with a small prick.

Answer: Yes… Yes… Yes! Don’t we women know how to be sarcastic?


Girls love bad looking men. Especially the ones with those warts on their nose, and a belly that can hold five six-packs of beers, just as long as they can make the woman happy. Jeez, get realistic, will you? Of course, we do like good looking men, just like you like good looking women. I wouldn’t catch you drooling over Chyna the wrestler unless you’re in a kinky mood, would I? It’s the same thing for women. We like great looking men, and we love it when they make a move on us.

But again, thanks to beer and God’s long hand that knows to tweak, we women have got that bit of sugar and spice and everything nice, and we put what we call ‘character’ at the top when we want to settle down with a guy. So even a decent guy with a great personality is a good catch for most women. But you’d only make women laugh with questions like that!

Answer: Do women get attracted to ugly men? No way! We just put up with them because of their, watsit… aah, ‘character’.

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9 thoughts on “Girl Things that Guys don’t Understand”

  1. Carl says:

    I didn’t enjoy reading this fact, but I think it is true. Yeah, girls like shor, ugly and small members. Thats life and variety. However, I believe that good looking and rich man have better chance.

  2. Rajab says:

    The woman that wrote this is pretty much cluless herself.
    girls are always showring us with ” i like nice and caring men” while infact the first man to dominate them in bed would be the bad,selfish, arrogant man.
    i noticed that girls only seek nice men when they get pregnant to have some fool to care for them

  3. Claussy says:

    Hey guys!!
    As a girl I will tell you MY personal answers to these questions:
    1. Do girls look at short guys?
    Look: Yes, feel attracted to them definitely no. I’m 5′ 7″ and had never dated a man who’s shorter than me. Sorry, there are lots of cute little girls out there.
    2. Do girls like small members?
    Well, it all depends on the use and the ability of their owner, not on the size itself.
    And besides when erect, the size is almost the same.
    3. Do girls get attracted to bad looking men?
    If by “bad looking” the author meant not-hollywood-movie-star-drop-dead-gorgeous-looking the answer’s yes.
    For me, a good-looking guy is a man who dress good, looks, smell clean, and in general seems to take care of himself.


  4. Blondie says:

    1. I’m about 5’10 and my bf is 5’9. Do the math.
    2. I don’t know, I’m a virgin, but my hoo-hah is only 2-3 inches long.
    3. I’ve been told that I’m hot, but my bf is not. We are not as shallow as people accuse us of being. To me, as long as the guy is nice, does not smell unpleasant, isn’t fat, and has a brain looks don’t matter very much.
    BTW, I’m a size 4, almost a c cup, clear skin, plump lips, and actually fairly intelligent.

  5. Adrian says:

    Hey guys! When I am with a girl in bed, I try to be as enthusiastic as possible with as much foreplay and everything else, but unfortunately when it comes down to the main event, size is not on my side and I can tell that she is not getting much out of it, no matter what I do. But, I mean I can’t help it, I was born with the manhood I’ve got. It seems really unfair that guys have small, medium, or large penises with so much variation, but a girl never has a tiny vagina only capable of taking a small dick and no bigger. Nature is so cruel sometimes!

  6. amanda says:

    My fiance is considered short to me because he is under 6 foot. He is 5ft10. He is chubby and not what most people consider my type. What I mean by that is I am a dominatrix at a stripclub that dances to heavy metal and other rock music. He likes country music and drives a pick up. He is not as you would say well endowed but he knows what to do to make me happy. The fact that he is under 6ft makes it less of a hassel to kiss him. His chubbiness makes hugs and cuddles amazing. He always smells good and is willing to teach me things in the kitchen. Always there to ease my concerns and I believe my biggest turn on about him is he is an amazing father. He also has this amazing smile. He was not the most attractive to me at first but every day that I look at him he just gets more beautiful to me.

  7. Vairon says:

    lol i’d like to know where’s the writer from

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