Do Girls Like Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers or Briefs - Do Girls Like Boxers or Briefs

Are you the guy who prefers boxers over briefs or the other way around? Do girls like boxers or briefs? Here’s a final showdown on boxers and briefs. The Super Kitty reveals what fits snug and what kicks butt!

The world’s been divided for a long time over the business of the underwear, which is, to be perfectly put, the “last line of defense for men”.

A man’s underwear has undergone an iconic change and is now more of a fashion statement than anything else.

Innerwear having a huge elastic strap with blazing red letters forming the words ‘Calvin Klein’ or ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ isn’t meant to be hidden anymore, what with all the low waist pants we get these days.

A decade or so ago, if one ever caught a glimpse of someone’s underwear, not only was it *uncool*, it was also quite disgusting!

But these days, guys are seen wearing pants well below their butt cracks, with nothing but sheer cotton whities and a big brand emblazoning it. It’s still disgusting though.

Surprisingly, this trend isn’t restricted to men alone. Women too seem to have acquired a fascination to show off their beautiful underwear strings and lacy lingerie to anyone who cares (and don’t men just love that!).

[Read: Sexy types of lingerie – A guide for men]

But girls and their underwear apart, men’s underwear has evolved a long way in their lives.

And apparently, the kind of underwear a man chooses talks a lot about his personality, whatever that means!

Do girls like boxers or briefs?

Haven’t we all heard that women prefer men with boxers, and mama’s boys wear briefs and tighty whities? [Read: What women really want in a man]

It may make some sense, considering that briefs come in all sizes, whereas boxers come only in larger sizes that fit men, and not boys. And in any case, men look at boxers as the proof of transition from boyhood to rugged manhood, right?

But how true can this really be? And could your underwear actually make the difference between a dorky nerd and a manly sex god? It’s time to reveal the real dirt.

Boxers vs Briefs

It all comes down to this, doesn’t it? Men will stuff anything into their pants, just as long as a girl gives it a second glance. The first time you believed the theory that boxers are supposedly cooler was when you heard a sexy bombshell in a movie admire a man’s banana-split through a pair of silk boxers.

But do girls really prefer boxers over briefs?

Well, that’s just nonsense. [Read: How to get a girl to like you]

There really isn’t such a thing as the sexier underwear. The best adage that can be associated with underwear is probably ‘to each his own’. So irrespective of whether you’re a boxer man or a brief dude, don’t worry. You’re still hot stuff!

Worried about what women would think about your underwear? The chatter about boxers being preferred over all other types of underwear is just a myth. Almost all women are fine with boxers or briefs. Well, just as long as you keep them clean and unstained! [Read: What women think about having sex with an uncircumcised man]

Briefs, fertility and your happy balls

Most men prefer wearing boxers even if it does have its own share of discomforts because they firmly believe that tighter briefs reduce the sperm count in men.

It’s always been believed that tight briefs generate a lot of heat, which leads to mass killing of a man’s sperm cells. The claim seems rather realistic, especially considering the fact that briefs do make your little Johnny feel like a contortionist performing in the Sahara.

And to make things worse for the brief wearers, the heat can make your coin purse sag out like an old man’s balls in tiny shorts. You know, it does look kinda *unsexy* when a girl goes down and finds two droopy man baby boobs. It makes me want to buy your little fella a push up bra!

But nevertheless, studies on humans and dogs made to wear underwear (serious!) have shown that these claims are totally baseless. Apparently, the heat generated by wearing a brief wasn’t really enough to make your sperm warriors go on a mass suicide spree. [Read: Sexy road head confessions of a good girl]

Why you should wear briefs

There are a lot of things you really can’t do when Johnny and his two hanging buddies are flopping low in boxers. You can’t go hopping on a horse, you can’t really run fast without the fear of your thighs crushing your Jim Beans, and you definitely can’t wear well fitting trousers. The brief is the best accessory if you’re wearing well-cut pants. No woman really wants to see a boxer-bulge and a crumpled butt stuffed with layers of clothing.

If you’re into sports or lead an active lifestyle, you definitely need tighty whities to ensure you’re comfortable. It holds your sausage sack in place and doesn’t really come in your way when you’re on an adventure. And briefs are always better at concealing an unforced erection. Otherwise, Superman, what with his super x-ray vision, wouldn’t really be wearing another pair of briefs over his pants, would he?

Seriously, if limpy wants to start swaying to a charmer when a young mother’s breastfeeding her child in a park, wear your briefs, you lil’ perv. [Read: Tips to stare at a girl’s cleavage without getting caught]

Why you should wear boxers

Boxers are designed for men that like a little air flow in their harbor. If you have a private jet that inflates to the size of a jumbo jet when you see a group of fit girls jiggling on an evening jog, you definitely need something more comfortable than a tighty whitey.

Boxers are easy to use, and you don’t really need to dig down there or use a spring action lever to pull your hot dog out from deep within to water the plants or write your name in the snow.

And if you’re into flashy bling bling undies, boxers come in many stylish colors and patterns. Have you ever seen a glow in the dark or Homer Simpson briefs? I think not. Boxers are more stylish and define the type of man who wears them. They can be fun, sexy, outrageous or simple. [Read: 10 biggest man turn offs for women]

Super Kitty says – So what’s best?

While women don’t really care about boxers or briefs, as long as it looks good on you, I’d say otherwise. If it’s my suggestion, I’d tell you to go with the best of both worlds. Use a boxer brief.

Boxer briefs aren’t really small and compact like a brief which can at times look like an oversized G-string when it gets trapped in a man’s butt crack. And boxer briefs don’t really scream ‘wannabe’ like a boxer does.

Boxer briefs are comparatively airier, and fit very well on a man’s butt. They conceal themselves well in cotton trousers and suit pants, and yet, look well fitting and sexy when a man’s walking around in his bare minimum. It accentuates your ass and makes it look firm, and girls love that. [Read: Things that girls never notice in men]

So do girls like boxers or briefs? While the rest of the men fight over boxers and briefs, leave the stupid war behind and cover your own behind with something like a boxer brief that’s well fitting, snug, sexy and most importantly, mature. And the girl in your bed will love you for that!

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10 thoughts on “Do Girls Like Boxers or Briefs?”

  1. jeff thornton says:

    I wear thongs not briefs or boxers. they’re like a fart mufler I can SBD all day long. Lots Of Laughs

  2. NOforboxers says:

    All the way briefs! Briefs come in lot of different cuts and colors, while boxers are kinda same, just using diffrent material… I live in Europe and here everyone wears tight fitting underwear. Once one boy from my class were dressing up for P.E. and everybody was laughing because he was wearing boxers. We consider that boxers are like diapers for grown ups. You can poop in them all week long! And wearing boxers actually flaunts your willy more, because it is swinging free as you move, while briefs holds you in position! Lets face it – none wears white briefs today, they comes in different colors and cuts and from my experience womens like them! But maybe it is just Europe thing!?!

  3. Boxersinthebedroomplease says:

    Boxers to me are far sexier than briefs or boxer briefs – wear whatever you want to the gym but in the bedroom BOXERS only… one turn off my father wore briefs and I so do not want to see my man in the same. But boxers have two things to them that make them without a doubt very, very sexy – one there is an air of mystery to them they aren’t so tight that you can tell a man’s religion, two so easily accessible. If on a whim while my man is sleeping I want to pleasure him I don’t have to fight trying to pull his underwear off I can get to what I want with ease to his delight and mine. SO AS A WOMAN YES IT DOES MATTER TO SOME OF US AND FOR ALL OF THE RIGHT REASONS.

  4. Joseph Kent says:

    Do women choose their daily style of bra and panties on the basis of what a man likes or what gives them the support and protection they need? Give me a break….

    I don’t CARE what a woman (who has no testicles to support) wants. A lot of women want to act like they have “balls” , but I’ve never met one with any.
    If it’s “show time” in the bedroom after hours, OK; I’ll please her with her “preference” .
    But day to day, I could care less how a woman wants me to support my personal equipment.


  5. Cry Babies says:

    Lmao @ the chick who thinks its cute and sexy to wear boxers in bed..a REAL Man doesnt wear ANYTHING in bed. So trying to rip off briefs or sneaking in on boxers is like a retard driving the short bus. IF your not wearing ANYTHING in bed whats the problem?…there isnt one. P.S. IF you have HUGE nuts and vericose veins…Jock Straps and Briefs are the way to go…our Scrotums are designed by GOD to keep our sperm at the Perfect Temperature..when yer nuts get cold…the scrotum shrinks to pull the nuts closer to the body to keep them warm. When your nuts are hot…the Scrotum sags to keep them cool. its by Design..Support em either way and ill keep my Briefs Thank You until i see women wearing Longerey OVER their business suits ill wear what i want when i want.

  6. ram says:

    Briefs are way better! Boxers make your butt look big. Briefs all the way!!!

  7. Karen says:

    BOXERS! Never liked Briefs….
    And the reason is, most children wear briefs. SOmething about boxers are just sexy!!!

  8. River says:

    I guess to each man his own, but I like to wear lingerie even on a regular day, whether or not my guy is coming over that night. I know he wears boxers to bed and he tends to switch for during the days. Sometimes briefs, sometimes boxers. *I* personally like it when he wears nothing but boxers to bed. It makes it a little tempting to rip it off, whereas if he were to just go nude I wouldn’t feel turned on or turned off. But, hey, like I said– to each their own.

  9. al s says:

    Briefs! Even if a guy is small, at least you can see he’s not a girl. Boxers are boring.

  10. Alphafemale says:

    BOXERS! It looks sexy and seductive! briefs are boring

  11. Ndege Gitau says:

    Boxers are the way to go , they do not show those nasty panty-lines when am in that cotton pants

  12. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  13. Stormprobe says:

    Women often wear my boxers.

  14. Daniel Sisemore says:

    Your a woman. You don’t know the difference of how they feel. It’s like if I write a story about bra fittings. Boxers are more comfortable if you’d like a genuine man opinion for comfort. Lol

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