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Wooing the Girl of your Dreams

Wooing the Girl of your Dreams

How do you make a girl fancy you? And how do you make her love you?! The Huggable Understanding Girl reveals the secret behind impressing women, and appearing fanciable at the same time.

“Women say they want Men who are Nice with a Sense of Humor.

This is Nonsense as a lot of Nice Men with a Sense of Humor can testify.

A Woman wants a Man who is Fanciable, and Nice with a Sense of Humor.”

Deborah McKinley, a bestselling author mentioned these lines in her book ‘Sex Secrets’. And if you’re wondering what exactly the word ‘Fanciable’ means, well, ‘Fanciable’ in simple terms means “Looks like a million bucks”. And as much as women wag their fingers, roll their eyes like an epileptic attack and say it’s not true, and they just don’t care about money and hate people who are materialistic, deep inside they too know they love the way the word ‘Fanciable’ sounds.

Now I’m not going to tell you that you need a million bucks before you start looking out for your perfect one. All I’m telling you is that you have to look like one. Yup, you need to look like a million bucks!

Men and their Ways

There are three types of men, perhaps even more, but these three are the most common types when it comes to shy guys and their way around gorgeous women.

The Average Joes

Now if you’re an Average Joe, you probably are still confused about the whole courting and wooing ritual. Now Average Joes hook up with girls in different ways. They are boring and pathetic, and you wouldn’t find their ways of hooking up in any books on better flirting.

Average Joes fall in Love by doing one of these things:

They beg and they cry and they plead!

They suck up and nod their head more often than the spring-headed jack.

They watch in awe as the girl of their dreams walk by, and there are bits of drool all over the floor.

They go blank when they come face to face with the girl of their dreams.

They wet their pants when they come face to face for the second time.

They need to be hospitalized when they come face to face for the third time.

The Outrageous Flirters

Another breed of men are what we call the Outrageous Flirters. These men flirt with women just to remind themselves that they can get any girl if they want to. A fanciable woman is expected to flirt back. And the unfanciable ones are supposed to be grateful.

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