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How to Get Nudes: 10 Ways to Get Sexy Snapshots Without Asking

how to get nudes

If you want someone to send you naughty naked pictures, you need to learn how to get nudes without asking. You’ll get more and it’ll feel way better.

We all know the stereotypes about naked pictures. Guys ask for nudes right away and girls shut them down. You know those guys who gloat about getting all the naked pictures they want? They know what they’re doing and they know how to get nudes without even asking for them.

What’s why they get so many. If you ask for naked pictures from someone, you’ll probably get shut down. Why? Because it’s distasteful to ask for them. It’s something intimate and a way of sexting that you can’t really ask for.

Why sending nudes when you’re in a relationship can be a great thing

Some may say naked pictures and sexting are the worst things to happen to relationships. I disagree. If you’re in a relationship, sending nudes to your partner can really improve it. You’ll increase anticipation and grow closer with all the fun flirting you can do.

So long as you’re being safe about it, there’s no harm in it. Being able to connect with your partner, even when you’re far away, is important for maintaining a healthy relationship. It’s also really valuable for long-distance couples, too. [Read: 16 mind-blowing ways to spice up your sex life]

How to get nudes without ever asking for a single picture

In order to get the most nudes and the most gratifying naked pictures, you should never ask. I know that may seem difficult to understand because you may think other people won’t just send you nudes.

But you’re wrong. People actually love to and want to send naked pictures but the second they’re asked for them, their red flags go up. Here’s how to get nudes without asking for them at all.

#1 Form some trust. Nobody is going to send you nudes if they don’t trust you. Why would they? You’ll have a naked picture of them and they’ll have nothing but your word. And if they don’t trust you, that means nothing.

So make sure they trust you and don’t just bullshit your way to get it either. Be a genuine person and show them they can trust you with anything. They won’t worry about sending nudes when they trust you. [Read: How to properly build trust in a relationship and make it last]

#2 Make sure you’ve already been intimate. A girl who’s never stood in front of you naked won’t want to send you naked pictures. That being said, you probably aren’t going to get many nudes from random people this way. But you shouldn’t want to.

You need to have a sexual relationship with someone already if you want to know how to get nudes without asking. When you’re committed to each other and sexually active regularly, they’ll use sexting as a way to connect further and you won’t have to ask.

#3 Sext regularly. Sexting is what you need to do in order to get nudes without asking. If you don’t sext, you won’t have anything prompting the other person to get on their phone and snap a picture.

When you’re already texting naughty things back and forth, sending a nude will just become natural to them. They’ll do it as a means of sexting, especially if you set it up that way. [Read: 14 tips for effortless sexting]

#4 Be a little vulnerable yourself. This doesn’t have to be physically vulnerable. However, sending a nude picture is a really vulnerable thing and you have to be fair about it. Why would someone send something that risky to you if you won’t even open up to them and be vulnerable?

#5 Turn them on. If you get them turned on, they’ll want to turn you on, too. Talk about all the things they love that you do in bed. Go into detail about what you’ll be doing to them later and specifically mention the body parts you want them to send you in a picture.

If they start thinking you really want that specific body part, they’ll be more likely to send it. You basically have to lead them into teasing you with their nudes. [Read: 60 dirty and seductive ways to turn on your lover]

#6 Mention how much you love their body. If you start talking up their body and describing how much you like certain parts, they’ll start thinking about sending you those things. You can even say something about how seeing it would be too much for you right in that moment. This will probably make them want to send one even more.

#7 Talk about the last time you were together in bed. Bringing up the last time you two got intimate will immediately trigger their arousal. They’ll be brought back to that moment and, assuming it was a good time, they’ll get really turned on.

When they’re turned on, they’ll be more likely to want to send you naughty pictures. Make sure to be as detailed as possible so they know you really just want to reimagine that moment together.

#8 Tell them you miss them… and their body. If you’ve been apart for a while, tell them you miss them. Begin by pointing out all the things you miss about them that don’t have to do with their body. Then you can eventually talk about what specific parts of their body you miss.

Doing this will first make them think you actually miss their presence, which will be touching and sweet. Then you’ll increase the anticipation and make them miss you, which will prompt them to send that nude you want so bad but won’t ask for. [Read: How to make your partner miss you even more]

#9 Get detailed about what you’re imagining. If you’re picturing something about their body specifically, talk about. Go into detail and make them see just how much you pay attention when you’re intimate together. This is a great way to turn them on and make them want to show you those parts you’re imagining so much.

#10 Be appreciative as hell when you do get them. The best way to increase your odds of getting nudes without asking for them is to be as grateful as possible when you do get them.

[Read: How to ask for nudes and receive a gallery of naughty pictures]

If you really want to know how to get nudes without ever having to ask for them, build a relationship based on trust, sexting, and appreciation. You’ll get them all the time that way.

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