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Staring at a Girl’s Cleavage like a Gentleman

Staring at a Girl's Cleavage like a Gentleman

Staring at a girl’s cleavage can be fun, but no amount of fun is worth it if it makes a girl feel uncomfortable. Stare at women, but never in a manner that would make them feel nervous, uneasy or awkward. Learn the true art of staring at breasts like a gentleman.

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Remember the biggest rule of staring at breasts, when you stare at a girl, you should have a good time, and she should still feel comfortable around you.

If you think they asked for it just because they wore something revealing, try this. Walk into some part of your town or a park that is filled with homosexual men, wearing a short tight pair of silk boxers.

Sit down for a while in a quiet corner of the park, and see if you can survive a few hours. Then you’d know how it feels to be a woman who gets stared at all the time.

Girls stare too, but they do it in a very discreet manner. They don’t loll their tongues or undress men mentally when they look. And the best part, a guy always feels appreciated when a girl looks, so try making a woman feel appreciative of you instead of hating you.

Women do wear revealing clothes so they can look good and attract men.

So you’d probably say the women who wear low cut blouses and push up bras asked for it, and have no right to complain about men staring at their breasts or peeping down their cleavage.

But just because they wear something that accentuates their assets doesn’t mean you have the right to harass women, nor does it mean that particular woman wants you.

All the pretty girl in the revealing top is trying to say is “Hey guys! Look at me, I’m beautiful and sexy… but don’t you dare touch me.” There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s their bodies, after all. But why should men be forced to look away when God gave us the gift of sight?

Are we supposed to turn away every time we think a stare or two will offend some woman? Nope. Look, stare, and let your eyes linger. Have a great time looking at her breasts or staring down her top.

But remember, subtlety is the key. The next time you see a great looking girl with the perfect breasts or a cleavage that makes you go va-va-voom, admire her from afar and as she approaches, just catch a brief glimpse of her and don’t pause there to admire the view. Just go on your way after about half a millisecond. Be quick with your eyes, and you can have a great time, and thankfully not at her expense.

Now go on, walk across the street and behave like a good gentleman, and stare at those great breasts without pissing anyone off. Who said men can’t be pigs and gentlemen and the same time?

And all you men reading this, for the sake of the women who still think men are shameless pigs who can’t stop drooling and staring at a girl’s cleavage and breasts, go prove them wrong!

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15 thoughts on “Staring at a Girl’s Cleavage like a Gentleman”

  1. Chad Hooper says:

    OMG great article! I’ve got to admit it, I like to admire shapely breasts too… I agree we all must remember to be gentlemen when checking out attractive women!

  2. THis is a great article and well written, but it just reminds me of how very sad and anti-social the public space is here in Delhi. It’s awful, actually, to have some guy stripping you with his gaze, licking his lips and/or rubbing his crotch. I am an effeminate, black man, and so I am aware that I stand out in Delhi. I am also aware that because of this, men loose all social decorum around me and are liable to say anything at all. Trust me when I say that venturing into public space is instructive – loads of hard lessons.

  3. sean says:

    One time at work, one of my female friends my age was in front of me bending over to do something and I pretty much saw her breasts completely as I looked down her blouse (by accident of course). I turned my head fast, then turned my whole body 180degrees, she knew why, but then smiled and laughed. She always had a good sense of humor though.

    I was mopping a floor in a restroom at that same place, when another girl (very beautiful, very sweet girl I might add) my age told me she was going to change her cloths in a stall, stared me down with a smile and said I was ok. When I walked past the stall fast, I passed by the 1inch crack between the door and walls and accidentally saw her topless. I’m such a kindhearted guy, so I never thought about it after that and forgot about it. I should of asked her out damn it, oh well.

    Another girl in my front yard was picking up her dog and she didnt have a leash. She walked her dog to her car while bending down and well she wight as well been topless with her big beautiful breasts hanging down in her blouse, in her bra, lol. I was talking to her the whole time and she didn’t care what s ever. How could I not look, she was just so exposed, you know what I mean?

  4. Carl says:

    While I agree that most women/girls, even if they are wearing extremely reveling tops (low cut and exposing a lot of naked flesh) don’t want all men staring at their chests and/or down their blouses. However, there is a small portion of women who while they purport not wanting men to do this, get their own jollies in castrating any man who does look! Hence, in effect, they do want men to look, so that they can “out” them thus embarrassing and/or humiliating them.

  5. ERK says:

    I have a question: I walk into my insurance company to make a payment. The secretary being attractive takes care of me. I am maintaining facial contact with her, but for some reason she keeps drawing attention to her cleavage. I was not staring at her cleavage until she kept drawing attention to it. It actually made me a little uncomfortable because I trying to keep my focus. How would you explain this one? I naturally found her attractive, but was not in anyway looking at her in that way. what do you think?

  6. handsomerandyblackladbrad says:

    As a black lad,60,with boyish good looks,a muscular build-I’m 5’9″,200-205 lb.-I believe when they start blossoming-their chest AND libido-buxom babes enjoy we dudes’ attention,which is why lots of them walk,run,jog,skateboard,etc.BOUNCE for us boys.I like to give a bosomy lady a sideways glance down her blouse to ogle her subtly.

  7. M. Pace says:

    “. . . you

  8. Steve Redwood says:

    I’m writing a tongue-in-cheek ‘update’ on Asimov’s “The Sensuous Dirty Old Man” (itself tongue-in-cheek) , and came across this. This article is both humorous and serious. I’m 70, and love to spot an attractive woman in the street. But I don’t stare,and don’t make stupid comments, or try to touch her, etc.precisely because if our roles were reversed I would hate it. In fact, I disagree with one of the writer’s rules, “wear sunglasses to stare” bercause even I feel uncomfortable when a guy is opposite me in the metro with sunglasses on a dull day, so how must a woman feel? The comment by M Pace above is the typical excuse of ‘the woman asked for it’. If she’s REALLY asking for it (and that is sometimes the case, of course) , she will let you know, you don’t have the f..ing right to decide that YOU know what she wants. You want to deny her the right to want to feel attractive? Have YOU never wanted to feel attractive? Somebody above (Sean) mentiond how he accidently had a field day – but he never felt this gave him the right to pester the woman. When I have more time, I’ll look at more of this writer’s fun (but honest) articles.

  9. Homer O. says:

    A purely technical question, no sexism: What is the intended purpose of showing an ample cleavage other than making men looking at it with pleasure, and women with jealousy? What sense does it make to extend a bait and scorning men for taking it? I am a man, and my spontaneous reaction to an invigorating view of a cleavage is a slight friendly smile; what can be wrong with this?

  10. Martin Caldera says:

    Maybe It is something instinctively related. No mater the circumstance, it is easy to me to loose my focus and send my entire attention to a woman

  11. hamzad says:

    Lovepanky website is the most true and correct website for all those people looking for answers

  12. Screw_Globalism says:

    ” Girls stare too, but they do it in a very discreet manner. They don

  13. bozo d'clown says:

    Seriously – I can’t believe you wrote three articles about human sexuality without mentioning Sigmund Freud.

    Fuck Freud!
    Show me your tits!!!

    (I’m gonna get this printed on a t-shirt.)

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