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10 Signs that Your Friend Has a Crush on Your Girl

signs your friend has a crush on your girlfriend

Just because he’s your friend, doesn’t make him immune to temptation. We’ll help you tell if he has made your woman the object of his desires.

There’s not a man on God’s green earth that would complain about having an attractive girlfriend hanging off his arm, but there are certain drawbacks also. Firstly, and as much as some may try to deny it, you tend to be very aware of her looks, more than might otherwise be the case, and consequently, you end up having to put in a bit more time and effort to keep her happy.

Also, and more worryingly, is the unwanted male attention she’ll attract – unwanted from your perspective at least! It’s inevitable that a good looking woman will attract looks from men and women everywhere she goes, if not a little light flirting. But what if the person with your significant other in their sights is actually one of your friends?

Friends forever?

Bros before hoes? Let’s face it, they may have been your best of friends for decades, but throw a gorgeous figure and killer looks into the equation, and even men’s most essential functions fail to act properly – never mind anything as complex as ethics and decency. The big brain loses out nearly every time when little brain has someone fixed in its sights.

Is your friend into your girlfriend?

Obviously, they’re not going to start coming on to her when you’re around or start talking about her inappropriately in your presence, so how can you tell if they are indeed enamored of your other half or just being nice for your sake. Well, fear no more gentlemen: the following list tells all.

#1 I can feel your presence. Is your friend one of those who you have that kind of healthy relationship with, where you might not see them for six months at a time, and yet you can seamlessly pick up from where you left off? Then they meet your girlfriend and all of a sudden are ringing you every other day, inviting themselves round to your place or on already planned nights out? Does he always ask if you’re going out on your own or whether there will be anyone else there?

These are all surefire indications that he has the scent of your woman in his nostrils, and is relentlessly pursuing her. He may not have admitted it to himself at this stage, but he will, and it will lead to trouble. Try not to encourage his behavior, and keep him to a routine that he was previously comfortable with – no matter how close you are.

#2 It’s no joke. Your friend’s one of the lads and like a bit of a laugh, but he holds onto his laughter like a cheating husband holds on to his nether regions. He’s kind of cool and collected and exposes his humor through little more than the odd sardonic smile.

Then he meets your girlfriend, and starts belly laughing over every silly and inconsequential thing she comes out with for no apparent reason. No, he hasn’t suddenly turned into the moron he is acting like. He has actually and very suddenly become infatuated with your girlfriend. In a desperate attempt to show her how nice he is, how approachable and friendly he is, he has thrown his cool scruples to the wind. Best keep your eye on him.

#3 Whose side? You go out for a drink or meal or something similar, and whether orchestrated that way or not, your girlfriend and friend bump into each other, and the chat starts flowing. Do you find that your friend is starting to be all obsequious with her, hanging on her every word?

And more importantly, do you notice that he starts agreeing with everything she says, and yet disagreeing with you. If he is so swift to take the side of someone he barely knows against someone who could have been a friend for years, then you can bet your bottom dollar that his little brain is firmly in control! [Read: 20 signs of attraction when he talks to your girl]

#4 Smooth operator. Your friend is a real masculine type. He dresses pretty for every occasion in casual gear or day wear. In fact, his idea of formal dress consists of black sports shoes, instead of white and a t-shirt without a logo on it!

So, when he suddenly turns up unannounced, looking like he’s auditioning for the part of James Bond, then something is definitely amiss. Is it that he’s had something of an epiphany, a moment of self-realization? Nope. He’s after your girl. Simple.

#5 Ditch the itch. Your friend is a happily attached man. He’s one of those that you always have to drag away from his other half and seems content to spend the rest of his life in her company and no one else’s. Then one day he meets your girlfriend, and the next time he sees you tells you he’s single.

He’s split up from the woman of his dreams, and furthermore, can’t seem to provide even a half decent answer as to why. No doubt about it. He’s fallen for your girl, and he’s made himself available for any future moves to be made on her.

#6 The gentle touch. This man, the one who is famous for his burp and fart jokes and is more likely to turn his back on a girl than turn on the charm, suddenly turns into Mr. Sensitive. You and your friends watch in shock and horror, as he turns himself into a smooth-talking Lothario. Definitely one to keep an eye on! [Read: 18 body language signs that mean he’s too into your girl]

#7 The sweet smell of success. The man who never splashes out on anything more than a bargain store can of standard deodorant suddenly starts turning up wearing the latest scents from Gaultier and Paul Smith, every time your girlfriend is in the picture. Another obvious sign of a developing crush.

#8 The worm that turned. The staunchest ally you’ve ever had, your friend suddenly turns on you whenever in your girl’s presence, having sly digs at you and trying to put you down. He has gone feral, I’m afraid, and, in his need to show her that he’s the alpha male in this pack, nothing will stand in his way.

#9 You’ve got mail. In the most surreptitious of manners, he somehow manages to get her contact details, maybe under the guise of planning a surprise birthday party or something similar, but then starts bombarding her with all kinds of silly messages at all times of day and night. If your girl sheepishly approaches you with such news, then that is definitely one crush that needs to be nipped in the bud.

#10 It’s a gift. Not everyone has the subtlety to make moves on a girl the way that some of the previous points require, and your friend may be oblivious to how obvious his attempts to woo your girl actually are. So, if he starts turning up with bigger bouquets and more expensive boxes of chocolate for her than you, then it may be time to have words!

[Read: 6 tips for getting a guy to back off from your girl]

If you want to get dumped, then act like a chump. Otherwise, use the insights above to keep your friends’ crushes firmly under control!

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4 thoughts on “10 Signs that Your Friend Has a Crush on Your Girl”

  1. James says:

    Wish I could’ve found this article sooner. Jay and I have been best buds since gradeschool. We went to the same College, graduated with the same degree. “Brother’s for life”, we always said to each other but after college we went our own separate ways. 3 years passed we got together and I introduced my girlfriend for 2 years. Suddenly, everyday he would call me to hang out and chill at my place. I was oblivious till it was too late. He hung out so much at my place that he didn’t even have to tell me he was coming. One night when I went home early from work cause I wasn’t feeling well, I caught him and my girl on my couch. It was the most devastating moment of my life. After that I let both of them leave. No curse words, I just said “LEAVE.”. That was the end of both my relationships.

  2. Roy says:

    I’ve had a few of my guy friends come up and tell me they have a crush on my girl. It’s all good, so long as the situation is within your control and they’re not a real threat to your relationship status. The last thing you want to do is to go home and tell her all about your conversation with your friend. If she has any feelings for them as well, then you’re going to be skating on real thin ice for awhile. If someone is your real friend, then they’ll leave your girl alone anyway. If they don’t, well, you just got rid of two bad vibes in your world.

  3. hotdog bun says:

    I would never really get mad at my homie for crushing on my girl. He could crush her pussy if he wanted to and I would help him out in doing it. Hell, We’ll even try a 2 hotdogs in one bun position that they do in threesomes. Me and my homie is tight and we don’t let girls just ruin our fun. ?I have lots of girlfriends and he also has a lot. Sometimes we even forget who’s girlfriend is who. I have made the mistake of fucking one or two of his girlfriends and he didn’t really mind one bit, so I really don’t mind him just crushing on my girl because it’s not really that bad and like I said we have lots of chickas.

  4. you will die in 3...2.....1.. says:

    It’s okay. I don’t really mind at all. We can share her. I mean, I love all my friends. I can share what I have with all of them. No big deal for me. I want my girl to explore all the other men in my life. I want to do that cuckolding fantasy thing. I want 10 of my friends ganging up on her and FUC*ing her.

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