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How to Touch a Woman’s Breasts on a Date

How To Touch A Woman's Breasts On A Date

Want to know how to touch her breasts and make her love it when you’re all alone and cozying up with her? The Super Fella reveals his super guide on how to touch a woman’s breasts on a date the easy and safe way!

Making out is confusing, but it can be so much fun if you really know how to do it well.

In the first part of this guide on how to make out with a girl, I’ve told you about how to warm her up and kiss her and make her love it.

And you really should read that before going ahead and figuring out how to touch a woman’s breasts.

Playing with the kisses

Once both of you have started kissing after using the steps I’ve given in the introduction, keep it nice and slow.

Of course, you can get aggressive if she’s getting all aggressive.

But unless she’s taking the lead, build the passion up instead of the aggression.

One of the things that most guys do wrong is push the game and go too fast.

They’re so happy to be kissing a girl and getting a chance to cup her breasts, they forget to keep the passion alive.

Getting too aggressive could end your chances of touching your date’s breasts midway, and no one wants that.

When you’re making out and trying to figure out how to touch a woman’s breasts on a date, all your attention should be on her pleasure and not just on yours. So however far you go, remember to keep the focus on her.

Do that and you’ll be making out with her until the sun comes up. [Read: What to do if you like a friend’s girlfriend]

Kiss her gently at first and very tentatively, use your tongue but only if she reciprocates your move. Pull back gently now and then and kiss her ears and her chin, slowly moving down towards her neck. The nape and the sides of a girl’s neck are extremely sensitive and arousing for almost all girls, unless they feel ticklish.

As tempting as it can seem, don’t go too close to her cleavage. Border your kisses around her neck and her shoulders once in a while when you’re kissing her lips. Moist kisses are great, wet kisses aren’t.

A lingering cool reminder of where you kissed her feels nice, but it’s definitely not enjoyable if it feels all watery!

Playing with her hands

When you’re making out with a girl, she’s obviously going to reciprocate your moves too. But if she’s having a really good time, she may even just sit back with her eyes closed and enjoy the experience.

If you ever feel like things are getting slow, or if both of you are getting extremely aggressive and her hands are moving a lot, you can kiss the inside of her elbows or her wrists. As surprising as it may seem, kissing the insides of her elbows can actually calm her down. At times, you don’t want the making out to seem like a one night stand or a one-time thing. Going too fast could even make her dislike it the next time because it would all have happened so suddenly.

Remember, when you’re trying to touch a woman’s breasts, it shouldn’t feel like an impulsive one night stand. It should feel real, and she should love it!

Taking it beyond the kiss

In the first part of this guide on how to make out with a girl, you would have figured out how to kiss a woman and make out with her. Here, we’re going to take it to the next level on how to touch a woman’s breasts. But remember, we’re talking about making out with a woman, not having sex, so take it easy and play it slow. No woman likes to be treated like a tramp who’s going to have sex with you a few minutes into making out. [Read: How to stare at a girl’s breasts without getting caught]

As you kiss her passionately for a while, move your hands around her shoulders and down to the sides of her tummy, slowly and firmly. As you reach her waist, linger for a minute and slide your hand over her lower back and rest your hand.

Slip your hand under her shirt and run your hand on her bare back for a second, before moving your hand out of her tee shirt and placing it on her lower back again. Repeat it a couple of times while kissing each other, and linger a bit longer with each time.

Before you try to reach out and touch her breasts, you should make her feel comfortable with your touch and yet, not feel awkward at the same time.

Learning to guide your hands

After giving your hands some exercise on her lower back, bring your hands back to the sides of her waist.

As you kiss her, place one palm gently on her tummy, and feel your way around it. Don’t move your hands over her breasts just yet. Instead, place one hand back on her lower back and bring the other hand on her collar bone, just under her neck. She has to feel comfortable with your touch across her body. By hurrying this up, you’d just end up making her feel uncomfortable and used.

Resting one hand on her lower back, softly slide the hand you’ve placed on her collar bone down over her breasts, and bring it to rest under her breast, without really touching her breast for more than a second.

Hands in the shirt

Now remember, you’re doing all of this as you kiss her passionately. This should be natural. If you find yourself getting distracted, don’t overdo it and try to hurry the pace. Take your time, even if you need a whole hour to get to this part!

You can’t make mistakes here. You don’t get second chances when you’re trying to touch a woman’s breasts, so it’s better to linger than to speed up.

With one hand on her lower back, bring down the other hand from under her breast and place it on her belly near her midriff. A few minutes of kissing later, slip your hands under her tee shirt and place it over her belly. Don’t speed this up, or it’s all over. Bend down and kiss her neck and collar bone. And at the same time, move your hand smoothly and rather quickly higher up inside her shirt. Move your hands up until you touch her breast over her bra.

The hand where it matters

The second your hand touches her bra, bring your hand back to under her breast. She knows you’ve touched her breast and so do you. But you’re being gentlemanly enough to bring it back down because you felt “it was all too soon”. You’ve got to give her enough time to feel comfortable with the breast touch. It is a big deal, after all. You can’t linger on her breasts on the very first touch. Just like a first kiss, you have to warm her up to it. [Read: 15 qualities that girls like in a guy]

Don’t take your hand out of her tee shirt, and don’t move it over her breast either. Let her feel comfortable with your hand under her breast. The very second you touched her breast for the first time, she knows where this is going and so do you. So there’s really no need to hurry.

After a few minutes of kissing and hand moving, gently move your hand over her bra. This time, place your hand over it and don’t remove it. Don’t move your hand or try to snoop around. Just place your hands on her breast and continue kissing her.

[Read: 20 things that make a girl really sexy]

Taking the plunge

If you’ve followed these steps perfectly, she’d understand where your hand wants to go and what you have in mind each time. And by simply placing your hand over her breast, you’re mentally preparing her for what you intend to do next. By doing this, you’re not surprising her and that would only make her feel more comfortable with your hands over her body.

A minute or so after placing your hand over her bra, move your hand an inch or so upwards. Now you’re actually feeling up her breasts slowly, and you’re giving her the time to feel comfortable with it.

Move your hand around gently over her breasts and when both of you feel comfortable enough, move your hand upward to her bra strap and slip it down her shoulder. Don’t hurry any of these steps. Once you’ve slipped her bra strap off her shoulder, move your hand down gently. But this time, as your hands come down, don’t move your hand over the bra. Instead, slip your hand under the bra.

Place your hand over her breast gently and don’t do anything just yet. Remember, it’s about making her feel comfortable and like your touch. You really should never initiate a move she won’t like.

And there you have it, the perfect way to touch a woman’s breasts the very first time you kiss her, the Super Fella way! If you repeat these steps exactly as I‘ve mentioned here, I assure you any girl is going to have a hard time resisting your charm and your super sexy hands when it runs all over her body.

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Use these steps on how to touch a woman’s breasts and you’ll see that the world is a happy place, especially in love, sex and matters of dating women!

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28 thoughts on “How to Touch a Woman’s Breasts on a Date”

  1. alex says:


  2. Rick says:

    Hahahaha I don’t know how I ended up here but why you stealing my moves? I thought these moves were just generally accepted. This is how I’ve always touched a women’s breasts ever since I felt my first pair when I was 13. That is of course as long as I like the girl and care about being gentlemanly with her. If it’s just a one time hook up then I could care less, we’re both in it for one thing anyway and I’m sure she wants me in between as fast as can be.

  3. Harry says:

    These steps helped out during our make out/sex session. I must say, my girlfriend absolutly loved it and felt like she was the only girl in the world, which she is to me.

  4. elizabeth says:

    I’m a girl, and I love having my boobs felt up. If a man ever did this to me, I’d be putty in his hands 🙂

  5. sean says:

    I’m so jealous of you people. I’ll never be able to do that to/with a girl. I’ll be luck to just talk to a beautiful woman for 5 minutes, let alone date her, kiss her and feel of her and be putty in her hands like Elizabeth says. I’m just to shy, paranoid and assume too much that their already taken and stuff.

    Hey Elizabeth ( April 7th), do you speak for ALL women I wonder?

  6. Rose says:

    I hate it if a guy touch my breast on a first date. It’s definitely a NO NO for me. It’s a turn off. If a guy touches my breast, i would allow him,but after that? Get lost. You’re not the type of a guy that i want to be with. I want a gentleman. That knows how to respect a girl and wont take advantage of her.

  7. klemen-man says:

    HI Rose..
    I have one thing to say about your comment… I realy beleave that if a guy touches your breasts on the first date, it is not taking advantage of you or any girl.. it is just shoving some tenderness.. which in this days is shown not enough times…

    just sayin 😉

  8. JJBare says:

    Sounds good but it takes a long time

  9. Samwise says:

    Oh my gosh! This has been done to me ( I’m a girl). Sneaky sneaky…

    In retrospect while i was reading each step I was like “Yes… Then he did that… Then he did that too…”

    Almost in the same order. Bloody hell! I’m generally shy and conservative.

    What I’m trying to say is it has been done to me. So it works 😉 And it feels… Nice 😉

  10. john says:

    I love this!

  11. Tony says:

    As a young man I was very much interested in large breasts, but as I matured I began to realize that all sizes are attractive to me including flat as a board. What I have never liked is fake breasts regardless of size. Upon meeting a woman for the first time the features I pay most attention to are face and hair, legs, and then breasts in that order. Later when we are nude together her nipples catch my attention. Here I make a distinction between nipples and areolas. To my way of thinking it is mostly the areolas that give “personality” to the breasts. Nipples, per se, are just nipples. Without areolas they wouldn’t look like much at all. My observation is that the “average” areola is 4 to 5 times the diameter of the nipple, but they range from the thinnest ring around the nipple to 10 or 15 nipple diameters. They are all good in my opinion and it is that variability that makes breasts interesting to me.

  12. Lupiitha says:

    Yeah, there may not be milk yet but you are producing couostrlm! You actually start producing it at 14 weeks! I only know that because I started leaking SUPER early so did a bunch of research.Also, newborn bellies are smaller than a marble; they don’t even need a tablespoon every few hours. If you aren’t able to breastfeed for whatever reason but you don’t want the baby given formula you could PROBABLY hand-express enough for a feeding at a time, you just have to let the hospital know. I have been attending La Leche League meetings and they have been SO helpful in easing my mind. Maybe that’s something you could look into before the baby is born? Also, most hospitals have a dedicated lactation consultant. As a first time Mom they should be able to schedule a visit with her soon after birth!

  13. megan says:

    This is such a dope website!!! My boyfriend and I LOVE doing this. I so heart it when he feels my boobs..dudes out there gotta try this!!!

  14. Evklepia says:

    I’m a girl and well I decided to read this . If I must be honest this sounds exactly how a boy would do it but I don’t think all of us would feel “comfortable” with a hand on their breasts . And I think that if it happens it shall totally not be on the first date.

  15. Kelsie says:

    I’m a girl, i’m 15 and i just went on a date with this nice 16 year old guy. At least i thought he was nice. He did about everything on this list. he played with my hands, he kissed me, and put his hands in my shirt. his hand were cold. i hated that.. and when he started to touch my breast it did not feel good AT ALL. RED FLAG BRO. i barley knew him, i think that’s why i was uncomfortable. But the worst thing he did was squeeze my boob. 99999 RED FLAGS BRO. i’m not that interested in guys who do stuff like this on the first date. I think these moves are okay, as long as you know the person allot and are friends or whatever, or maybe you have gone out more then once.

    Well that’s all :p

  16. Bob says:

    I think a lot of the women with negative remarks are missing the big point of this write up. It’s about the guy being a gentleman and reading the signs of women. If you’re a woman and don’t like your breasts being touched then the guy should realize the red flags once his hands moving up your belly to your breasts. You’ll probably back off which should tell the guy “hey, no, not now”.
    If you allow it to happen and not say anything and still let him but are offended afterwards…you’re a tease or don’t have the strength to stand up for yourself. In both cases you shouldn’t be getting that intimate on the first date. Just my opinion

  17. Elsa says:

    When I had sex with a man, he slid my bra off completely! It was SO nice having his super sexy hands on MY boobs. He just threw my bra out of the way. I return I touched his nipples AND his willy! It was super fun. We snogged and snogged and snogged. He even took my knickers off so he could touch my bottom.

  18. Ellie says:

    My boyfriend used this website and tried to touch my boobs. He only got to the bra though. He managed to slip it down.

  19. Eric says:

    mmm how i wish i have a girl friend to try these.

  20. Lilly says:

    My boyfriend does this to me and it makes me so wet and makes our makeout sessions even better!!!! When he slips his hands under my shirt it just makes me want to climb on top of him and kiss him even harder!!!!;)

  21. lillian says:

    My boyfriend has been attempting to touch my breasts for the past few dates but I didn’t know the whole bare back touching, tummy touching, collar bone kisses were supposed to lead up to them…Now I know haha

  22. Lee says:

    I can’t believe that this actually worked… My girlfriend seemed to enjoy the progress as well hahaha

  23. Varun says:

    well i tried to slip her bra and she just stopped me from touching her breast…….. I was so upset.

  24. miracle says:

    this feature is enticing and so nice to learn from.

  25. Nyra says:

    I had to actually GUIDE my boyfriend’s hand to my breast. He was so nervous, he pulled away. Then I made him try again and he lost control and started sucking my nipples. I’ve noticed he’s started practicing the techniques on this page and it drives me craazzzyy!! If he got his advise from here then….thank you.

  26. Vanessa says:

    I’ve been touched too. It actually felt really comfertable. Don’t say I’m weird but I wish my husband did it longer.

  27. Antoinette Reyes says:

    Very sensual and sounds right. There are a few things I’d change but this would definitely make someone not feel like a slut while letting someone cop a feel. I’d think more second or third yet not first

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