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9 Firm Steps to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend In No Time!

get over your ex girlfriend

Getting over an ex girlfriend can be difficult, even for the brawniest of men. But we’ve got to move on anyways. Find out how to get over an ex girlfriend the sexy way with these tips.

As macho as men portray themselves to be, breaking up can really hurt, and especially so if she’s decided to leave and walk all over you on her way out.

Figuring out how to get over an ex girlfriend can be bearable and even fun, if you follow these suggestions on getting over an ex girlfriend.

#1 Avoid her and her friends

Now we know you’re hurting. And you long to touch her again, or spend a few moments with her.

But you really need to stay away from her, unless you want to lose more of that tiny bit of respect she may have for you.

Women love humiliating exes and treating spurned lovers like stray dogs. *gasp!*

So for your own good, avoid her territory unless you want to be shooed away loudly in front of everyone else.

And even if your ex girlfriend has good looking friends with whom you’re close and rather friendly, stay away from them too. You can hit on them later, but after many months.

Until then, they’re still her loyal friends and will be influenced by her side of the story.

#2 Delete her from your life

If your ex girlfriend is connected to you in any manner, via cell phone, facebook, or whatever else, erase all signs of her existence. Being a man, you’re expected to play nice and avoid confrontation with a girl, and that can be rather difficult when she starts to play her post break-up games.

Girls usually pretend to be overly happy and celebrate their new found single social lives by plastering their facebook walls with party photos and skimpy vacation shots with other guys. If you want to get over your ex girlfriend, you really need to avoid seeing any of this. [Read: Should you stay in contact with your ex?]

As much as you know this ploy, it can make your blood boil and you may lose your cool and start an all-out public social network confrontation. And again, she gets the chance to shoo you away like a stray dog on a social network or via texting while her friends are around. So stay away from unnecessary humiliating confrontations.

Seriously, your relationship is history. Both of you broke up. The process of healing is all about you, not her and not both of you as a couple. Worry about getting over it, and don’t waste your time trying to prove a stupid point to your ex girlfriend.

#3 Call up your crushes

This is definitely great if you want to get over your ex girlfriend. Now all men know how exciting it is to have a great conversation with a crush. Now the feelings may not be mutual and your crush may not fall in love with you just because you’re single and ready to mingle. [Read: How to get a girl to like you]

But when you do mention how devastated, broken hearted and vulnerable you are, there’s a good chance your crush would soften up and try to make you feel better. And hey, getting your crush to smooth talk you and call you all kinds of cute names is definitely a turn on that would make you forget your bleeding ex girlfriend, wouldn’t you say?

And there’s a slight hope that your crush may actually end up liking you as she tries to nurse you back to a good heart. After all, women do end up falling for a guy who’s all vulnerable and helpless. Awww…

#4 Admire other women

As men, we know that women are definitely the most beautiful things ever to grace planet earth. Heck, they’re even the reason for global warming!

So admire them. Stare at a girl’s curves as she moves up the escalator and look at her long legs as she walks past you. You could never do that when you were with your girlfriend, could you? [Read: How to stare at a girl’s cleavage]

And start comparing every gorgeous girl you see with your girlfriend, and start remembering all her flaws. Pretty soon, you’ll remember how ugly she really looks. [Read: How to flirt by touching]

#5 Date other girls

There’s nothing that can lift a man’s spirits after a break up than dating other good looking girls. Try hooking up some pity dates with your crushes or try and meet someone new for a date. Come on now, you know you can get any girl if you try hard enough, right? So make that move, Casanova, and make it good. [Read: How to tell if a girl likes you]

#6 Sleep with someone else

For men, sleeping with a new girl has a lot of stimulating effects that can help ease the mind and induce a temporary amnesia when it comes to thoughts of an ex girlfriend. Do you know of a girl who fancies you? Or do you have a friend who wants to get into your sheets? It doesn’t matter who it is as long as you get some naughty business done with another girl. You’ll forget what your ex girlfriend’s name was, the minute your sex buddy screams your name! [Read: How to have sex with a friend]

#7 Spend time on the internet

Do whatever you like on the net, watch a few *good movies* and admire their assets, read trivia, or just watch a few webcams with girls who love taking clothes off. What you do doesn’t even matter, just as long as you’re not feeling lonely when you’re alone at home.

Always know that the thoughts of your girlfriend would come to your mind only when you’re feeling lonely or depressed. As long as you avoid these lonely moments, you’ll be a happy young man surrounded by beautiful company, wherever you are.

#8 Hang out with your friends

Spending time with friends and bonding with the boys can be a lot of fun and can help a lot when it comes to getting over your ex girlfriend. Bitch about your ex girlfriend, talk about other women, and boast about the other girls you’ve been meeting. You’ll find your ego swelling and your pain diminishing in no time.

#9 Don’t ever be alone

If you really want to get over your ex girlfriend, you probably know this already. While blank walls and empty cans of beer can seem weirdly fascinating after you stare at it for a good half an hour, you need to remember that thinking about your girlfriend only makes you feel more miserable and weak. And for all you know, she’s probably having a great time with a new guy.

Thinking about her will make you want to call her or meet her. And we know how that’ll end, it’ll make you look stupid, weak, and again, like a stray dog on the street.

Try to keep yourself occupied all the time, and even when you’re all alone, speak to a girl over the phone or get busy on the internet with some gorgeous looking girls. [Read: How to text flirt]

Now we’re not saying this is the nicest way to get over an ex girlfriend, but we’re definitely saying that this is the easiest and most fun way to getting over an ex girlfriend. [Read: How to get over a broken heart]

And as long as you know how to get over an ex girlfriend and nurse your broken heart at the same time, who cares which is the nicer and more gentlemanly way as long as you get what you want, and that’s getting over your ex girlfriend!

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28 thoughts on “9 Firm Steps to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend In No Time!”

  1. Jayden says:

    To get over your ex you’ve just got to give yourself time. You should know that any separation is difficult so be just be realistic about how long it will take you to recover. Do be too hard on yourself. If you expect to get over your ex too soon it may be unnecessary pressure. Be honest and ask yourself what you did that contributed to the breakup. The greater your willingness to look at it realistically the easier it will be to overcome.

    And yes, try to work on those factors that you think lead to it.

  2. Daniel says:

    thx for the guide! I just deleted her from my life. I just blocked my ex! I threw all her contact numbers including my sim card! hahaha!

  3. Laura says:

    Cry about her for a month and she should be out of ya system. Lol. Atleast that’s what girls do

  4. Roseline says:

    sleep with someone else, date other girls, this stuff right here makes a good girl like me to decide I never want to be with useless guys that would take this advice to get over an ex! my word. There are healthier ways to get over an ex. Yes, it is the much harder path, but it is the path that will give you true strength and wisdom and maybe help you to learn how to be an even better partner in your future relationship.

  5. duufuss says:

    Your completely right. As soon as me and my ex broke up I thought I should keep my social life up to help me heal faster but I let my emotions get the best of me, nyways now I’m pushing myself to go out even though I don’t always feel? like it.

  6. Sebastian Loevaas says:

    Wow! This hit the needle in the highstack describing how women (atleast my ex) do/did when they break up! Good guide. :))))

  7. A-man says:

    It’s been five months since my girl walked out of my life. I miss her every day and can’t do anything to help with the pain, I’ve tried everything searched every where but nothing helps.. I can’t do anything with other girls not even a kiss without feeling teribble inside. If anyone can help I would appreciate it so much

  8. dreadyblack says:

    Hey A-man!!! im in the middle of a break up but its only been a month. although this article was helpful in some ways others werent. I am taking the hard path of healing. I agree with Roseline. Have you been able to forgive yourself for mistakes you ahve made?? fogiven her for breaking up with you. one thing i am realizing is that she was DONE with our relationship for about a year (together 8). Yes the initial shock of the break is hard but after really thinking about the times i saw signs MANY times that she was slowly pushing me away. heck she was already talking to her EX before me the week she dumped me. take off those “love blinders” and look at the situation realistically and everything wasnt all peachy. I’ve cried, hit stuff, screamed off a mountain top, written endless pages of thoughts and emotions. I am slowly not feeling depressed, pain is still there. I am having a BON FIRE to burn all those cute notes and pictures and cards that meant a lot but that relationship is dead. there are a few books out there that are really helpful. i hope u get over her soon.

  9. JusJoe says:

    A-man……you’ll be alright. One door closes, but another one opens. I’m going thru the same thing right now. Always remember to love and take care ofyourself. There’s someone out there will treat you like a King. Also remember to let her go gently and see your ex in a good light. Life is never easy for anyone…..wish them the best and live your life, my friend.

    Take Care and many blessings to you.

  10. Rick says:

    Truth is you don’t want someone who does not want you. Best thing you can do and let her go as everything happens for a reason. Focus on yourself in making yourelf better, get your confidence back, work out, dress good and other women will take notice. Before you no it you will forget all about her. She was not the right one for you, the next one will be better, plus you learned a huge life lesson that will make the next girl appreciate what she has.

    Best of Luck to anyone who has to deal with a break up as it is never easy.

  11. Glen says:

    hi everyone, im goin thru a bad break up atm, its been just over 4 months, and from the 1st day of the break up till now its not getting any easier, i cant see any light at the end of the tunnel, i find it really hard to let go as we wer together over 3 years brand new house together and the most beautiful son in the world, i feel ive lost everthing, shes still up in the house with my son, im 28 and hav a daughter who is 7 to a previous relationship, my ex and her family are lovely people and wer so close to my we girl, so i feel for her to, i now find myself with 2 children till 2 different mothers, which to an outsider sounds pathetic probley, but i work hard and look after my kids, ive just been unlucky i guess, i no my ex will make sum man 1 day really happy as she is beautiful and has a great heart, im devasted, please some advice, thanks.

  12. Stan says:

    Glen – You said she still lives with you right? Thats perfect! Shes got no choice but to see what you do everyday, Start going out! not just Fridays & Saturdays but weekdays too! dress sexy, Gel up your hair and wear a tun of great cologne! and look happy! and excited! when you go out! let her know that you are such a Man! that your happy for her! but cant dwell because there is no point to that! Watch the rage!! in her eyes ha, that you’re looking so fine and confident and no longer crying over her, Show her that some woman will take you away and enjoy the New You.

    P.S. Expect your ex to mysteriously become very sweet and caring of you.. and basically wanting you back!!

    This worked for me made things a lot better and stronger actually!

    Best regards!

  13. John says:

    It’s never easy. I’m dealing with it too. But one good solution i found is that ‘Don’t stalk them’ how much you want to. Just accept whatever happened and move on. It’ll take time to heal, but time will heal everything.

  14. Atticus says:

    I have been through it before with lots of pain….and as it is happening again., the pain does not get easier .. The .things I keep telling my self based on experience are …1 ) even though they may blame you , don’t take it too personal..they need to do that to make them feel better..2).their life is not as wonderful as it may look, and nor is their new partner,,give it time you will see!!!..3).and talking of time..that is the only solution ..in 12 months you will wonder why you ever cried about them!..so just keep yourself together until then ,,,and,you may even be shocked to find them knocking on your door,,especially if you are the one with a life , because their honeymoon period ended 6 month ago, !!

  15. Finito says:

    Hey guys , i like what u mention all of u, i feel pain deep inside from my broke up , she left me since 6 months and she keep calling me from time to time saying i missed you but but when i answer her she acts moody again then she disappear, but the most painfull thing is iam sure that she texting my married brother and both of them are hiding this on me , i check his phone by mistake, and i dont know how to discribe how i feel, sometimes i cant eat, can someo e just help me what to do, should i talk to my brother? Or should i tell her bad words to leave my brother alone, but both of them is cheating on me and this killing me , plz give me advices and thx guys

  16. selena says:

    i say have a talk with your brother surely they should understand and be on your side and not have anything to do with your ex. My bf broke u[p with me and no sooner that he did,his family turned against me and wanted nothing more to do with me,as if I was the one who cheated and ended it. my point is fam sticks together and I’m sure they will stick by you.
    As for her don’t pick up that phone,she’s just doing this to soother her ego and once it does she dissappears,dead end situation,get rid of her by having nothing to do with her yourself. Finito!

  17. Robert says:

    I agree with all of this but the sleeping with another woman. I’m devastated about my recent break up aND that’s the last thing I want to do is sleep around.. which I know she probably is and If she’s not I already know she will and that’s what kills me the most. I have deleted her out of my life by getting rid of my fb and her number But it’s still hard to forget… that I can’t get rid of…I can be fine one min then out of the blue a flood of emotions comes running in about her and I get that sick and feeling like somebody died…

  18. Don Dressel says:

    Hey guys don’t do as I have been doing
    Sending her songs and texts and then when she texts me back I fall apart
    No more contact from me anymore!
    I’m now about to date a ex-wife of a friend and hope that doesn’t bite me in the ass!

  19. Don Dressel says:

    Glen how are you doing now?
    I hope things are better for you?

  20. Henry says:

    Much easier said than done when you;re 53 years of age and your ability to pick up women is out of shape since you lat relationship was 7 years long and you were faithful.

  21. Walter Kayesse says:

    I’m not close to being that wise in years Henry and my past relationship wasn’t even up to half the time your was, but I feel you man. Keep your head up brother.

  22. Henry says:

    what songs your own or other artist’s songs?

  23. Henry says:

    Hey thanks man! Good luck to ya!

  24. Don Dressel says:

    Gino Vanelli singing living inside myself
    Adele singing hello

  25. Don Dressel says:

    How about me!
    I’m 59 and coming out of a 24 year relationship
    I have found by keeping in shape by going to the gym everyday and I’m a social person by nature that I don’t have a problem meeting women but they all have drama in their life

  26. Henry says:

    They say a no contact rule is probably best in order to heal,you may wanna try some lighter happier songs cos many love songs you shared will tear you up,Good Luck man

  27. Don Dressel says:

    Thank you Henry check out move on by George Michael
    It’s very uplifting and hits to the point
    Avoid hello by Adele

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