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How to Get a Girl To Like You Again in 10 Steps

How To Get A Girl To Like You Again In 10 Steps

Did a girl like you for a while before she started to ignore you? Find out how to get a girl to like you again by playing your cards right this time.

Have you been exchanging glances with a girl who seems to be interested in you?

Life can seem perfect when the girl you have a crush on likes you back.

And it can feel even better when you start talking to her and see that she likes you back.

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But what do you do if she starts ignoring you for no apparent reason?

Or worse, what would you do if she tells you that she doesn’t like you back and never will?

Well, I’ve been there.

How to get a girl to like you again

Before we go into details, let me share an experience of mine so you know you’re not alone.

Not too long ago, I was crazy about a girl who worked with me in the same workplace.

I didn’t know her yet, but she used to catch me staring at her now and then.

Eventually, I managed to strike a conversation by becoming her friend and things were just perfect.

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She always knew I liked her. And she knew I loved talking to her for hours, especially when we both had some time to spare in between work. She liked talking to me too.

Soon, we were both going out for dinners and movies, and we used to feel an electric chemistry between us.

I made it rather obvious that I liked her. And each time I asked her out, she would laugh about it or slap me playfully on my cheek. It all seemed so perfect. She was playing hard to get and I loved the chase. [Read: Why do women like being chased?]

The weeks turned into months and we got closer with each other. We used to talk late into the night, and occasionally I was even able to sneak in a few kisses and cuddles after a romantic date with a bit of persuasion. [Read: How to get a girl to kiss you by arousing her the right way]

She even told me she loved me back a few times. But she never accepted my proposal to date each other. Weird, right?

One fine day, all of a sudden, things just changed. Just like that, she seemed too busy to meet me or hang out with me. She would snap at me now and then, and eventually, one eventful day, when I asked her to start dating me, she rudely told me that she could never love me back and has only ever looked at me as a friend, and nothing more. And to beat that, she asked me to stop harassing her all the time. [Read: Why are women so fickle in love?]

Well, I was heartbroken. But more than that, I was confused. I thought it was all going so well.

I thought she loved me. She did say so herself many times.

What matters here is the fact that I had to accept defeat. I knew I had lost her. She didn’t want me. It was all over as abruptly as it all began.

How to turn things around in your favor

I’m sure you’ve been there too.

And if you’re wondering how to get a girl to like you again after she’s snubbed you, well, there’s still hope if you want to take that chance.

Here are ten things you can do to get the girl to like you again. As long as you play it safe and slow, it’ll almost always work in your favor. I know it worked for me!

#1 What went wrong the first time. Understand where you went wrong the first time around. Almost always, you may have suffocated her with your love or made yourself seem too easy to get for her. There’s a thin line between pleasing the one you love and behaving like her servant. Don’t cross that line and lose any self respect you may have. [Read: 15 things women look for in a man to fall for him]

#2 Give her space. Okay, so she’s chosen to give you up. It sucks, but almost all the time, it’s because she doesn’t value you or think you deserve her respect. So stay away from her for your own good. Give her space, even ignore her for a few months so her respect for you can build up. If you pursue her now, she’ll treat you like a stray dog. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women]

#3 Impress her from a distance. Be a great guy. Let her realize what she’s missing out on. Don’t behave like you’re depressed or broken hearted. She’s not in love with you to feel sorry for you. She’ll only think you’re weak. Instead, have fun. Be the cynosure of your workplace and enjoy yourself. You’ll make her secretly want your attention and company again.

#4 Let her know you’re still interested discreetly. She knows you like her a lot, and that’s the only reason she feels so confident to throw you around. She may like you too, but she may be forced to treat you badly to get the message across that she doesn’t want to date you. So make it appear like you’re not interested in her. Look at her now and then, but look away just as she looks at you. Be very subtle and never be obvious while doing this. Make her wonder if you’re still interested in her, and never let her know for certain that you’re stealing stares. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves]

#5 Be proud and have an ego. Don’t ever ask her out again after that conversation when she snapped at you. Don’t write sentimental love letters or emails asking for forgiveness. She’ll only take you more lightly. Respect yourself and keep your distance. Talk to her if you must on a friendly basis, but keep the conversation short and always make her want more.

#6 Don’t be sweet with her. Make her miss that guy who used to flirt with her and sweet talk her. She threw you out, so make her regret that decision. Don’t behave rudely with her, instead speak pleasantly but never flirt even if she tries to flirt with you. Remember, your objective is to make it appear like you’re completely over her so she can regret her decision.

#7 Make her miss you and want you. Eventually, both of you may get along on friendly terms. But avoid spending too much time with her. Even if you’re having a great conversation with her, excuse yourself and walk away like you’re busy. Unless she likes you again, she shouldn’t be getting the privileges of your past behavior. [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl]

#8 Make her jealous. But don’t make it obvious. Flirt with other girls or give them a lot of attention. Even if she tries to resist, she can’t help but get annoyed with you for ignoring her. The more you ignore her, the more she’ll want your attention. Even if she flirts with other guys, don’t let it bother you. It’s her way of trying to hurt you.

#9 Is she warming up to you? Do you ever catch her staring at you? Does she seem to take an interest in you? You can’t really make a move on her unless she’s getting attracted to you. Or all these earlier steps would be worthless. Try to find out if she’s interested in you again through her behavior. If you’ve played the earlier moves right, you may see that she’d try to get closer to you or have longer conversations with you. [Read: How to compliment a girl and warm her up]

#10 Ask her out again. If you’re convinced that she may like you back, or if you feel like she’s warmed up to you after a while, see if you can get some alone time with her. Don’t cold shoulder her anymore, instead flirt with her and see if she reciprocates. At a happy moment, cross your fingers and casually ask her if she would like to go out with you after work.

If you’ve played these ten moves right, there’s a good chance she could desire you again. It’s a risky move, but it’s the best way to get a girl to like you again.

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If you’re trying to figure out how to get a girl to like you again, this is ideally the best approach. Try it, it’s safe and you can always back away if you feel like she’s not warming up to you. And if it does work, well, I told you so!

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48 thoughts on “How to Get a Girl To Like You Again in 10 Steps”

  1. John says:

    This sounds like a relationship with a girl i had, and i’ve done everything on your list. but she’s just a really complicated girl.

    Will see how things go in a few days as we have planned to go out for a drink.

    Thanks for the advice though!

  2. nick says:

    Exactly i think has happen with me. Always had signs she liked me. Things were amazing. She always made time with her busy scheldule with class work and child to come see me or talk. But i think i may have smoothered. Maybe even seemed emotional and availably easy. So noticed she would stop calling as much. Stop coming to see me at work to make out. But will still ask what im doing or talk to me. Shes been stressed also! So recently herd feelings change and shud be friends. As any man tryed looking for reasons and hold on. But let go as best thing to do and gave like week worth of space n backed off. But to not seem weak. Ane build my self up back to that confident guy she liked. But do more for my self. Im going to try this to see if she gets attracted again. Hopefully.

  3. Jake says:

    Ya this girl said that she liked me and when i asked her out she said maybe… So i waited (a couple of hours) then she said she dint want to date me and we dint even go on a first date ! If anyone can tell me whats going on i would be very happy cause im lost…

  4. Sultan says:

    Thanks that made me feel much better

  5. Mike miller says:

    Same thing is happening to me. We had the best three weeks. She was really into me and then one night I got a little to drunk in front of her. Told her about a thousand times how beautiful she was and then I was seeming to needy. Always cooking for her and being to sweet. I’m going to try this and see. She is worth it. I think.

  6. Mike miller says:

    Any other advice would be great thought. A friend told me I should just ask her to lunch because then it isn’t so much like a date. She also told me she just wanted to be friends and I got real angry and told her to get the F out of my house. I have since apologized and have talked to her casually while walking into school. Is there any chance at all that I can get her back??????

  7. MNickJ says:

    You chased this girl for months and only got a few kisses… You should have manned up and made a real move… Any girl will loose interest after mints of friendly hang out “dates”…

  8. Student says:

    Keep in mind that is only works for single women. It will NEVER work on a girl with a boyfriend. I made that mistake so I know!

  9. abc says:

    if she is into another man then what can i do?

  10. nt me says:

    Should I continue chat wif her everyday I use to do? Should I start convo wif her? If no then how can I contact her?

  11. MS says:

    What to do if she doesn’t work at the same place as you?? what if you only see her like..mmm.. what? once every 3 monts if you are lucky??? what if you only can talk to her by phone or whatsapp?? and what to do if she from one day to another suddenly stop calling you and writing you every day and you ask her why and turns out that she has a boyfriend now?
    Why does nobody anser the previous comments?? here are some man that need an advice! like me!! anyone?? please!!!! desperate man in love!!!!! :S

  12. SnapCrackle&Pop says:

    Yeah there’s this girl I started talking to a couple of months ago. We got to know each other and then we were attracted to one another. So we started dating, sending each other love messages, call each other and talk all night. Then one week, she disappears on me. She didn’t call or text for one week. I started to get worried so I would message and call her to see if everything was ok. She would message me back here and there. One day I went to the hospital and I messaged her, she didn’t reply. I texted her the next day and I finally reached her and told her that I was in the hospital. She wasn’t really sympathetic when I told her. So at that time, I felt that she was losing interest. Then one day, she messages me on fb saying that she doesn’t have time for a bf right now. I asked her if we can still be friends, she never replyed. I come to find out she’s friend with her ex on fb, after she told me she blocked him. Two days after that she blocks me on fb. I was heartbroken. Didn’t eat for two days straight. Yeah I was in love. I really hope this 10 step plan works for me and everyone else who loves that special person. Good luck everyone…..

  13. Frankie romero says:

    Thanks this made me feel so much better thanks again hopefully this will work because she has been talking to this one guy but hopefully she doesn’t fall for him

  14. Deva says:

    AS My story is unique from this case I’m Telling it in detail,
    I have this angel of mine who jus trespassed into me like anything .. We went for an Inter family tour, and thats the heaven where I met her. I was astonished ,bewildered seeing her beauty. The first day I was totally not with me ,I felt idiotic ,Coz I’m a sort of a person who gives advices about relationships with people to my friends. I could not do anything without thinking about her, and each time i saw her , I felt nothing was around me. I tried to speak with her the second day when we were out for cycling, I did get an opportunity to talk with her but the virus attack in me(crush) jus made me stand staring at her beauty . I know its shit.. she proved me wrong that I’m a matured person in relationships.I realised that when I saw her again and again. Her dressing ,hairdo,eyes,everything were beyond my expectations.
    The Trouble starts here,
    She opened up the first conversation between us “You are a dancer right? Can you enact a step and show me?” This was the question she asked me. I did,she smiled and said thank you. I was on cloud nine that i have at last opened up a line with her after a tough two day struggle. Then I bought her a roadside fancy item that she was starring at, she was undoubtedly contented but seemed frightened before her family. After that we got a temporary private area where she thanked me with an impressed face. Everything seemed good. The next day in the train we played cards,monopoly and mind games together. Thats were I got my platform to prove myself to her. I found myself aspired when I did a magic trick with her in front of all the people in the train. She was so impressed that she was jumping to speak with me after that. At the end of the tour we too were so impressed with each other ,that I felt like proposing her, but the family environment held me back. While leaving home she was having a lot inside her to speak with me I read that from her face, I went near her to say good bye coz she resides far from me. She asked me “So….when will we meet again?” , Smiling I replied “God Knows” and told her we’ll stay connected through facebook.That night, She sent me a request. After a long convo. for a month she gave me her Mobile no. Everything seemed pleasant.

    We texted each other with Full attraction for the first four days, I proposed her in four languages that she Partially knows. But she pretended as if she never knew. Cloud nine! Everything was Perfect. Suddenly started the problem.. She started to slow down her replies,then no reply for a day/week/weeks… I felt the loss of attraction fading out from her through her behavior. One day in a mood I told her everything I felt about her, But the reply was “nice” .. I just couldn’t accept that.. I asked her why.. But she never replied.. I was frustrated to the core. “A man can bear anything But the silence from a loved one kills him alive” that too without a reason.
    After a week She sent me a forward message and told “Don’t waste your time”!
    I could never take this because we discussed everything about our marriage , our babies etcc.. And now an end for all this ! How can I? I just want her for my life! Her character is an exact fit for me.
    Like in the above article I did not loose my self respect in any case.. But she is drifting away. WHAT COULD BE THE REASON?I tried asking her , but no response.I could not even see her. I could not live my life without knowing this I’m dying every moment!
    Help me..

  15. Ryan says:

    I know how it is met this great girl and i could tell she liked me and then she met all these other people and now i’m here

  16. Rahul Sane says:

    These tricks fucking worked everything changed in two weeks.!! Thanks alot for post.!!

  17. Rose says:

    This “playing games” behavior is soley based on the egoic mind/narcissistic desire and shows no honesty and no heart. As soon as I see this behavior I am immediately turned off because manipulating another’s emotions through “acting” really only shows you are a two year old pretending to be a man, with no authentic ability to communicate on any real heart-to-heart level. Grow up and learn to be an honest and honorable man. A woman’s heart is not a toy so stop playing games and get real.

  18. soothsayer83rc says:

    I dated a girl for a month.. We cuddled often kissed the next few dates.. She told me how ecstatic she was from the kisses. She left for a couple weeks and seemed distant with texts, so i didn’t try for a while.. She came back and we have been hanging out for about a week straight, but I’m not sure she is looking at me the same. physical contact moments seem to be gone.
    What should i do? Assume she isn’t interested?

  19. Miki says:

    I hate texting period. Girls are so out of reach nowadays it’s imossible to get to meet them in person and to actualy have a conversation face to face. Instead after texting for a week and asking “hey let me take you out and meet in person” they seem to be shocked at the mere thought of it. How can you judge someone off their text messages when “I” for example am completely different in person.. I’m fun, outgoing, energetic, and just a friendly guy. But through text I seem dry and my texts are long a drawn out.. So some girls in the past think that I’m a boring sap which by far I’m not…. I’m into modeling, my parents are well paid and I have my own luxury car, but still I find it hard to get girls to want to go out because they are intimidated of being with me Face to face or think that because of my texting style I’m dry sorta speak… Why I’m saying all of this is because I was texting a grorgous girl and she was flurting with me and I was flurting with her back and everything was going good and then she just stopped replying… She even agreed to find a way to see me and let me take her out… I was just thinking about letting her know that I’m different in text than in person and that I’d like to meet her in person to see how things go… Idk if that’s reasonable

  20. Orlando J Figueroa says:

    Well yesterday i met the girl that i have crush with my friend told her that i like which i think was a bad move, but we met we started talking and i think we had fun conversation but when my told if she was interested in going out she said she wasnt interested and i m just wondering why did she said that if she only talked to me one day?

  21. Jay says:

    Been turned down by this girl once. Apparently I’m ‘not her type’ Gonna try something like this and see If I can change anything.

  22. Patrick says:

    This is pretty much exactly what happened to me. I hop it works! Thank you so much!

  23. Fred says:

    Sweet, sweet revenge.

  24. micheal says:


    guys please advise me !

    i have the same thing which is happening right now .)

    she told me i like you , she hugged me , kissed me on check , she told me i am happy with you , we did not get into a relation , we were talking alot on phone 3-4 hours a day …..

    after 2 months i have changed i become so cheap and annoying …..she told me a lot stop suffocate me ….yesterday she told me i do not love you i even i do not feel anything for you but i will miss you my friend .

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dear Micheal, unfortunately, there are some things in life that you can’t control or change, even though it hurts like hell.

    We’re all individuals, and we have to understand that all humans are different. You may choose to behave a certain way or feel a certain way about a person, but you can’t expect them to behave the same way towards you. It sucks that you’re being tossed by a girl who behaved like she really liked you. And the truth is, she could have a million reasons why she could be behaving this way. Perhaps, she liked you as a person, but now has second thoughts about it? Or maybe, she liked you, but as soon as you showed her just how much you care about her, she lost interest in you because you were too easy and predictable

  26. The suck says:

    Met this girl working in a club, celebrated my birthday for me and stuff. She seems interested at first but now she is just showing signs of being irritated around me. Maybe i am too boring for her. Don’t know what is the real reason behind.

  27. Noah says:

    Well it’s weird this girl found out I liked her then she never talked to me, I guess you can see we liked each other but we could never talk there were messengers and stuff it was kinda bad … I wish we talked more…. I feel horrible

  28. john says:

    Met a woman and we were attracted and the first thing she said is well we can be honest. Red flag!… i should have never gave her a chance. Then she started talking about her divorces and i listened and told her i had been divorced. She suspociously opened up pandoras box and got way past info from me about my past divorce. We were polite and we still enjoyed our first sit down visit. But she rushed into things way to fast. We were suppsed to go out one evening and then she canceled because her daugter had an emergency 45 mins after set the time to meet. And then she kept leading me on and telling me how sorry she was and she would have more time next week. And then she would not return txts. And then she sent a txt saying so sorry ive been so busy. And so i didnt talk to her for two weeks and i asked her to join me for an event and she txt me back and said how nice that would be to go to that and she set the date and then she canceled that date because she was sick. One week later i sent her txt to see if she was better and said it would be nice to see her when she had time. I dont know why i was so attracted to her other than she was intrested in me through our first few conversations but i did find out that she has not been devorced that long and her ex and her are good freinds so say and they still are setteling ownership of a past home. Shes very confused. But she abused my feelings for her. She liked me because i was gentel with her. Now can anyone understand why she behaved like this. I cant iether. She missed out. I didnt. Ive had plenty of girl friends and they all played games. Many women are confused in this day and time because they feel they will never be secure with one man even if hes rich and the most loving man in the world. So we men should always look out for personality dissorders and by almeans dont give into what we want so bad because we are atracted to. I treated her with all respect and if she decides to contact me and apolagize and wants to realy see who i am then thats her choice. Not mine. Its hard to let go but this teaches me to make the right choice for the next time even if it is the same woman. I have never gone back to an ended relationship and if that was to happen then it will make me a believer in all i have read about get a woman back. But usualy it is a waste of time. Funny thing to add. All of my exes are after me and some of them from years past. Why so many women want to waste time when they could have had a great life with a great guy that they threw away and then they realized later what they had. I just dont get it. Oh well. On to the next one… Maybe. It is realy hard to find the right one this day and time because of one factor. We have to many choices. Men for women and women for men. The saying theres plenty of fish in the sea is like never making a comittment to the one you care about because of a stipulation possibly. Men and women need to learn how to become sole mates and love each other to etenity. Btw datting is not a search. Its find and keep and live happily ever after attitude.

  29. tanya says:

    as a woman , let me tell you that this will never work. If she dumped you while being nice with her, then she is an idiot and you should move on and look out for a nice girl who appreciates you. On the other hand you may think that you didn’t do anything to her and that she just dumped you out of the blue…mmmm that doesn’t make sense to me, probably you DID something to make her dump you but you’re too egotistic to realise it. If you want the girl back just ask her to go for a chat, tell her that you care about her and that you want to know why you and her are in this situation. be honest, we girls detect bs 10000 miles away so be honest and tell your feelings, something like this: Ive been thinking a lot about us, and i thought we were having a good time together, i care about you and you seem to care about me too since you told me that you love me several times. What happened to that? did i say/do something to hurt you? (let her reply) tell her i only want you to know that i care a lot about you and i won’t disturb you or anything but i feel its bait unfair that you just dump me out of the blue instead of just talking to me about your feelings. I will respect your feelings, always. If you ever need anything just let me know. BYE (and leave). This will make her realise that you are a man who is not afraid of her or speaking up your mind and feelings towards her. this will put you way ahead to all the other guys who are just players, shady, wishy washy, etc…. this will make her love you even more. When she comes back, tell her that you’re happy to be with her and that she will have your heart again, but that you will never ever go through the same crap again.

  30. Adm Tech says:

    The only exception here is if you have truly done something to wrong her, apologize and then forget it.

    Otherwise, the moment you show weakness is like a death knell for any respect she may still have for you. You may somehow win her back by bowing and scraping as per above, but you will be diminished in her eyes, and truthfully, you will have diminished yourself at the same time.

    The best way is to move on with your life and see other women. She may realize her mistake and seek you out but otherwise forget her. You have one life and no time for head games.

  31. Adrian says:

    Dear Rose, you are so right, you are the only women that I’ve heard say that. But, I’ve done exactly what you’ve said and have spoken to a particular girl and communicated honestly, but it seems that most girls want their hearts played with. She dated another guy that just toyed with her and then dumped her, while I deeply cared for her. But, she wasn’t having any of that. Now, 2 years later I haven’t heard from her since and I still wonder every day how she is doing and how her life is. She ignored me for months and every time we spoke I had to contact her. I realised it was just one sided from me only and thus stopped the contact, it became clear she was never really even my friend, even though she was so friendly to me before. Why is it that everybody has to present a false front all of the time? I can’t find one person anymore who is simply honest. What is going on in this world?

  32. Anonymous says:

    No thanks man… Love is not supposed to be a game like this. Honest feelings is what it’s about, everything else is not fair. True believers in love should know better and not play along on this game. It’s just not fair that it has to be this way… Use your heart, not your brain, it’s not supposed to be a game >:(

  33. Andrew says:

    For the women that jumped on this tread trashing the very essence of this great advice…. Listen the only people who read this and think this is a way to pick up an ex, or some magic trick to make someone fall in love with you. These people are looking at it all wrong and if this does work for you it a freaking 1-100 shot. See if a woman leaves you for a reason say….. Maybe you had a fling or a spark that lasted a couple weeks but then you have to go back to the real world. This is were a lot of guys seem to get off track. The woman in this case or man depending on your sexuality is seeing the relationship for what it is and us on the recieving end seem to stay in this perfect world. This is why we get hurt when they don’t respond or feel like we got the cold shoulder for no reason. If the woman/Man says you are smoothering them then take it as it is…. BACK UP. Don’t ask questions about how or why she thinks your doing it. Just back off slow your roll. If one party ever has to say the words ‘YOUR SMOOTHERING ME’ then they actually put some thought into this which means its been going on for days or possibly weeks. If you truely love or think you can love this person then what is the rush???? If you are past the dating phase in less then a month then you are rushing. First off the label Boyfriend&Girlfriend are what I like to call labels of pure pressure.

    See as a BF/GF you now have to weigh in different factors. Example being: Before we made it official you could text good morning or goodnight an that would be sweet and awesome but you could also not say it and it would be fine. NOW that you are OFFICAL if someone doesn’t say it then theres something wrong, they must be mad… blah blah blah…. Nope they were just tired and it slipped there mind. Now see as a BF/GF there is more stress involved when the replys don’t come or the goodnights with the 🙂 arent there. When you were just dating getting to know each other it was no stress wether you texted or not. If you feel together then that should be enough. Never add the pressure of making a label for your relationship. When the time is right and you both feel it then you can make it offical an I swear your life will be so much easier.

    Like everything in life its about timing. I know people don’t want to hear this but it don’t matter if you and this person are the perfect couple if you do not have sexual chemistry to back up all the emotional chemistry your feeling then get out while you can. Lack of good sexual chemistry will cause a depression in the fold of the happy relationship. Yeah you will have those good nights, but not even those good nights will be the best. Everytime I date a girl one thought I keep present after I have established an emotional connection is “How the sex” not in the sense that its all I think of. Anymore I go at least a month before doing the deed and if it happens before then, then I don’t take it seriously.

    Last piece of advise I can muster up here to help you avoid these 10 steps. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. If you smoke then don’t hide it say it from the get go to avoid any road rash. That goes for the whole personality that is you. Don’t stop yourself from doing something you normally would do because you want to impress this woman/man. I myself have alway stuck true to this and i have had many dates not interested in me after the first meet, but that doesn’t bother me and it shouldn’t bother any of you. If you haven’t talked to a girl and you already feel like your inlove just know that you are headed for a disaster in the form of a bleeding depressed heart.

    Anyway hope i helped someone out there. Best way to avoid doing the 10 steps is to use it as a guidline only not a bible. Have a great life people.

  34. mbcls says:

    this looks like my situation. Xmas is coming, should I get her a present? (we work at the same place)

  35. Czar says:

    Such a wide swath of opinons, it’s dizzying. Teens weighing in on some articles and wounded adults in others. Timing is key, but won’t know until and unless you explore reality.

    Wisdom shared from Andrew, Rose and others here makes my head swim. Any 2 people can have 99 moods and conflicting emotions, motives and responsibilities weighing on their behavior. God help us all, every imperfect bumbling well-intentioned fool searching for comfort amidst chaos. Be strong, understanding and kind folks. Protect your heart, but it is a smoothie of risk and reward, no?

  36. Dlnkls says:

    Seriously guys.. this is a LOT OF WORK and TIME for one little girl. I’d rather invest that time in OTHER WOMEN that really worth it… after all in the process the girl you were looked for suddenly may change her mind due to jeaolus but this time you won’t be a needy guy anymore ‘cos you’ll have options (including her)

  37. ???? says:

    There’s this girl… I REALLY like her. She is one of my better friend’s sisters. My friend told me she liked me but I did this one “mean” thing to another girl that’s not even her friend. Then she got all pissed at me and she doesn’t like me anymore :/. I think she might be starting to, Thx to this again 🙂

  38. Dhruv says:

    If we reserved then might b possible she wont come bake..then what will do..?

  39. Silk says:

    Okay so…I’ve been “rude” to her. Her words not mine. Because well, she rejected me and then I wrote (e-mails text, I won’t be making that mistake again) I don’t want to see you ever again and can’t believe I wasted my time with you, blah, blah, blah, I know, i’m an idiot. The thing is I thought I could get her out of my mind but I couldn’t. So I talked to her on the phone said can we meet up for me to apologise for all the wrong I did. I reminded her by text just last week: are we still on for tomorrow? She said yeah, then the next day texts me and says “sorry can’t make it to hungover.” I texted back. “Ok no worries, when is a good time for you?” She texted me the next day said: “maybe sometime next week”. Okay so now what does that mean? What should I do now? Please reply. Anyone! She did treat me like shit. Everyone said that I do have a chance with her. I followed her around like a puppy, what else. Thing is I REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO FORGET ABOUT HER! But she’s got such a hold on me! So just those question’s: What does that mean? And what should I do now? Please help. Thanks 🙂

  40. Silk says:

    P.S. I haven’t texted her back since that was 3 days ago. What’ll I do if she has a hangover again?

  41. Foolish Heart says:

    Hi there,

    I’m experiencing this right now. I like a girl in my workplace. We became friends and started to get to know each other. I thought we fit together, we exchanged messages for the first month, hanging around sometimes,and about this Valentines day, I gave her a present and left it to her table with a note. Some of her friends saw it and started to tease her on her facebook and in our office too. After that incident, when i texted her, she not even care to reply just when i said goodnight that she’s going to reply back. I also felt that she is not interested to me after I said that I like her. Then all things become complicated. I texted her to talk about it, but she seems not interested. I feel dumped and taken for granted. It really sucks very much.

  42. Ranjan says:

    I am in same situation.. But got an problem I am in different place and she is different place .I feel horrible… And I am helpless…what to do?

  43. Anonymous says:

    It took two years but this worked thank you so much

  44. shaow says:

    it almost the same thing happen to me but a little different and she is far from my work place but just of no where said she did not like me and stop talking to me and then when we see each other she said she get annoy when she see me i ask her why she just tell me she dont know that keep me thinking

  45. Kenny says:

    But what if you aren’t in the same place together? What if she’s a college student and you’re a college graduate and you have no common place of seeing each other? How do you get her to like you again?

  46. saurabh says:

    this sucks man when you love a girl she says that she loves you too and after some days walks away by saying that she dont love you anymore huh sucks now she ignores me like shit and that whats sucks the most text me after 2 or 3 days once even a week i m just broken like shit.

  47. penguinApricot says:

    You have 3 or 4 dates before you sleep together.
    That is your goal.
    If you do not achieve that within one month.
    You have failed

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