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20 Ways to Be a Badass Bad Boy That All Girls Fall For

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Finding yourself losing out in the dating stakes to the local badasses? Then follow our tips below to become the ultimate badass bad boy.

Stereotype though it may seem, I think we’re all, at heart, aware of the truth behind the words “every girl loves a bad boy.” No matter how much women coo over the gentleman, and no matter how much they claim they’re looking for someone who will “treat them right,” they always fall for the uncouth ruffian.

Badassery and how to get it

We could sit here all day discussing the reasons behind this—the socio-historical associations that incline women toward the more ill-mannered and macho of the male population, but it wouldn’t help us get the girl.

So, if you’re looking to transform yourself into that guy—the one who walks into a bar with a sneer on his lip and a swagger in his gait—and have all the local lovelies flocking to your side for a change, read these 20 tips on how to become the badass bad boy of every girl’s dreams.

#1 Your body is NOT a temple. Women don’t want to date a guy with prissier eating habits than themselves. Real men eat meat, drink without shame, and don’t really care about the ill effects of what they’re putting into their bodies.

Bad boy quote: “Salad!? Give me a burger, beer, and a packet of smokes!”

#2 Be brash. Confidence is one of the major turn-ons for women, and letting them see how self-assured you are is bound to reel them in. Draw in the girls, and scare off the guys, with an unashamed display of brashness.

Bad boy quote: “Stand aside, dude, it’s time she experienced a real man.” [Read: 12 tips to transform yourself from a nice guy to a real man]

#3 Do what you want. Don’t kow-tow to women to keep them sweet. All you’ll do is have their respect for you slowly diminish. Do what you want, when you want.

Bad boy quote: “Yeah, I know you don’t want me to do that. So?”

#4 Know your own mind. In a similar fashion to #3, know what you think about things and stick to your guns. Wavering opinions are not what a woman’s dreams are made of.

Bad boy quote: “I’d like to say I respect your opinion…but I’d be lying.”

#5 Be selfish. The ultimate display of confidence: let everyone know that the most important person in your life is you—and act accordingly.

Bad boy quote: “You’re the second most important person in my life…after me.” [Read: 20 traits that make a guy a real man]

#6 Be passionate. Bad boys are physically passionate, and don’t worry about propriety. If they want to display their passion, they will, no matter who frowns at them for doing so.

Bad boy quote: “Pucker up, babe.”

#7 Get the girl you want. Gents sit waiting all night for the right time to execute a first kiss. A bad boy walks over to his prey without invitation, leans in, and kisses her deeply. If he gets a slap, so what…he knows the bait has been cast and that she’ll be back for more—despite her protests.

Bad boy quote: “Ditch the loser. We got a life to live.” [Read: How to be masculine without being an annoying jerk]

#8 Don’t be the class clown. Jokers can elicit a certain amount of attention from women, but it’s the smoking hot, sardonic mystery men who walk away with them. To some women, playing the joker is a comfortable and almost feminine role—not the effect you’re after.

Bad boy quote: “Do I look like I’m joking?”

#9 Don’t be the confidant. Do not enter friend territory. You may end up with most of her attention for the evening, but it will very much be in a platonic, no-hope-in-hell of getting laid kind of way.

Bad boy quote: “Ain’t you gotta a friend you can talk to about this ****?” [Read: How to avoid a girl’s friend zone and make her sexually desire you]

#10 Don’t say sorry. Sorry is a word women associate with surrender, and they don’t want a man who surrenders. They want one who can stick their chin out and say, “Take your best shot.”

Bad boy quote: “Why say sorry when I’m not?”

#11 Be spontaneous. Bad boys don’t care if they’re going to work in the morning or they have a family function to attend. If they want to do something, they do it, no matter how crazy or impractical it may be.

Bad boy quote: “Pack your bags, beautiful. We’re going to Rio.”

#12 Don’t preen. Looking in mirrors, constantly brushing your hair, straightening creases in trousers—these are all preening behaviors that are guaranteed to turn a woman off. A bad boy is happy with who he is, and doesn’t feel the need to improve.

Bad boy quote: “If I got it, it’s good enough.”

#13 Break the rules. No smoking areas, do not walk on the grass signs—all negotiable. To the bad boy, this is his planet, and the only rules worth obeying are the ones he makes. If anyone pitches up, berating you for your lack of compliance, then let them know very vocally what you think of their silly little regulations. Women love a man who won’t back down.

Bad boy quote: “What is this…North Korea?” [Read: 9 big differences between a confident man and a cocky arrogant one]

#14 Don’t open up. Confessions about feelings, family histories, worries, and concerns are a big no-no in the bad boy book of conduct. A shrug of the shoulders and a laconic dismissal is the most that anyone should get from you whenever such subjects arise.

Bad boy quote: “Freud?… Ain’t that a brand of cigarettes?”

#15 Live life on the edge. Live dangerously, on the edge, and without regret. Danger is such an exciting thing for women to see men experiencing, and it really puts you above the rest of the competition.

Bad boy quote: “Crash helmets are for wimps.” [Read: Good Vs. Bad – Why girls find bad boys irresistible]

#16 Stop caring. A bad boy cares about where his next beer is going to be drunk. Exclamations of sympathy and understanding should be left to the chicks.

Bad boy quote: “Charity begins at home, dude.”

#17 Take up some room. Want to be a bad boy? Use your body to express yourself and take up all the room around you. Don’t hide in a corner somewhere, and perch on the edge of a seat. It looks wimpy.

Bad boy quote: “My ass, my sofa.”

#18 Be a hero. If you see a damsel in distress, then don’t ignore her. Even bad boys wouldn’t walk by a lady in need. Don’t act like a wimp, either, though, and make sure you tell whoever’s hassling her to get lost in no uncertain terms.

Bad boy quote: “Yo, fella…take a walk.” [Read: The mental checklist women use to evaluate men they date]

#19 Get physical. At some point, you’re going to piss a woman off. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you; rather, she’s playing the game. Nothing’s more bad boy than leaning across the exit to block her way and looking her unerringly in the eye, and nothing’s more guaranteed to make her melt into your arms.

Bad boy quote: “I ain’t moving until I get a kiss.” [Read: 30 alpha male traits that’ll turn you into a real alpha overnight]

#20 Don’t be scared to offend. Be loud, be crass, be whatever you want to, and show that you aren’t afraid of showing the world exactly who you are.

Bad boy quote: “I don’t give a flying **** if there are ladies present!”

[Read: 25 awesomely bad ways to be a total badass other guys fear and all girls love]

Try a bit of the old rough and ready routine and watch the girls flock to your side. Because, no matter how much they fight it, every girl wants a bad boy!

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David Cullen
David Cullen
David Cullen is frequently described as erudite, insightful and witty – but only by himself and only after several large glasses of Rioja....

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5 thoughts on “20 Ways to Be a Badass Bad Boy That All Girls Fall For”

  1. badass says:

    I was always a wimp but when I started going to the gym, I got addicted to it. It made me gain 50 lbs of muscle in just over 2 years. I really loved the effect of it on my body. before I knew it, most people look at me like I’m a bad ass with ripped arms, chests poking out and I don’t miss leg day, bruh. I got the calves of gods. You be miring me when you see me. I’m a meat head and I won’t come back to the way I were before just wimpy and a limper. Now I have girls coming to me like I’m whip cream or something that attracts a lot of people., They love me now. They want me to fall in love with them. I’m bad ass and I love it.

  2. Marko says:

    I’ve always been a shy person. I simply can’t go out often or hang out behind the school after classes and smoke with the cool dudes. Locking up in my room and playing video games all day is my routine. But after reading this I realized that I want more. I want to be hot and I want girls to chase me. I want to snog with a different chick every day and drive expensive cars around the block. I’ll definitely try the points from this article and see where that’ll bring me. Awesome!

  3. Aaron says:

    Actually, I think it’s more badass to worship your body accordingly. Hitting the gym, dressing well, and keeping on top of general hygiene (to the extreme, sure) are far more selfish traits that the bad boys do than throwing whatever junk food down your throat. Anyone can do that. A real badass takes care of himself and those who he chooses to let be around him.

  4. Dream says:

    He is such a badass! My boyfriend is 16 (just over a year younger than me and he’s my kickboxing instructor! I met him in kickboxing in January of this year and even my friend had her eye on him!

  5. Mike says:

    I hope this article was intended to be a joke, because any women that would find a chain-smoking, alcoholic, irresponsible teenager trapped in a man’s body, said man-boy having zero social graces, tact, etiquette, manners, or personal initiative (beyond their quest to part as many thighs as humanly possible), is simply not deserving of a Real Man.
    By the way, if you actually followed the advice of this article and ate and drank as it suggests, how long do you really think you would be able to look like the guy in the picture?
    Newsflash, people: Real Women, that is, those that are actually worth the time of day are NOT attracted to jerks and players and people who think the solution to their miserable, undersexed life is to quit being ”nice” and start being a douche, get over it. It’s bullshit. Yes, there are SOME women that are, for whatever reason, are attracted to jerks, abusers, criminals, etc. However, those are not the women that Real Men choose to date, as their never-ending cycles of abuse, cheating, manipulation, theft, and ”accidental” pregnancies are simply not what any self-respecting human being would want to bring into their life. Just leave the trash at the dump, grow up, bring some purpose and drive into your life, and for Christ sake, find a Real Woman!!!

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