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The Best Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

The Best Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be extremely damaging, emotionally and physically in bed. But with a little practice and patience, anyone can overcome the problems of going limp before the show’s over.

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Control your Breathing

Now this is another area where you have to look into. Most men try to force their breathing pattern while making love. Don’t do that. Breathe deeply and fill your lungs with air. Be comfortable and you’ll be surprised how much this helps.

Play with your Body Weight

When you feel like you’re about to climax, stop the motions, and just hold still. Don’t put your weight on your partner, but lift yourself just a little bit, so your focus is on controlling your body weight and not on your organ.

Double Erection

If you are relatively young, then you can probably achieve another erection in a while after premature ejaculation. And the second time around, you would find it a lot easier to control your climax. Or you could also have a small encounter with yourself or with your partner’s help, a couple of hours before actually having an intimate session. But if you’re an older man, this strategy might be too much of a pain, and this could even result in you losing your confidence.

Play with yourself. Often.

Like that has to be told! But anyways, the point here is not to enjoy the mano-a-mano with your little dude but to control your climax. Each time you think you are about to climax, withdraw and repeat the same.

Try to masturbate for as long as you can, constantly stopping yourself from climaxing. Try to push your limits to over an hour if you have the time. Enjoy yourself, and don’t focus on progress all the time. This would help you control your ejaculation by a large extent, in a few months.

Twosome Games

Lovemaking Positions

The man-on-top (missionary) position can be fun, but it’s harder for most men to control their ejaculatory timing, because they have to hold themselves up. Try making love with the woman on top. This position is more relaxing for men, and it often helps ejaculatory control.


Make some noise. Love moans help men (and women) relax, and they often help men last longer.

Indulge in Foreplay

Men know that women love leisurely, playful, whole-body, massage-oriented sensuality. But men hardly feel that is required however much they pretend like they share the same thought. But when a man rushes into making love, there is a lot of pressure on his manhood as all the energy is focused only on that region. If you could actually indulge in a whole body experience, the arousal would be all over and would help you last longer.

With these tips, you should be able to hold on a lot longer, and yet, have a great time in bed with your partner.

And remember, premature ejaculation is more of a worry in the bigger head than in the smaller head. Try to relax your mind when you’re in bed, and the rest of your body will relax too.

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11 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation”

  1. kevin wilkes says:

    I am 45years old ,I cant believe I found a how to manual on how to make my life more simple,I am glad I found you ,but if I could’ve had your insights 20 years ago ,I could’ve avoided a lot of unnecessary mistakes,but I am truly grateful for your help,I look forward to reading this life manual.

  2. Homer Orfaeus says:

    There is a simple trick about premature ejaculation, that you do mention, but it is buried in the text, while it should have priority: You know yourself how soon (or how much later) you can get the second erection after an ejaculation. Plan ahead, and long enough before getting physical with the girl, go to the bathroom and do yourself that small favor. Never allow yourself to panic that the new erection will not happen, relax, take it easy, talk with her, joke, tease her with some friendly wrestling, start the foreplay which you can continue until you are really ready. You can do it !

  3. SUCCESS says:

    This is really a very good article, i love it

  4. Homer says:

    One more remark about tactical masturbation some time before sex, as a tool for avoiding a premature ejaculation. Since great ideas need names, I am proposing calling it a “Pre-emptive Strike”.

  5. nathi says:

    I need to know more about satisfying my woman

  6. Adrian says:

    Hey guys, great tips. It’s so true what you guys say about masturbation before having sex. With me however, I find it only works after like three times or so, meaning I have to basically have three private sessions before I get the effect of lasting longer. But when I do, I can last for like 40 minutes, even with continuous non-stop thrusting. It’s like it takes all the sensitivity away. Only thing is, it actually then feels quite boring for me, I can’t even feel anything during sex. That is why I always do foreplay and I don’t start anything for myself until the girl has come at least once. And also, I find when you try and prop yourself up by straightening your arms in missionary with you on top, that makes you come quicker too. Actually doggy is the most controllable position for me.

  7. Her indoors says:

    Thankyou for this. I have come here to help my husband. We have been together for 10 years and mostly things are exciting and fresh. Lately this has been happening to my husband and I really feel for him. He gets so excited by me and is always touching me and being flirtatious. I think for us it is because I am a morning person and he is a night person, her have always got away with morning sex, however our daughter is growing up and he is scared she will walk in and catch us… or hear us. So this being an issue in his head makes sense. Time to turn to night time sex and to talk to him about this page. Thankyou x

  8. bobj says:

    82 years old and lost my mate of 63 years last year. I still can masturbate but t it takes watching pornography to trigger the little bugger. It is easy to get my dick a little thick but never rigidly full, If I begin to jerk-off, I can feel the thing get stiffer, but I have to place the fingers on my free hand on each side of my dick and press so that the erection is full. If I take the pressure away, the dick begins to go limp. The rest of the process is the same as it was when I was younger, but alas, when the big moment arrives, I feel the good feeling of cuming, but there is no load or even a dribble.indication of any. Age????????

  9. Plane says:

    Two sensitive first world “problems” for guys in bed. Circumcision and premature ejaculation. Many articles describe pm as a ‘disease’, and that he who ejaculates fast is considered ‘sick’. Same with uncircumcised dicks in north America (beside the point in this forum). Two word answer for these two touchy subjects; take a moment and really think about this. Pharmaceutical industry (includes doctors). The pharmaceutical industry plays a HUGE role in today’s society. There is a pill and cream for everything possibly imaginable. Beauty, weight loss, erectile dysfunction, the list goes on. Where there is money to be made, they will rake it in, even if it means to brainwash society through media, advertisements. They play on our emotions (the ability to feel emotions is one of the major things that differs us from other mammals). They induce shame and embarrassment to get our money. I got news for you gentlemen. In nature, there is no such thing as premature ejaculation. Quite the contrary…the faster a mammal can reproduce, the better chance of survival that species has by passing along changed (adapted) DNA to the next generation. This falls under Darwin’s theory: Survival of the fittest. He who can adapt to changes in the environment the fastest and the best, survives the longest. We are no more than creatures of nature, and therefore ‘performance’ needs to be interpreted as how fast and how often a species can reproduce within a given time. Through media we as humans have been changed to developed ’emotional sex’. Foreplay (making love) and specifically: outlasting and pleasing your woman in bed. This all goes against nature. Guys who last for hours have the real “problem” because their reproductive organs don’t function properly anymore. What we need to really change, is our society’s way of thinking.

  10. Homer Orfaeus says:

    If you ejaculate too soon after entering the vagina, simply do not penetrate, keep caressing her, do not shy away from usinga dildo if necessary, until she has got the orgasm. After her orgasm, yours will not be premature. How to make her orgasm? You can read about that in very many places. This advice works better if you made love to her before. If this is your new date, you can use the “Pre-emptive Stike” trick described several entries below.

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