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Six Easy Conversation Starters

Six Easy Conversation Starters

Tongue tied when you’re out on a date with a gorgeous girl, and you have no clue about how to break the ice? Six words are all you need to thaw the ice and have a great time.

Ever felt like you’re stuck in a date where you have no idea what to say, and you’d rather stare at the artistic crack in the ceiling than look at your date, because you just don’t have anything to say? Well, it’s simple really to have a great date and sound like a perfect smooth talker. All you need is a few words, and you could hold on a conversation for hours on end.

Now memorize these words.












The next time you’re out on a date, and the both of you are stuck in a toe-curling “you-talk-something-first” game, take the chance to pop the first question. It could be anything, but it’s preferable to start off about either the place you’re at, her taste in music, or the last movie she saw. I’m sure you’ll get at least one of these on target.

Once you have a few questions popping in your mind and a few light bulbs bursting in your head, you’ve got the conversation started. Now this is when you need to use the six super words to weave great conversations with her.

With these words, it is guaranteed that you can have a conversation that’s both constructive and enjoyable.

Take a look at this conversation, used by the Shy Guy.

Shy Guy: Do you like to play basketball?

Gorgeous Girl: Yeah, I love basketball! I used to play back in high school.

Shy Guy: “Really?”

Shy Guy: (Crap, I’ve got nothing to say, she’s gonna see me sweat and know I’m a hapless loser who will be lonely for the rest of my life…THINK!)

The End of Story.

This is when the six super words come to his rescue!

Where did you play basketball?

Why did you stop playing basketball?

When did you go to high school?

Who is your favorite team?

What was your position?

How good were you?

And viola, there we have it, guys. The Gorgeous Girl loves the Shy Guy, and it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t think our man is shy anymore! So now you know what has to be done, just keep it moving. But do understand that you have to do a bit of answering once in a while too. Don’t just keep popping questions!

Now go on, be the man you were born to be.

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8 thoughts on “Six Easy Conversation Starters”

  1. Michael says:

    Some times, if the conversation ain’t going too well, it just means you’re not compatible with the other person. But, these are some good tips for at least giving it a good shot, getting over the awkwardness inherent in a first date.

  2. zeeeeeeeeeer says:

    Thank you. This worked very well! 🙂

  3. blah blah says:

    What if she doesn’t like basketball…. Then your screwed?

  4. Cocksucker Steven says:

    It’s not so much the content of what you say, but how you come across. If you’re shy/awkward, you’ll keep looking away and avoid eye contact and leave a lot of pauses. However, if you’re exciting, and portray that by continuously engaging her and moving physically, it goes a longer way than trying to think what to say next.

  5. prince says:

    I luv a girl who is older than me and moreover I started as an ignorant guy in frienship and so now I dont know how to progress cos I think she just sees me as a friend

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