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not attracted to your girlfriend
When You’re Not Attracted to Your Girlfriend: The Why & the Fixes

You’re not attracted to your girlfriend, but should you tell her about it? Here’s why your attraction faded and what to do about it.

possessive girlfriend
How to Help a Possessive Girlfriend Go from Clingy to Amazing

Most guys want a girl who adores them and hangs on their every word. But, a possessive girlfriend is an entirely different creature. Cut her or tame her!

men benefit more from relationships

Why Most Men Benefit More From Relationships Than Women

Most guys think being in a relationship has a lot of disadvantages, but they’re actually better off when they share their lives with someone else.

how to impress a girl

How to Impress a Girl: 15 Atypical Secrets You Need to Know

There’s a right way and a wrong way to impress a girl. If you want to show a lady what you’ve got to offer, do it without making a fool of yourself.


23 Hacks to be a Lot More Attractive to Women Instantly

Admit it, you can do a whole lot more to attract women than use lousy pick-up lines. Use our complete guy’s guide to attracting women—and getting laid!


Should I Break Up with My Girlfriend? 10 Reasons to End It!

Do you find yourself constantly wondering if you should break up with your girlfriend? We’re looking at 10 good reasons to call it quits.


20 Things You Should NEVER Say to Girls on Their Period

If there’s one thing everyone should be aware of, it’s what you should’t say to a girl who’s dealing with her period. Save yourself *and her* the hassle.


The 10 Hottest Things a Guy Can Do for His Woman in Bed

Here are 10 fiery-hot tips that will spice up your sex life. These are tips from real women to make you a hero: the 10 hottest things a guy can do.

what if questions to ask your girlfriend

18 Revealing “What If” Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Want to work out what’s going on in your girlfriend’s mind? Then ask her a few of these fun but revealing “what if” questions to access her true feelings.


20 Foolproof Ways to Tell If You’re a Serial Womanizer

Starting to suspect you may be a womanizer, but not sure what the signs are? Read on to see if you’re a caring lover or a committed Casanova.

girlfriend moving in

12 Things to Throw Out Before Your Girlfriend Moves In

Moving in together is a massive, important step in a relationship. Before your girlfriend moves in, however, these 12 things need to take a hike.

porn habit

Why Ditching Your Porn Habit Could Improve Your Life

Porn might be considered normal to the majority of adults, but is it possible that it’s actually hindering your life? Here’s why quitting is a necessity.

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