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Four Things every Wingman should Know

Four Things every Wingman should Know

There are no rigid rules to be a successful wingman who can get his friends to meet and interact with the best of women, but there are a few tips and pointers that no decent wingman should ever forget.

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Enter the Wing Way

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lead mate or the wingman, it’s still edgy business. Firstly, if you’re the one talking first, you don’t want to stagger or break communication with the couple of girls you talk to. The set of girls must flow through the attract phases without being interrupted or having the chance to be interrupted or intruded upon.

If you’re running a routine with the chicks, and then turn and call your wingman over, that brief moment when you turn your back to them can be critical as it gives a moment where the target or obstacles can think “do I really want to be in this conversation?” which you definitely don’t want.

It also allows any male spoilers who are waiting to make the move on the same women to intrude with a higher amount of energy than you. You don’t desire that either. So it’s up to the wingman to enter the scene at the right time.

It is also vital for the wingman not to stagger communication when entering the scene. It is for that reason that, as a wing (if you are one), you allow your leading friend to verbally bring you into the conversation. You only need to be at the right place at the right time. Enter the scene at the right moment and allow him to introduce you to the girls.

Energy Meter

You need energy, my friend. As mentioned earlier, the other men could come in more energetic than you. The wingman needs to enter with a high quota of energy, but his reading shouldn’t be higher than the dude who opened the conversation.

Picking the critical moment on when and how to enter with the prescribed amount can increase or decrease the probability of success.

Many a time, wingmen enter the scene with way too much energy and destroy the frame. As a wingman, know your energy levels. And if you need to burn your energy levels, then do it accordingly for each partner you wing. Sometimes, the energy level may not only differ from one lead move maker to another, but also from one group of girls to another. Therefore, make a habit of analyzing the women you bump into, before you make a move. Some women like smooth talkers, while some prefer party hoppers. This may take some practice, but can be a very important point to remember.

Target Stealing Taboo

Never steal a target, that’s one of the cruxes for a successful wing play. Refrain from using game tactics on the target in the field. Let your friend who’s running the show continue his game. If you are the wingman, support him in scoring. However, there are times when the target turns towards the wing. In such cases, the solution is to change the target after a discussion between you and your pal.

If you are the lead man who opened the conversation, you should be prepared to win a few and lose a few, and at times, lose to your own wingman. If you do get upset over your target slipping away from you, you may just end up slipping and making a complete fool of yourself. Approach a situation like this in a mature fashion. After all, women do make their own choices and what they feel should count as well. The world doesn’t just revolve around you, you know!

Target Sighting

Another important pointer for the lead player who opens the set is that it is up to you to let your wingman know who the target is. If you need to pull this one off and hook up with a girl, you need to know who the lucky girl is. But at times, it’s easier to just start talking with a few girls, and wait to figure the one who’s warming up a lot better than the rest.

On the other hand, when a lead player chooses multiple targets, it can confuse the wingman who will enter in a bit. If there is no specific target, then there cannot be any specific obstacles. What is a wingman supposed to do, stand there and twiddle his thumbs while the lead player decides what to do? Don’t think so.

So let’s rephrase this rule. If the lead player hasn’t chosen his target, then theoretically, the set has not been opened correctly, so as a wingman, you are free to call your own target. However, this is not a recommended set-up. The actual rule book says that the wingman will not hit on any girl until the lead player has picked a target and subtly advised the wingman.


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