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sexy things to say to your girlfriend
45 Sexy Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

Want to make your girlfriend feel special? Tell her! Use these sexy things to say to your girlfriend, make her smile and fall more in love with you.

Controlling Women
Controlling Women: Can You Have a Happy Relationship with One?

When it comes to controlling women, some people say you can never really be happy with one. Here’s what to think about so you can choose for yourself.

how to tease a girl over text

How to Tease a Girl Over Text: Get Her to Flirt Back with You

Teasing a girl with flirty texts can be so much fun – but you want to get it right. Here is how to tease a girl over text and some ideas to send her.

White Knight Syndrome

White Knight Syndrome: Get Off Your Horse and Save Yourself First

Everyone assumes the knight saves the day. But, what if he is just playing the white knight syndrome and getting as much out of it as the damsel?

signs she wants a relationship with you

Signs She Wants a Relationship with You: 12 Hints You Can’t Miss!

For some of us, dating is a breeze. But let’s be honest, in the 21st century, sometimes you need these signs she wants a relationship with you.

how to start a text conversation with a girl

How to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl: 15 Rules to Impress

You see a girl you like, you talk to her, and get her number. Now what? If you want a first date, know how to start a text conversation with a girl.


Score a MILF: Your Personal, No-Fail Guide to Picking Up a MILF

We’ve all heard the term MILF being thrown around in popular culture, but what does it mean? More importantly, how do you get a MILF to date you?

romantic text messages for her

50 Romantic Text Messages for Her That Will Make Her Melt

If you’re not really the romantic type and need a little help telling your lady how you feel, these romantic text messages for her will help.

how to date a girl

How to Date a Girl: 14 Steps Every Prince Charming Must Follow

Let’s face it – there’s not a class in school about relationships that teaches you how to date a girl. But have no fear! Here are some tips for you.

how to keep a girl interested

How to Keep a Girl Interested: 13 Exciting Ways to Keep Her Happy

You think things are going great with your girl, and then you hear, “I don’t think this is working.” Say what?! Here’s how to keep a girl interested.


Courting: The Modern Day Gentleman’s Guide to Wooing a Lady

Is courting really out of style? Be prepared to be blown away, because courting may just be the thing the woman you like needs you to do.

sweet things to do for your girlfriend

20 Sweet Things to Do for Your Girlfriend That She’ll Love

If you’re looking for a few ways to make your girl swoon and love you more, read on. Here are some sweet things to do for your girlfriend.

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