10 Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive

things men can do to make themselves more attractive

What does it take for a woman to find you absolutely irresistible? You’d be surprised at how simple it can be to become attractive to the ladies.

Women aren’t as complex as popular culture makes them out to be. They’re the same as men, but their tastes lean more toward subtle points and characteristics. One example is their penchant for nit-picking physical traits. A guy can’t just be handsome and chiseled anymore. Women need the full package.

Girls are more into details rather than the general overall criterion. If you have one attractive trait, that doesn’t mean that your other traits will elicit the same reaction. It also goes the other way around. If something about you is unattractive, a girl can still find something to like about you. We’re definitely back in the “complex” territory when it comes to women, but here’s how we can simplify that.

What do women find attractive?

#1 Dominance. Dominance is absolutely not about subjugating women. It is about being strong enough mentally and physically to take care of your girl. You can be dominant by taking charge whenever the situation calls for it.

#2 Resources. Not all women are attracted to fat bank accounts. What they want is a man who has the ability and capacity to earn an income. They need to be able to pay for themselves. Women don’t like slackers, freeloaders and losers. It’s that simple.

#3 Intelligence. A high three-digit IQ is very appealing, but a woman will be content with a man who has common sense. They need to be able to make rational decisions when it comes to money, their jobs and their relationships.

#4 Eloquence. In order to become the perfect partner, a man should be able to talk his way into anything – mainly a woman’s heart. You need to be opinionated, but not be an ass about it. You need to communicate, but not be one-sided. Be respectful and try not to offend the woman you like. It’s not about what you say to a woman. It’s how you say whatever it is that comes to your mind.

#5 Attractiveness. If you thought I wasn’t going to put this in, think again. People are inherently shallow. They will judge you on your appearance, no matter what happens. Don’t worry though. Women are not limited to the appreciation of sculpted physiques and movie-star good looks. All they want is a man who makes an effort to look good and has the ability to exude even a tiny bit of sex appeal.

#6 Social standing. It helps if you have a lot of friends. It means that you are likeable. Women like knowing that you aren’t an extreme introvert. A woman will also judge you on the friends that you keep. Just make sure that you make time for both her and your friends. [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling for him]

How do you make yourself more attractive?

Now that you know what makes you likeable, how can you acquire these charming traits? It’s easy once you put your mind to it. What you’ll need is a bit of effort and a lot of ingenuity.

#1 Look good. The start of your relationship will be determined by the first impression. You need to look good and feel good. Confidence helps. No matter what you look like, if you know and feel that you look good, she will wholeheartedly agree with you.

I won’t tell you what to wear or how to fix your hair. A make-over doesn’t work for everyone. So here’s what you should do: Shower, shave, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth and smile. Smiling makes people forget that you don’t look like Brad Pitt. Be confident in the way you walk, talk and act. Attraction is 10% physical appearance and 90% appeal. Some of the hottest models end up being the most unattractive people in the room, if they turn out to be boring or mean.

#2 Smell good. This is considered cheating, but no one said that you couldn’t use tools to get what you want. Perfumes aren’t specifically known to elicit pheromone production, but smelling good can still give you extra points. Invest in a bottle of cologne that can make women swoon. I’ve sniffed a guy or two in my lifetime, and the best-smelling ones got me to think about them long after the date was over.

#3 Don’t overdo the outfit. You know where you’re going on the date, so dress appropriately for it. If it’s a five-star restaurant, wear a dinner jacket. If it’s a movie, wear a clean shirt. If you’re going to a play, wear a collared shirt. Make sure that you know the appropriate attire for every event and setting. Don’t wear loud colors, if you’re not confident about your outfit. Don’t overthink it either. Wear what makes you comfortable.

#4 Give her your wholehearted attention. I’m not saying that you should kneel before your date and worship her like a goddess. Just listen to her while she talks and make the appropriate responses when prompted. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Give her some insight about who you are and find out more about her as well. Do it while texting, while emailing, while commenting on her posts – but keep in mind that a woman will be more attracted to you, if she spends time with you in person.

#5 Know when to come on to her. Connecting and communicating isn’t enough to make a woman attracted to you. You need to show her that you like her. That means you need to flirt with her. Make sure that the message comes across, but don’t do it in a sleazy way.

Tell her you want her to be your girlfriend. If it’s too early, just tell her that you like her. Tell her you want to kiss her. Tell her that you are extremely attracted to her. Those things will amplify their attraction towards you, but only if they are expressed at the right time, while using tact and diplomacy. [Read: How to charm her and make her like you back]

#6 Look her in the eyes. Eye contact can boost hormone levels, whether you’re looking at a man or a woman. It creates a semblance of connection and can also show that you are not afraid to express how you feel. It also shows that you’re willing to let your guard down and also lets your partner know that you are willing to open up to them.

#7 Don’t be afraid of physical contact. Hold her hand while she’s getting out of the car. Touch her waist while you go inside a restaurant. Touch her arm when you laugh at something funny. These little things can elicit feelings of intimacy, even if they’re just innocent brushes of skin on skin. Just make sure that she’s open to the gesture because some people are easily ticked off when you invade their personal space. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to make you more connected]

#8 Be present. Some guys think that being aloof and playing hard to get can make a woman more attracted to them. That only works on insecure girls. If the woman you like is confident and sure about herself, that tactic will only backfire.

If you genuinely like a person, you should make yourself available to them. If you don’t want to end up looking clingy and desperate, learn to feel for their mood and attention. If they seem busy, don’t bug them. Just leave a message saying that you’re thinking about them.

#9 Be happy. We all have problems. That makes being in a relationship difficult because people do not mesh well with miserable individuals. Before you decide to start a relationship, you need to take care of your personal problems first. If you do manage to meet the love of your life while you’re going through something, make sure that they are aware that you have issues.

If they are caught off-guard and realize that something is not right in your life, they will be reluctant to share those feelings with you. You need to find the good in your life and express your happiness to the world. Happy people attract more people in their lives. [Read: 12 steps to change your life and find happiness]

#10 Be spontaneous. Do something out of the ordinary, but don’t overdo it. Plan an out-of-the-box date. Send her a funny video. Surprise her with some flowers. Being spontaneous for the person you like is about breaking out of your normal patterns. It isn’t about generating shock and awe. It’s about putting a smile on a person’s face when they least expect it.

[Read: 25 things that make men attractive to women]

The concept of attraction is tricky. Some people are impressed by looks alone, but most women look beyond that. It’s easy to know what makes a person’s head turn, but it’s difficult to know what will make them look a second time. Don’t just focus on the surface. You need to make more of an effort to make yourself look good from the inside.

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2 thoughts on “10 Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive”

  1. andrew garfiled says:

    Just by smelling good guys, you will attract most women. By acting confident and well stood-up, women will fawn over you. It’s our pheromones that hook us up with one another. Everybody has a type but you have to be the person who is universal that even the worst people will like you and the best people too. All it takes is a little bit of magic that you have to do in your life. What I mean by magic is making yourself new in a speedy way because you don’t have all the time in the world. Live life everyday like it’s your last.

  2. georgia says:

    I still think that being yourself is what makes a man more attractive. We women like a man who knows what he wants when he wants it and it makes your more attractive to be financially stable too. We women like men singing to us so try to get singing lessons too. We love dancers too, so yeah, take dance classes. Please learn how to beat box too because we also love that. Come to think of it, try to enroll in all the classes that you can take, the more talented a man is, the more we fall in love. Cook us meals that we can die for. We love men who can cook so well. There are a lot that women want actually but if you have that one thing that you’re really good at and we like it about you, that will be good enough for us. Just be yourself though. You can improve yourself but you cannot be someone else because it’s just pathetic to try to be someone you’re not. I’ve had past boyfriends before that think they could try to be jacob black in twilight or edward cullen, it was just so pathetic. They also have hairdos to match the person they want to be. It’s pathetic, I’m serious and you should stop it. Improving your self is cool and it should be a continues process and you shouldn’t regress because that’s uncool. Alright? There are a lot of things that you can do to improve yourself and you have to start now.

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