20 Ingeniously Crazy Ways to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

ingenious and crazy ways to ask a girl out

There are more ways to ask her out on a date than just blurting it out at a random moment. Try using a little creative flair with these tips.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when, despite their previous insistence that they are perfectly happy and content with being alone, that the opposite ends up proving to be true. When cupid comes a-calling and his arrows have hit their mark, the object of your affections becomes your be all and end all.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when, despite their previous insistence that they are perfectly happy and content with being alone, that the opposite ends up proving to be true. When cupid comes a-calling and his arrows have hit their mark, the object of your affections becomes your be all and end all.

No matter what else you might have going on in your life, you will find yourself obsessing about being with them at any cost. Of course, there’s not much you are able to do about this until you have managed that very basic of first steps: getting them out on a date. [Read: 12 ridiculously obvious signs she wants you to ask her out]

The wrong way to ask her out

As with any other aspect of the relationship game, first impressions are everything, and how you approach the initial proposition of a date could potentially set you up for life, or have you crash and burn like a housefly in a microwave.

So, first of all, what’s the wrong way to ask someone out on a date? Well, dithering and having poor confidence in the execution of the proposition might work for Hugh Grant on the silver screen, but in real life, it’s more likely to make you look like a buffoon. However, even having all the confidence in the world won’t salvage a dull, lifeless, and seemingly perfunctory invitation to a first romantic night out – or whatever else may be on the cards.

It’s far better that you make a dazzling and memorable first impression that continues to keep you in the good books of your intended partner.

A strong start to getting her to go out with you

There is no specific right way to ask someone out on a first date, but some of these following ideas *depending, of course, upon the person you are asking* may prove charming enough to ensure that you at least get a second date out of the woman you have your eye on.

#1 Let them eat cake. Not the most original of the methods listed here, but it is very cute, and the girls love it. Basically, send her a cake, doughnut, or whatever other confectionery you know she likes with the proposition written upon it in icing. You could even have it written upon a number of cupcakes all reiterating the same message in different ways.

#2 Balloons. Arrange for a number of balloons with letters upon them conveying the all-important message to be displayed somewhere that she’s sure to see. This could be on her desk if you work with her *although play that particular one very carefully*, on her car, or outside her front door.

#3 Chalk-tastic. This one is great if she lives somewhere with a quiet country road leading to her home, a long driveway, or a similar stretch of highway that she regularly drives along. Simply get the chalk out, and leave the message in front of her in long letters, so that she can see it even when at speed.

#4 See the light. A bit of time is needed for this one, and you need to be sure that the physical site used to get the message across is somewhere that she regularly sees. All you need to do is get an extension cord and a series of light bulbs and spell the message out in lights. Just watch her jaw drop in sheer amazement at the audacity of your move.

#5 Star struck. You know those luminescent stars that you can get at crafts shops and the like? Well, buy a few packets of those and arrange them somewhere where she is likely to see them when the lights are turned off. Obviously, her own home is out of the question, unless you want to risk a conviction for burglary, but maybe some favored bar or restaurant with a dark corner would provide the perfect location.

#6 Photo-sympathis. Create a photo montage of multiple shots showing you holding up signs of words spelling out the message to ask her out. There are plenty of available forums on the internet to post this where she can “accidentally” come across it. [Read: The shy guy’s guide to asking a girl out]

#7 The power of pizza. Similar to number 1, but for the less fluffy type of girl. How about sending her the invitation to go out on a date upon a pizza with the message spelled out in salami, olives, or whatever her favorite topping is?

#8 Hit the right note. If you have any kind of a musical talent, why not do what crooners have been doing for millennia, and write her a song. Try and avoid the classical Shakespearian midnight serenade, however, especially if she still lives with a father who possesses a shotgun and a particular dislike for his daughter’s taste in men.

#9 Jig it up. This sounds more complicated than it actually is, but create a jigsaw that she has to complete, with the invitation to a date spelt out upon it, and send it to her home address. You could do this professionally or just with a piece of hacked-up card. [Read: How to be more playful when you’re out on a date]

#10 Mock proposal. Get dressed up, get down on bended knee, and perform the question with all the panache and importance of a wedding proposal. You could even replace the ring with a circular piece of paper emblazoned with the name and address of the restaurant you intend to take her to.

#11 Say it with flowers. Literally. Spell out the invitation somewhere she is certain to see, with wild flowers – daisies or buttercups, for example. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even stretch to shop-bought roses.

#12 Scavenger. Get some friends in on the act, and set up a scavenger hunt where the winning prize, unbeknownst to the object of your desires, is a date with yourself. Your friends will, of course, ensure they fall short of the task.

 #13 Press-ganged. Contact the local newspaper, and put in a classified advertisement asking her out on a date. If you think you can get away with it, even desist from telling her who you are, so that she has to actually go to the date to discover your identity.

#14 A FINE romance. Leave a fake parking fine on her window with an invitation to a date written upon it, and watch her consternation turn to delight, as she realizes she has been set up in the very nicest way possible.

#15 Shakespeare style. If music isn’t your thing, then try writing a poem that puts her in the picture about your intentions. It’s one of the oldest ways of getting into someone’s knickers known to man – and it still works to this day.

#16 The wireless. Practically the same as number 13, get in touch with her favorite local radio station and get the invitation sent over the radio waves at a time when you know she’ll be driving to or from work.

#17 Tubed. Create a video message and put it on YouTube for her to discover, with a link sent by email or text. Easy, free, and very effective.

#18 Booked. Start a group on Facebook called something like “Do you agree that Sally should go out with Harry?” and get your friends in on the act. Not only is the effect both charming and hilarious, but it could well end up soliciting exactly the comment that you were hoping for.

#19 David Copperfield. Perform a magic trick which ends up with you producing a card that has your message written upon it. It might take her a few moments to understand what’s happening, and this does involve a certain investment in time to learn the trick, but the effect is priceless.

#20 Blind copy. Email yourself a message reminding you to invite the most radiant and stunning woman you have ever met out on a date, then blind copy her in – entirely by accident, of course.

[Read: 22 bite-size tips on having more success with women]

Of all the ways you could ask a woman out on a first date, wouldn’t it be better to start with any of these funny and creative methods to securing a future relationship?

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6 thoughts on “20 Ingeniously Crazy Ways to Ask a Girl Out on a Date”

  1. sadsadsad says:

    “Daughters taste in men”


  2. Pierce says:

    While I agree that being confident and making the first move at the right time is very important, I’d say that getting to know the person a bit means a lot too. You should learn what they like and dislike. In my experience most girls like when you approach them directly and just ask. Pulling off stunts like these can be awesome, but it really depends on the girl.

    My point is, just get to know the girl you’re asking out and do something she won’t find creepy. You don’t have to do something entirely different from the usual. Just ask naturally and confidently and you’ll succeed more often than not.

  3. HeidieHoNeighbor says:

    (Chick breaking in here)

    Most of these are great… I’d enjoy a serenade any day! I really like the idea with the string lights too. Just try to be original, or at least choose something that isn’t done that often. Also, be sure that she’s into you just as much as you’re into her, or there’s just no point. Also, don’t make it something that she’s uncomfortable doing, and don’t make yourself look stupid. Maybe get some advice from a gal pal as well, because a lot of things that guys think would be romantic, are not lol.

  4. Felicityfox says:

    Ingenious means I believe more than genius and a few of these ideas are bordering on that level. I think that asking a female out can be nerve wracking and though the quick and easy “will you go out with me” has been successful the days of creativity and use of technology are in full gear. I especially love the wireless, tubed, and Shakespeare idea. I had a boyfriend do a back in the day move when you could do this and he called in a request with my name over the radio. Everyone heard it and it was on. The ways to ask a girl out these days has gone up exponentially and I am glad.

  5. jake the awesome guy says:

    I asked my girl on a date to NASA once. We literally went and booked a flight to Texas on the same day. It was awesome.

  6. fairy says:

    Me and my girl always find ways to go on a date. It doesn’t matter where we are as long as we’re together, we are alright. My girlfriend is really the best because she doesn’t want any fancy stuff from me, we don’t really invest in fancy dinners, we just go out and buy street food and talk for hours and that’s the way we enjoy our dates, it’s genuine. Not like when you do go on a fancy date all the time and act like your so sophisticated when in fact, you are not. When we do go dine in a fancy restaurant, we still are ourselves because we don’t want to conform with those idiots that think what they do is proper. We just dig in and not really care about the people looking. We do our own thing and it suits us best. We don’t try to be people who we are not. We are people who love each other and that’s how we show it. We do have fancy taste in music though, when we date on the side walk, we listen to classic songs. That’s the only thing fancy about us, our taste in music. We love listening to music when we want to keep silent, our emotions still attract each other and we feel really connected. We’re just ordinary people and we really don’t have a way that is like all the other people but we have our own way in life. We are people in love.

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