How to Impress a Girl

How to Impress a Girl

Impressing a girl can be the easiest thing in the whole world, if you know just two things. Firstly, be sincere and genuine. Secondly, read this guide on how to impress a girl.

I hope you’ve read how to attract women in the earlier post, so you’ll be able to keep up with these tips on how you can impress a girl, in the simplest manner possible.

To Impress a girl, you really need to understand these tips mentioned below.

When you have to listen… Do Just That!

This is something you really need to get into your head. Listen to her. Really listen.

I know she’s hot. She probably has the best knocks you’ve ever seen. But hold it in your pants, boy. What do you want, really?

A wonderful person (who’s beautiful and has great knocks) to spend time with… maybe your entire life? Or someone to get into your pants, and zip, zap and zoom (while you wait naked in the room).

Remember this, getting a girl to talk to you (contrary to popular belief) is the easy part. Knowing how to impress a girl is the tough nut!

Impress with your eye contact

Girls love it when you have an intense eye contact. Wait, now don’t just stare. Learn how to impress a girl with your eyes. Converse through your eyes. Let your eyes tell her that you’re enjoying her company and you love being with her.

When you feel it, trust me, it shows. Concentrate on her face, however hard it is. You can stare at her awe-inspiring cleavage when she turns around to talk to her friend. Involve yourself in the conversation, and add in a few nods every now and then, and let her know that you’re totally interested in the conversation.

Can you touch a girl?

Obviously you can. But don’t. Unless you want to be charged for groping an innocent girl in public. There’s a right time to touch and a time when you pretend she’s an 11,000 volt live wire. She might not show her displeasure when you mildly molest her (by touching this girl, you’re doing just that).

But I can assure you that if she doesn’t like it when you touch her, this could be the last conversation you would ever have with this girl.

The little signs that show she’s impressed

There are these little signs she shows you that can pretty much be understood as a Go signal to touch her occasionally, and that you’ve done a good job brushing up your skills on how to impress a girl.

What’s that you say?

No. She’s not going to grope all over your pants.

There are a few signs, like say, she does that thing with her eyes and tucks her hair behind her ear. Or maybe giggles quite a lot, and occasionally leans towards you.

She flutters her eyelids and tucks her hair behind her ear. Or… just perhaps, she starts touching you even before you touch her.

Now, wipe your brow, and give your hands some exercise! Just a brush against her arm or maybe a hand on her back to draw her away from any impending danger, however small, is a good start.

Don’t ever touch her cheek. While trying to impress a girl, that’s an instant shut down mode. This touch can get shoes and six inch heels flying! There’s a way to get fresh with someone, and touching them all over isn’t going to help you in your quest to impress a girl

How to impress a girl with humor

It’s great if you have a sense of humor. Girls dig that. It’s awesome if you’ve got a funny bone in you, somewhere. Humor can draw women to you. All girls love to laugh and have a good time. Some girls enjoy the “laughing” thing so much, they even take it to bed with them. Especially in circumstances when you get naked in a dark room, and she says she doesn’t smoke.

You can be humorous in your own bumbling or cheeky manner, in any way as long as you do not make the woman uncomfortable to be involved in your conversation. If you receive a restraining order the next day, you know your humor has let you down miserably.

Learn a few jokes. They come in handy when you need some damage control after she catches you staring at her tits.

When it comes to understanding how to impress girls, you have to know that girls like guys just as much as guys like girls. What really works in favor of men more than just good looks is their attitude and the ability to be comfortable with themselves and with women they meet. So most importantly, learn to love yourself and the girls will fall right in love with you!

Now that you know how to impress a girl, go on tiger, learn how to start a conversation with a girl.

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13 thoughts on “How to Impress a Girl”

  1. I used to be good at impressing a woman with my eye contact, but as I’ve gotten older its gotten harder and harder. I don’t know if I’ve lost the twinkle in my eye or what., but it doesn’t seem to work like it used to. Could it be psychological on my part, or do a persons eyes loose that irresistible sparkle?

  2. Bogdan says:

    It must be you’re mind fooling you.Best thing to do is trying to remember the tricks that impress the chicks.

  3. Kamal says:

    very useful tips. I am going to apply them and hopefully catch one… Thanks

  4. lover says:

    very very very useful tips i will apply them on my and if u also like them just go on u will find ur success thanks to all guys.

  5. sujeet says:

    thank you

  6. Myladiesman says:

    If you want to impress a woman, be a man! And be a friend.

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