How to Flirt with Girls: 15 Secrets to Make Any Girl Fall for You

how to flirt with girls

Flirting with a pretty girl you like can feel a little daunting. Here are 15 tips and tricks for how to flirt with girls and make them fall for you.

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a massive crush on that hot girl and you really want to let her know that you like her. But it’s not exactly cool to just go up to her and say it straight to her face. You want to be able to subtly flirt with her, and test the waters to see if you are getting a good signal back before you take the plunge and let her know how you really feel.

However, while flirting might come naturally to some people, to others it can feel horrible. Just the idea of trying to flirt with girls gets your palms all sweaty, your mouth dries up, and you start stuttering and stumbling over your words – not exactly the image of the cool, fun, relaxed guy that you are trying to portray.

How to flirt with girls – 15 secrets that make all the difference

The good news is you can learn about ways to flirt, and practice your flirting techniques until you feel super confident and ready to approach the girl that you like. With that in mind, we’ve come up with 15 great tips for how to flirt with girls. [Read: How to flirt with a girl the friend way]

#1 Smile. Smiling at her is a great place to start, especially if you are feeling nervous. Make sure when you catch her eye that you maintain eye contact and don’t be the first to look away. Smile at her confidently.

If she smiles back, then you can look away and then in a few minutes look at her and smile at her again. This will let her know you are interested. However, you can’t keep doing it all night as it might creep her out, so be prepared to approach her if she gives you a smile back and start a conversation!

Smiling is also important when you are actually talking to her too, it shows you are a fun and friendly guy and it will make her feel more relaxed. [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

#2 Use good body language. Make sure you pay attention to your body language when you are talking to her. It can be so easy if you’re nervous to clam up and look like you’re not interested. Crossing your arms, looking at your feet, and turning away from her and so on are all no no’s.

Be open and use lots of eye contact – hold her gaze! Use your body to flirt with her and let her know you are interested.

#3 Touch her. Another easy way to flirt with girls is to touch them. A brush of the hand, or if you are sitting next to one another let your leg gently touch hers. If she likes you too, she won’t move it away.

If you know her a little better, being a bit touchy-feely also works. Give her cuddles, put your arm around her when you are talking to her and so on. Obviously, only keep doing this if she doesn’t move away – the last thing you want to do is make her feel uncomfortable, and if she reciprocates you know you are onto a winner. [Read: How to subtly touch a girl and make her desire you]

#4 Make her laugh. Humor is the number one thing that most women cite when asked what they are looking for in a guy, so this is a must when learning how to flirt with girls. If you can make her laugh she’ll instantly feel more relaxed in front of you and attracted to you too.

You don’t have to be a stand up comedian to make her laugh, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Humor should be natural and easy and keep the conversation flowing, rather than bombarding her with loads of rehearsed one-liners.  [Read: How to charm a girl and flatter her into liking you]

#5 Let her borrow your clothes. She’ll love wearing that big cozy jumper of yours, so always offer it to her if it’s a little cold. Make sure it smells of you too, and if she likes you, she’ll probably want to keep hold of it so she can cuddle up to it in bed and dream of you!

#6 Compliment her. Compliments are always one of the best tips for how to flirt with girls, so make sure you let her know that you think she is attractive. If you don’t want to be too forward, something simple such as ‘you look nice today’ or ‘I really like your shoes’ will let her know you find her attractive without saying something that she might not like.

Make sure your compliments are sweet and thoughtful. Complimenting her on intimate parts of her body, or being sleazy will have the opposite effect for what you are trying to achieve. [Read: 19 sweet compliments for girls that’ll make them go awww]

#7 Be nice to her friends. Always, always make time for her friends. If she can see that you are making an effort with her friends, it will signal to her that you really like her and are willing to put the time in. If she is on the fence about you, she’ll ask her friends for advice so it’s a really good idea to have them on your side at all times!

#8 Ask her questions. If you really want to know how to flirt with girls, then you need to show that you are interested in her by asking her lots of questions.

She’ll appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to get to know her better. Make sure you pay attention to her answers, and then remember to ask her related questions the next time you meet – that will show you have been listening and weren’t just going through the motions! [Read: 20 funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL]

#9 Get to know her family. Getting to know her family is another way of showing that you’re interested in her and are willing to put time and effort into finding out about her!

#10 Do her a favor. Flirting comes in many different forms, and an act of kindness or doing her a massive favor shows that you are into her and are willing to do things for her to win her affections!

#11 Buy her a drink. Sometimes simple is best. If you want to keep things cool and casual and simply start a conversation with her, just ask her if she’d like a drink and take it from there.

#12 Buy her a gift.  A cute and thoughtful gift can be a great tip for how to flirt with a girl. Keep it funny and silly or related to a conversation you’ve had to make it light and flirty – don’t buy her something too serious or expensive early on, as it might scare her off. [Read: How to show a girl you like her – 12 subtle moves to win her over]

#13 Be interested in her interests. Get to know what she loves to do in her free time, her hobbies, interests, and what she’s passionate about. Then you’ll not only have loads to talk about, she’ll think you have lots in common too!

#14 Text her. Text conversations are a great way to get your flirt on, and for the shy guy, it can be so much easier than starting a conversation face to face. Send her a flirty, funny text, and if she responds in kind, you can ramp up the flirting even more! [Read: How to start a text conversation with a girl – 15 rules to impress]

#15 Tease her. Gently teasing a girl is a great way to start flirting with her. Everyone knows that little boys in the playground pull the pigtails of the little girls they have a crush on – so by mocking her gently, you are actually letting her know that you like her! Strange but true!

[Read: What to text a girl – Dos, don’ts and all the secrets to know]

Now that you know how to flirt with girls, what are you waiting for? Get out there, and get flirting! Good luck!

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