13 Steps to Be the Sexy Guy You’ve Always Wanted to Be

be a sexy guy

There are lots of things that attract women, but the most impressionable trait that hooks us is a guy’s sexiness. Here’s how you can pull that off.

Men don’t talk about being sexy, unless it’s in a humorous context. They joke about it, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t wonder about the practical things that they can do to exude more sex appeal. Since they rarely discuss it, they have to learn as they go. That can waste a lot of time, because being sexy is easy. You just have to know how to do it right.

Sex appeal can be emphasized using the various tools at your disposal, i.e. your body. You can buy expensive clothes and treat yourself to luxurious spa treatments, but none of that matters if you don’t know how to carry yourself.

A man needs to own what he has by being confident and open-minded. Don’t reject the idea of improving your appearance, because this is the first thing that everyone notices. Your personality, your intelligence, your salary – a person can make their assumptions about all of those just by looking at you. [Read: How to be a badass in 25 awesomely bad ways]

What should men do to look sexier?

If you want to leave an impression on the women you meet, you have to work on your game. You need to look good, feel good and exude sexiness on a higher level because you have competition. Men are more conscientious of their appearance these days, which means that you have to make more of an effort. So, here’s what you can do to remedy that:

#1 Have amazing hair. Do not immediately opt for the latest fashion trend when it comes to hair. Go to a semi-expensive barber or hair stylist that can tell you what will work for your facial features and lifestyle. When it comes to sexy hair, women want men to have naturally luscious locks – just make sure that she doesn’t notice the tons of products you used on it.

#2 Strategically grown facial and body hair. It’s time to man up and get yourself plucked, waxed and shaved. Go to your nearest hair waxing/threading/sugaring salon and get rid of all the hair that doesn’t look right on you. I’m talking about unibrows, nose hair, chest hair that comes up to your neck – get rid of any hair that looks good on a monkey.

#3 Wear clothes that fit. A lot can be said for a man who wears tailored clothing. It can be expensive to maintain all your clothes, so make sure that you buy ready-made ones that fit you perfectly. When your clothes fit, it emphasizes the form of your body in all the right places.

#4 Have some style. You need to decide what sort of image you want to portray for the rest of your life, and stick to it. Your style reflects your personality. Women find it sexy when men carry themselves comfortably in whatever clothes they wear.

#5 Smell expensive. Women are suckers for a man that smells good. Bonus points if you smell like you can buy her dinner. If you can’t afford a $100 bottle of cologne, get the next best thing by scouring the whole city for an affordable yet similar scent. Bring a female friend so she can determine whether the cologne you choose goes well with your personality and style.

#6 Be chivalrous. It’s surprising how women consider being a gentleman an aphrodisiac. It’s probably because they rarely see men doing gallant things on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong. Most men are inherently chivalrous, it’s just that the only chance they show it off is on dates. [Read: 12 tips to transform you from a nice guy to a real man]

#7 Look proportional. Weight and size aside, the only reason why people get away with looking good is because they are fairly proportioned. We fail to see the sexy side of a man who has a huge body with a small head or vice versa. You can remedy that by masking it using clothing or going to the gym in order to sculpt your body to proportionate standards.

#8 Be clean. I cannot stress this enough. You can get away with anything if you look neat and clean. Women don’t notice flaws when a man looks like he can take care of himself. Always consider the state of your skin, breath, clothes and hygiene, because women find it sexy when you look like we can lick something off of you.

#9 Stand up straight. There’s something powerful about a man who “looks” tall. Height is rarely an issue when a man looks like he doesn’t care that other people are taller than him. A short guy with great posture will always win over a six-foot guy who slouches. That’s because your posture can help you exude confidence and poise.

#10 Be confident. In order to look sexy, you have to feel sexy! How do you do that? You can start by telling yourself that. Find the reasons why a woman would think you’re sexy. If that doesn’t work, follow the tips mentioned above, and look in the mirror again. [Read: 25 things women find attractive in men]

Bonus tips

Consider these tips a last resort because they can affect your game both ways. You can either successfully pull it off or astronomically shut it down. Women notice almost everything about a man. If you can pull off these tips successfully, your sexy game will be more than on point – you will lock that woman down.

#1 Dance well. Don’t be afraid of what I’m saying. I said dance well, not like Michael Jackson. All you need to do is move with the beat and not look like you’re from another era. Don’t dance to get attention. Dance so a girl can have someone to move with.

#2 Wear pants according to your penis size. Fellas, I’m sorry to tell you this, but we look. We use CIA-level observation and surveillance skills in order to do it, so we never get caught. If we think the bulge is legit, we become fairly interested. If we hardly see a bump, we start to become dispassionate. That is why you should wear form-fitting pants, if you’ve got something to be proud of and loose-fitting pants when you don’t have much to show off. [Read: What do women REALLY think about your penis?]

#3 Wear “some” lip balm. Sexy lips are a foolproof tool when it comes to enticing women. The key to getting kissable lips – and men, please do not laugh this off – is to apply one layer of unscented, unglittered lip balm and blot it with a tissue like how we do it with lipstick. Do this in a high-level security bunker to avoid scrutiny if you must, but do so with confidence.

Even though you have the tools to make yourself look sexier, you have to work on your personality and conversation skills as well. Looking sexy is enough to get you a conversation, but it won’t be enough to keep your girl interested.

[Read: 13 rules that all modern gents must follow]

The initial phase of physical attraction can take you a few steps into the relationship, but remember that we need to find you sexy for the long term. Once we’re dating, I recommend that you be the best boyfriend ever, because nothing gets a girl hotter than a man who shows us how badly he wants us.

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Danielle Anne
Danielle Anne
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5 thoughts on “13 Steps to Be the Sexy Guy You’ve Always Wanted to Be”

  1. Tommy says:

    While this may seem dumb, I suggest that guys do something productive every day. It will have no effect on your physique but trust me it will make you seem more confident and you will be much more motivated. By doing something productive I mean something in terms of exercising, studying, working somewhere. Women also notice what you’re wearing, as said in the article. Try not to get seen in the same clothes combination too much. It will make them think that you don’t have any other clothes and they’ll start thinking you don’t wash them and that train of thought can really lead down a huge spiral where in the end they might start assuming stuff that’s absolutely not true, only because they saw you in those pants and that shirt a week ago.

    Also, if you’re looking to impress a specific girl, you should do something nice to the people around you while she’s near. Like buying the drink for the barman while she’s sitting at the other end of the bar. She’ll notice and her impression of you will HUGELY improve, even if you literally don’t know each other. The most important thing is to play to your strengths and hiding your weaknesses!

  2. Rick says:

    Wearing clothes that fit is definitely a step in the right direction. I recently lost over 100 lbs and was still wearing some of the clothes I had during my fat years just because they were in good condition. Sadly for me, they just hung over me like a bed sheet and it wasn’t doing anything in the sexy department because I looked so awful in my rags. They’ve all gone to Goodwill now and I’m now sporting a much slimmer range of tops and jeans. Things are definitely on the up ;).

  3. Dick master says:

    I was always the sexy guy I wanted to be. Every girl loved me. Not only liked me but loved me. They find me irresistible and I find myself liking their attraction towards me. I never had trouble with the ladies guys, I always get them to open up my zipper and glug glug glug. You know what that means don’t you? They enjoy sucking the dick, boy. They never complain about me, they could only ask for more but I’m only one person. I have never been so tired all my life, there was this time when a group of girls wanted to have sex with me, I politely said yes to the proposal of course because it would be rude not to. I had to fuck 27 of them at the same time, well not really at the same time but you get my point. I cummed 30 times that day and I said to myself to never do that again. That was awesome and the best experience ever but never will I get that worn out again. I really want to be a role model to guys out there that you don’t need a 10 inch dick, you only need 8. If you still can’t reach 8, well, you’re fucked and I’m sorry. For the 8 and above, welcome to the club. You’ll only learn how to use your 8 inch properly, I know it’s not the biggest, but it will suffice, trust me. I’ve been with countless of girls and the 8 inch never fails. It’s the best accessory we have next to our fingers and tongue, oh, and also fist. So, you your dick wisely. Never point it at the eye of your girl, it’s rude, point it to her nose near her mouth because you want it to be dripping so that she could catch it with her tongue. Next, you need to know how to get into position. Don’t get into position, let the girl be the decision maker because girls love being in charge, so let them take charge. Next step is to give it all you have every single time. Doesn’t matter if the pussy is lose, if it’s pussy, it’s good. Just do your best and your dick will do the rest. Happy fucking.

  4. pose says:

    This guy I was seeing for awhile was really comfortable approaching and speaking to other people, whether he knew them or not. He would strike up interesting conversations both with me and others all of the time when we would go out together – whether at the bar or just at Walgreens. I always thought it was sexy how confident and comfortable he was with himself. People just tended to always react positively to him, and it made being together so much easier and fun because we didn’t just rely on each other for constant entertainment. Occasionally, other women would naturally react to him with light flirting, which he always engaged in politely but with a wink in my direction. His level and comfort and confidence about himself (as well as the confidence in the standing that we had between us) was just… sexy. His confidence made me feel confident, and it really just made me more and more attracted to him as a person. A lot of women just say “confidence” as to how a man can be sexier, but I don’t think that goes very far as it’s kind of a vague concept. Really, you can touch me, kiss me, whatever, but that’s really only stuff that makes me feel sexy around you, rather than boosting up your own sexiness.

  5. shrink says:

    Different perspective here. I’m an attractive black woman. I did some runway shows and local catalog modeling as a teen. I honestly didn’t see myself as attractive for a long time, despite compliments and so on, because I was socialized to fear men’s attentions and the stigma or being considered a “fast girl”. I grew up being a “good girl”, in church all the time and extra wary because of that and didn’t even date until college. My mother is also very beautiful and had quite a few close calls in the 60’s and 70’s as a young black woman on her own in the city. I remember getting attention from strangers when I was a little girl, mostly from other mothers who thought I was cute. But I started getting inappropriate sexual attention when I was around nine years old. From uncles, cousins, strangers, it didn’t matter. And it wasn’t a matter of seeming much older because I had typical black girl hairstyles and clothing that would give me away (like two million multi-colored barrettes). I think our society sees black women differently, we are sexualized a lot more, starting younger, and it’s more hostile and about being “honored” to even get sexual attention because you’re black. I think the stereotype of the video ho, the wild overly sexualized black woman and so-on contributes to that. The Jezebel. My body was really thin and straight up and down as a girl and I am now curvy, as in big butt and big boobs and that has made that sense of entitled sexualized attention worse, I think. Like my body means I am open to sex from all comers. There is also a bigger chance I think, for hostility and violence if you say no because it’s insulting to some to be turned down by this woman who supposedly is sexually accessible. Lots of “stuck-up bitch”, straight anger, and following and I have been in situations where I was really scared for my well-being. I am pretty good about being nice and am friendly and easy by nature. If someone compliments me, I smile and say thank you. If they press-on, I say thank you but I have somewhere to be. Doesn’t matter, I still get yelled at and followed. I know how to ditch people pretty easily now, because of this. This is an issue particularly with black men I’ve encountered and I’ve had to deal with some persistent pursuers because of it. With non-black men, there is this idea that I’m mixed and therefore that makes me “exotic” or more desirable. I have two black American parents, which means like 90% of black people with any significant heritage in this country I have white ancestry, but the idea that this has a particular “look” again annoys me. I have friends who are darker than me and have a white parent. I think this hostility and sense of entitlement is even more the case if you’re an attractive darker-skinned black woman. The sense of entitlement is huge because you’re not supposed to feel good about yourself. I have been burned in the fetishizing my skin color respect, so I’m always looking for signs that the men interested in me are interested in me because of who I am and not some perceived idea that I’ll look good on their arm because I’m light-skinned. The idea that my skin shade makes me a “trophy”, especially when it comes from dark-skinned black men is awful. I assume he thinks of himself and his mother (who is likely darker-skinned) as less than. I have gotten privileges as well. I have never been turned away from clubs, gotten free VIP cards and the like even when I’m dressed down. I think I’ve gotten interviews and jobs because of my looks and (combined with being “well-spoken”). I think of my looks as a blessing and I am very lucky to have it. Black women are invisible to begin with, but if you’re unattractive and especially if you’re dark (I have seen unattractive lighter-skinned black women get more attention than absolutely stunning darker-skinned black women, BTW), and especially if you’re heavy and or dark that is even more the case.One thing that I haven’t had to deal with, that I have heard from others is hostility or jealousy from other women. I haven’t experienced any bullying or hatred because of that. I have women friends and of all levels of attractiveness and hue and we get along great.

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