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67 Sweet Yet Small Romantic Gestures that Show Love in the Biggest Way

Romantic gestures can be large or small, but it’s the intention behind them that matters. The good news? They can help you learn to be more romantic! 

sweet romantic gestures

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need a lot of money to make your partner happy. When thinking of the sweetest romantic gestures, it doesn’t need to be luxurious and grand. You’ll be surprised how even the most mundane gestures can make them happy.

It’s less about the gesture but more about your intentions and thoughts in your effort.

It’s all about the element of romance that makes romantic gestures, well, romantic. You don’t need to be a hopeless romantic to woo your partner and melt their heart successfully; you just need the perfect execution.

While some romantic comedies may try and steer you in the right direction, the truth is that most of these tricks are in line to get you a restraining order, not a fairy tale ending.

If you’re trying hard to get their attention with gestures and you feel like nothing is working, odds are you’re getting bad advice somewhere!

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What are romantic gestures?

Throughout history, romantic gestures have stereotypically been related to events like Valentine’s Day. Flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. As nice as those things are, romantic gestures do not have to be in the form of treats.

You can be unique with your romantic gestures. Make them about you two together. But what is it that makes a romantic gesture romantic?

Think about taking the garbage out for your new partner. That is nice, but it is not romantic. But if you make dinner for your new partner, light candles, and pop some champagne, that would be romantic.

What makes a gesture romantic is the removal of practicality! The act is romantic for no other reason than that you care and want to show it. [Read: 30 really romantic ideas that’ll make your lover melt]

Why small gestures that show love matter

Big gestures leave a big impact. If your partner plans a surprise vacation to your dream destination, that will stay with you. You’ll always think about that. 

But, what about once that vacation is over? Do they support you? Do they listen to you? And do they remember the small details you mention?

Big gestures are certainly nice. They aren’t what sustains a relationship. The small gestures that couples share every day are what keep you happy in your relationship.

When you take the time to do and notice these small gestures that show love, you appreciate your partner and how well they really know you. [Read: How to show your appreciation to someone you love]

Is romance dead in today’s modern society?

With all this talk of romance, you might wonder what happened to the old days when sipping on a milkshake with two straws was the sweetest thing to do. What about asking a woman’s permission before kissing her? Also, can someone please tell us where chivalry went?

Seems to us that grand gestures of love are all but dead in today’s society. We refuse to categorize proclamations of love on Facebook as romantic gestures, and to hell with grinding on a sticky and cigarette smoke-infused dance floor.

You may say, “Well, falling in love and getting engaged is romantic.”

Well, guess what? Even the whole concept of engagement rings was created with a profit-driven mindset. In a nutshell, the diamond industry was in trouble and some marketing genius at De Beers thought it would be clever to repackage diamonds as sensational proclamations of love!

Of course, the world bought into the scam, and now, even getting engaged to the love of your life is tinged with an unromantic businesslike notion.

The world has changed so much, that we have forgotten what it’s like to romance someone and sweep them off their feet.

We’re not asking for Prince Charming to show up in full regalia on his white horse. All we’re asking for is an infusion of romance every so often, to remind us that love hasn’t evolved into something totally business-oriented and time-consuming, to the point that many choose to do without it. [Read: How to romance a woman – 37 ways to woo the girl of your dreams]

The best romantic gestures that are totally old-school and almost forgotten by all

Even amidst all the chatter of the modern world, it is not impossible to breathe some old-school romance into your life.

There are romantic gestures of every kind to please your sweetheart. We’ll get to them all, but first, let’s go down the rabbit hole and into a time machine and dig out a few old-school romantic gestures all women would love to experience in today’s fast-paced world!

Here are the most romantic gestures from the olden days that need to make a comeback before we, along with millions of people in the world, wither away in inglorious cynicism.

1. Song writing

If you are musically inclined, please oh please, write your loved one a love song. It does not have to be a full 4-minute hit. It does not even have to make any sense. There isn’t even any need for lyrics. Just write us a little melody and we will be happy for the rest of our days.

If you can spend hours jamming with your band, then you can certainly set some time aside to profess your love through music. All women want is something that comes from the heart and nothing speaks louder than music created especially for us. [Read: 12 prince charming traits that make a girl swoon]

2. Love letters

We understand how hard it can be for men to communicate, especially when they are put on the spot. When we ask you if you love us, it would be nice if we got a little more than a nod and a grunt. How about sprucing things up and writing your loved one a love letter?

Just a few lines saying how much you care and value us being in your life. We will even accept it if it comes via email, although you should keep in mind that you get bonus points if it’s handwritten on hundred-year-old paper and delivered via raven. [Read: How to write a heartfelt love letter like a true romantic]

3. Eating in

We will be the first to admit that women love being wined and dined. Romance is certainly prevalent at a beautiful restaurant that serves beautiful food and beautiful wine amidst a beautiful ambiance. However, there is no need to fork out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to make women happy.

What many men do not realize is that it is not the price tag of the dinner that counts, but the effort put into it.

A woman will pick a meal made by you any time over a fancy dinner out. If you are not much of a chef, make the effort to learn. Google simple recipes online, and stun your loved one with a prettily set table, candles, and a homemade meal. Even if it doesn’t taste glorious, you can bet your bottom dollar that your girl will appreciate the grand gesture of love. [Read: The most unique ways to build intimacy with your partner]

4. Tune out technology

We blame the lack of romance in everyday life on the all-consuming presence of technology. After a long day at work, many couples head home and end up zoning out to the television, playing games on their iPad, or watching shows on their laptop.

It is sad that the inundation of technology in everyday life has left us totally handicapped when it comes to having a decent conversation with the one you are living with. You will be surprised at how romantic it can be to just sit and talk to your partner without any distractions. [Read: 72 happy conversation starters for couples who are just starting to get serious]

5. Practicing chivalry

Guys, you need to prove to women that chivalry isn’t dead and buried six feet under. The little things in life really mean a lot to women. Old school gestures like holding the door open, pulling out her chair, kissing her hand, and letting her order before you, are all noticed and deeply appreciated.

Even some of the biggest feminists enjoy the occasional pampering. Sure, we want the right to vote and equal pay and all that jazz, but that does not mean we want you to do away with chivalry.

Indulge us every so often, will you? But also remember that you don’t have to be a man to be chivalrous – we can all do it! [Read: 40 cute and romantic things to do with your girlfriend she’ll love]

6. Handmade gifts

Whoever put the idea into your head that women need diamonds and pearls to be happy is pure evil. Yes, women do enjoy receiving expensive gifts every so often, but there is truly no need for them all the time for us to be happy. We love receiving handmade gifts, no matter how gnarly they look.

7. Dancing

The art form of dance is prevalent in every culture on earth, and it’s a wonderful expression of emotions. Every form of dance, from classical ballet to modern hip-hop, will tell you that no matter the rhythm, dance can and will perfectly express what you feel.

However, steer clear from booty shaking, cleavage showing grinding in the club. There’s nothing romantic about that.

Instead, why not invite your lover to dance the next time you walk past a busker in the street? Even more romantic than that? Dancing under the stars with no music. Sigh. [Read: 33 awesome date ideas every couple should try]

8. Being respectful

Another gesture from the olden days that needs to make a comeback is being respectful. Although closely linked to chivalry, it is not quite the same thing. Being respectful has to do with you being patient in the way you talk to someone, behave around them and expect things from them.

An example is waiting longer than you normally would, to have sex with someone for the first time.

Another example is asking before kissing them. Keep in mind that this all comes down to being in the moment.

If they want to get wild with you on the first date, then go ahead and indulge them. But if you are on the fence on whether they want you to head up to their apartment, wait for the next time around and properly woo them. [Read: 18 foolproof ways to make her fall head over heels in love with you]

How do you perfectly execute romantic gestures?

The perfect romantic gestures are those you exert the most thought into. As mentioned above, you don’t need the fanciest and most luxurious plan to make them happy.

There’s no need to zero your savings if you really want to make your partner feel loved and on top of the world.

This might be the opposite of what you thought to be true, but it’s a fact. You don’t need all the money in the world to make your lover happy, you just need to put romance in the air.

The perfect romantic gestures are all about how well you know your partner and doing the things you know would make them feel loved.

There’s no need to go all-out to create the perfect romantic gesture *but you certainly can arrange that candlelit dinner if you please*. [Read: How to be more romantic – 46 sweet actions that’ll make any girl melt]

The sweetest and smallest romantic gestures for everyday life that bring couples closer

Here are many sweet romantic gestures and date ideas for everyday life that you can use, and let your mate know that there’s still a lot of love floating everywhere. You don’t need to be the perfect lover to make them happy; all you need is to put romance in the air, and voila!

Read these romantic gestures and use them when you’re with your partner, and love will find a cozy spot to settle in both your hearts.

1. Hold them

Physical affection will never get out of style when it comes to romantic gestures. Wrap your arms around your lover when you’re standing close to each other, and don’t keep more than a feet’s distance between each other unless you have no choice!

Hold their hand, wrap your arm around theirs, and basically just be physically affectionate to them. It’s the best way to remind them of the love you share. [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what each touch means]

2. Write cute little notes

We don’t care if we’re in the 2020s – handwritten letters will never go out of style, as we mentioned on our old-fashioned romantic gestures list. Write little love notes and slip it into your lover’s pocket even if it’s just a little ‘I love you’. These notes don’t have to be elaborate.

They will surely approach every little note you give them, especially when it’s heartfelt and sincere. It doesn’t take a novel or a letter to make them feel loved; remember that. [Read: What to write in a love note]

3. Record a romantic message for them

When they’re not using their phones or aren’t looking, take that as an opportunity to record something sweet for them.

They’ll never see it coming, so it’ll surprise them to hear your heartfelt message. Set an alarm on their phone for a time when you’re not around them with a message saying “check your recorder app/voice recorder” or something like “take a look inside the bedroom cupboard” if you’ve hidden a small gift for them.

4. Take them out for a picnic

Surprise your partner by taking her out to a nearby favorite picnic spot late in the night while they’re still in their nightclothes. Spread a blanket on the ground and have an impromptu getaway with champagne and strawberries.

There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic date under the stars and some wine with your favorite person. This is one of the most romantic gestures you can do that they’ll appreciate. [Read: The 20 best and worst venues for romantic picnic ideas]

5. Sit on their lap and behave mischievously

Sit on your partner’s lap and behave like a mischievous minx when both of you are relaxing at home.

Or if you’re the guy, don’t let your partner walk around the house for a few hours. Carry them around the house no matter where they want to go. It’s an underrated and funny act, but it still counts as a romantic gesture. [Read: 30 super effortless and sexy ways to keep a guy interested]

6. Help them with chores

Whoever said that doing chores together can’t be fun? Especially when their love language is acts of service, they’ll have fun with this and appreciate it completely. Help your partner prepare dinner and clean the dishes.

Think of something innovative to do while you’re at it, like cooking while wearing nothing but aprons or a little food fight. Sounds fun, right?

7. Give them a spa treatment

Backrub? Massage? Or just relaxing together in the bathtub? This is one of the romantic gestures that don’t require the expense or much effort, but it’s a great way to spend time together at home.

Fill the tub with hot water when your partner returns from a business trip or a long day at work. Get in together and give your partner a backrub and a massage. Get naughty if the mood feels right.

8. Say “I love you”

There’s no other classic gesture than just telling your partner you love them. Whether you say it regularly or you don’t say it often, you should still look them in the eyes and say, “I love you.” Say it like you mean it without trying to be funny or sounding corny. [Read: How to stay happy in a relationship all the time]

9. Spend time doing their hobbies

Do they love gaming? Or maybe they’re into watching sports? Maybe some Netflix? Go ahead and join them in what they love doing; this is one of the romantic gestures they’ll appreciate once they see you trying to share their interest with them.

Spend time with your partner now and then when they’re enjoying their favorite hobby, even if it’s something that doesn’t interest you much. [Read: 25 couples activities that make you feel loved & closer than ever]

10. Dedicate a song and sing it out in a karaoke bar for your partner

Dedicate a song and sing it out in a karaoke bar for your partner. You don’t need to be Taylor Swift before dedicating a love song to your partner, but you just have to mean it as the song implies.

A few glasses of booze can give you the liquid courage you need, but if you’re too shy for that, sing it over the phone.

11. Plan a flash mob

If you’ve never done a flash mob before for your partner or ever, then you’re seriously missing out on life’s best experiences! It’s never too late to do this.

On your partner’s special day, plan a flash mob for them, and they’ll be completely surprised by this. The best part? They’ll enjoy it so much!

12. Send a naughty voicemail

Maybe they’re working and you’ve had some free time during the day. Use this as a window of opportunity to send them a naughty voicemail about whatever and tease them. You’ll catch them off guard with this gesture for sure! [Read: 15 sexting messages to send your boyfriend – Go flirty or go dirty]

13. Give them a foot massage

Give your partner a foot massage when both of you are relaxing on the couch. You can bring out some oils or even a body cream and run your hands over their feet as you both watch something on the screen. And seriously, everyone enjoys foot massages!

14. Bring them home their favorite food

Maybe they’re craving their favorite dessert, or you want to surprise them with their favorite food for dinner. After work, stop by and buy them something you know they’ll appreciate.

There’s always something romantic when your partner brings home your favorite food on the way back from work. It’s one of the romantic gestures that often goes unnoticed, but it counts. [Read: 25 easy ways to make your guy feel appreciated and cared for]

15. Switch plates if your partner prefers your order

We often make the mistake of ordering something and end up preferring our partner’s order even more. If this happens to your partner and they seem unsatisfied with their order, offer to switch orders and plates with them.

This’ll bring such joy in their eyes that it makes this exchange worthwhile. It might seem simple to you but for them, it’s a big deal.

16. Slip into bed naked

Slip into bed naked and surprise your partner with your impromptu nudity. Tie a little ribbon around your waist or any strategic locations if you want to be their gift for the night.

It’s one of those seductive romantic gestures you can surprise them with that they’ll appreciate for sure. [Read: How to look better naked – 22 honest and real life tips]

17. Wear their clothes and take a photo

If you’re at home and they’re someplace else, try wearing their clothes and take a photo of yourself. Send it their way afterward, and that’ll put a smile on their face.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to make it seductive or not *although wearing just their shirt will catch them off guard*.

18. Shave them or brush their hair

Caring for your partner and doing the little things often go unnoticed as we often want the big, grand gestures right away.

Give him a shave when he’s lazy. Help her brush her hair when she’s in a hurry. These things might not scream romance, but it’s all about the intention behind it.

19. Give inexpensive wrapped gifts

Even if expense doesn’t mean everything with romantic gestures, it doesn’t mean you can’t give them gifts every now and then. They don’t have to be expensive, but as long as it’s a well-thought gift, then it’s a romantic gift.

It could be chocolates, flowers, a game, or even a potted plant. [Read: 25 ways to emotionally connect with someone and instantly feel closer]

20. Give them a kiss and hug when you forget

In our rush to go to work, we often forget to give them a kiss and proper goodbye. If this happens, drive back home and give them an intimate kiss and a bear hug *unless you’re truly in a hurry*. Or come back home now and then just to kiss your partner *because you missed them already!*

21. Bring them breakfast in bed

It might seem incredibly cliche, but bringing them breakfast in bed will always be thoughtful and romantic.

It’s a simple way of telling them you love them or you love caring for them. Bring breakfast in bed with your sweetheart’s favorite breakfast menu.

Try your best to prepare them yourself, to make it even more thoughtful. You’ll make them smile the minute they wake up *which is the best way to wake up if we’re honest*. [Read: What men like in bed – 32 things they want & absolutely lust after]

22. Perform an erotic dance

Don’t forget to perform an erotic dance as a romantic gesture. Even better if you have two left feet which leaves your partner in splits. It’s not a common gesture, which is why it’ll take them by surprise completely! [Read: Sexy strip tease 101 – How to strip for your man like a pro]

23. Treat them like royalty

Treat your partner like royalty for a day or even a few hours if your partner doesn’t allow you to play the maid for an entire day.

You can even wear a French maid’s dress! Do a few household chores for them and basically make them live the life, even if it’s just for a day.

24. Watch a romantic movie together

Watching movies together much be too overrated, but it’s one of the romantic gestures that never gets tiring to do with your partner.

Do this once a month, order takeout food you’ve been craving, and sit back for a movie marathon. Switch off your phones, cuddle up for the evening, and don’t move out of each other’s sight.

25. Give each other a happy ending massage

Why not, right? It’s a very seductive yet satisfying thing to do for your partner. It’s a great way to enjoy each other’s presence while having a good time. [Read: My happy ending massage confession]

26. Dress up for them

We often act lazy and complacent after being with someone for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up every now and then. Wear that bodycon dress and heels; wear that suit and look nice!

They’ll definitely be caught off-guard with this look and appreciate your physical appearance. *they might even not be able to stop kissing you!*

27. Make them their favorite home-cooked dinner

If you have a lot of time on your hands or want to celebrate something special, you can always make a home-cooked dinner for them and surprise them with their favorite meal.

The fact that it’s something you created from scratch just for them will completely melt their hearts. If they’re coming home from work, all the better. [Read: Romantic dinner date ideas – 17 fun dates you both will never forget]

28. Bring them home a souvenir

If you recently traveled or went on a trip, bringing them home a souvenir to let them know you never stopped thinking about them is a perfect romantic gesture any partner would love.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or grand; for example, it could be a keychain or something that represents the place you’ve been to. Perhaps it could even be food so you can enjoy it together!

29. Give them the last bite

You know what they say – if you love someone, then offer them the last bite!

It doesn’t matter if it’s the last bite of pizza, cake, or whatever food you’re eating together. Giving them the last bite would mean the world to them. [Read: The 50 best free date ideas when you want romance on a budget]

30. Take an interest

We are all self-involved. Even if you think you’re not, you are. But taking an interest in your new partner’s hobbies is a great way to show them you care.

Even if their hobby is something you know nothing about, showing that you are willing to try in order to spend more time together or simply to learn about what they love is romantic. Even if you hate it, it shows initiative and that is romantic.

31. Plan a date

We don’t mean going out to dinner or seeing a movie. Actually, plan something. Recreate a date that is featured in their favorite movie. Take a drive to the beach or the country and have a picnic.

Do something your partner may have mentioned in passing. It can even be something fun like the zoo or aquarium. [Read: 33 awesome date ideas every couple should try]

32. Be spontaneous

Spontaneity is appreciated so much and is one of the sweetest romantic gestures in a new relationship. It keeps things fun and light and trying something new together is bound to bring you closer as a couple.

And if you are a planner, showing your new partner you are willing to go outside your comfort zone for them is super romantic. [Read: Spontaneous moves all men should try when they’re out on a date]

33. Explore

This may seem unromantic to some, but exploring something new together is amazingly romantic. Go for a hike, drive to a town you’ve never been to, or even check out the haunted places near you.

Learning, exploring, and even getting scared together sparks care for each other that only those experiences can. It also heightens your emotions and connects you on a deeper level.

34. Hold hands

Yes, even something as small as holding hands can be considered a romantic gesture, especially if you’re taking your new relationship slowly.

Along with this, wrapping your arm around your partner, laying your hand on their thigh, or cuddling can ignite intimacy that a lot of new relationships lack. [Read: The 20 curest, adorably awkward moments in a new relationship]

35. Communicate

This may not seem super romantic to you, but to us, communication is the most romantic of all gestures. Opening up about your past, your dreams for the future, and how you’re feeling in the moment is indescribable.

There is nothing that can bring you closer than trusting each other and being honest with one another.

36. Apologize when you do something wrong

Many of us are stubborn! But letting your stubbornness get in the way of your new relationship is not the best way to start things off. When you’ve had a fight, whether small or large, just apologize.

It can be tough to admit you were wrong, but it feels really good to know you are back on the same page. [Read: 28 heartfelt and aww-so-sweet ways to genuinely say you’re sorry]

37. Let them win

We don’t mean let them win if you are playing a game. We mean let them win when you are deciding where to go to dinner, what movie to watch, etc. You don’t have to be a pushover, but letting them choose and get their way is a healthy compromise.

And the more you do it, the more they will too, and the happier you’ll both be.

38. Be protective

We don’t mean that you should be a bodyguard for your partner or be jealous.

We mean walk them to their door at the end of the night. Text them to make sure they got home safely. Don’t look at your phone when you’re driving them around *or ever when you’re driving*. [Read: Key differences – Protective boyfriend or controlling boyfriend?]

39. Regular but real compliments

Small compliments usually stop as soon as date number three. So, being sure to carry them out in a new relationship is so important. Tell each other not just that you look nice, but compliment their mind, sense of humor, dedication, loyalty, and work ethic.

A simple sentence can be a romantic gesture, so there is really no excuse not to do it. [Read: 65 nice things to say to people and make the world a better place]

40. Go for a walk

We know, you aren’t 60. But hear us out. Dates can be fun and exciting, but there is something so simple in just going for a walk in the park, on the beach, or even down your street.

You can appreciate the conversation and the time you’re spending together with no distractions.

41. Share your relationship

This does not mean having an open relationship, it means showing off a little. We know many people avoid showing off on social media, but one or two posts here or there shouldn’t get your friends in an uproar *and even if it does, who cares? You’re happy*.

Post a sweet selfie together or a quick status update. Even a funny picture shows that you are happy and feel lucky to be with this person and you want the world to know. [Read: How to show off your girlfriend on social media and hype her up]

42. Offer before being asked

Of course, communication is key to any healthy relationship, but if you can offer to help or do something for your partner before being asked, it shows them how deep your love and connection is. [Read: Selfless love and the traits that set it apart from selfish love]

43. Take your partner their favorite coffee

Remembering your partner’s coffee order shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is. Whether it is coffee or tea or just your favorite snack from the convenience store, your partner remembering that says more than you might initially think.

44. Remembering their preferences

If your partner remembers you like it cool in the room at night, that you enjoy your eggs a certain way, or that you hate having the window down in the car, it doesn’t mean they have a good memory. They took the time to remember these details because of you. [Read: All the ways you’ll experience what real love feels like]

45. Taking the time to find a movie you’ll both enjoy

It is great to take turns watching movies or shows that may lean towards your taste or your partner’s. But when you take the time to find a movie that you both would enjoy, it just adds a bit more meaning to movie night.

46. Ask about their friends

Most decent couples share time with each other’s friends. On a regular basis, you may not think about your partner’s friends unless they bring them up. When your partner asks about your friends or even initiates plans with your friends or family, it says a lot about how much they care about your happiness. [Read: 15 honest ways to prove that you actually do love someone]

47. Taking their opinions into consideration

You don’t have to agree with each other on everything, but when you take your partner’s opinions into consideration when you do something, it shows you care.

For instance, if you’re buying a new jacket, ask your partner what they think and then take it into consideration. Don’t sway your decision if you’re totally sure, but listen to them and take it all into account.

48. Hug that little bit longer

Couples hug and embrace. But, when your partner just grabs hold of you just a few seconds longer than normal, it deepens your connection.

When your partner’s had a rough day, instead of just pulling them in for a quick reassuring squeeze, really grasp them and hug them for a while longer. The first few seconds may seem awkward, but the hug only starts to feel better as you both relax into it. [Read: 7 types of romantic hugs that will bring you closer than ever]

49. Put up pictures of your partner

This is something small. But, when you’re proud of your partner, it’s totally fine to share your relationship with your loved ones, whether online or at home. Just having your partner’s picture on your phone screen or in your room is one of the simplest romantic gestures your partner will love. [Read: 15 effortless small gestures girls always notice and appreciate]

50. Talk about the future

In a relationship, we fall into a pattern. You go on dates and watch movies. When you talk about the future with the other person in mind and consider what you want together, it shows not just love but long-lasting love.

51. Accept help

Accepting help is hard for a lot of people, especially in a relationship. Even accepting help opening a jar or figuring out a work problem can feel like defeat. However, when you or your partner let go of that control and ask for help or advice, it shows a vulnerability that is only seen in deep relationships.

52. Listen to them

Sometimes, the small romantic gestures that show love are not about action but about inaction. Listening is one of the most meaningful things you can do in a relationship. You don’t have to fix things or offer sage wisdom or even cheer them up. A listening ear says so much.

What “romantic” gestures do people hate?

Are there any romantic gestures that people actually hate?! Of course, there are! Here are 7 seemingly romantic gestures you should probably leave on the back burner, unless you want to leave your partner feeling disappointed!

1. Trying to be the person of their dreams

Doesn’t the idea of you being exactly the kind of person they want you to be sound charming and romantic? Faking who you are may work temporarily to get them to like you, but ultimately, this is a terrible idea for so many reasons.

First, you’re not being true to who you are. Second, you’re scamming them into liking you. And third, because of the former, they will likely end up resenting you for not being the person you claimed to be during the wooing stage of your courtship!

Trying too hard to like everything they like, or trying to force chemistry can come across as creepy. [Read: How to be yourself – 26 steps to unfake your life and love being you]

2. Buying them clothes

What better way to woo the partner of your dreams than to buy some sexy underwear or a hot outfit to show them off in? Surely the brownie points will just pile up, right?

Wrong! While it may seem terribly romantic to dress your partner, odds are they have their own tastes, especially when it comes to clothing.

Due to varying sizes from store to store, your partner will likely want to try it on before making their decision. Unless you’re an absolute genius when it comes to picking clothing, this present is better left in gift card form!

3. Not taking ‘no’ for an answer

You know how in movies when the lead actor is turned down, they proceed to relentlessly pursue the other person, often making grand gestures of love in the hope of winning them over?

Let us be the first ones to say that not taking no for an answer is not romantic–it’s annoying.

If the object of your affections has turned you down, they probably feel awkward enough. They don’t need you shouting your affections all over town and making them feel even worse about having to turn you down a second *or twentieth* time. [Read: 15 worst habits women hate in men]

4. Too much, too soon

If you’ve just started a romantic relationship with someone and you are absolutely brimming with affection, best to keep some of those feelings to yourself!

People love to feel cared about–everyone does–but showcasing a world of affection, compliments, romantic gestures, texts, goodnight emails, and good morning emails isn’t a way to romance them… it’s a way to scare them off! [Read: How to fall in love slowly – 28 steps to create a real-life fairytale]

This may seem like the exact opposite of everything you’ve ever heard about relationships, but the truth is that people can be incredibly put off by a clingy partner at the beginning of a relationship.

If you’re already telling them you love them a week or two into the relationship, they’re going to feel like they’ll never catch up to your insatiable appetite for them. Be balanced with your affection. [Read: All the reasons saying “I love you” too soon sucks!]

5. Be the mother of my children

This so-called romantic gesture is one that many ill-informed men tend to use on women.

This isn’t to say that having your baby would be torture for her, but does she even want children? Does she find this sentiment creepy or sweet?

It’s best to really get to know your lover’s opinion of these things before busting out the fatherhood angle; otherwise, she may just be laughing about your line with her girlfriends! [Read: 8 taboo topics to avoid in a new relationship]

6. Making labels

Don’t label something that’s not ready to be labeled. It’s pushy, presumptuous, and irritating. The bottom line is this: don’t assume anything!

Unless you’ve asked your love interest to be your partner and they’ve said yes, you probably shouldn’t change your relationship status anytime soon.

7. Buying them gifts… for the house

So, you live with your sweetheart? Well then, a happy domestic life to you both! Just remember this last piece of advice: if you have an anniversary or present-worthy occasion coming up, don’t buy them a home-related gift.

Even though you now cohabitate, they might not want fun gifts to be replaced by a crockpot, a new lamp, or the best new Swiffer on the market. Home gifts couldn’t be further from romantic, and will make them feel like they’ve become a domestic bore to you–one that’s not worthy of truly great gifts!

So, what are the most romantic gestures?

It doesn’t take a lot of expense and effort to surprise your partner with the most romantic gestures in your everyday life.

In fact, you’ll be surprised how the simplest actions mean everything to them as long as they’re genuine and sincere.

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These sweet, romantic gestures are all you need for a blissfully long and happy relationship. If you notice, they’ve very mundane and ordinary gestures, but they can help you become more of a romantic towards your partner.

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