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How Do You Know When You Love Someone? 18 Foolproof Ways

how do you know when you love someone

Falling in love is an exciting, exhilarating, ecstatic, and breath-taking feeling. But how do you know when you love someone? Here are 18 signs.

Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling. It’s like—exactly like—in the movies: your knees go weak, your heart flutters, you feel butterflies in your stomach, and you become this clumsy klutz when you’re around the person you are falling for.

However, there are still some who are totally clueless about what they feel. They wouldn’t know they were falling in love even if Cupid hit them straight in the face with his arrow.

How to know when you love someone

If you’re one of the few who are still oblivious to your own clues, well, let’s give you a rundown. Here are 18 sure ways to know if you’re in love. [Read: One month anniversary – 10 things couples realize in 30 days]

#1 Stand out. You’ll know you’re in love when you think that the person is unique. There could be other people that are better-looking, more successful, or more compatible for you, but in your eyes, nothing beats your beloved.

#2 Perfection. In your eyes, the person is perfect and can do no wrong. This is because you tend to focus on their positive qualities—even magnify them—treating them as precious artifacts that you put in your altar of love.

#3 Charming quirks. For you, the littlest, mundane things are charming. The way they avoid touching doorknobs with their bare hands may make your heart skip a beat and melt, while for some, this may just be a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder on the rise. [Try: Is love real? 10 happy signs that fuzzy feeling is real]

#4 Can’t stop thinking. You can’t stop thinking about them… to the point that you are terribly obsessed. Every little thing, such as the chirps of the birds, or the smell of toast reminds you of them. You daydream about the last time you were together, you daydream about the next time you’ll be together, and you just can’t stop thinking about them.

#5 Blabbering away. It’s not enough that you are thinking about them 24/7. You talk about them all the time, too. Even in the most serious conversations, you just have something, a hook, which will make you inject something about your beloved into the conversation. You don’t know it *you’re probably completely oblivious*, but it can be annoying to everyone else. However, you don’t care… because you’re in love.

#6 Rollercoaster of emotions. It’s no secret—when you fall in love, you’ll be washed over by a huge mix of emotions. One moment, you’re excited, the next minute, you’re devastated, and in between, you are trembling with anxiety, elated by joy, and wracked by loneliness. These mood swings are typical of those who are in love—as well as those who are addicted, mind you. After all, being in love is often a kind of addiction. [Check out: Falling in love fast and why you need to slow down]

#7 Reminders everywhere. You hear a song on your morning commute, and it brings that silly smile to your face once again. It’s Taylor Swift playing and, although you’re not a Swift fan, you start to like the song—all because it reminds you of the apple of your eye. Every line in the lyric feels like it’s written solely for your budding story, and suddenly, you feel like everything’s right in the world again.

#8 Constant communication. If you’re not talking about them, you want to talk to them. Whether through calls, texts, chats, private messages, or love notes, you just need to talk to them. In addition, you have this need to constantly express to them just how much you like/miss/appreciate them.

#9 Constant togetherness. If talking about and talking to them are still not enough, you also have this need to be with them all the time. It doesn’t matter if your friends sometimes think you’re neglecting them—nothing beats those fluttering butterflies you feel when you’re around your love. Therefore, you are eager to set dates, and even take that extra mile to find reasons to drop by their office or school just to personally talk to them. [Read: 19 sure signs of falling in love to watch out for!]

#10 Change. While people generally aren’t so open to change, it’s no problem for you when it’s in the name of love. Your beloved wants you to go vegan—you do it. She wants you to do yoga with her—you do it. He likes long-haired women—you wear a weave. You are willing to do anything that will please and impress them.

#11 Picking up interests. When you are in love with someone, you also can’t help but absorb many of their traits. This includes picking up their interests—and you have no qualms about it. You think gardening is boring, but now you’ve started planting organic herbs, just because your date mentioned how much they like organic produce. You also started playing tennis because they do it, and that’s on top of watching Game of Thrones and crocheting. [Check out: 8 uncanny little things couples in love start doing alike]

#12 Getting along with their crowd. You find yourself trying—very—hard to please not only them, but their friends and family, too. You bring her mother flowers each time you visit her place. You prepare your special casserole and host a game night for your man and his friends. You make that extra effort to make sure that the people around your love like you a lot, too.

#13 Willing to compromise. When it comes to your goals and pet peeves, not even your friends can get in the way. However, this person comes along… and everything changes. You are now more *very much more* willing to break your own rules as an act of compromise.

#14 Random acts of kindness. You can’t help it—being around your beloved makes you feel good, and therefore makes you do good, too. You smile a lot, you greet the people you pass by on the street, and you feel like giving everyone flowers. What’s more is, you are even kinder to your loved one—more patient, more considerate, more thoughtful, and more sensitive. [Try: 10 cheerful ways to be the fun partner in the relationship]

#15 Futurama. You always find yourself thinking about your special one. Even in the middle of an important meeting, your mind wanders off to them. And then you start to think about the future: what it would be like to have a serious relationship with them, even get married… or have kids. You even picture what your children will look like, and have names for each of the three kids you’ll have.

#16 Apple of your eye. Even if you’re in a crowded place and your beloved is in the middle of all these attractive people, you barely notice them, as your eyes are fixated on one person alone. In fact, even if you throw in celebrities and models with your special someone, that person will still be the most attractive to you. [Check out: 23 facts about love that will definitely blow your mind]

#17 What ex? Before they came along, you may have been stuck on your ex. You even thought you would never get over your last relationship—that is, until this new person came along. Come to think of it, you can now barely recall what your ex looks like, and why you were so hung up on your past in the first place.

#18 You just have to say it. You know that feeling when you’re so overcome with emotions that you are going to burst? You just have to say it, right? We mean, say the “L” word. After all, nothing else can describe what you’ve been feeling.

If everything here checks out, then lo and behold, it’s official: you really are in love.

[Are all of the signs above applicable to your relationship? Next, read: 10 heartfelt signs it’s the right time to say “I love you.”]

So there you have it: 18 ways to know you really love someone. Savor that moment, feel yourself floating in the air, and enjoy it while it lasts. Better yet, summon up the courage to profess your love. Who knows? The other person may feel the same way, too.

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One thought on “How Do You Know When You Love Someone? 18 Foolproof Ways”

  1. bittersweet says:

    At the beginning of a relationship, when everything about your partner is perfect…that isn’t love. When you’ve been together long enough to start to see their faults, that you want them to change so that you can be happy… that isn’t love. When you realize that you want to be with that person just as they are, flaws and all, that is love. It isn’t love when you say that you will do anything for them, or that you love them more than yourself. It is love when you love yourself first, and take care of yourself…so that you can love and take care of them to the fullest extent. You can’t love another until you love yourself. Give yourself time, don’t jump into “love” right away. Especially when you are young, date as many people as possible. Experience life and get to know yourself. I got into an unhealthy relationship when I was 18. I was depressed, anxious, didn’t have a direction in life. But this girl changed all of that, or so I thought. I didn’t see the codependency, I didn’t recognize how horribly she treated me, I made excuses for the emotional and physical abuse she put me through. We got engaged after 6 months… but didn’t get married for another 8 years. After we got married… she got even worse. More abusive, more controlling. Everything was a crisis. Then she cheated on me and I caught her. She knew I wasn’t going to put up with it. After a lot of drama, she left. Accused me of physically abusing her (though I never laid a hand on her in 11 years) and got an order for protection. I had to leave my house with only the clothes on my back. The guy she was fucking moved into my house with her for a month, while I still paid for everything. I spent 3 years on my own, finding myself and taking care of myself again. I dated some, but nothing serious. Lost 100 pounds, life was great. I didn’t know if I’d ever find someone I could trust enough to love again… And I was fine with that. I loved my single life and didn’t want to change a thing. Now it has been 4 years since my ex left… and life just keeps getting better. I’ve spent the last year dating a wonderful woman who is smart, gorgeous, very successful and who loves me just as I am. I have experienced things that I’ve never felt before…true love and companionship. An honest partnership without drama or stress. Oh… and we have an amazing sex life that just blows me away. I never thought I would find someone that I’m so compatible with. So to those out there who have loved and lost, who have been hurt… or who have never experienced real love before. You can find real love and happiness, it is out there waiting. Prepare yourself for it, love yourself and your single life. Pretty soon you will find someone you love enough to share your wonderful life with.

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