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How to Cheer Up your Partner

how to cheer up your partner

There are some days when you may find your partner gloomy and sad after a long and bad day at work. As helpless as you may feel at times like these, there are a few ways to cheer up your wife or husband and make them feel good about themselves.

All of us have our good days and bad days. And then, there are those days that make you wish you had never been born.

So how do you make sure that the person you love feels better when they slip into one of these terror days? Here are some handy tips.

Make your partner feel important

When your partner’s feeling down and out, they are definitely suffering from low self esteem as well.

It may be because of a tiff with their best friend or a bad day at work, but they’ll still feel like crawling into bed and never getting out.

So it’s up to you to make sure that your sweetie feels important and useful.

Take them to their favorite restaurant or bring out the photo album and remind them of all the fantastic achievements of theirs, or the happy times you’ve shared.

Read their body language

There will be occasions when your mate won’t tell you what’s wrong or make any effort to. So pick up on their body cues, slumped shoulders, a defeated pose, the aggressive rubbing of eyes, etc. Don’t bring up the issue, as that would only make it harder for them to open up. Instead make sure that you make every effort to turn that frown upside down. [Read: How to be happy in life]

Let your partner know how much they mean to you

It’s amazing how far an “I love you” can go. When you’re feeling like nothing can possibly get worse in your life, all you need is one reminder to make your day.

That applies for everyone including your partner. So go ahead, make their day.

Reason to worry?

If your partner is depressed for more than two weeks or if they show suicidal symptoms, then call for psychological help as soon as possible. Depressions can hit a person in ways that the outside world would have no idea about. Sometimes, it might just be a slump. But if you find that your partner doesn’t open up no matter what, ask them to confide to someone else, or offer to get professional help. But, always be very subtle and loving while offering the negative suggestions.

Listen to your partner

Listening is an art. It doesn’t mean blanking out in the middle of your partner’s venting session only to make periodic sympathetic “hmm” noises, or offering constant suggestions. The point is to make them realize that even if the world fell apart, they’ll still have you. But sometimes they just may not be in the mood to talk. So if they want some space, make sure you give it to them, but let them know you’re right there, whenever they want to talk. [Read: I don’t know what to do with my life]

Don’t badger them to tell you what’s wrong because it won’t make your sweetie feel better. They’ll tell you when they’re ready. [Read: How to be successful in life]

Give your partner a massage

A back rub or a foot massage can do wonders to one’s disposition. When worried or anxious, the muscles in our body, especially the ones on our shoulders, tense up and form knots. Massaging these knots into oblivion can not only do wonders for your mate’s blues, but also for your relationship. [Read: Why is sex important?]

Knowing how to cheer up your wife or husband can be a sensitive issue, so use these tips as necessary and make them understand that it’s just a bad day, and that tomorrow will be better again.

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6 thoughts on “How to Cheer Up your Partner”

  1. Carl says:

    Especially for women, to make them feel important is a great strategy. Conversation always need to go two ways and you have to listen to what your partner says.

  2. John says:

    Communication is key in any relationship. Being able to listen and understand your partner’s feelings makes all the difference. Don’t brush off their feelings, or just tell them that “it’s going to be OK” and drop the subject. Find out what’s really on their mind, and don’t stop until it’s sorted out and he/she feels better.

  3. Max B says:

    My wife and I work different schedules; this often limits our time together. I don’t see her as much as I would like, but she’s never far from my thoughts and I love to see her smile. It was her turn to do dishes tonight, but she was exhausted. After spending a few hours together she went to bed. I did the dishes (as quietly as possible) and cleaned. Sometimes those small things make the difference. There’s never a bad time to show affection and appreciation to the person you love.

  4. Many says:

    Be there for them. Ultimately no matter what you say, or what you do; nothing will be felt more than your presence. Nothing will help more. I’m not saying drop everything and go to wherever they are. But talk things out with them. Try to help them see the positive in the situation. But do NOT ignore them. Lose sleep if you have to. Spend free time on them if you have to. Being a good lover requires sacrifice. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice time to help them, then they deserve better.

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