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Cute Pet Names: How to Pick the Right Kind of Personal Pet Name

cute pet names for lovers

Do you keep cute pet names for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Pet names have a history, and they’re secretly special. But why do so many couples use pet names when their partner actually has a real name?

Cute pet names are definitely one of the next steps in any relationship, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter if it is cuddly-dums or loving-pumps, it’s all cute in love.

There you are, just cuddling with each other and your lover babbles out a very funny barely pronounceable word, most probably based out of your antics or body parts.

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There’s one moment of silence, followed by a chortle of laughter or a grin of embarrassment.

And the whole story unfolds with that little word, and in that quiet moment of cuddly love, you are officially given a pet name.

The world of cute pet names

Pet names. They’re so amusing and yet, so cute.

You obviously don’t want your friends to know your pet name, so you’re probably going to tell your lover something like, “Just don’t call me ‘Perky Nips’ in front of my friends, okay, Hungo?”

When you think about it, pet names have more of a meaning than just lovers’ babble.

It’s all about adding a new level of identity and intimacy to a special someone, to set apart the relationship between two people. [Read: How to have a perfect new relationship]

Why not just call your lover by their name?

Many single people ask this question and wonder aloud. But the answer’s pretty simple. When you really like something like a soft toy or someone like a lover, you want to cuddle and sink into that person or thing. You feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and you’re filled with joy and happiness. Your instincts recreate a scenario where you feel like a blissful baby, lost for words and feel euphoric and helpless, just like how you babble when you’re drunk!

At times like these, you end up saying something out loud. And in most cases, it’s got something to do with your lover’s body parts during afterplay or the way your lover makes you feel. It may be a stupid word, but it’s still filled with all the emotions that you could sum up in that happy moment. [Read: How to be happy in a relationship]

Cute pet names and love

Pet names are a lot like general nicknames, but in this case, it’s a lot more personal and special. It’s something that defines your relationship. It may be from a friend, a sibling or a lover. The fact that this person considers you special enough to give you a name that’s personal and has a special importance between you both reveals a lot about how special you are to them.

And all these names are a part of the complicated language of love. The language of love is universal, but it definitely comes in several dialects. One couple who find it cute to call each other “num-nums” may find another couple calling each other “honey-pot” stupid. [Read: 25 cute romantic gestures for everyday life]

Cute pet names and men

A man may feel that pet names are a feminine thing, so even if he was using any special words to call his girl, he may refrain from using them in public. Let’s just say, a man feels like he’s wearing frilly pink skirts when he’s caught using pet names in public. That’s usually the case, unless the guy has some macho-stud nickname for his woman like ‘girlie’, ‘babe’ or ‘chick’, which is comfortably used even in front of others.

On the other hand, women become real babies when it comes to love and cute pet names. They tend to baby talk a lot more than men. And they don’t mind doing that in public either. Well, that’s in most cases anyways.

There are no sources here, but it seems like women started calling their men by a pet name, and this trend eventually rubbed off on men. After all, women are a lot better connected to their inner child and feelings of love than men.

Cute pet names and ex lovers

Men and women apart, pet names themselves too have their own problems. There are a few pet names that are universal, like ‘honey’, ‘baby’ and ‘cutie’, and there are a few pet names that are non-transferable. If you’ve called someone by a particular name earlier, there’s no way you’re ever supposed to use the same pet name with your present partner. Not only would it feel weird, it’s like calling out an ex’s name in bed, don’t you think? [Read: Things to talk about in a perfect relationship]

Pet names are personal

It’s always easy to go with widely accept names like ‘sweetheart’ and ‘honey’, but you have to remember that a cute pet name is personal and special. If you still don’t have a pet name for each other, don’t worry about it. Pet names have a tendency of just popping up out of the blue. And when you hear a pet name, you’ll know. Don’t force a pet name out just to fit in. Wait for it to come naturally.

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All said and done, pet names are special and romantic. It’s personal and no lover really cares if others don’t get what the word means. As long as lovers feels special and cared for, cute pet names are here to stay!

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25 thoughts on “Cute Pet Names: How to Pick the Right Kind of Personal Pet Name”

  1. sup lovepanky,u guys r realy doing gud work,pls kip it up,love u all

  2. samantha says:

    well i like this guy but he is mad cause i told people thta i was talking the relationship is more like talking but he is always telling me he likes me that he just wants to get to know me does he really another thing that i think is making him take so lonqq is that he asked me if i was a virgin i tols hiim no i then aske him and he is he tells me that he wants his first sexual partner he wants it to be me should i move on a leave him or should i stay in this to see where it goes from here??????? help me please!!!!!!

  3. Alexei says:

    I call my girlfriend a duck, she calls me panda. haha

  4. bangbang says:

    my husband calls me “toinx” because t’was my favorite expression, so I call him “toinx two”, he he

  5. Ik123 says:

    He calls me monkey….. Is that bad???

  6. sypher says:

    I laughed for a long time when i read your comment, i wished i couid see your face, i think its soo funny to call your partner monkey but could be offensive, i guess it depends on how he sees it.

  7. Kensino says:

    Ma galfriend calls me “Pumpkin” or “Baby boo”, cute right???

  8. phantom says:

    My gf calls me swtypie, hearthrob, or “my champion”. . I call her my hrtbeat. . .

  9. dorty says:

    i luv everytin dat has been said on dis page…..i ve learnt alot…hw to make my relationship work out very well….luv u all

  10. Jen says:

    I call my man bubs or bubba for some reason even though he is tall and skinny/muscular. Bubba sounds like a chubby bunny or something but really I meant to call him baby and bubby came out ; then that transformed to bubs then bubba . And when I’m being “funny” I’ll call him boobie.

    Now the thing we both giggle about mostly is what I call his “unit” in the bedroom .

    “Gonzo” Do you remember ganzo from The muppets? Girls, look at your mans penis when it’s flaccid and imagine it blue, doesn’t it look like ganzo’s noes ?? Ha! Mine does:)

    Sorry if it’s TMI but I’m an open book, and pet names for even these parts of us create more intamacy, and also help a person who may be intimidated by such things lessen the intimidation factor.

  11. precious says:

    My gf is asking me what to call her…she calls me boo boo. But I don’t know what to call her..pls help!!!

  12. Juventude says:

    that he would do anything to get back with me and i didn’t rpsnoed because I don’t want to be with him.And last night he texted me asking how i was doing and stuff and i told him i was doing fine and he said he was doing fine too but he missed me and then he texted me hey i’ll hit you up later when my girl isn’t texting me. So last night and a little bit this morning i was wondering what he meant.This morning he texted me a few times and I didn’t reply until he accidentally sent me a text saying hey i had fun last night, i love you. He told me he meant to send it to his girlfriend. I didn’t ask who his girlfriend was because I didn’t really care. So he was talking to me about how awesome his girlfriend is and I was acting happy for him because if I acted pissy about it then it would make me look bad. So then he randomly started calling me ugly and gross and stuff and I acted like it didn’t phase me. I mean it hurt my feelings a little but I don’t think i’m ugly. It makes my blood boil and i want to tell him what i really think of him.My friend thinks that he is just trying to play games with me and make me jealous so I beg for him back, I mean it sounds like something he would do but I don’t know. I just want him to leave me alone.So what i’m asking is that whats the right thing to do in this situation? Should i yell at him and call him ugly, continue what i was doing or something else?Please help.

  13. bcr says:

    @Juventude it’s easier said than done, but just forget about him.

    it might not have been him who was sending the insulting texts, but it was definitely him who told you that he’d only text you after he’s finished texting his girlfriend. this means he is either:

    1) putting you second, stringing you along.
    2) trying to make you jealous.

    “a boy makes his girl jealous of other women. a gentleman makes other women jealous of his girl.”

    if you were his girlfriend, i would bet everything i’ve got that he’d be sending countless salacious texts to other girls behind your back. so let him play his stupid games with somebody else. play it smart and you’ll eventually find a guy who puts you first in everything he does. it might take a week, a year or even longer, but it’ll happen 🙂

  14. AliLou says:

    I call my boyfriend Bubba, (Which I have been instructed not to call him in public!) Papa goose, Darling or pumpkin bum! In return I get Wifey, Bubba goose, Darling and Cutie bum! Too cute right?? Or am I nuts?? Hehe

  15. MarieClare says:

    I call him Nicky. He calls me Berrywinkle

  16. cynthia says:

    i call him HOTTY or SEXY and my calls me HIDDEN TREASURE, BABY and WIFFFYYY

  17. dune says:

    i call my girlfirend lovepanky xD im serious i kind of stole her 2 years ago from a guy who treated her like shit .. i got all moves from this site so i start calling her lovepanky and she loves it , always smiles about it hehe

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