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9 Awesome Alternatives to the Overused Couple Shirts

couples tee shirt

In a world run by hipsters and contemporary snobs, donning the overused couple shirt is social suicide. Don’t be a cliché, and opt for these instead.

The last thing you want to do is to be a walking, talking cliché. If you didn’t get the memo, couple shirts are so over. Even matching themes are slowly making their way out the door. Remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s denim ensemble? If you don’t, then lucky you.

No matter where you are in the world, you won’t escape cheesy professions of love. From Shanghai to Timbuktu, couples from all walks of life and generations have found ways to tell everyone from their best friend to their neighbor’s dog that they are taken.

Today, it is more about subtlety. Think along the lines of Britain’s Duchess Kate and Prince William. Small touches like her wearing a burgundy belt and him wearing a tie of the same color are the way to go. Simplicity is key when trying to look the part of a happy couple on the same wavelength. As wonderful as it is to parade your love for each other in public, there is no reason why you cannot do it in an elegant manner. [Read: 11 truly corny signs you’re made for each other]

The classy way of telling the world that you’re a couple

Whether you want to express your love for each other through fashion, travel add ons, or the internet, here are 9 awesome alternatives to the overused couple shirts.

Get fashionable

As many fashion bloggers and gurus will tell you, your fashion sense is a reflection of who you are and the best way for people to gauge just what sort of person you are. If you’re in a relationship and want to scream to the masses that you’re taken sans doing any actual screaming, here are some great alternative ways to express yourself. Accessorize away!

#1 Matching sneakers. Instead of focusing on what’s on top, move further south, and settle on matching sneakers. Every major sporting shoe producer makes a version for men and women, so you won’t have any trouble at all finding pairs that you both adore.

If matching sneakers are not your thing, but you still want to collaborate in a unique and fun way, then why not try matching laces? This way, you can still customize your look without actually forking out hundreds of dollars for a matching pair of sneakers.

#2 Bumper stickers. Who would have thought that bumper stickers could be a cool form of professing your love? Instead of donning cheesy shirts, spice it up by heading online and ordering matching bumper stickers for your car, bike, skateboard, or whatever you use to commute to and fro.

If you’re a public transport aficionado, you can stick it on your laptop, notebook, or anything else that you can easily show off to the masses. From matching stickers that you can pick from available lists, to customizing one as a couple, go wild, and have fun picking something that perfectly embodies your relationship.

#3 Phone covers. Another awesome alternative to the overused couple shirts is to get matching phone covers. It doesn’t have to be something flashy or cheesy with each other’s faces plastered all over. Imagine the look on your client’s face when you bust out your phone during an important meeting, and they’re greeted with your lover’s face *and more*.

You can opt for something simple and classy, and customize it according to your tastes. From something sweet like each other’s favorite quotes to pictures that mean something to both of you, phone covers are certainly a fun and quirky way to let the whole world know you’re in love without actually screaming it out loud. [Read: 12 things you do as a couple that’ll leave everyone envious]

#4 His and her watches. You can also think about investing in his and her watches. Every major brand from Rolex to Swatch offers something for him and her. Usually, the only difference is in the watches’ face size. Head out to a brick and mortar store, and spend the afternoon picking out what epitomizes the two of you, or spend a naked Sunday scrolling through the myriad options available online. For an extra sweet touch, get your watches engraved.

Travel as a pair

Travel feeds the soul, and there’s no better way to experience this big, beautiful world than with your lover. If both of you love traveling, here are some fun ways that you can collaborate, so that everyone you come across, no matter what language they speak, will know that you’re a pair.

#1 Matching bandannas. Forget matching t-shirts and opt for something funkier. Ever considered matching bandannas? You don’t have to run around Europe with one on your head like a pirate. There are dozens of ways to stylishly don a bandanna. From using it as a neck protector from the sun to a handy first-aid tourniquet, you will be surprised at this handy cloth’s many uses. Plus, you and your lover will have something on you at all times that matches.

#2 Identical luggage. If you have never watched The Amazing Race, then you need to do so just to check out the fashion. Although what’s donned by the contestants are not Paris Fashion Week-worthy, you will still get a rough idea of how you can dress as a couple while traveling.

You can opt for anything and everything from matching backpacks to snazzy windbreakers. Why not kick it up a notch, and go luggage shopping? If you don’t want to overdo it, settle for matching luggage tags, at least. Nothing is more adorable than toting matching travel items together.

#3 Matching passport holders. Everywhere from quirky Japanese-themed cutesy stores to Gucci offers passport holders. There isn’t even any need for you to head over to a store or mall to pick what you like. Just head online and knock your socks off. Some sites even offer customizations, so you can pick and choose everything, from the lining material to what you want to engrave or stamp on it.

Impulse buyers will tell you that even at 40,000 feet in the air, you will be able to get your hands on cool passport holders. Just flip through the in-flight shopping magazine, and take your pick. [Read: 8 tips to have a great time when you travel as a couple]

Go digital

In today’s day and age where everything is ruled by the web, nothing can publicize your love for each other more than the internet. Some people may shy from this much publicity, whereas others revel in it. So depending on which side of the spectrum you’re on, going digital may just be the way to go. [Read: How to be romantic to your sweetheart without being cheesy]

#1 Joint Instagram account. Set up a joint Instagram with your lover, and post images of things that you see, do, eat, and experience together. This works especially well if you’re a wanderlust-laden couple and have plenty of exciting adventures worth hashtagging. Just remember to keep your posts PG rated.

#2 Couples travelogue. Another great way to move into the new age and profess your love through an unconventional method is by starting an online travelogue. Similar to the Instagram account suggested above, this travelogue should be something that both of you contribute to.

From pictures to posts to tips and tricks, share with your friends and family all the information and stories from your travels and everyday life. Doing stuff together as a couple and sharing your experiences is certainly one of the best alternatives to the overused couple shirts.

[Read: 11 things couples should quit doing online]

No matter how you choose to express your love for one another to the world, remember that at the end of the day, there’s really no need for it. The most important person you have to please and impress is your partner, and so long as they know that you love them, you’re good to go.

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Lianne Choo
Lianne Choo
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5 thoughts on “9 Awesome Alternatives to the Overused Couple Shirts”

  1. Kelsey says:

    I love the idea of matching phone covers. I hadn’t thought of something like that before reading this. We’re both apart a lot as he works in construction, so regularly has to hit the road for a week or two at a time, but we always make time for one another by texting away the nights. A matching phone cover would be a great way to highlight that commitment and love without breaking the bank for something flashy and unnecessary. I think I’m going to go check some ideas and designs out right now. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Renny1 says:

    Couples who find the need to show their love to the masses is sweet. They want to share and profess their commitment to the world. I think that matching attire can be corny and overdone. I do however think that watches or technology based pairings do remind each other and everyone else what matters. It is a clear reminder that love is worth the not so cool attempts at showing it.

  3. hans says:

    My partner and I like to dress up with the same color scheme. If she’s wearing red, I’ll wear something red. If she wears something green, I wear something green. You get the idea. It doesn’t have to be the same shade, we just have to complement each other. It literally got the attention of most people after a while seeing us all unique. We never like to be like other couples. We live in an age where it’s so hard to stand out, so we found a way we could be different and at the same time where whatever we want. We don’t need to have the same logo on our shirts to prove we’re in a relationship.

  4. couple boring says:

    I actually like having natural tones of color that we both wear and we’re just more comfortable that way. Also, we find it kind of cheesy to try to hard to stand out from the crowd with those disgusting generic couple shirts. We really despise couples who makes a big deal out of it.

  5. Steve says:

    I often buy things that come in pair; so that me and gf can flaunt them. It makes us feel connected. We have same pair of shoes and watches and we always wear them at the same time. She loves it when i buy things for her. My advice to all those new lovers is that make sure that you give your other half surprises; she would definitely love that and will return the favor in a very sweet way.

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