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adorably awkward moments in a new relationship
The 20 Cutest, Most Adorably Awkward Moments In A New Relationship

New relationships have a lot of firsts and a lot of awkward ones at that. These are the most adorably awkward moments in a new relationship.

how to express love
How to Express Love: 12 Ways to Share Love without Using Words

Most of us are taught to say “I love you” when we want to know how to express love to someone. But there are ways without words that show you care.

how to describe love

How to Describe Love: The Different Kinds and How to Decipher Them

It’s in all of the songs you listen to, the movies and shows you watch, and the books you read, but when asked how to describe love, how would you do it?

first relationship advice

First Relationship Advice: 13 Things You Wish You Knew Already

First relationship? You’re probably really excited. But if you want it to last, then pay attention to this first relationship advice. You’ll need it.

when you miss your boyfriend

15 Things to Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend & Can’t Talk to Him

It’s really hard to sit there and do nothing when you miss your boyfriend. Being able to connect in some way is better than basking in your misery.

Funny Relationship Goals

10 Funny Relationship Goals That Are Just Too Real & Relatable

We’ve all see those posts about what a relationship should really look like but THESE are the funny relationship goals you actually need to have.

getting married young

Getting Married Young: The Best Things About Marrying Young

Marriage brings great joy at any time in your life, but getting married young has its own unique challenges and joys. What can you expect?

how to tell if you're in love

How to Tell if You’re in Love: 15 Clues If You’ve Never Been in Love

Many people claim they’re in love and have found the one. But if you’ve never been in love, here’s how to tell if you’re in love and what it feels like.

pillow talk

Pillow Talk: The Best Way to Create Emotional Intimacy & Bonding

Couples create intimacy through sexual connection, but they also need to be emotionally tied. Pillow talk is an excellent way to grow your bond closer.

you know you're in love when

You Know You’re in Love When… You Do These 30 Nutty Things

Falling in love is the best. But how do you know it’s real? Well, you know you’re in love when you experience these 30 crazy feelings of love.

platonic marriage

Is Platonic Marriage Real? 10 Reasons to Marry as Just Friends

Not all marriages are between people who are madly in love. Plenty of people have a platonic marriage. Here’s why they may have chosen that route.

what does love feel like

What Does Love Feel Like? 20 Feelings You Experience Through Love

What does love feel like? Is it butterflies or misery? Check out these 20 signs to know what it’s like to fall in love and how it feels!