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The 30 Day Love Test – Ready for the Gift of Love?

30 day love test

Over the years, you may have taken your partner for granted or the chemistry may have slowly slumped to a standstill. But you can change all that with this test of love. Are you ready to take this test?

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This is your solution to everlasting love. It’s not about splurging at swanky restaurants or buying expensive presents, but the things you do to each other to keep that love going strong. If you were wooing this perfect partner, what would you do? You would take an additional initiative to make this person feel good, buy those flowers or write down little notes of love, etc. etc.

Now ask yourself why you aren’t doing this to your partner already? You know that the person you are with now is the perfect person you’ve always wanted to be with when you both started seeing each other. Why are you different now? Is it because you’re too much in love to try impressing them anymore or is it because you just don’t care? Accept it, whatever may be your excuse, the actual fact is that you just don’t care. The negative score of your partner has shot way above the point where you don’t care, or don’t bother anymore. It’s not a bad thing though. It can happen to the best of partners.

The Test

For the next thirty days, do everything that you would do to a new flame.

Remember the days when you were young in love, when you tried doing so much just to keep your partner happy. Do all of that and more. Firstly, make a list of all the things that you would have done to your partner if you had to woo them all over again. Imagine it’s a new love interest. Do everything on your list, and do it as often as you would with your perfect partner. Don’t tell your partner what you are doing until a month has passed. By doing this exercise, you will give your partner, as well as your relationship, the best gift they could receive. In most cases, your partner will spontaneously begin to be more loving and thoughtful in return.

You would be surprised to see how happy you would feel, and how, with each passing day, you would just think of more little ways to please your partner better.

Why does it Work?

Love is a very special feeling, though strange at times. When you begin to fall in love, the feeling just gets better and better. And the best part is that, love returns love. When you love your sweetheart, your sweetheart will only love you better. Unselfish love will always resonate in the heart of your lover. Many of us practice ego-centered love, we withhold and will not give any more until we feel we have received enough to compensate us for our efforts in advance.

When you love your partner in an ideal manner, just the way they want to be loved, they intuitively understand our need and feel grateful and even lucky to be with you. This is the exact love that you feel when you first fall in love, your heart opens up with all the love you have to share, and being thoughtful comes easily.

The New Beginning

Take this simple test and see your love change forever, and all for the better. The reason why this works so well is that, in the beginning, we fall in love, and give so much of this intense feeling out to our partner. We wait for them to return. The feelings may come back, until the scores get uneven. When the feelings stop coming back, you stop giving your partner more of your love. Love always begins with an infatuation. When the infatuation ends, true love falls in place and the real relationship begins. And in the real relationship, the loving gestures don’t come through infatuations, but by effortless loving acts. So begin afresh and shower your true love with gestures and feelings that you had hidden away for so long, and for once, throw that score card away for good.

Don’t tell your partner what you are doing until a month has passed. By doing this exercise, you will give your partner, as well as your relationship, the best gift they could receive.

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4 thoughts on “The 30 Day Love Test – Ready for the Gift of Love?”

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  2. Kristina says:

    I doted on my guy, showered him with romance, gave him his space, small gestures of love, was loyal, worked hard at things in my own life, stayed slim, healthy, and pretty, and supported his aspirations. I gave him six months to reciprocate.

    Nothing. Not one present, arrived at my door empty handed every single time. Not one diinner out. Went dutch for six months. He told me over and over he loved me. And you know what? They were empty words that held no weight. He put zero effort into our relationship. Skipped my birthday, Xmas, 6 month anniversary. No exaggeration.

    I hung on because we had fun but one person cannot carry all the weight. I disagree with the author. If you aren’t getting anything in return, you need to exit the relationship, because it will not change. If it does it will be for a day or two, or you will be placated with those empty words again.

    Leave. Find someone who can show you love and appreciates what you do for them. Life is too short.

  3. Bea says:

    Sometimes all you need is an honest talk, especially in Kristina’s case. If you try extra hard to be nice and romantic and get nothing back, speak up! I did and with lovely results. Something along the lines of “I feel like I’m the one always setting up our dinners. It would be really nice if you’d do it somtime, choose the place, date and ask me out. Those kinds of things make me feel loved and cared for”
    In my case, my boyfriend really didn’t know it was not okay, he thought I liked it better like this, if I chose the places and dates most convenient to me. After knowing how it made me feel extra special when he did that for me, he started doing it more often 🙂

  4. Mandy says:

    I have found my gift of love and I found that with my sammy. I just love him and he loves me. There isn’t any other better way to explain it. WE just can’t explain in words how much we truly love for each other. No amount of actions can really quantify my love for him and I know that he loves me more than I love him. I just wish that there was a way that we could get past his parents because his parents are just too strict on him. I still love his family nevertheless. I have been accepted in their family, we;re just finding a way to tell them we are going to get married.

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