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True Love Stories – My True Love

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Have you ever had a crush in school that lasted years? Were you ever able to sum up the courage to ask your crush out, or tell them how you feel? Here’s one of the sweetest true love stories that lasted years and took a whole new turn in the end.

The unfolding of all true love stories

Today I met him, the boy in the middle of this whole love story.

Back in eight grade of my schooling, I had a huge crush on him.

Actually, when I say huge, it’s a complete understatement. I had a gargantuan crush on that guy.

It was like one of those fairytale love stories your grandmother would have made up, to convince you to get married.

I believed in that fairytale. I believed in love, and him, just as much.

During my pinky frilly days (minus the pink and frill, realistically I was a tomboy), I was the goon in school, and a good one at that.

I bullied my schoolmates who picked on nice kids like me. You know the ones, spotty, wearing cheap plastic glasses that covered more than just the eyes, the whole face really.

As cool as we considered ourselves to be, in reality my friends and I were actually the dorky geeks of the school. My pals and I were uncool and shunned by the so called “cooler people”.

On the contrary, the teachers loved geeks like me. We had the best grades, the simplest hairstyles and we were the best-behaved children. But I was also good at sports. Sports were given a lot of importance in our school and sportsmen in my school were like the quarterbacks in Hollywood teen movies. They were the idols. My spectacles never came between me and my star status. Until I fell in love.

If you were to ask me about the whole deal now, I would call it silly.

But then, I never felt silly. It was a serious and dramatic chapter for me in my life.

The beginning of my true love story

I remember the day when I first saw him and it feels like it was just yesterday. My friends and I were walking on the loggia and then, just like in one of the H-Town mush movies, time just stood still. The dry leaves stopped in midair and so did the rest of the world. He was coming from the other side with his pals. He was so handsome, so dashing and so all that. Who was he? He was a senior, and two years older than me. I got to know that later that day. [Read: Understanding the emotions of love at first sight]

Where there is a will, there is a way, especially when it comes to information. I was in eighth grade and he was in tenth grade. Wow! His class was very close to the ladies’ room. I started frequenting the loo so much that my teacher had to send me to the sick room to check if I had some bladder infection. She was right, I did have an infection. It was love.

Within no time I had all the information about him. He had an elder brother who was married. He lived near the city hall. And he went by the route ‘3′ bus. Sadly, I went home by route ‘1′ bus.

I tried going once by route ‘3′ bus. He was there, reclining in the back seats, talking and flirting with his girlfriends. It wasn’t a pleasant sight. To make things worse, going by route ‘3′ meant that I had to walk four miles back home. [Read: The ten types of love you’ll experience in life]

I wanted him to know that I liked him but at times, I wanted the secret to die with me. Now I wonder if that was limerence or true love I was feeling for him. I guess there was that bit of girliness underneath my skin of a tomboy. How could I tell him, should I even tell him, and other questions along those lines became more important to me than algebra and differentiation.

I loved him, I was sure of that then. I wanted to marry him and live happily ever after. All this, without ever knowing whether there was a girl in his life or whether he would ever like me. I was pretty sure he would like me. He was supposed to. Everyone liked me. Why wouldn’t he? I could never summon the courage to tell him.

The days passed and I passed into my ninth grade. Now I was a big girl who was trying to hide the tomboy in the closet. I was a girl who was trying to be a girl. I grew my hair despite my battles with the comb. My skirt got shorter and my socks got lower. Although I wasn’t allowed to wax in my traditional school, I didn’t have to worry about that. I had great legs. I wanted to lure him with my beauty. I was beautiful although I wore glasses. [Read: How to seduce a guy who isn’t yours]

In ninth grade, my class ended up being the one opposite his and I didn’t have to frequent the loo to see him anymore. One time, he got a sty in his eye and I felt like I had one too, the whole week. I had two Valentine’s Day cards, two get-well-soon cards, and one Congratulations card when he won the Badminton’s Title. Although I never gave any of them to him. And how could I have given it to him, he didn’t even know that I loved him.

The first conversation of love

But I was certain that he knew about my secret love story, how could he not know that I loved him when the whole world knew it. The sky, the trees, the earth, my badminton racquet that I picked up when I knew it was his favorite game, and all my friends. How could he be so ignorant of my eyes which were so full of love and my heart which sighed every time I saw him?

I never tried to conceal my love, but I didn’t want to force him to love me. I had walked half the distance for him and wanted him to cross the rest. I knew he would come. Every year, a sports tournament was organized by the school and students from all the schools across the country participated in it. It was a big event in September. It was a very exciting experience and the perfect platform to meet new faces and a chance to express your crush, love and… whatever!

I was being desperate and itching to shed the goody-two-shoes. If only I could tell him, everything would settle. Feminism was in, a lot of girls ask guys out, and I was not an alien. [Read: How to get a guy to ask you out in 9 sneaky ways]

I made up my mind to tell him in the Badminton court. I had kept a nice frock for the occasion. I wore it, tied my hair in a ponytail, applied home-stolen scarlet lipstick, and my aunt’s heels (which were way too big for me). I was ready to dispatch myself for the mission.

He was there as expected, like the Prince Charming of Cinderella. And I was his Cinderella, only without the glass slippers. Or so I thought. I went to the court where he was practicing and occupied a corner. He was playing and I had to wait for him. He looked at me and I waved. He turned away, no hints there. I stood there for an hour and he was still playing. Why can’t he stop for a minute and listen to me? Maybe he wanted to meet me alone and so was pretending to play.

My mind was working furiously. But I could see that he wasn’t focused on the game as he was missing many shots. He walked up to me. “Hey, whom are you waiting for?”

“Y…ouu…” All I could manage to say, after stuttering for a minute.

“Me, why?” he asked in mock surprise. By then I had summoned all my courage, enough to tell him that it was important to talk to him alone and somewhere less public. So we were walking together. He was eying me intensely. I got the heebie jeebies, and yet, it excited me. It was a difficult walk, as my heels were too big for me. But I loved it, the walk. After walking a while, he stopped abruptly. “What do you want from me?”

“You” I blurted without hesitation. Cheesy and ego shattering, but what can a ninth grader say when all they used to watch back in those days was Animal Planet. He was amused. Oh wow, he likes me. “You are kidding, right?” he asked me. I could only shake my head for no.

“So is that why you’re wearing a Christmas frock in September and putting on scarlet lipstick. To lure me for a date? You look like a fool. Didn’t you see the mirror before coming here? Go home and put that lipstick in your locker if you want to attract a boy sometime in your life. You’re a child and I don’t date children.”

[Read: Reasons why a guy could reject a girl]

The end of love as I knew it

Snip, snip… with each word that he uttered, he was snipping away all the confidence I ever had. He walked away. I sat on the ground. I didn’t know when I got back home. I could never love again. I was shattered. A year passed but my love for him never changed even after his harsh words.

I loved him the same way I did the first day I saw him. That love had made me a real girl. My friends too had grown up. A very dear friend of mine used to travel in the same school bus as he did. She was more beautiful than me. And she didn’t wear glasses. She got friendly with him. It was done with a purpose to bring him to me. There was a ray of hope at last. But instead of bringing him to me, she hooked up with him. They fell in love with each other. [Read: Experiencing unrequited love]

Time passed by and I really grew up this time. I passed my years with good grades. My friend and he were still together. I was still friends with her too. To pursue my education, I went to the big city where my parents lived. But the memories of my small town dorms and him were with me all the time. Could I ever forget him? When I first got to my parent’s place, I didn’t like the big city. It was just too big. And there were no things such as friendship, everyone was in his or her own boat rowing on to crush others.

A true love story rekindled

But then I clung close to my parents and I loved it. I was tuned to my studies and made myself forget the whole heart-breaking “trauma” of my teen years. Do you think I could ever make the folly of falling in love again? I never did believe I would.

But I did fall in love again. There was this guy, my neighbor. For the first time in my life I was a girly girl who actually was hogging all the stares of the men from Mars, and vicious green stares from Venusian eyes. For the first time in my life, I started flirting. “Harmless flirting”, that’s what one of my cousins called it. My neighbor was very handsome and I could say, quite interested too. [Read: Tips to flirt without really flirting]

So we started our little game of “harmless flirting”. We would look at each other and smile. But there was nothing more than that. No words. He was good, with words (gestures actually, as we never spoke to each other) and I was mesmerized by his eyes. I never thought that I could fall in love all over again. I was a veteran in love long before it was time to be one.

I had left everything of my past behind, even the phone numbers and addresses of my friends. I was happy with my new found flirting partner. I had my future clearly etched for me. I would study hard as I always did, get a job and would flirt with him for a change, if he ever remained around that long.

I was going through a blank frame of mind for a few days and the occasional veranda flirt also failed to cheer me up. So I completely avoided going out on the balcony for two days. One time, as I was sauntering home after school, I saw him. My flirting friend. Whoa, what was he doing here? He waved his hands and gestured towards me. I felt like I was in a stupor, I went to him. “Where were you the last two days?” he asked.

So he could use his mouth to communicate. Interesting.

“I was wondering if something happened to you”, he added.

“No, I am fine”, I managed to say. It was one thing to flirt from your balcony, but a completely different thing to talk to him, that too in front of your school. “Wanna have coffee?” he asked all of a sudden. “Uhm, oh, ok” Whew, I could talk to him too, though in monosyllables. He took me to a café. I was on my first date. [Read: Signs that a guy is into you]

My first date with love

My first date, and I was so not ready for it! There I was on my first date. The worst part was that he was looking so handsome. And he was talking to me like he knew me for years. I was too busy thinking. He was asking why he didn’t see me on the balcony the last two days. I just shrugged my shoulder and said, “Blame my shitty mood”. I couldn’t believe that I had cussed in front of him. Ding Ding! Minus two hundred points!

My first date was converting into a disaster and I was the jackass axing the branch I was sitting on. Believe it or not, surprisingly, it didn’t end in a disaster. He asked me out and we met frequently afterwards. He was pursuing a graduate degree. And I got to know much more about him and his family as the time passed. His name is Andrew. Not a romantic name. [Read: How to be a great date all the time]

But today I can tell you that he is the most romantic person in the world. He is responsible for bringing out the lost confidence in me and I am not afraid to be myself with him. He is mine and I could ask for nothing more. He proposed to me and it was the best day of my life. Of course, I accepted and we’re going to get married soon.

Just last month, my first crush tracked me down on Facebook. He got my number from one of my old classmates and called me up. He was in the city and wanted to meet. Why? Just like that, an acquaintance with an old friend was what he said. He was begging me to meet him. I told him that I would meet him at a café the next evening. I was so not looking forward to meeting him though.

When I discussed it with my fiancé, he told me to go and meet the guy. “Talking has never killed anyone and as long as your old love story doesn’t rekindle, I have no issues.” He was teasing me. That “old love story” had failed to revive after all those long years. I wasn’t even able to remember his full name.

After work the next day, I went to meet this guy. Surprisingly, I was able to recognize him. He hadn’t changed one bit. But something was different this time, I wasn’t feeling that tingle. Nothing. Zilch. It felt like he was just a stranger that I had bumped into for a conversation. Perhaps I had grown up or perhaps the pages of my love story were filled with another man’s name.

I wasn’t feeling any bitterness towards him either. The half hour with him felt like a business meeting. No emotions or fake emotions exchanged. I couldn’t even understand why he even wanted to meet me. We were never friends. When I told him that I was engaged, he seemed shocked.

“You can’t do that to me, I like you a lot!” he said all of a sudden. [Read: How men really fall in love]

“What do you mean by that?”

His reaction was a surprise to me. “Your scarlet lipstick looks good on you,” he reminded me, hoping to rekindle that day when I was crazy about him.

But it hit me the other way, and the pain of that evening came rushing back to me. I just looked at him, blankly. “I don’t want you to live in the past.” I wasn’t able to hold back words this time around.

“It was just a childhood crush. Please don’t take it seriously. I am fine with my life and have no clue why you’re bringing this up, and now, after all these years. I am happy with my partner and wish you can find someone nice for yourself too. Please don’t get in touch with me again. Good luck with your life.” I told him and rushed home to meet my love.

We can all fall in love plenty of times, but there’s always that one special time when we come across a perfectly true love story in your own life. [Read: How to get the perfect boyfriend]

So don’t be afraid to fall in love, and don’t ever give up on it, because romantic true love stories may seem like a fairytale, but they’re usually always waiting for you right around the corner.

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27 thoughts on “True Love Stories – My True Love”

  1. Jeremy says:

    True and big love, this sounds familiar to me. Unfortunately I met my true love when was too late. I don’t know what will happen between us. Would we keep the magic and love alive or break it in marriage in the future, only God knows.

  2. Rebina Jacob says:

    Whew, that was long and sweet story.

  3. Alex Brown says:

    I am a single parent with a kid, in middle age. I have suffered from the infidelity of my ex husband. Could there be chance to get true love with trust as a basic unit? I want to find and meet someone to share the laughter and fun, not tearful anymore. Could God ever hear my prayer?

  4. Lucas says:

    I always believed in a true love, but I also give a 90% to the fact that relationships are not self maintained and there is a lot of work to apply.

  5. bohol says:

    This kind of story comes once in a lifetime. It reminds us of The Notebook movie. Love, with faith, makes things possible.

  6. Carl says:

    My true love and my biggest love, I wish one day I will be again with her. We have shared and speak, she told me that I am her biggest love. I told her that she is my biggest love, but it is very complicated and now we are not together. I am married and she have boyfriend. Meeting each other sometimes, as I said, I hope I will be together with her again and may be marry for her.

  7. Demi says:

    “they’re usually always waiting for you right around the corner.”
    NOT FOR ME! I’M FOREVER ALONE! Boys do NOT like me… 🙁

  8. joshua says:

    i like this girl but i have a girlfriend.:( i dont know what to do. the girl i like is older than me but she is beautiful. what should i do?

  9. carmel villamor says:

    i desire and believe that one day, i found a real guy for me….

  10. Randi says:

    My story has a very similar beginning, but a VERY different “ending”, if you want to call it that. My first big crush began at the age of 13, in the year 2000, on a young man who went to a slightly bigger school than mine, in a slightly bigger town than mine. By “bigger” I mean Chillicothe had a Wal Mart, a few fast food places, some nicer restaurants and a population of about 9,000. Compared to Hale’s 480.
    My family always went to the Hy-Vee grocery store to buy our meat and to rent movies on the weekends and I first saw HIM stocking shelves in the canned goods aisle. He was tall, lanky, with a typical male teenager’s build. He was not muscular or drop-dead gorgeous, but his brilliant blue eyes were the most captivating I had ever seen. I never really got much info on him other than that he went to high school in Chillicothe and was in their show choir. He performed once at my school’s academic banquet. I spent the entire night trying hard not to drool in my mashed potatoes. I thought about him ceaselessly, wondering if I ever crossed his mind. Wondering what it would be like to sit with him, talk to him, hold his hand, and most importantly, kiss him. I wanted to tell him so badly how I felt, or even just get up the courage to say hello, but I never could. I was too scared.
    In the almost-three years that my crush continued, I only spoke to him once. And that was because he almost stepped on me as I was sitting on the floor pretending to read a book. His sexy voice was as smooth as butter. I dreamt of hearing him whisper “I love you,” more often than I would like to admit.
    And then, at the end of my freshman year of high school, he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found in Hy-Vee ever again. I was devastated. I never even got his name.

    I met the man-who-is-now-my-husband, Andrew (ironic huh?), three years later. I was just shy of 19, and he had just turned 22. I’ve NEVER been the girly type, and have always preferred fishing, hunting and playing video games to any kind of shopping or parties or whatever. But evidently I turned out to be his dream girl. We truly are a pair unlike any other, perfect for each other in every way.

    It was around three years after we had been dating, eating dinner at his parents’ house one night, that I discovered what had become of my high school crush. Andrew was downstairs with his father. His mother and sister were watching tv in the living room, and I was bored out of my skull. I finally got up and meandered around the lounge, looking at pictures and photos placed around the room. One larger framed photo caught my eye, and I gasped in amazement when I took a closer look.
    It was the boy from Hy-Vee. There was no mistaking that scrawny build, or that tousled brown hair, and that larger-than-average nose. And those eyes. Ohmigosh those eyes. And then realization hit me like a slug to the chest. Six years, facial hair and an additional forty pounds will change a man’s appearance, but there was no mistaking that face. I was now married to the kid I’d had such a huge crush on all those years ago.

    Just a guess, but I’m pretty sure happily-ever-after is in store. 🙂

  11. Rehan says:

    I too loved for more than eight years but i don’t have an idea why did she leave and go.. I am alone thinking of her.. She ruined my whole life. I don’t understand how i am going to come out of it…. Any suggestions

  12. adelyn says:

    I do believe in love…and I love reading stories about it…though I don’t have one.

  13. Anonymous terminal loner says:

    Yeah, this is a cute story. The guy sounds like a jerk, and boy, don’t I know about jerks. Ummmm, good luck with everything.

  14. layla says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you could give me some advice? I’m a high school senior and i’ve known this guy since freshmen year and he’s always teased me, picked on me, called me names since i’ve known him. As you can guess we’re not real close friends but he always tries to sit next to me or near me when he can and it’s only fair that i treat him the way he treats me. I call him names as well and try to come up with witty come backs. Last year we had spanish together and he had to sit on the total opposite side from me but that didnt seem to stop him from asking me out in the middle of class while the teacher was trying to teach. i always told him no. He’s that guy who is the goofball and has lotsof friends, he especially knows A LOT of females.

    I always took him as trying to mess with me when he’d ask me out. He’d come up to me in spanish befor class started and try to ask me out but i would always smile and laugh when he tried and he would crack up and then tell me to stop smiling because it would mess him up. Well, after several more times of asking he finally gave up and got a girlfriend.

    Well, the second day of senior year starts and here he comes walking into Lit. class and sits straight down next to me. What Does he do? He says hey of course but i groan at seeing him out loud to be playful and he immediately insults me. I turn away from him after calling him mean and try to talk to my other friend and he pokes me on my side and tickles me, i guess trying to get my attention back. There’s always been a weird freindship between me and him, i’m just wondering if maybe this year he’ll ask me out again? If he even likes me? If i should let down my guard and give him a chance?

  15. ejlover says:

    qooo..amzing I did spent a lot of time with this love story
    It was so good!

  16. anna says:

    @joshua..it’s obvious you don’t deserve your girlfriend..because what you feel about that older girl is infatuation and nothing more than looks over substance.

  17. kiani says:

    This story is beautiful. I’m so glad you met Andrew and found true love with one another:)

    Laya, you could ask him out:) or at least tell him how you feel. Sounds like you two could make a great couple.

    Randi, Wow. what an amazing story! that’s so awesome that it was him all along. I hope you are both very happy together:)

  18. Icey says:

    wow, i can’t help myself but read your stories guys.
    happy for those who found their true love. 🙂

    layla@ why not ask him? maybe that is his way of saying he likes you 🙂 goodluck

  19. pitbull says:

    I want you so bad it drives me crazy if only it would happen my dreams would come true I need you to hold me tell me how much u love me and mean it from your heart

  20. pitbull says:

    u will never know how I realy feel

  21. fool says:

    Hi, guys I am sharing my own life experience with you people because I don’t want same thing to be happend to any other girl like me. If there is any mistake in my English please forgive me .I am shy type girl I have joined BE of my own interest. Till my 3rd year my life was good. In my colg in 6th sem placemnt have been conducted. I am 2nd topr in the class. So I got an oppurtunity to attend the intervw. That was the first day I have talked to this boy. He studied in the same class. For the first time I talked to him. He kidded me for attending the interview. He left frm colg so soon on that day. My Hod asks me to send the sample plcmnt pprs to him. I have got his no from my clsmts and asked my frd to call him and talk as in general I don’t like to talk in phone even with my family. He gave his email id so I have sent him the ques. In plcmt we both got selected. One day in my gmail one chat request came from him. That was the first time am using cht. He chated with me . Days passed he talked to me as frd. He used to tease me always as panda as I am fat and fair. He used to say me gud girl and he passes some jokes and I don’t undertsnd it . He says am Innocent and don’t be like this so ppl might cheat you .In colg he shows as he dono me. We used to talk daily. Days passed I helped him in project ,symposium.. finaly we were in last sem. We where still frds but close. I used to travel 3hrs from clg to home. His house is near clg. For last sem exam after pjt exam I took xerox of my book and went to his bus stop and given book to him. He is lazy. I dono he is using me for his work tat day he said u look beautiful in white dress. Later on last day of colg he keep on staring at me in bus stop for n hour. tat day he msgd has he has never been close to anyone as like with me. He is an orphan and he dont like his family. Even if he din get msg frm me for an hour he feel restless. He used to say he miss me . Days passed and he msg me from mrn 10 to till nigh 1 or 2. one day he said tat I have started to love him and I am a gud girl and he s an bad boy and he said plz dnt change me. He said he lovd an girl in 1st yr in my cls and that girl has left him. So he dnt trust girls. He said but I am a gud girl and so leave me.. Later he again texted and talkd to me and said just leave and let’s be frds. In my home they startd seeing alaince for me . I said him when he asked me to prepare for interview for that he fighted with me and scolded me in very bad wrds he said me as b**** I dono the meaning of those words at that time. Next week he talked to me and I said marg plan has been cancelled. He said it to me dnt call for your wedding what if I cant control my feelings more that friendhship for you than wrong will happen. Next day he said you be as dream wife, lover, gf and dnt express your feelings . I asked why did you scold me tat day.He said he dono how to avoid me and so he did like that and asked sorry. Days passed and he was searching for job as the company we got placed did not call us due to some prob between them and colg. One day he said I have came in his dream like having sex with him. He startd talking as miss u allow me to touch you them I will say whether you are fat r not. Tat day he fighted with me and left me bcz I said you wil get the rights after we get mard. Next week he said he was just testing me. I dnt have trust on him thats y I askd him to wait till marg and he said tan prove now come to my home n all. But I din go..I believed him he was just teasing me and he has tat feeling tat I would leave as his ex.. So I still talked to him , Later he went to counciling to join MBA on that day he talked to me as kissing n al for the first time in my life with all my courage I said I love him. He said I have guts to tel this. He also said I would become as timepass for him if in our home they din accept us. Again he startd to avoid me. But I believed him madly and started to love him so much. He dumps me always but I used to get back to him. He uses many bad words and I don’t know the meaning of it and I wont even scold him. I used to ask only one thing why you are doing like this. Latr time pasd and he startd comparing me with other girls and said u r not sportive u r not coming out with me. He used me for sex chat, I have talked to him as thinking as my husband. I believed him madly. I dono he is using me for purposes. One day he said u don’t come for intrv u have tech knowledge so u vil be competitor for me. I din atent any intrv for 6 months. I used to register for him in all sites and companys he gave an password should be tis in all regstrtn. Latr he got an job and selected. From tat day he completely avoided me and strtd saying am lazy I don’t have any work tats why keep on msgng him. He compared me with other girls and said me to take everyting as sportive as we just talked and we have not had any physical relation ship. But I deepley loved him. Finally he throwed me completly saying tat I wont suit for you. He blocked my number and he scolded me in many wrds. There is no other word in this world to scold. He unfrnd me in fb , blocked me in gmail. I have burnt my hand on seeing that he blocked me. Later in last new year I logged in to his id using his general password which he has given me for registing in companys. There my heart has completely broken . I can’t even realize what I was seeing. He has chatted with 2 grls from my same class. He was saying to them both that he loves them. He went out with them and using them for sex. He has touched one girl and even she does. He was cheating them. I used to msg him from my other sims and get scolding from him. I asked him he said he will sleep with anyone and it’s his wish and he said I din love you. I have just used you for purposes in clg and after clg I felt bored so used u. When I get sexual feel I used you. I dnt hve any felings on you. You are not beautiful , ur f***in red heat fat b****. I felt guilt bcoz of seeing this mail with out his permission. I tried to tell him . later he find on tat day and said he gona give a compliant on me. I said sure you can give. Then he said I wont come in ur life u to don’t come.

  22. fool says:

    I cant forget him bcoz I loved him more that anyting in this world. Even I have tried for suicide but evryting failed. I have joined night shift bpo. Only to forget him. But one day he msgd before 2 days of convocation as sorry for hurting you. I am an real fool I believed him again. I dono that it’s drama bcz during convo I should not damage his image.. Later I used to msg him and he scold and abuses me in bad words. I had left evyting for him even my self respect. I believd him he will change one day. Whenever I msg he talks to me fine for a week and again throws me off. One day he said he talked to me only bcoz of physical appearance. He asked me to talk sexually bcoz he has fever and he wants to satisfy him .I have not agreed to if so he dumped me . After an year passed and he talked to me normal. He used to msg me but I dono he is using me again. I forgot everyting and still loved him. He again used me for his sexual feeling in name of chat..and throwed me. He gave my no to his frds and asked them to correct me. He went to delhi for his work and he stayed in room and he texted me and talked to me normal . I trusted him and talked to him so close as I dono tat he is making fun of me with my messages. He has shown my msgs to his frds. He allowed his frd to msg me like he does. I believed him madly and I have talked to him thinking as my husband but the fact is hid frd msgd like him. Later he avoided me after tat day and he himself said that only his frds have msgd me. Now am full of hurted.. my heart is completely broken.. I cry everyday. For past 2 years ter is not even single day left in my life without crying and thinking about him . I still love him thats the only mistake I done. I dono why I still cant forget him even after all this. Girls I have shared this bcz dnt be innocent plz dun believe when someone says anyting. First check whether they are true dnt fall for someone only by their words. Think what did they have done to as, to be frank he has not done anything to me. He does not care when an unwell. He used too much of abused words and even scolded my family . I have not expected anyting from him expect his love for me. But I helped him many times. Result is pain. Please be conscious girls. I don’t want anyone to get hurted and bear the pain as same like me again. Thanks for reading frds. All the best for your life. Hope you guys should be happy always.

  23. INMATE HOUSING 2 says:

    MY BUTTERRFLY , MY ALWAYS& FOREVER. to be a butterfly is a gods given thing, when we are soaring in too the air, our arms become, our wings like too heavens jammed as one thank you father for send me brought hope to me to life, ones more! my ears to hear, my eyes too see your love you have for me, I was your 8 hetters 3 words ,I meaning, your words stock inside of me, like a thite! in the night ,as dark as dark can be my eyes could see so vividly my ears unexpectelly I fall on my kness asking please let your love fall down on me, you are my, lord always and forever, my butterfly man, my love too be I love you! it was your love, you restored in me now I can go through in the air with my butterfly, my always to be our arms become our wings, and become two hearts goined as one going wing too wing wre I am weak, you are strong when I cant see you are there for me, if I had one wish, one dream, one man,may all come true, were are you my butterfly, my my love too be, always and forever

  24. INMATE HOUSING 2 says:

    CRYING ON THE INSIDE this is not the life for me nore for anyone seatin this place to be. I see so much pain @ sorrow people crying hearts out houwing allowing for me to see I pray for your children wish for me tosee, I pray for your children wish for there brokend hearts, thell give it back crying settting them free asking lord set there, soul thumper love lette your letters 3 worgs you gave back too me, you are so beautiful being itt< all abundenully, thanks yoyu lord, for there eyes and letting them fee your love like a beaning fire setting them free toareo oielrfeding like brochens foset. inside it needs our loving fathers setting our hearts free come andf put your over flowen love setting your children in sing joicefully. all times we ask ourselfes were do we find our stretch too come on some of us are beat to pray, ask lord above to give them his undeing love! sharch there hearts oh lord, im crying on the inside setting my heart free what joy to hear , my lord, say too me . I love you youll see always I give myself too the still there comes at me in each of our lives., we don't know which way we want to go, do we look above the riseing sun or do we chose to look away, there are times in our lives, we pray it all away! anmd that no one can see our pain and sorrow now come a paIN and sorrow now come a time unexpectecily, we hear your voice, feel asoft touch, as we take a deep breath. yoursaying to us my deer child close your eyes held out your hand, then I fall on my knees, see us you are my to be now give me your heart all to me I sing, to him re joicefuly, thank you for, your letters 3 words meanth I love you

  25. Seneya says:

    Wow! Your story is so beautiful and dramatic. You told my story. Thanks for writing such a good piece. Keep it up 🙂

  26. Sylvanus Emim says:

    Thanks for writing such a beautiful story.. I really enjoyed it and please keep up the good work you are doing. God bless you.

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