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15 Most Romantic Phrases from Different Languages

romantic phrases from different languages

Why stick to English when there are so many diverse languages to convey your love for your partner? Here are 15 romantic foreign phrases.

Folk wisdom might say that actions speak louder than words. However, let’s admit it: we want to hear our significant others say those words meant for us, no matter how cheesy or overrated they may be. Maybe because words carry a certain weight and significance that gestures just cannot deliver.

Words can be written down, committed to memory, published, and said over and over again–to the dismay of your drinking buddies. Professing admiration requires something more succinct and meaningful, and that something is a small string of words that we’ll never get tired of hearing.

With over a million words in its vocabulary, the English language somehow still falls short when it comes to telling the girl at the other end of the bar that you would like to spend the rest of your life with her. We’ve come to a point in time where dropping the L word has become boring; there are intangible concepts of romance that you can describe but can’t find a word for… even if you spend the whole day rummaging through your Webster’s Dictionary.

Romantic phrases from around the globe

There are some foreign languages that possess the right words to help you articulate your affection and get lucky for the night. Check out these phrases, and polish your mysterious, cultured-intellectual persona for your next date. Who knows when you might need to impress the pretty foreign lady at the party with your superb language skills, right?

Romantic phrases in French

French has long been identified as the language of love; any mundane phrase, when spoken in French, instantly sounds romantic. French always sticks to its reputation. For most, upon the mention of the adjective “romantic,” the image of a Parisian cafe with accordion music playing in the background immediately pops up.

For English speakers, this nasally-challenging language *with a lot of extra unpronounced letters* can be tough to beat. But if you manage to familiarize yourself with some of these phrases, you just might increase your chances with la femme of your dreams.

#1 Vous venez souvent ici? English: Do you come here often? One of the most overrated phrases of all time. However, saying it in French adds a romantic ring to it. This is perfect if you want to make an impression and start a conversation at the same time. [Read: 30 foolproof pickup lines and 10 you should never use]

#2 Tu as de beaux yeux. English: You have beautiful eyes. Keep the compliments coming, but take care not to reach the borders of flattery. Use this while staring lovingly into someone’s eyes. Of course, you might get asked what it means, so be prepared.

#3 Que mes baisers soient les mots d’amour que je ne te dis pas. English: Let my kisses be the words of love I don’t say. This could be quite a mouthful for one breath, but perfect if you want to escalate your conversation into something more physical. [Read: 25 sweetest, most romantic gestures for everyday life]

Romantic phrases in Italian

Now that you’ve learned a handful of Francais worthy of Pepe le Pew, let’s move on to French’s cousin languages.

If French takes the trophy for being the archetypal romantic language, nothing less could be said of Italian with its amorous and musical quality. Unlike French, this language is straightforward and far easier to pronounce, with only a slight look out for the Gs and Cs. Throw in a little of those hand gestures while you’re at it, for the added delight of your amore.

#4 Dove sei stato per tutta la mia vita? English: Where have you been all my life? This string of words uttered by many a poet will be appropriate during first meetings–especially if you’re the type who believes in destiny and love at first sight.

#5 Sei amore della mia vita. English: You are the love of my life. Straightforward, but effective. This phrase is a straight-out confession.

#6 Dammi la tua mano e corriamo uniti per tutta la vita English: Give me your hand, and we will run together our whole lives. For adventure lovers, or those who find themselves in a Romeo and Juliet scenario where they really need to flee from angry parents.

Romantic phrases in Spanish

Now, we’ll move on to French and Italian’s equally romantic cousin, Spanish. Spanish is known to be the language of passion, which is exemplified by the fiery lines delivered by jealous lovers in Telenovelas, which *usually* escalate into a steamy sex scene. If you’ve ever read Neruda, you’ll understand why any word of Spanish will be as sigh-evoking and panty-dropping as a glistening Channing Tatum, grinding the floor.

#7 Tienes los ojos mas bonitos del mundo. English: You have the prettiest eyes in the whole world. It’s always the eyes, isn’t it? It is said that Iberian girls have the prettiest eyes. Maybe that’s why. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves to use when flirting]

#8 Tu amor vale mas que millones de estrellas. English: Your love is worth more than a million stars. Because you are a hopeless romantic and struggle to describe how you love her, take it to the stars.

#9 Anoche soà±é contigo y esta manana no me quiero despertar. English: Last night, I dreamed of you, and this morning I did not want to wake up. This phrase could be worthy of an Enrique Iglesias song–and you know how that works on the ladies.

Romantic phrases in Japanese

Japanese can be romantic, too. Love has always been associated with youth and coming of age in Japan; that’s why most romantic literature and screenplays are set during the character’s teenage years. Love is thought of as something pure and innocent, hence the tender phrases:

#10 Watashi o dakishimete. English: Hold me and never let me go. Look at your lover straight in the eye, hold both hands, then embrace. Now, whisper these words in their ear.

#11 Anata wa tenshi no yo desu. English: You are an angel. If you think that your lover has the appearance of someone who fell out of the heavens, like Emmanuelle Beart, this line is yours.

#12 Donna mirai ni mo ai wa aru. English: Whatever future there is, there is love. If you want to seal your love as a promise for the future, give this phrase a spin. This is exchanged by lovers parting ways, like a childhood friend you promise to marry someday. [Read: 10 long distance relationship survival tips]

Romantic phrases in German

You must be thinking that German is far from being a romantic language. Well, you’re wrong. Deutsche also has a repertoire of romantic phrases used to flirt with the blonde frauleins. Take care, though; German ladies can be tough to woo and can’t be impressed by sweet talk alone. So you’d better do it right.

#13 Ich liebe dich in allen sprachen der welt. English: I love you in every language in the world. This is called saying “I love you” with style. Because Germans appreciate affection and intellect at the same time, there is no better way to impress your partner than by saying the “L” word in all of the world’s languages.

#14 Du bist mein wunder der natur. English: You are my wonder of nature. Tell your lover that they are unique with this phrase. With this, you can say that they are one of a kind and yours alone.

#15 Meine liebe wà¤chst von tag zu tag. English: I love you more and more every day. Use this to imply that you want to step up your relationship and make it official.

Words are a crucial part of romance, and there is no better way to start a relationship than with a tender exchange. People may not realize it, but we invest a lot in words to make a connection or show how we feel. Otherwise, Before Sunrise would not be able to spawn two sequels to give us a lengthy exchange of words. [Read: 10 ways to say “I love you” without saying a word]

Any language can be the language of love. But if you’re looking to use just a handful of sweet words on your lover, these romantic phrases from different languages are sure to have your partner swooning.

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Paul Timothy Mangay
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3 thoughts on “15 Most Romantic Phrases from Different Languages”

  1. Alicia W says:

    Cuteness overloooooooad! This proved to me that no matter how tough and harsh the language sounds, any language is romantic when it comes to love. For me, the French ones and the Spanish ones truly got me. I dream of finding a French boyfriend who will speak to me in French and I will only stare at him and melt myself in front of him. And all of that while sitting on the terrace of a chateau or at the top of the Eiffel Tower! Ahhhh, I am allowed to have these dreams on Valentine’s right? hehehe

  2. FEl says:

    I think the most romatic phrase you can say to your loved one is the phrase that you will be genuinely telling her. It comes from the heart and is never compromised by feelings of lust and feelings of opportunity. The feelings of opportunity that I’m talking about refers to the truth of some people who just use words to get laid. You know what I mean?

  3. single lady says:

    LOVE is expressed in a whole lot of ways but how do we define love? To me it’s like being a kid and wanting a very specific toy or video game reeeeealllly badly. Then, suddenly, its yours. The euphoria of going home after school is built up all day as you forget, remember, forget again and remember again that you have whatever it is you’ve been wanting. The satisfaction of knowing that whatever batteries you need have been charging since last night and it will be juiced and ready to go. The day can’t go by fast enough. Things such as the bell ringing to get out of school suddenly trigger so much excitement, because you know. You’re THAT much closer to your new stuff! When you finally get home, even important things like homework sort of fall by the wayside because it was this momentous occasion. Even your parents sort of leave you alone more than they normally do, it seems. Rightfully so because, for those few hours, you have everything you could ever want. Suddenly, it’s time for bed. You have to put the toy down, which kinda sucks but you still can rest easy, because it’s yours. When you sleep, you dream about it and when you wake up, you accidentally get bummed out because you’re used to not having it. But suddenly you remember, “OH YEAH! I HAVE IT!” A few months down the road, the happiness may or may not fade. It really depends on the quality of the toy, whether or not you can get whatever you want at the drop of a hat or whether it’s even the right season to play with it or whatever. Maybe your video game just isn’t “cool” to your friends anymore, so you pretend like you’re not into it but you secretly still play with it at home when no one is looking. Maybe it’s a popular toy but was handed down to you from another kid after he broke it and although it was nice and it had strong glue holding it together, it was never what you truly wanted. Maybe it never mattered because you have Legos and your excitement is self-sustained because you build it all yourself and whenever you get bored, you just build something new and give yourself stuff to look forward to whenever you want. Then you get really stressed out when other people want to play with said legos because they break easily and you KNOW they won’t help put it back together and even if they did, they won’t even do it right. So you’ll yell at them to be careful then they go home crying and you’ll feel terrible. Maybe you realized that all you need is a cardboard box… some kids might laugh at you but cardboard boxes are often free off the side of the road, they come in all shapes and sizes, they can be played with by multiple people simultaneously and they’ll do just about anything you want until they fall apart! It’s not like the other kids haven’t played with a cardboard box or two in their day anyway. Or maybe the toy or game you wanted just happened to be the perfect one. Never gets put into storage, never becomes outgrown and passes time by your side effortlessly. When you think about it, you realize just how much of it you’ve carried into your adult life and how what started out as a meaningless impulse from curiosity ended up defining so much of who you are. And yet despite all of these complex, intense feelings… playing with that toy, turning on that video game or reading that book somehow effortlessly takes you back to where it all started. It takes you from whatever crap you deal with on a daily basis and brings you home. That sounds awfully vlBut I think what makes love love is knowing that it’s not forever. We don’t have control over other people the way we did with our favorite toys as kids. At the end of the day, all it would take to lose someone is for that someone to simply change their mind. On the same token though, all it might take to find someone is for that someone to simply change their mind! So what makes love love, is when you realize how important the joy you’ve found in someone else really is.

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