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twin souls
What are Twin Souls? 16 Signs to Know if You’ve Found Yours

We’ve all heard of soul mates, but do you know what twin souls are? Not many of us do. Here are the signs so you can know if you’ve found yours.

when it's true love
When it’s True Love: 18 Ways to Split Casual Dates from Real Love

How do you know the difference between true love and lust? Yeah, I know. Got you thinking, right? Here’s how to know when it’s true love.

what is real love

What is Real Love? 15 Special Ways True Love Sets Itself Apart

There are all types of love out there. However, the one people are most fascinated by, is real love. So then, what is real love? Here are the answers.

Pansexual vs. Bisexual

Pansexual vs. Bisexual: All the Ways to Tell the Real Difference

If you’re curious about the line between pansexual vs. bisexual, you’re not alone. This will clear things up and help you tell the difference.

love is in the air

Love is in the Air! 13 Signs You’re Starting to Fall in Love

How do you know when you are falling in love? Sometimes it’s easy to know, sometimes it’s not. Here are 13 signs that love is in the air!

reasons to love someone

25 Reasons to Love Someone and Hold onto Them Forever

Love is a very complicated thing. Usually, there are signals early on in a relationship to indicate reasons to love someone and hold onto them forever.

Hopeless Romantics

Hopeless Romantic: 10 Big Struggles of Being in Love with Love

I am a sucker for romantic movies. Whenever I go to a wedding, I cry sentimental tears. Since a little girl, I knew I was a hopeless romantic.

how to know if you love someone

How to Know if You Love Someone: Early Signs of a New Romance

It happens to the best of us–falling in love and never knowing it. What signs give it away? These 10 signs of how to know if you love someone helps.

you are the love of my life

“You are the Love of my Life” – Say It Without a Freak Out

If you’re getting ready to drop, “You are the love of my life,” but are afraid you might scare them off, this is how you should do it.

songs to listen to when falling in love

49 Mushy, Heartwarming Songs to Listen to When Falling in Love

Falling in love is the best feeling ever, but it wouldn’t be complete without a soundtrack! Here are the perfect songs to listen to when falling in love.

love and affection

Love and Affection: The Magic Spark in Long-Term Relationships

We all know there’s plenty of love and affection in a new relationship but why do we forget all about its importance when we’re in a long-term relationship?

long distance relationship songs

Long Distance Relationship Songs: 20 Songs to Stay Connected

Being far apart sucks—a lot. But the perfect long distance relationship songs can help you feel emotionally close, while being geographically far apart.