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Insecurity in a Relationship: 34 Signs & Secrets to Feel Secure and Love Better

Insecurity in a relationship is not something that anyone wants to feel. But you can learn to feel secure and grow as a person and as a couple.

Insecurity in a Relationship

Insecurity is the worst, isn’t it? You love someone truly with all your heart, and yet, you always feel like they love you less, or don’t at all. Welcome to the world of relationship insecurities! 

You’re not alone, and honestly, your feelings are valid. As we learn more about why you’re feeling them, we’ll help you figure out how to get over your insecurity in a relationship and feel like a great lover and person too!

What makes relationship insecurities so heartbreaking to handle is that no one, not even your partner, seems to understand that all you feel in love is confusing pain. 

You really do love them, and you express your love to them. But somehow, they don’t seem to be making you feel secure in the way they express their love toward you.

In a relationship, a breakup is a single step that finalizes the end. But an insecure relationship makes you believe you’re in love and yet, you feel like you’ve broken up already. [Read: Toxic love – ways it can harm you permanently and how to get out soon]

Understanding insecurity in a relationship

Falling in love may feel like a bed of roses. But if you believe your love isn’t reciprocated equally, you may end up hurt or feeling insecure about your relationship status.

You may be feeling all alone too, because understanding and dealing with insecurity in a relationship isn’t easy, especially if your partner doesn’t understand you or what you’re going through. 

And almost always, the difference in the way both of you express your love to each other can cause more pain and frustration that may eventually lead to a breakup. [Read: Why am I so insecure? 20 reasons why you care more than others]

Ironic, isn’t it? The one thing you’re trying to avoid is a breakup. It’s the primary reason behind all of your insecurity. And yet, your own behavior is leading you towards a self-fulfilling prophecy of an impending breakup!

Insecurity is responsible for the large majority of issues in relationships

It really is. Have trust issues? That’s insecurity. Jealous? Insecurity. Clingy? Insecurity. Not feeling good about yourself or the relationship all has to do with insecurity even if you don’t realize it.

You could look like the most confident person ever but if you’re having the issues mentioned above, you’re actually insecure. [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship]

When you can’t have faith in your partner and, deep down you don’t think they want to be with you, the issues will never resolve themselves.

Why do people feel insecure in their relationships?

Everything boils back down to the source – you. Feelings of insecurity can hinder the growth of a happy relationship. There are several reasons why a person might feel this way.

1. Low self-esteem

People who don’t think they are good enough can sometimes blame their partners. [Read: How to build self-esteem and love life with simple life changes]

You might think that your partner is too attractive, too smart, or too sexy for you. You think that they deserve someone prettier, with better skin or a better stock portfolio.

2. Past issues

We all go through different things in life. Before you met your partner, you had your own experiences that left marks you didn’t know could affect your state of mind. 

Traumatic experiences can manifest as a behavioral disorder – some of which include depression and insecurity. [Read: Signs your past is keeping you from moving forward]

3. Definition of success

Your competition with yourself can be intensified by a partner who is open and generous. Because they are giving you everything, you may feel that you are not giving your relationship and yourself enough. 

You don’t have the perfect job. Your savings are not enough, your car is crap, and your attitude sucks. Those things can increase your insecurities as well.

4. Your partner

If you think your loved one is turning a blind eye to your distress, your insecurities could be further amplified by their ignorance. [Read: Disrespectful husband – 28 signs and ways to teach him to treat you better]

You think that they don’t care enough, so you compensate by blaming yourself because you are not getting the attention you feel you deserve.

5. Money

As they say, it’s the root of all problems, but it’s also the solution to most. In this case, it may be what’s causing your insecurity. Not having enough may be a problem for you. 

If you are a man, it can be seen as a huge blow to your ego. If you are a woman, you might feel weak because you are not providing as much. [Read: How to talk to your partner about money without fighting about it]

Relationships are made up of two people. These two people need to work together to make their connection, communication, and development better. 

Before that can happen, you must address the issue at a primary level. You need to understand yourself better and fix the problem from the source before you can actually start to feel better about yourself in the relationship.

What else causes insecurity in a relationship?

Honestly, why else do you feel insecure in your relationship? Just sit back for a moment, and ask yourself what makes you feel less loved. [Read: Fun relationship games for couples to feel more loved, connected, and happy]

One of the best ways to understand relationship insecurities is to understand the root cause of the problem. In all probability, you’re insecure because you’re afraid of losing your lover *maybe to someone else*. 

Leaving all other smaller reasons and humiliating breakup scenarios aside, why are you convinced your partner will leave you?

Do you feel insecure in your relationship because a lot of people are attracted to your lover? Is it because your partner spends a lot of time out with their own friends and doesn’t stay in touch with you? [Read: Am I clingy? Here’s how to know the truth about yourself]

Or is it because your partner never really makes you feel special and appreciated? Or is it something else?

To really understand relationship insecurities, you need to ponder over your insecurities and find the real reason. And most importantly, is there something your partner can do about it?

Is your insecurity ruining your own relationship?

Everyone has insecurities and everyone has been hurt by someone. [Read: Why givers feel unappreciated and under-valued in a relationship and how to fix it]

Because how else would we develop them? Some of us have minor relationship insecurities while others have more. We’re all different and this is just something we have to work through and overcome.

In your past relationships, were you constantly worried your now-ex would dump you or leave you for someone else? That’s the kind of insecurity that would push two people apart. 

So now, in your new relationship, you need to accept the fact that you need to trust your partner, or else the relationship won’t last anyway. [Read: Tumultuous relationship – 20 signs you’re in one and the best ways to fix it]

The signs of insecurity in a relationship

How can you tell if you’re actually deeply insecure, or if it’s just a passing thought? If you see your partner liking someone’s posts on social media or flirting with them in the comments, you would feel a twinge of jealousy. 

But if it’s fleeting and you trust your partner anyway, this is a momentary bout of insecurity and jealousy. And everyone feels it.

But if you’re constantly worried your partner is up to something, if you feel the need to snoop on them, check their phone when they’re asleep, read their texts all the time, or if you find yourself stalking every social media friend of your partner, well, we may have a problem here.

Check out these 29 signs of relationship insecurity and ask yourself if you see these signs in your life.

How to express your insecurity in the relationship

Once you’ve understood the cause of your relationship insecurities, speak to your partner about it. 

You don’t have to tell your partner you’re feeling insecure, that may just strain the relationship further. Just mention that you don’t feel loved at times and elaborate on a few examples when you did feel insecure.

Don’t sound frustrated or agitated, just say it as a matter of fact. If your partner does love you, they’d immediately try to reassure you and make you feel better. [Read: How to spot gaslighting in a relationship and shut it down for good]

But before you voice your insecurities and ask your partner to become a whole new person, be certain that it’s something your partner can reasonably change. 

It’s alright to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to pay more attention to you when they’re with friends. It’s just not alright to ask them to stop talking to their friends altogether!

Is it your partner’s behavior or your own past that makes you insecure?

Now, this is something you really need to focus on. But it’s not easy to separate the two when you’re already feeling insecure. You may even have to speak to a trusted friend to ask for their point of view. [Read: The foundations of a relationship that separate the good from the bad]

Is your insecurity in the relationship caused by your own imaginative mind and low self-esteem? Or is your partner’s behavior triggering the low self-esteem in you?

As much as you’d like to blame yourself because of your past relationships, sometimes, a bad partner can make you feel terrible about yourself. So how can you tell them apart?

The easiest way is to watch how your partner behaves when you express your fears to them. Once you voice your relationship insecurities to your lover, you may feel better for the moment.

But how does your partner react to the triggers of your insecurity? [Read: 16 discreet signs you’re being taken for granted by your partner]

Does your partner tell you you’re making a big issue out of something that’s insignificant? Do they continue behaving the same way and doing the same things that make you feel insecure?

Or does your partner change their behavior or try their best to make you feel more secure, even if it means they have to go out of their way to do something for you?

Pay attention to the way your partner treats you and cares for you. If they truly love you, they’d try to do something to help you with your insecurity. [Read: 16 subtle signs you’re dating a narcissist who is abusing you]

But if they don’t really care, or they’re actively trying to gaslight you, they may even enjoy making you feel insecure!

How to get over insecurities after being cheated on

Being cheated on hurts, no matter how strong you are internally, or how high your self-esteem is. 

And if you’re in a string of bad relationships, you’re bound to feel insecure no matter how successful or good-looking or awesome you are in every aspect of your life. [Read: 15 steps to stop being insecure and transform your life]

At one point, you may just become tired of entering a relationship because you’d assume they’d cheat on you or leave you anyway. 

But thinking along these lines will end even the best of relationships in no time. How can any relationship work when you’ve set your mind up for it to fail?

It doesn’t matter if they see your anxiety, it WILL show up in other ways. So, if you want a healthy and freeing relationship, you’re going to need to get over your relationship insecurity. [Read: Insecure women – 15 ways to stop damaging yourself and be glorious]

We’ve all been there, but you don’t have to stay in this spot.

Learning how to feel secure in a relationship

The first thing is to acknowledge that you’re placing barriers where they don’t need to be. You’ll know because everything will seem so forced and difficult. 

When a relationship is healthy and happy, it just flows. However, when you don’t feel happy or secure, you place problems where problems don’t need to be. You assume that dark days are coming and always think the worst.

So, why are you doing that? Is it because you have low self-esteem due to bullying at school? [Read: How to have a healthy relationship and find true happiness]

Did you go through a tough breakup that dragged all your self-belief away? Have you had a bad relationship in the past that made you question yourself? Were you cheated on?

These are all common reasons why someone will find it difficult to move forward and overcome barriers they regularly place in front of positive and happy events. 

In many ways, you’re trying to protect yourself, but the problem is, there’s nothing bad there to protect yourself from, it’s something you’re imagining. [Read: How to date with trust issues and learn to trust again]

So, how can you learn how to feel secure in a relationship after such an event or issue? It really comes down to taking your time and being willing to try. Again, that sounds easy, but it’s not.

Communicate with your partner. You don’t have to delve into your inner psyche and past history, but if there is something that does hold you back, tell them about it. 

This doesn’t have to be a huge conversation, just let them know that you’re trying. [Read: How to be vulnerable in a relationship and feel instantly closer]

If they care and are decent people, they’ll hang around while you work slowly through your problems, and it will all be worth it in the end. However, be careful not to push your issues onto them because that’s likely to work in the opposite direction.

Opening up isn’t the easiest thing in the world and it takes a leap of faith, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Be brave enough to just try. 

The worst-case scenario is that it doesn’t work, but you will look back with pride that you opened up and allowed yourself to be vulnerable once the initial sting has gone. [Read: What does it mean to be vulnerable? 15 ways you can open up more]

Unlike the movies, not all relationships work out on the first try. Sometimes you really do have to kiss a few frogs to find the right one.

Avoid taking old baggage into new relationships 

Whatever you went through in the past, it isn’t your new partner’s fault. They’re not responsible for whatever has happened to you or whatever someone else has done.

For instance, if you were cheated on in the past, you could easily assume that every person you date from that point on is going to do the same. They’re not. [Read: How to deal with guilt and drop the baggage weighing you down]

Well, they might, but it’s far from guaranteed. You can easily push someone wonderful away because you wrongly assume they’re going to hurt you. How do you know? Do you have a crystal ball?

Unless you do, you should take people at face value. Of course, don’t spill all your life’s secrets and open yourself up completely to someone you’ve just met, but take small, measured steps towards allowing someone new into your life. 

By doing that, you’ll learn how to feel secure in a relationship because you’re not constantly looking over your shoulder and worrying that the past is about to come back and repeat itself. [Read: 20 signs of insecurity people can’t hide when they feel insecure]

How to stop being insecure in a relationship

If you’re feeling insecure in the relationship even after your partner changes their ways for you and reassures you, perhaps you just need to feel better about yourself. And understand the fact that your partner’s not the problem. You are!

It’ll be hard. Insecurity issues aren’t ones that go away overnight. There isn’t a quick fix for this problem. That being said, if you make a real effort to help yourself, you’ll be so much happier in life and in your relationship.

Start feeling confident about yourself and have a little faith in your relationship. Use these steps to change yourself, and you may just learn to get over your insecurities in the relationship. [Read: Low self-worth – steps to see yourself in a better light]

1. Pinpoint where the insecurities lie

Most of us have certain areas that we’re insecure about. It could be that we don’t like how we look, our intelligence level, or that we’re not funny enough.

You really have to figure out where your insecurity comes from. Doing this can help you formulate a plan to gain your confidence in that specific area and that’s what’ll help you stop being so insecure in your relationship.

2. Stop blaming your partner

This is something a lot of people do when they’re insecure. They’ll blame their partner for talking to that person or looking over at someone who’s attractive. It’s like you want it to be their fault that you feel insecure. [Read: 16 abusive relationships sign of a devious lover]

You can’t do this. The more you do this, the more you alienate your partner and that’s when resentment can form. 

Recognize your behavior for what it is and accept that it’s not their job to make you feel confident. That’s your job.

3. This is about you

Your relationship insecurity isn’t about the person you date, it’s about you. Maybe they just bring out specific insecurities.

For example, if they’re good-looking, you may think you’re not attractive enough to be with them. [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship and learn to overcome it]

So, if this is the case, work on your self-esteem. They’re not telling you you’re not attractive enough to be with them, you’re telling this to yourself.

4. Do some self-reflecting

You really have to think about your own actions and how you’re behaving in the relationship. Do you want it to last? Do you want your partner to leave you?

Because if you keep up with the insecurities and you don’t make an effort to stop them, that could happen. Since insecurities cause a whole host of other intimacy issues, your relationship could fail because of it. [Read: 25 honest, self-reflection questions to recognize the real YOU inside]

5. Remember that your partner is a part of your life

Let your partner be a part of your life, not your whole life. It’s as simple as that. When your whole life revolves around your love life, it’s easy to start obsessing about it and picking tiny imaginary flaws that may not even exist.

And insecurities have a way of cropping up when you want to speak to your partner or meet them all the time *and you’d be clingy too*. 

Lead your own life and dedicate a part of it to love. It’ll keep your love life more fun and exciting, and you’ll worry less about relationship insecurities. [Read: How to stop being clingy so your partner won’t up and leave you ASAP]

6. Trust your partner

Unless you leaped into the relationship without really figuring out if your partner likes you a lot, you should really learn to trust your partner.

Both of you are attracted to each other and love each other, so why would you want to snoop around or look for ways to catch your partner red-handed? Learn to trust your partner, unless you have solid reasons to doubt them.

7. This person wants to be with you

Realize this person you’re dating wants to be with you. You didn’t tie them up to a chair and force this relationship on them. Really, they want to be with you! [Read: 19 signs of emotional damage and ways to get past them]

So, you need to acknowledge that. If this is what they want, why would they try to sabotage it?

That’s why you need to just remember that they chose you. 

Out of everyone your partner could have, they chose you. They want you in their life and they’re not just going to up and leave. You have to remember this, or you’ll continue to drive yourself nuts with insecurity.

8. Get help from friends

Your friends might not know you’re the insecure type. Sometimes we hold those things back in an attempt to seem put together. But you can’t do that. Open up to them and they’ll definitely help you. [Read: The kinds of friends everyone needs in their life]

Friends basically live to make us feel better about ourselves. They can even offer some insight that you wouldn’t have realized before that could make all the difference.

9. Remember that everyone has flaws

When you’re thinking about the things you don’t like about yourself, remember that every single person has flaws. Your partner even has some but do you ever want to leave them? Probably not.

Trying to be perfect all the time will only make your situation worse. Because humans are not perfect. We’re full of flaws and we make mistakes. [Read: Sense of self – what it is, 36 signs, tips, and steps to raise it and feel great]

Plus, something you don’t like about yourself might be your significant other’s favorite thing about you.

10. Hit the gym

This doesn’t have anything to do with what your body looks like. Sure, it’ll probably do your body some good on the outside, but this is about how you feel on the inside. 

When you’re active and getting your blood pumping, you’re also fueling yourself with endorphins that make you feel good. [Read: Amazing benefits of exercise]

And you’re also getting stronger. There’s just something about being strong and capable that’ll help your self-esteem immensely.

11. Start eating better

Just like with working out, this is about feeling good. The more junk and toxic foods you eat, the more you’ll feel exactly like that.

Eating right and meeting your nutrition standards is a fantastic way to feel amazing and it could impact your confidence in a huge way.

12. Work on being a better person

Do you know what you should be worrying about instead of your partner leaving you? How good of a person you are. You should always be trying to improve and do better and be better. [Read: How to become a better person in a relationship and be happier too!]

When you’re actively being a good person, it’ll make you feel good. And not only that, but your partner will want to be with someone who is always trying to be something better.

13. Go out with your own friends

Spend time with your own friends and have a good time. It’ll help you in two ways. 

One, you’ll understand that no harm is really done to a relationship by spending time with friends. Two, if you do exchange a few glances with someone else, you’re not really cheating on your partner! [Read: 50 crazy and impulsive things to do with friends you won’t ever forget]

14. Be an optimist

Stop the negativity. Stop wondering about what you’ll do if your partner ever dumps you or what your lover does when they go out without you.

Your partner fell in love with you for the great person that you are, remember that. If you ever do feel insecure in the relationship, learn to deal with it by talking about it with your partner or evaluate the situation by putting yourself in your partner’s shoes.

15. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t

No one is perfect. We all have flaws, but you focus on them too much. You’re insecure in your relationship because you don’t think you have the qualities your partner finds attractive. [Read: How self-respect affects you and your relationship]

But they do find you attractive inside and out. Realize what you’re worth because right now, you’re treating yourself like a used t-shirt in a bargain bin.

16. Grow your confidence

One of the most obvious and yet embarrassing reasons for insecurity in a relationship is the lack of confidence. It hurts but it’s true. You’re insecure because you don’t believe you’re good enough.

Accept compliments and glances from other good-looking people when you’re out with friends. [Read: How to build confidence – powerful changes to alter your life]

Pick a few hobbies, and every now and then, force yourself to do something you’ve always wanted to do even if it’s outside your comfort zone.

The longer you drive a car, the more experienced a driver you become. Likewise, the more you learn to live your life to the fullest, the more you’ll learn to be confident about yourself and your worth.

17. Feel good about yourself

Insecurities in a relationship crop up when you are happy to see your partner, but not really happy with what you see in your own mirror. [Read: How to look hot – 18 tips to take you from boring to flawless]

Go out often and start dressing like a million bucks. And work out and get that dream body you’ve always wanted to have. 

When you feel like a million bucks, you know you’re worthy of anyone. And when you feel confident and worthy, relationship insecurities have nowhere to go but to the bin!

18. Maintain your independence

If you’re insecure about your relationship, the worst thing to do is smother it. In order to work on your self-esteem, maintain your own identity and independence. [Read: Important habits you need to be more independent]

When you do things that boost your self-esteem, and activities that you love doing, it automatically affects your relationship for the better.

19. Cut the negative comments

Right now, your head is full of negative thoughts. You think you’re fat, ugly, not smart enough… The list goes on. But this is all wrong, really.

You need to cut the negativity because this only makes it worse. So, when you have those urges to think poorly about yourself – stop. Stop it immediately and tell yourself that you’re worth it. [Read: Is your negative thinking ruining your life?]

20. Leave the past in the past

We all have baggage, this isn’t an excuse to drag it into your new relationship. Practice leaving the past in the past because it’s not doing you any good. Instead, it’s only dragging you down and making you a Debbie Downer in the relationship.

21. Stop comparing yourself

This is the worst thing you can do for your insecurity. If you keep comparing yourself to other people, you’ll never feel happy because you’ll never be someone else.

It’s better to focus on your own goals and tailor your vision of who you are to what you’re capable of. Don’t let someone else make you feel less than you are. [Read: Easy ways to stop comparing yourself to your partner’s ex]

22. Don’t restrict your partner from being themselves

Someone with relationship insecurities tends to hold their partner down and prevent them from being themselves. You need to make sure you don’t become possessive and restricting. This only makes them feel suffocated and will result in them pulling away.

23. Cut the overanalyzing

You sit and analyze. Everything. What they said, how they said it, how they look at you when they talk. But seriously, enough with the overanalyzing!

Overanalyzing is going to destroy you mentally. It will tear you apart and torture you. So, when you find yourself doing it, stop and redirect your thoughts. [Read: Strategies to stop overanalyzing and find more peace]

24. Talk about it with your significant other

You have to be able to talk about these things with your significant other. Open up and express that you don’t like certain things about yourself or that you feel like they’re going to leave you for whatever reason.

It’s not their job to make you feel confident, but it is their job to help you feel better. They want you to be happy and if you commit to working on things, they will too.

25. Find the joy in what you do

Your work is as much a part of you as your relationship is. Once you feel that your worth is not sufficient in terms of your career, you need to find a way to make it matter. [Read: How to be happy in life – hacks to find real happiness instantly]

If you are doing what you love, stop thinking that it won’t be enough for your partner. If you are in a position where money matters more than your passion, remind yourself why you’re doing what you do, and stick to that.

No occupation is worthless or demeaning. A good and honest living is something to be grateful and happy about. 

Once you find happiness at a professional level, you will find that competing with your partner or not being able to live up to their standard is now a non-issue. [Read: Steps to finding happiness in your life]

26. Enjoy your partner and everything that they do

Your insecurities can come from the successes of your partner. Their success in life, work, physique, or overall disposition can sometimes put you down because you feel that you are not on their level.

Once you start to appreciate their accomplishments without comparing them to yours, you can finally appreciate yourself and let go of your competitiveness. In turn, your insecurities about your worth in the relationship will finally melt away.

27. Indulge yourself

In order to feel good about yourself, you need to feel good, period. Go out with your friends. Buy something you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself to a solo vacation. [Read: Stress busters that will instantly make you feel better]

You can even start a new hobby or finish a project that you never got around to. 

Help your relationship by helping yourself. Once you let off some steam and feel better, you can face your problems with a clear mind.

28. Trust your instincts

You are the only one who really knows yourself. This means you should trust in yourself that you know when something doesn’t feel right and when you’re just overreacting and putting imagination into reality.

Trust your gut. [Read: Gut instinct – what it is, how it works, and 30 tips to follow and listen to your gut]

29. Go to therapy

If you find yourself unable to overcome this on your own, don’t worry, this is why we have therapists. It’s always nice to talk to someone who doesn’t know anything about you or your partner.

We can’t always pinpoint the real issues on our own. That’s why we need someone with skill and experience to show us what it is. 

So go talk to a therapist. They can help uncover some of those things you’re having issues with and formulate a plan you can actually put into effect. [Read: 15 steps to transform your life and stop being insecure]

It all comes down to trust

Do you want to know the key to learning how to feel secure in a relationship? Trust.

If you don’t trust your partner, you’ll never feel secure or happy. You’ll never believe a word they say and always where they are and what they’re up to. You’ll literally drive yourself insane.

Trust issues are the number one reason why relationships fail. If you can’t trust your partner, you have to question why you’re even bothering. [Read: The signs your past relationship is holding you back]

Have they done something to cause you not to trust them, or is this you projecting your past issues onto them? There’s a huge difference between the two situations.

When you learn how to feel secure in a relationship, everything will change for the better. You’ll have a carefree and easy way about yourself. 

You’ll learn to truly open up and be yourself, probably for the first time in a long time, and you’ll appreciate the relationship for everything it is. [Read: Trust issues in a relationship – 22 why and ways to get over it together]

Of course, that’s what Hollywood projects from the start, but trust must be earned.

Feeling comfortable and secure takes time, even if you don’t have past baggage. It will only happen when you learn to accept yourself. 

It sounds all out there, but it’s the truth. You can’t really be happy in any relationship unless you’re happy with yourself. [Read: I have trust issues – 18 baby steps to start dating and hope your heart to love]

That sometimes means accepting the past for what it was and learning from it, vowing to make the future better. 

If you can do that, slowly but surely, you’ll understand what those Hollywood movies have been talking about for all these years, and you’ll finally get it.

So, hopefully, you can sit down and be honest with yourself. Figure out the real issue, identify where it came from, and learn to open up and accept your partner for who they are. [Read: Jealousy in a relationship – how to accept, deal, and overcome it in love]

Talk things through, and communicate – it will help! And you’ll learn how to feel secure in a relationship for the first time. It will be a momentous feeling, for sure.

Deal with your relationship insecurity – The final blow

Now not all relationships are perfect. At times, you may be really confident and feel attractive, but you may still end up feeling insecure. Your partner may take you for granted, flirt with others in front of you, or even ignore you completely.

If you’re struck by relationship insecurities even after speaking to your partner about it, and even after changing yourself using the confidence-building tips mentioned here, then something’s just not right. [Read: 15 strong ways to stop being taken for granted in a relationship]

Perhaps, your partner is just taking you for granted and not really bothering to help you feel better about the relationship.

When you’re faced with a situation like this, where the insecurity in a relationship is not because of the lack of confidence but the lack of love and overdose of neglect, it’s time to take a decision about it.

Being stuck in an insecure relationship is worse than breaking up with your partner or catching them cheating.  [Read: The dangers of social media and why it makes you so insecure]

Insecurity in a relationship will suck the confidence and the happiness out of your life, and you’ll never really feel loved. You’ll just wither away from the inside until the relationship ends.

[Read: Effective ways to stop being needy and insecure]

Learn to deal with insecurity in a relationship, either by growing your confidence or confronting your partner. But if nothing really works, perhaps it’s time to step out and find someone else who can give you the happiness and love you crave.

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