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Compatibility in Love and Relationships

compatibility in love and relationships

Compatibility in love is a delicate balance between lovers. Understanding compatibility in relationships can help you see if what you share with your lover is true love. Find out how to build compatibility, and learn to find out when a relationship is over.

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Compatibility in love is vital for any relationship to work out.

But for a great relationship between two people, there must exist an insightful compatibility in love and relationships.

But how does it really work?

And where does compatibility in love fail?

Compatibility in love and its failure

Most couples face the problem of lack of time for each other.

A career-oriented woman and a working husband meet only on weekends due to their odd working hours and thus, the tired mind and a fatigued body leads to lack of intimacy between the couple, which affects their relationship.

People are less tolerant and this may be well be because they have many choices.

The corporate couples fall under the “hardware-software” systems wherein the husband works for the hardware industry with working hours that stretch to times like those of owls and their partner works during the day.

This hardly gives them a few moments to spend with each other on any given day. They battle out small issues rather than talk through it, and find solace when they are away from each other.

Failed examples of compatibility in relationships

“We hardly find time for each other and most of the time I actually don’t realise that there is someone staying in this house apart from me. We’re six months old in terms of our marriage but I’ve hardly got to know my husband well” says Andrea, wife of Jacob, who’s a stock market analyst. [Read: 10 signs of a good relationship]

Theirs was an early wedding with only a few months of dating, and both of them needed the time and the space to devote to their relationship. But because of the competition in their workplaces, survival of the fittest was vital.

Both partners had to earn to come to par with the high cost of living. This in turn affected their relationship. [Read: What is the right age to get married?]

Solutions of such problems lie only in the fact that couples must organize all their domestic affairs and spend time with each other, to understand and catch up on several issues.

Couples go to the extreme level of separation when the very foundation of a relationship, communication, takes a back seat. Couples debate for even the slightest of issues. “Why is the wet towel kept on the bed?” or “why is there a strand of hair on the file?!” can trigger a real conflict. But under such circumstances, a few words of genuine concern and care can heal the ripped and shattered heart.

Building compatibility in love

An understanding and caring individual should, by all means, try and keep their relationship from taking a bitter turn. Both partners must make sure they do things right, from the very beginning.

Honesty and integrity are very crucial for any relationship to last forever. A relationship like marriage would obviously face ups and downs, but the dynamics between you and your lover will change according to each other’s position in the relationship. Understanding and compatibility are the key words for love to bloom forever. [Read: 7 rules for true happy in a relationship]

To express your love to someone is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world, but make sure you actually feel the love instead of just using empty words.

The whole essence of a special feeling like love lies in the compatibility of the partners. So make sure your loved one feels special and indulges in the perfect relationship with you. Many lovers have played the game of love, and now it’s your turn to play it right. Play the perfect game, build your compatibility in love and compliment your partner for the right move and make sure you play it perfectly too.

And if you ever find yourself at the crossroads again, decide together about your next move, and walk ahead hand in hand, for that’s the way you were always meant to be. Together… in love. [Read: How to experience a long term relationship that lasts]

Compatibility in love is a simple idea. But one that takes time to build, and involves compromises from both partners. So if you want to improve compatibility in relationships with your loved one, take the first step. The rest will follow.

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3 thoughts on “Compatibility in Love and Relationships”

  1. Bo says:

    There is really no such thing as compatibility. No two people are alike and you just have to complement each other. IF you and your partner are the same, most likely you are not and will end up breaking up sooner than you think. I mean, you just have to face it. Compatibility is just but a word and it is used to define that we are not meant to be together. True love is setting aside your differences and fuc*ing forgetting the word compatibility.

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