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forget someone
15 Very Effective Rules to Forget Someone You Once Cared For

Pretending someone you once loved doesn’t exist anymore is painfully difficult. But if you want to forget someone for good, this is what you need to do.

pity playlist
The Pity Playlist: 10 Songs to Help Heal Your Broken Heart

Music can soothe the emotions in a way that nothing else can. When you’re down in the dumps, here are some songs to help you get those feelings out.


The Almost Relationship: It’s Almost Always Never Worth It

Almost relationships are exactly how they sound. Unless you’re building up toward a gloriously romantic finale, you may be wasting your time.


Getting Over Rejection: How to Bounce Back in No Time

Rejection stinks—no denying it. After a rejection or two, you might think it is hopeless, but have no fear: your unchosen status can be left behind.


Fool-Proof Ways to Get Over the One… the One You Never Had

Being rejected or unnoticed by the one you wanted most is heartbreaking. We are here to offer fool-proof steps to get over the one you never had.


Women Who Cheat: 10 Surprising Reasons They’re Unfaithful

Most people see women who cheat as a worse specimen than their male counterparts. But are their reasons for cheating any different from men’s?


Trouble in Paradise? How to Know When to Break Up

Sometimes staying is easier than leaving. If a relationship is not healthy, it may take some courage, but knowing when to break up is your first step.


Is Going Anti Love the Perfect Answer to Heartbreak?

When someone breaks your heart, you can either move on and try again or adopt a new anti love lifestyle and turn your back on love. Which do you choose?


From Funny to Tearful – 20 Songs About Breaking Up

There is certainly no shortage of breakup songs—something about music seems to speak to emotion, and a breakup is no exception. Here are our 20 favorites.


What To Do After You Break Up: 50 Ways to Detach Yourself

“What to do after you break up” is a phrase everyone can relate to. After all, is there anything worse than breaking up, aside from death and taxes?

how to get over being cheated on

How to Get Over Being Cheated On: 12 Ways to Help Move On

Is there anything worse than finding out you are being cheated on? Here, we discuss how to get over being cheated on in 12 ways, and how to move on.

when should you stop loving someone

For Better or for Worse: When You Should Stop Loving Them

Loving someone can be one of the best and also one of the hardest things to do. But how do you know when enough is enough and you need to stop loving them?