• 12 Signs of a Narcissist and 5 Ways to Break Up with Them

    Dating a narcissist? Although you might feel flattered by their attention, it can only last so long. We’re looking at 5 altruistic reasons to wave goodbye.
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    It’s hard to be eloquent when you are breaking up with someone. It’s even harder not to hurt them. What do you really say? Try these break up lines.
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    Breakups are inevitable when it comes to your search for love. We’ve identified the 10 stages of a breakup—and how to get through them alive.
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    Songs speak to the soul, and depressing songs speak to the depressed soul! If you’re feeling blue, here are 66 songs to make you cry and help you out.
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    Breaking up is hard enough—but what if you caused it? We’ve put together 11 steps to begin healing and get over the guilt after you’ve caused a breakup.
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    We set many expectations when it comes to relationships. It’s only a matter of time before disappointment sets in, and we end up falling from grace.
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    When a couple start to drift apart, the early warning signs of a break up may not be apparent, even when they know there’s nothing worth fighting for.
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