11 Things Couples Should Quit Doing on Social Media

11 things couples should quit doing on social media

Social media has become the outlet of the generation. With all the things you can share about your relationship, which ones should you quit sharing? By Geninna Ariton

With the variety of ways one can diminish privacy these days, it does not come as a surprise how much information people get to share to the whole wide world. Privacy has little or no meaning at all. Not everything can be shared to everyone and there are things that people should not even be sharing publicly to people in their social networks.

Tacky things couples do on social media

We all know that one couple that makes us feel like we are already a part of their relationship, because we are exposed to every inch of detail that they are doing. Trivial things such as waking up with their just-got-out-of-the-bed look, or what they have been feeding their dogs or each other. Here are a few of the many things that couples should stop doing on social media.

#1 They never fail to say these words to each other – But instead of saying it, they type it on each other’s social media profiles. Have you ever come across posts that have too many I-love-you’s or I-miss-you’s? It is like they never see each other on a daily basis, and they do not have time to actually utter these words to each other. And if they get tired of typing it, they find pictures or memes with these words written on them – which is kind of worse.

Come on guys, you basically live under the same roof, it does not hurt to actually say these words out loud rather than type it on social media. The whole world already knows how much you love each other. We get it. It’s okay if there’s a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or a special day, but to see it on a daily basis, it gets really annoying. [Read: 14 dos and don’ts of adding your date on Facebook]

#2 It is just their faces on their profiles, and no one else is there with them. Have you ever come across a couple who never posts anything else other than their couple selfies? We get pictures of their faces, only their faces, even though they say they are having a blast at the beach, or pictures of just their faces even though they say there are experiencing a great time in Paris. Or say they are having dinner in a fancy restaurant but yet again, we never see any of the food nor the restaurant, just their faces squeezed in that 3-by-3 inch square.

It is not that the couples should stop taking photos of their faces, but perhaps they should consider that their entire social network is now getting sick of looking at their mugs.

#3 Every single detail of their day, no matter how mundane. They had sushi and maki for dinner. They forgot to buy pillows. They did not know that the girl has her period and needed to rush to the grocery store. They failed to have sexual intimacy last night, which is why the guy is in a rather bad mood. They make their social media profiles their diaries and never fail to update it – whatever they do and wherever they go.

We can practically stalk them. And worse, they just post too much private information that makes us, their followers, want to cringe. The line must be drawn with what kind of information couples share online. [Read: 16 attention whore signs to watch out for]

#4 This account is owned by MrandMrsHopelesslyinLove. Joint social media accounts, there is no explanation as to why these couples only have one social media account. You will never know who is posting what, who will see your message or who is posting the comments.

We get that the two of you are so open to each other that you do not mind receiving messages that are not intended for you but for your partner, and well, you read it anyway. But individuality and privacy should be respected, even though you are already married. Each of you is still allowed to have your own lives.

#5 The other half of the couple oddly reacts to a tagged photo of the other with a member of the opposite sex. We’ve all come across this couple of times. The male gets tagged with a photo of him and another female that isn’t the girlfriend or wife or vice versa. And guess who reacts or comments first with a sarcastic remark? The girlfriend or wife, of course! And after ten minutes, we would see that it has become a full online battle and both of them airing each other’s dirty laundry.

The world is bad enough with impending wars and deaths, so please take your petty fights to the bedroom where none of us can be a witness to it. [Read: 6 little ways to quit being so jealous all the time]

#6 What happens when the fighting is over? They make up, of course! And where do they make up? Online, in the same thread. With a lot of sorrys and I-love-you’s and empty promises of not fighting again. Can we just block them now?

#7 Social media seems to be the first choice when ranting these days. Where have your friends gone? What happened to those people that you can call or talk to when you have had a fight with your significant other? Did you forget them now?

Oftentimes, we see half of the couple posting rants about how their significant other has made yet another huge mistake, and they don’t think they can forgive their partner this time. We are now very much aware of all the negative things his or her partner has done. Wow. Isn’t this sounding more and more like a soap opera?

#8 Social media seems to still be the first choice when raving these days. But on the brighter side of things, we also see all the positive side the other half has done! As much as this person rants about the negative things, the person also raves about the positive things. Your appreciation of what your partner has done for you will go a longer way, if you directed this to them, not to your online social media profile.

#9 Post intercourse selfies. Need there be any explanation for this?

#10 As you scroll down your newsfeed, you see that one male has written a lot of sweet words on one female’s profile or vice versa. You will first think that it is so sweet of this male to post his proposal to this female on her social profile. But wait. What? Shouldn’t that be done in person? But then, minutes later, the female responds with an all caps YES! Talk about tacky to the n-th degree!

#11 As you scroll down your newsfeed again, you see that one individual has written really rude words to their partner, revealing at the end that they want a break-up. Not only is this embarrassing to both parties involved, but again, shouldn’t this be done in person? The whole world will now know why they have broken up, and if that isn’t enough, everyone’s aware of the nasty reasons for the break up.

Relationship milestones are very important and each couple should be grateful for the presence of their partners in their lives. However, this appreciation should be personal, should not be done online with the whole world as their audience, and should be just between the two of them.

[Read: A story of a Facebook breakup gone horribly, horribly wrong]

It’s easy to fall trap to the so-called online diary that is social media. But when you really think about it, wouldn’t messages delivered in person be so much sweeter than just receiving a notification on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram?

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4 thoughts on “11 Things Couples Should Quit Doing on Social Media”

  1. Nana says:

    We definitely not do those things, there’s no more intimacy with social media! But we do use couples app like happycoupleapp to get closer 🙂

  2. Marcus says:

    Social media, to me, is the death of all relationships. No one needs to know what you guys are doing 24/7. There are only supposed to be 2 people in a couple not 900+. I think that the reasons older couples love harder and last longer is because they did not have to deal with all this new technology. Back in there day you actually had to go out and meet the person of your dreams. Now you can just put in “your type” to a dating app and they will give you a list. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with dating online, I’m just saying that if just because you met online, doesn’t mean your relationship has to stay there.

  3. nasty says:

    Do your selves a favor and just not post icky stuff on your face book timelines. It’s bad enough that we get to see one of your faces on facebook, don’t ruin the facebook experience by posting the both of yall’s ugly pics together. I just find it disgusting. It’s as if you’re going to stay with her forever. You will, again, cheat on her for the next hot girl you see and again, us your friends would be seeing another fucking girl on your timeline. It’s no surprise that you are one big man whore and I don’t give a damn about you anymore, that’s why I’m fucking blocking the cunt like yourself. You just don’t deserve to be alive. I want to kill you with fire and that’s what I really want to do. Can I just kill you legally? It would just make our lives easier on this earth if you just diet and it’s really doing the world a favor. It could get rid of one nasty thing.

  4. Bra says:

    I went to an extremely small religious school-there were literally less than 10 people in the graduating class. I’m not even exaggerating. Anyway, because it was such a small school, no one really had an opportunity to go to a real crazy party before. Until one day. My bestfriend at the time met some guys who took us to a house party along with my BF. Things started to get heated between me and my BF and we went off into his room where I proceeded to give him a blow job. Only someone barged in with a phone and got a video of it and put it on Instagram (without me knowing). The next day I was told what happened and I actually begged the guy to delete it, and he said he would only after tweeting about the video. A girl in my class ended up seeing it and telling the principal what happened, who then told my parents. Of course I denied the whole thing. After many days of having meetings with the principal with my parents ended up having to withdraw from the school or I’d face expulsion and I got my GED about a month later. So yea. I got effed up by social media.

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