Kegel Exercises: Why Both Men and Women Should Do It

kegel exercises

Looking to improve bladder control, tighten your vagina, or create a rock hard erection? Then you absolutely need to learn how to do Kegels!

Kegels make for better sex, better sex organs, and better control. Do you need more reasons to join in on the Kegel movement? If you do, then you should know that there are many different reasons why each sex should be imbibing in regular Kegel exercises, like creating a world of harder erections, tighter pussy, and explosive orgasms for both genders. But sexual titillation aside, there are also a ton of medical reasons for adding this exercise to your daily routine!

Many women find that that weight gain, child birth, or pregnancy have all added to the weakened state of their pelvic floor. This weakens bladder control and results in that oh-so-feminine “sneeze, then squirt” effect that women have come to hate. Kegels tend to correct this by strengthening the pubococcygeus or PC muscles.

So what are Kegels, and how can you do them when you can’t even see them? Whether you’re male or female, keep reading to find out why and how you should be doing Kegel exercises.

Kegels for women: how to do it

So you’ve hopped on the Kegels bandwagon, but you’re still not sure exactly what you’re doing. The answer is easy.

To get a better feel of what muscle you’re trying to flex, start by peeing and then abruptly stopping mid-stream. The muscle you used to stop the flow is the same one you’ll want to be contracting for a Kegel exercise. After you’ve emptied your bladder, tighten and hold those muscles for as many seconds as you can stand, and then relax, and then repeat.

Another great method to finding this is to insert your finger into your vagina and “squeezing” your vagina against your finger. That same clenching is what you’ll need to be doing to perform a Kegel. Doctors recommend doing three sets of 10 Kegels a day for best results.

How Kegels benefit the vagina

So what’s beneficial about Kegels for women? A lot, actually! For starters, you’ll find when you start regularly practicing Kegels you’ll have…

#1 Better orgasms. Wait, you can have a more intense, more explosive orgasm just by squeezing your vagina a couple of times a day? Who in their right mind isn’t yelling “Sign me up!”? When women orgasm, their vaginas contract, sending out waves of pleasure. Those precious PC muscles are actually the ones responsible for all of that bliss! Thus, when you strengthen those muscles, you’ll have stronger contractions and a stronger orgasm. Yum, yum, yum! [Read: 10 foolproof sex tips every girl should know]

#2 A tighter vagina. As with any muscle that you’re working out, you’ll soon find that as your muscles get stronger, your vagina will become tighter, making your sex life a dream come true for both you and your partner! Not to mention, your pelvic floor is in charge of keeping your pelvic organs right where they should be. Tightening your PC muscles will help prevent against a painful uterine, rectal, or vaginal prolapse.

#3 Bladder control. If you’ve given birth, or have always had a weak bladder then you’ll definitely love the benefits of doing Kegel exercises. Again, strengthening your PC muscles and pelvic floor will give you better control over your bladder, and help prevent against urinary incontinence or any form of “leaks.”

Notes: Never do your Kegels with a full bladder! This is not only incredibly uncomfortable to do, but it can also increase the risk of you getting a urinary tract infection – and that’s not fun for anybody.

Kegels for men: how to do it

Kegels aren’t just for women. Men benefit just as well from doing the whole “clench” as women do! But first you have to know how to do it. To successfully do a Kegel exercise, you need to find out which muscles to target. This can be tricky at first, since you can’t actually see which muscles you should be working.

Have you ever started to take a leak, but then someone comes and tries to open the door? Suddenly, your waterfall has turned into a trickle, and then… nothing! This is the muscle you’ll need to work with to do a Kegel. As with women, it’s the pubococcygeus, or “PC” muscle that you clench whenever you stop the flow of urine.

To do your Kegels exercise, simply clench those muscles, hold for as long as you can, release, and then repeat the whole process 10 times, and do this thrice each day.

How Kegels benefit men

Doing Kegels exercises on the daily will benefit men in more ways than you’d initially think. Here are some compelling reasons to do those clenches regularly.

#1 Improved erection. According to MensHealth, 40% of impotent men who regularly practiced Kegel exercises for a period of 6 months actually regained their normal sexual functions.

But what if you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunctions? Kegels are still going to do wonders for you! After practicing Kegels for a while, you’ll find that your erections are getting way harder and last much longer than they used to, due to increased and improved blood flow to the area. [Read: 20 ways to maintain your erection]

#2 Fights premature ejaculation. Learning to control the pelvic muscles through Kegel exercises means you’ll now have more control over premature ejaculation issues, and you will be able to last longer in bed. Many men find this method more effective than trying to learn ejaculation control through delayed masturbation. [Read: The best ways to prevent premature ejaculation]

#3 Better orgasms. Who wouldn’t want this? Many men who regularly practice Kegel exercises found that their orgasms lasted longer, and their semen was released with increased force, making for an all-around enhanced, amazing orgasm.

Wait, it gets even better *and weirder*! A woman’s ability to have multiple orgasms is envied by pretty much all men out there, but these same men who swear by Kegels have actually reported the eventual ability to have multiple orgasms. Believe it or not, that fact alone makes male Kegels worth a try!

#4 Bladder control. Having increased blood flow to your member spells out a healthier penis all around! Not only will you be aiding the health of your prostate, but you’ll also find that you’re able to control your bladder better than before.

While you probably weren’t wetting the bed pre-Kegels, you’ll definitely find that you’re getting up less in the middle of the night to relieve your bladder than you were before. Oh, and did we mention you won’t have to do your “pee dribble” post-urination anymore? Just another great benefit of male Kegels.

[Read: 13 ways to overcome sexual anxiety and perform]

Now you know the benefits of Kegels for both men and women. At first you may be tempted to overdo your Kegel exercises in hopes of seeing quick results, but as with any other exercise, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Just remember: everything in moderation and practice makes perfect!

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3 thoughts on “Kegel Exercises: Why Both Men and Women Should Do It”

  1. soon says:

    I do kegel exercises all the time and I’m a girl. It’s so that when I get pregnant, I will have really strong pelvic muscles to make me push out the baby effectively. My boyfriend does it too because it helps him control his ejaculation. That means that I won’t be getting pregnant if he uses the pull out method which he loves doing all the time and almost every single day he just wants to fuck. Doing kegel exercises improved our sex life because when my boyfriends comes inside me I can really squeeze his penis because I can tighten up my pelvic muscles and it makes him have a better cumming experience. I just love it. Oh yes, I do make him cum inside me. Got a problem with it? I take pills and he uses condoms sometimes but he just hates it, so why do I have to force him to use it. I like him better when we are skin to skin and having a barrier between us just lessens the experience. I like having unprotected sex because it makes us connect really better. Our lives have never been the same since we stopped using condoms and we all should stop using condoms. Just let all the women take pills and if we get STD’s just plant it all on the guy and sue them. Just make sure you really pick out your funeral dress because pretty much, you will be dying soon enough.

  2. Lewal says:

    My boyfriend and I do kegels because it makes our sex life better. It makes my pussy tighter and he can last longer in bed. I don’t have much to say about kegels but when we first started practicing, it felt really awkward at first, like really awkward because you;re like trying to hold in your pee when you don’t need to pee. You get what I mean. Try it out right now. Hold in your pee like your trying to pee. Did that sound right? Okay just let me rephrase that, try to imagine that you’re peeing but don’t actually pee, now, hold your pee in. That’s how you do kegels and it’s fun too. Sometimes we make a game on who can last the longest or holds the kegels exercise the longest. My time is 5 minutes and my boyfriend sucked he only went 3 minutes and he had to pee for real. LOL. I guess I won fair and square. Seriously though, kegels is a fun experience for couples and can also set the mood for you guys. You can do it while you are fucking each other or him fingering you. It’s really fun, I don’t know how many times I have to say it but it is. It’s really fun. Go try it out right now, if you don’t try it out, you’re gonna miss on something really great and might just change your whole life. Don’t believe me? Why do you think Hilary Clinton is running for president? Don’t think you would know the answer but the answer is because she likes doing kegel exercises! Okay, that is so off topic, I was just trying to make you laugh. Oh well, regardless if it worked or not, just do it. You’re not going to lose anything just try to hold in your pee and that’s it! Do it as many times as possible and that will strengthen your pelvic muscles!

  3. Awesome says:

    Lol make it a regimen man, it’ll change your life I promise. I am so much more confident about my penis now. I’m regular length and girth (about 6 1/2″), and now I just feel like I have Mandingo’s dick lol I swear to God. And the ladies, oh, the ladies love it! A thicker, fuller dick inside of them CLEARLY feels better than one at 70, 80%. PLUS, they feel better about themselves because by the time they pull your pants down, your cock glock is already staring them in the face! Oooo he’s so hard for me! AND, it makes YOU feel better about YOURself because you’re not self conscious like oh fu*k I barely even have a boner now she sees my unimpressive half-chub and she thinks I’m small and is sucking on this half-boner fu*k fu*k fu*k. That is no longer my friends! No more getting soft in the middle of a hot hook up session! Your pelvic floor muscle WON’T let that happen! Alcohol doesn’t make it so fu*king hard to get up or not feel anything anymore! You’ll be raging sober OR tipsy! I cannot say enough good shit about kegels. Because so many guys have these problems, and it’s so easy to fix with a little self-discipline. It’s easier than anything out there, jelqing, pills (that don’t work), you name it. Kegels are just freaking awesome.

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