25 Friends with Benefits Rules to Remember

friends with benefits rules

Wondering how to be friends with benefits without the complications? Read these 25 friends with benefits rules that can make all the difference.

Being friends with benefits with someone can seem like a dream come true.

Especially if you’re not interested in anything more than a satisfying romp.

But a few good movies and a few bad stories from friends could have taught you a few things about the infamous FWB relationship.

You can’t have the cake and eat it too.

But if that’s exactly what you want to do, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

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Friends with benefits rules that make a difference

Met a cute hottie who seems equally interested in your appearance or your bedroom manners?

Well, here are a few things you need to get into your head before getting into each other.

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#1 Don’t fall in love. This is the biggest rule and the easiest one to remember. Don’t fall in love. But then again, this is also the hardest one to follow.

#2 Have emotional maturity. Understand what kind of a relationship you’re getting into right from the start. There isn’t supposed to be a happy ending. Be satisfied with a satisfying ending.

#3 Set ground rules. How often should both of you call each other and how often should you meet? These rules aren’t set in stone, but both of you must make a conscious effort to follow it.

#4 Don’t get clingy for attention. Your friend with benefits isn’t your lover. Don’t constantly call them or try to make a conversation when you have nothing better to do. [Read: Signs of a clingy lover and tips to avoid it]

#5 Keep it a secret. Don’t talk to your friends about it. Gossip has a funny way of spreading within minutes after you tell a friend about it. You’ll end up pissing your friend with benefits or getting a bad reputation.

#6 Don’t sleep with two friends from the same group. It’s too risky and you may get caught, especially if both of them are trying to exchange sly smiles and sneaky glances with you, or worse, trying to reach out to your crotch from under the table at the same time.

#7 Don’t be overenthusiastic. Yes, you get to have a no strings relationship with someone. Yeah, good for you! But keep that libido and  enthusiasm down or you’ll end up getting bored or scaring your screw buddy away.

#8 Don’t go on a date. You may be intimate with each other, but that’s no excuse to see each other in any place other than a bed. You’ll ruin the relationship.

#9 Distract yourself. Get interested in someone else as soon as you start having sex with your friend with benefits. It’ll take the option of falling for them out as long as you’re infatuated by someone else.

#10 Don’t stay in touch too often. Don’t try to find out about their personal life or have conversations about life and its problems. You’re into each other for sex and you really should avoid involving anything else. Call for one reason and one reason alone.

#11 Avoid sleeping with a good friend. As sexually attracted as you may be, avoid having sex with a good friend that’s good looking. You will lose that friend or both of you will hate each other within a few months.

#12 Remember how it ends. Both of you will almost always stray apart. Or end up having an affair when one of you is in another relationship and that can get really messy. Pick the first option. [Read: Conversation tips to end a relationship]

#13 Avoid anyone who’s seeing someone else. It may sound sexy and wicked and even give you an ego boost, but you’ll get caught or one of you will have to deal with a heavy bag of guilt that will ultimately be shared in the open.

#14 Mentally date someone else. Don’t talk about your personal lives with each other. But convince yourselves that the other person is actually dating someone else. It’ll help avoid falling for each other.

#15 Be honest. If you’re falling in love with your friend with benefits or feel like things are slipping out of hand, you owe it to your friend to at least let them know the truth so both of you can decide the course of the relationship. [Read: Signs you’re more than friends]

Things that can happen in a friends with benefits relationship

As fun as a perfect friends with benefits relationship could be to begin with, it does have a few bad sides too. I’d like to tell you that you can avoid any dark corners, but at some point of time, the bubble always has to burst.

#16 You can’t fall in love. You lose the chance of falling in love with someone who may be perfect for you. You may take a while to realize it, but even if you think your sex friend is the most charming person in the whole world, you really can’t do anything about it because it’s too late to retrace your steps.

#17 You may lose a great friend. If one of you have been hasty or made a few wrong decisions, both of you can’t do anything but walk away forever. Can you handle that?

#18 You could end up jealous or unhappy. As much as you may try to pretend like you don’t care, you may be upset if your friend dates someone else. And all this even though you know the ground rules.

#19 There may be a disease involved. No one likes talking about this part. But it’s something to be wary about, especially if your friend has a lot of active friends with benefits. And of course, you’re not going to talk about it because *you don’t care*, right?

#20 Romantic feelings will find a way. Romance always finds a way to crop up for one of you if the relationship lasts more than a few months. And trust me, both of you aren’t going to like where that road goes. [Read: Are you falling for a friend?]

Things to remember to prolong the relationship safely

#21 Are you slipping? If one of you find yourselves slipping or falling for the other person, end it at the first doubt. You really have no choice. Almost all the time, love is not an option. [Read: Signs to find out if you’re in love or lust]

#22 Poke into the details. You may not like it, but get to know about your friend with benefit’s sexual partners at least by numbers instead of names so you know how active they are. Get a medical checkup now and then too, if there’s some suspicion in the air. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

#23 All good things come to an end. Firstly, a friends with benefits relationship isn’t a good thing. It’s a dangerous excuse to avoid commitment. But yeah, it’s a lot of fun though! At the end of it all, as fancy as it sounds, a friends with benefits relationship is almost always too good to be true. [Read: Ways to deal with a complicated relationship]

#24 There will always be doubts in the air. Even if both of you mutually fall in love with each other, would you be happy in the long term? Trust me, I’ve been there. You’d always doubt your friend’s fidelity. If you could get your friend to have sex with you so easily, can’t they have sex with someone else even though both of you are in a relationship?

#25 The bad ending. If you end it, you may infuriate your friend who may even want revenge. Unless you end the relationship nicely, there’s really never going to be a happy ending, for you or for your reputation. [Read: Tips  to reject someone who likes you]

A friends with benefits relationship is always fun, as long as it lasts. Use these 25 friends with benefits rules to prolong the fun for as long as both of you safely can, and end it just before it’s too late.

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33 thoughts on “25 Friends with Benefits Rules to Remember”

  1. Dariela says:

    very helpful…

  2. friendw/benefit says:

    I happened to run into this article by accident. So glad to have found this. Very useful

  3. the f*ck buddy situation says:

    I’ve never been a relationship girl, whether its been my experience with guys or my genuine nature of not trusting someone, I just don’t like them. I have a friend, whom I’ve know since forever, I’m 20 now and we grew up together and ended up at the same university. I can’t explain to you the sexual tension that has been building over the years, but I can tell you we’ve maintained the same relationship for about a year now. Ladies and men, don’t be scared about all this bull you hear about it not working out. I’m telling you right now, sometimes being in FWB relationship with a really good friend is much better then an acquaintance because communication about anything becomes so much easier, and as we all know communication is KEY in ANY type of relationship.

  4. Tina says:

    This is somewhat helpful but also a bit confusing. I am in a fwb relationship with a co worker. We’ve had sexual tension between us from day 1 but I was unavailable at the time. Now im not anymore and we hooked up during a work weekend (it’s a traveling job). He told me he didn’t want to put me in a relationship so soon after my break up so I told him I was fine with fwb and see where it goes.

    After sex we cuddled and watched some shows and the next night we went downtown and strolled. He held my hand, randomly kissed me and so on. Even during work whenever he was free he would come to my station and surprise me with a quick kiss or a hug.

    Since that weekend he has been txting every day whenever he could, calls me names like baby/babe and amour. There is plenty of secting going on between us but most of the time its just normal conversation. He wants me to spend some time with him before the next trip too.

    I wouldn’t want to over thing this but I’ve had fwbs before and none of them acted this way. Is he still interested in making this something more even though he denies it? Because only one or two rules apply to us right now. I tried talking to him about it but it barely gets anywhere.

  5. Curious Cat says:

    I’ve been in a FWB relationship on and off for the last 3.5 years with the same guy. We used to see each other randomly, but now it’s kind of regular.

    A couple of weeks ago he asked me to pick him up at his family’s cabin, and once there he invited ot stay the weekend (Sneaky). He became very affectionate with me in front of his family. He has spent time with my son and done father figure type things with me. I think he is trying to take it out of the FWB zone for sure. I kind of like the way things are going between us, but I am not 100% sure that it’s what I want. We’ve gotten to know each other rather well, but I haven’t allowed myself to dvelop feelings for him in all this time. I just really like his company and we have tons in common.

    So many people say that an FWB “relationship” cannot ever develop into something “real”. I’m trying not to read to much into all of this, but I think the signs are there BIG TIME. I don’t know what to do, just go with it… or end it. Sigh….confusion.

  6. Emma says:

    I’ve been hanging out with my fwb for almost 3 years. We see each other outside of the sex. We go to dinner, the movies and concerts. We even chill at home and watch a movie before the Rex part sometimes 😉 We are both mature people in our late 30’s. We see/date other people, sometimes the sex stops with each other when we do (sometimes it doesn’t). We have never had a problem with jealousy or love. We came into this relationship with very clear and concise rules, and we both follow them. We were friends before we entered into this, for almost 3 years. I think it can work with a friend. They are someone you can trust more to be honest with you. The problem(s) arises when people think they’re mature enough to handle this type of relationship, but aren’t. I don’t believe you should ever start a fwb relationship before you weight your personal pro’s and con’s. It IS about more than just sex. To keep it going there has to be mutual respect. Screwing your buddy just bc he’s super hot, smells great and oozes sex is not the reason to start a fwb relationship. Being mature, knowing what you what, what they want and sticking to the rules is what makes this type of relationship last. The key word here is “friends” . You have to be willing to be friends, or this is just acquaintance sex…..which is exactly the type of sex that never works out and has a ton of issues that go along with it.

  7. Jen says:

    I recently became involved with someone. I have a past of abuse and very bad experiences with men. However i am not a hateful or vengeful woman, i think personally i am a prize. Met this guy 3 months ago, i wanted to date. Become friends and have fun. See where it takes me. ON our 2nd date i mentioned my past fwb. How i wanted fwb, and it worked but i wanted to experience dating. So we agreed to be fwb. However we both are confused as to what our goal in life is. He says things and makes comments that pertain to long term. And i fell for it. So I was misinterpreting him. Thinking we are in this fwb, with the potential for long term. I wasnt thinking serious commitment at this time as i am IN NO WAY ready for it. And neither is he. But suddenly he has brought a new woman into the picture and has feelings for her. So i am confused as to why we are in this fwb, when he wants a relationship with her, and of course he wants to keep our fwb. I know he sounds like a slut and a dog, but he is a great guy. IN the last 3 months, i truely have felt like he is my other half, the piece of the puzzle i am missing. Our confusion in our lives is what is keeping us apart. APparantly he is attracted to her dark skin and that she is nice… my problem is my goodness do we have fun, not just sexually. Even out dating and our conversations are very deep. He considers me his buddy, he says i am the only person (friend) he feels totally comforaable with. I am cool, awesome… etc… Both me and his new fling are overweight, i may be more then she is. He told me that if i lost 50 lbs i would be a hot babe. So im up for that challenge… i would LOVE to get looks from men… lol… oh and i am very sexual, more so then he is. He feels he found his sexual match. He says things like once we both get our lives figured out then maybe we can commit to each other… etc…

    I know he is keeping me because he really does cherish the friendship and yes the sex is amazing, of course I would be the best he has had

  8. tracy says:

    FWB worst idea ever and the dumbest most harmful thing for women. This is a male invention of the worst type. I unknowingingly got into a FWB relationship with a narcissist, it damaged me very badly. I was thinking we were actually dating and I became surprised to learn it was a FWB. Then I got pregnant and he told me it was a FWB! It was confusing, we went out on dates, cuddled, etc. The pregnancy scare was false. But he led me to believe we were not in a FWb, he led me on, for years then he broke my heart saying he was “seeing someone else,” I was like wtf, crazy. I would never ever recommend this BS and women who get into this knowingly are very dumb, you can waste years and years! of your precious beauty and life to be used like a common whore. Then disgarded at any time.

  9. Craig says:

    I was in a fwb situation and it sucked for me. My problem was is that I was in love with her before we started the benefits and that was my fault. There were no ground rules to between us. We hung out every day before the benefits and then everyday after it started. She wanted me around all the time texting me and calling me I had no free time. When I tried to distance myself because of my feelings she got mad at me. It felt like a actual relationship which is what I really wanted and her actions to me signifies that it was a relationship even though she said it was friends with benefits from the start. I was afraid to lose her because now I was deeply in love with her. I got a text saying we should stop this because she didn’t want a relationship. I was heart broken and started writing letters to her to clear my head. I never sent the letters then one day I did and she finally knew I was in love with her. Now she is pissed at me and I lost one of my best friends. I tried telling her that her actions made me think it was different than fwb. She said you knew what you were getting into from the start. Lessons to be learned from this is don’t do it if you have feelings, and set some ground rules of how often you see each other. Dont cuddle after or spend the night either. You will end up heart broken like me. I am still trying to figure out why she needed me there all the time too. I will never do this again because of this situation that happened to me. Im not mad at her and I love her unconditionally. Theres a lot more to this story as well but to keep it short she said stuff to me like “I don’t want to leave you broken hearted” because she thought she was dying. Anyway she was very special to me because she really helped me out of a dark depression and she said that’s why she said that. She still lives and im broken hearted so i am confused there. Anyway listen to my advice from earlier and ddon’t do it with your best friend.

  10. Mary says:

    Yes, I found myself in a FWB situation. I had know him for well over a year before we started to go to the Sunday matinee to watch all the top movies up for Oscars, as friends. We paid our own way and would meet at the theater. After a couple months, he kissed me one night after parting from a restaurant where we went for drinks/apps afterwards. We discussed what each was looking for, and he agreed he wanted the same as me, which was a long-term monogamous relationship. Well, after having sex a few times, he stated he wanted to have kids some day, all the while knowing that I already had 2 grown kids and no longer fertile.

    We continued to see each other for a total of 6 months. he said we weren’t dating that we were only physically attracted to each other, he always put me second, never introduced me to friends, never told anyone he had been dating me, because according to him, we werent dating.

    The final straw was when he refused to allow a pic of us on Facebook timeline,

  11. Meow says:

    I’ve been reading a bunch of these types of articles regarding FWB… I

  12. Tulip says:

    This has just broken my heart so much! I cannot express how sad I am. But this was required, and I’m so glad this post has been put up.


  13. abcdefg says:

    I currently have this sort of situation going on now, been seeing somebody casually for the past few months and hate to say it I have developed feelings for this person.
    It is a tricky situation because I still feel like he could be the one for me, we click so well, and both agreed at the start nothing else would come of the ‘relationship’, so I have two choices,
    1. Carry on with FWB and have him close to me
    2. End FWB and lose him
    because we cant end what we have and remain friends now

    This post is so helpful, wish I had read it sooner!

  14. Lily says:

    This really helped. But I think I’m already falling for him. Not so sure how he feels. Its not my fault though. He keeps being sweet. We go out together, watch movies together at home. He rubs my tummy when its crampy, he gets upset when I make other plans, the way he looks at me…he kisses me on my forehead and always mentions the small things I do that makes him wanna be around me all the time. Its so confusing. Coz his Islam. His arranged to be married to a family friend’s daughter soon. For me to fall for him will hurt me, but the way he is being its as if it doesn’t matter. Like we’ll deal with it when we get there. I don’t know anymore. But thanks for the info.

  15. Ashley says:

    I’ve been in a fwb relationship for about three months now. The bad part about this is that I am married. My husband does not show me any affection and I hardly see him anymore. When we are off work together he sits by the computer and plays his games or we argue all the time. We never have sex because he can’t get it up even though he is only 30. I felt as if I could not satisfy him anymore. We talked about this on several occasions. He kept reassuring me that everything is fine and I shouldn’t worry. I never thought I would be the one doing this and I for some reason don’t feel ashamed?
    This fwb is a coworker and he is a pretty new coworker. It started out with him coming up to me during our breaks and lunches and just carrying on conversations like we knew each-other. I was happy with him and he made me smile like it use to be back when my husband and I were dating. I ended up finding out his age and I was shocked to hear how old he was. He was so mature and looked older than he let on to be. I ended up not caring and decided to chat with him some more. He flirted with me and he told me how beautiful I was. I told him things about my husband and he didn’t like some of the things I told him.
    On one of his days off we decided to meet in my car and go to the park or somewhere private. He ended up kissing me and then having sex with me romantically (way better than I ever had it). Afterwards I found out I was the first person he actually had full intercourse with. Now we’ve been doing it once a week or every other week. Every time I tell him we need to stop one of us starts it all over again. It gets better and better too. I think he’s falling for me and we know that there will never be a future for us. He’s just getting his life together and I’m married and coping with my situation. My husband knows something is up and he asked me a couple of times if I’m going to leave him. I tell him that he needs to get help. That we need to go to married counseling or something, but he will not go. It just seems like he doesn’t care anymore. This fwb guy somehow magical came into my life and fulfilled it, but it’s not a fairytale and we don’t always get happy endings. Someday this ending will hurt all three of us…until then i guess I’ll take whatever life throws at me and live day by day to the fullest.

  16. Sandy says:

    LOL, after being in a NSA / FWB for a year now we have broken every rule and it’s causing us a lot of problems. I’ve now decided to call it quits and end the relationship. The last month has just been one long fight, must admit the make-up sex and angry sex was awesome, best in months.

    If you are thinking of an NSA / FWB relationship stick to the rules to avoid heartbreak and a ugly break up in future. It’s about the sex and nothing else.

  17. XYZ says:

    I am starting a FWB,it will be my first. It’s with someone I met on a trip and we’ve decided to pursue this relationship. I’m 19, he’s 24. I’m a virgin and I’m a little nervous , I don’t know if I should lolose my virginity in a FWB and also don’t we get attached to our first? What’s with that, what should I do? I am happy with the arrangement,but need advice

  18. jennifer says:

    WTF is wrong with this society–sex should not be so casual. Morals have been lost.

  19. EmDaley says:

    I have a FWB and he’s also my ex. We reconnected after he and his girlfriend of almost 3 years split up. He’s really affectionate, and the way he acts sometimes feels as if we’re in a relationship, even though we’ve both acknowledged that it is no strings attached. I’ve been in love with another guy for a while now, I’ve slept with him before as well, but we live so far apart, so we can’t pursue anything. I’m so scared of him falling in love with someone else it drives me nuts. He’s the reason I only wanted to be FWB with this current dude in the first place, I don’t want him to see that I’m in a relationship at all. But because I crave human contact so much, and he was available, I decided to go casual with my FWB…

  20. EmDaley says:

    I’m not very attached to my first to be honest. He was my first kiss as a child, and I didn’t see him for 5 or so year before his family came to visit mine, only for 2 nights, and I lost it to him on the first night. This was maybe 2 or so years ago now, but I was never really attatched to him

  21. lolo says:

    I had fwb with one guy who is 25 .I am 16 . We are gay and I wanted fwb because he is so kind and always hugs me .cuddles me . He is the first guy who kissed me so deeply .my parents has never hug me and they don’t show any love for me . He don’t know I am 16 .I told him I am 18 . He hug me and kiss my neck . He is so gentle with me . My parents call me fool or dump and never call my real name . I want to stop this thing but I don’t wanna loose him . He is very gentle and I want to date him

  22. rrr says:

    If you see anyone else while having FWB, make sure other people know you’re intimate with someone else, so they can make informed decision, if they’re OK with that. If they’re not, that’s fine, they’re allowed to make their own decisions and things wouldn’t have worked out anyway, so better to find that out early instead of wasting more time.

  23. Annyahs says:

    [QUOTE=Annyahs;65694677]So, I’ve fallen into this friends with benefits thing after a 10 year relationship ended. He’s a sweet person, just got out of a year and a half relationship (actually it’s been two years for me and my heart is still on the mend but better)I have a question, this guy makes me laugh, he’s sweet and yet I don’t think he’s quite as deep a thinker as I, which is okay, I get that fix elsewhere…my ideation regards and I’ve discovered having sex, (first time was recently, other times we just ****ed around) there is no kissing involved….and I didn’t realize how important that was to me….it’s a huge turn on….and I think the sex would be a lot more wild…I don’t know how to bring this up, also and yes, hahaha, please laugh at me, we’re a weird group of friends, I was soo upset when my relationship went outs I drank a whole thing of Malibu and broke my front teeth hard (of which I recently could only pay to get fixed, not quite fixed yet….weirdly enough, I still get a lot of dudes after me, only one thing bugs me, an incredibly drunk friend dared me to kiss her at the bar…I did and she said,”No a real kiss..!” Who am I to pass up a dare?!! So I went for it and holy **** if it wasn’t my first kiss since my ex (basically)…and yes your front teeth have ALOT to do with leveraging your entire kiss/mouth, not to mention nibbling…I feel defanged!!!! Aggghh’Hahaha, so I haven’t pushed it…I’m asking for advice here, and an analysis of this complex and comical situation. What does the no kissing mean (huge turn off…or not 1/55th of how I would be turned on….maybe I’m exaggerating those #’s..but it’s close) Also, this strange affliction I find myself in….and also, do I bring it up?! I like his company, it’s a gods save just to fall asleep with him….and well, it could just be my oxytocin levels talking but I can envision SUCH better sex…The first time I was half way asleep and it was kinda awkward (first time in too long), not quite boring but more of a milestone (so, I got this done with…slept with someone after the ex….cool*) that was about it.Or should I drop this all together? No kissing on the mouth, when he’s woke up he’s kissed me several times on the neck and similar stuff in a sweet manner, like in a row down the vertebrae, not long but not quick either….How do I turn this around (my current handicap, Ooohh Gawd!! Haha) or should I drop it.Hooray too, from the condem breaking when we first went at it and didn’t realize until after….It’s just pure comedy.Also, in any of my friends with benefits (memories of there was always passion and every act, it was all sweet and wild and I’m not used to this type of affair….I’m not super thrilled when he talks especially in front of friends with me there about different chicks in the vacinity (what am I then, chopped liver? He’s a happy go lucky guy but I refrain from doing that excessively in front of him) but it’s in a “dude bro” manner that doesn’t seem like him or when he’s drunk. Is that a weird way of setting up boundries?I’m knew guys and girls and have no idea wtf after 10 years (last half of relationship ship was also long distance and not as passionate, 2 years and still recovering).I need insight into this new world and this situation!! Thanks all of yous!! ;D
    Tips? Advice? and P.S..yes I’m going to the clinic after the broken condom so no tips are necessary there… 😉 honest mistake and seriously the first time it’s ever happened to me.

    Also, I’m wondering how one goes about getting into a real relationship again. My old one haunts me and along with that trauma (very brutal), I idealize the old quite a bit and though coginitively I get I am not supposed to do that, brand new person and all (not talking about the friend wih benefits)…I feel pretty anhedonic about a lot of things I used to love. It’s been a rough ride, this the two years to even get to this point. I still hve overwhelming dreams, ect….
    Anyway, I’m sure someone can relate to at least a part of this and even if it’s only a part it’ll help out the whole. Cheers everyone!!

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