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how often should you have sex
How Often Should You Have Sex? 15 Signs You’re Not Having Enough

If you feel like you’re not having enough sex, chances are you’re not. But how often should you have sex, really? Here’s how much sex you should have.

how to kiss better
How to Kiss Better So You Can Impress Everyone You Mack On

When it comes to kissing, you don’t want to be bad at it. Knowing how to kiss better can help you impress anyone your lips touch and land more dates.

how to be a good kisser

How to be a Good Kisser Even if You’re a Newbie & Don’t Kiss Much

Even if you don’t have much experience, you can still learn how to be a good kisser. Here’s how to impress the next person you end up kissing.


Quoiromantic Confusion: What It Is & Signs You’re Experiencing It

There are times when we have feelings for someone that are outside of our understanding of what is normal. But being a quoiromantic is not unusual.

Prude prudish

Prude & Proud of It: 20 Signs You’re Prudish & Awkward About Sex

If talk of all things sexual, nakedness, and PDA are all like your kryptonite then you just might be a prude. It is okay, embrace your prudish side!

History of Condoms

History of Condoms: How to Be a Condom Know-It-All in 5 Minutes

Everything has a past. Yes, even those little *or big* rubber socks that go over penises started from somewhere. Here’s the history of condoms.

crush on a coworker

Crush on a Coworker: How to Handle a Coworker Crush Like an Adult

If there’s one rule we all know, it’s that the worst thing you can do is have a crush on a coworker – and a fling. But that’s easier said than done.


Cushioning: Why Using This Dating Tactic Just Makes You a Jerk

The act of cushioning is when people in a relationship cushion the blow if things falls apart. It’s keeping other people in the picture just in case.


Erotophobia: The Variety of Fears Related to Sexual Intimacy

Maybe you’re scared of intimacy or kissing someone new, well, there’s a general word for that. No, it’s not called being a tease, it’s erotophobia.

sexual tension between friends

Sexual Tension Between Friends: Handle It Like a Platonic Pro

If you’ve ever experienced sexual tension between friends, you know how weird it can be. Here’s how to handle it without ruining the friendship.

fear of sex Genophobia

Fear of Sex: Understanding Genophobia and the Ways to Get Over It

Everyone is fearful of something. For some, it’s a spider. For others, heights. And then there are some who have a fear of sex – genophobia.

Online Sexting

Online Sexting: 10 Biggest Sexting Rules You Should Never Ignore

There is a fine line that you have to balance if you want to make online sexting effective, yet stay safe at the same time. Here’s how to do it.