15 Tips for a Sizzling, Satisfying Make Out Session

make out session

If you like kissing, then you’ll adore making out. Here are 15 tips to make your make out session sizzling and pleasurable—for you and your partner.

What’s better than kissing without having to go all the way to intercourse?

Making out.

Making out is a great way to express your passion, even if you or your partner is not ready to take things to the bedroom yet. It allows you to practice your moves on each other, as well as get the feel *literally and figuratively* of your partner’s body. It also shows just how much chemistry you have *or may not have* before you do the big deed or whether you should take your relationship to the next level. [Wanting to go a little further? Read: Losing your virginity and having sex for the first time]

How to make your make out session sizzle

So, without further ado, here are 15 tips on how you can make your make-out session memorable.

#1 Prepare your puckers. First things first. If you want a sizzling make-out session that your partner will never forget, don’t forget to prep those puckers. Exfoliate your lips beforehand to keep them supple. While no one wants dry, cracked lips, avoid putting on slick, slippery, slimey, and gooey lip products, as well. And of course—brush your teeth!

#2 Sweeten the deal. Make the make-out session more romantic and sensual by eating some sweets, such as juicy strawberries or chocolates. Not only are they aphrodisiacs, but having the taste of sweets in your mouth when you kiss will send your partner’s senses into overdrive. Better yet, have some sweet wine to tantalize your partner’s senses with the heady taste in your mouth. [Try: Romance in a glass – Types of wine to choose on a date]

#3 Tingle with mint. If sweet is not your cup of tea, then opt for the tingling sensation of mint. Put on a light minty lip balm, or pop some mints beforehand. The menthol, combined with your warm breath, will make you and your partner tingle with sensation.

#4 Make eye contact. Don’t forget to look into your partner’s eyes from time to time before you kiss or even during different intervals throughout your make out session. This deepens your bond and makes things more intimate. This also allows you to have a better idea of some visual cues from your partner as to where this session might *or might not* go.

#5 Ease into it. Start slow—you don’t have to be in a hurry. Initiate with light, closed-mouth kisses on the lips. Shower light, sensual kisses on their cheeks, chin, behind the ears, or on the neck to turn the heat up a notch. [Check out: Stop ignoring erogenous zones – How to give the perfect neck kisses]

#6 Tease and tickle. You can still play hard-to-get… even while making out. In fact, this will drive your partner even crazier for you. Pull back and look into your partner’s eyes, or tickle them—in a sexy way—by gently gnawing at their lower lips or ears. Tease them with some naughty innuendos or whisper something sexy in their ear to make them want to kiss you even more badly. Just be sure of the right timing and frequency.

#7 Mind the cues. Even when you’re locking lips and it feels like you’re the only people on earth, make it a point to mind your partner’s cues. Even before the make-out session starts, try to mimic their body language to establish a deeper connection. When you finally lock lips, be aware of how they respond to you. The better you are in sync with each other, the better the lip lock and make out session.

#8 Be hands-on. Don’t forget your hands. Keep your hands occupied by caressing their face and neck, running your hands through your partner’s hair, or slowly rubbing their arms. You can also put your hands around their neck, touch their chest, or even caress their midsection. This keeps your senses high, resulting in a much more sensational make-out session. [Try: How to make out and 10 steps to make it oh so sexy]

#9 Give and take. Remember that making out is also a connection, much like a conversation, except this time, it’s your bodies doing the talking. So, respond to your partner’s cues and give your own response. Let your partner know you’re pleased with what they’re doing, and return it with your own moves.

#10 Be a little rough. Don’t forget to rough it up a little. After all, this makes making out much more exciting. A little playful tugging of the lips, a few gentle kisses here and there, erotically running your fingernails along his arms, or passionately pulling her hair ever so slightly can bring you both to extraordinary heights.

#11 Have a breather. Making out for too long can leave you and your partner breathless. So, don’t forget to come up for air, but make sure that this is smooth, subtle, and sexy. Taking a quick break from kissing is absolutely fine, and your partner needs it, too. Ease off your kissing pace, kiss them in another part of their body, such as the neck or cheek, or even talk to tease a little—these are all some techniques to take a little breath and take in a fresh lungful. [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]

#12 Mix things up. Of course, if you’ve gone this far on our list, you’ll see how we value keeping things interesting as you make out. So we can’t stress enough the importance of mixing things up. After all, this is the lifeblood of any make-out session. Whether it’s by the way you kiss, the pace and pressure that you use, or the way you use your lips and tongue, be sure to mix things up to keep things exciting and scintillating. [Read: Erogenous zones for men – 8 secret places to touch your guy]

#13 Explore a little. Don’t be afraid to explore your partner’s anatomy. Whether with your lips, tongue, hands, or fingers, get to know your partner even better by navigating their erogenous spots and making them go crazy for you. Use your tongue and trace the outline of their lips, trail your fingers from your partner’s chest toward their crotch, run your nails gently on their back, gently squeeze their arms, run your fingers through their hair, kiss them behind the ear, or even lick them a little on the neck. Aside from turning them on so much more, this is also a great way to become acquainted with their body. [Read: Top 10 erogenous zones that drive women crazy in bed]

#14 Cuddle and wind down. Don’t forget to let your partner know just how long you prefer making out—of course, no matter how great it is, it can’t last forever. So end your make-out session with a big hug, a big kiss, and a sweet, sexy smile.

You can even tell your partner how delighted you are or how much you like kissing them. Keep the connection intact by cuddling with them, embracing them, or just being near. Even if you don’t want to say “I love you,” or take things to the next level, at least you can let your partner know what a great time you had. [Check out: How to cuddle – cuddling positions to be a loving cuddler]

#15 The beauty of anticipation. Keep things sexy and romantic for as long as you can. If you are willing to jump in the sack with your partner after making out, then that’s even more incentive for you to keep yourselves in a romantic bubble. However, if you want to keep up being hard-to-get—which is perfectly fine—then make sure to keep your partner wanting more by making sure the make out session is memorable.

A few great techniques include straddling them, gently thrusting your body toward them, pressing your curves against them, or guiding their hands all over your body. These tips will leave them not just thinking, but fantasizing about you until the next time you see each other again.

The beauty of making out is that it can be a great prelude to more things to come, whether in that instant or in the next meeting. It allows you to be much more intimate with your partner, as well as deepening your connection, without fully indulging in having sex.

[Now that you’ve got the tips all worked out, read: Mastering dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

These tips are here to give you a few basic ideas on how to make your next make-out session sizzle. However, always remember that you have to be highly aware of what exactly your partner likes or what turns them on. The important thing is to keep it private and make sure you are both comfortable. Enjoy!

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One thought on “15 Tips for a Sizzling, Satisfying Make Out Session”

  1. down the lane says:

    Everyone has their own style, so it’s better to go slow at first and work your way from there. It’s likely that the other person is trying to figure you out too, so it’s like your two puzzle pieces and you know you fit together, but you have to try out your different sides and find out which parts fit together best. So take it slow. Be deliberate and keep your eyes just a little open (Not wide open because it will look like you want to eat them) lest you end up sucking on your partners nose or poking them in the eye with your tongue(If you do, laugh about it and don’t make it awkward). Touch your lips at first, then maybe start working them together. Don’t open them too much yet because not everyone wants to jump right into the slobber fest, just kindle nibble slowly at each other. Take short breaks for air, go back in. Remember, a kiss is in the body too. Use your hands to hold them gently, then maybe bring them in a bit if it feels right. Don’t push too hard forward, don’t control the situation. Take breaks and let the other person feel you out, try their thing, show you what they like. Pull them in closer if it feels right, wrap your arms slowly around them and hopefully they’ll do the same. Once you’re clasped tightly together, slip in just the tip of your tongue to poke between their lips. If the respond in kind, try a pushing a little further. See just how far your both willing to go, touch tongues. Open your mouths wide and lick the back of your partners teeth, if it feels right. If they back off on the tongue, maybe you should do. Just try to find the right level of penetration that feels right. Make sure you swallow, nothing’s kills the mood better than a string of saliva dripping down between your locked lips. If you’ve gotten to this point, it’s likely that bigger and better things are in the cards, but I’m just here to explain the kissing. Maybe my way isn’t everyone’s way, but it’s worked well for me. Try to use the tip to test the waters if shes okay with it, and then you can kind of slide it and flick it and a more advanced technique would to make your tongue like a wave. Remember to always feel the others persons enjoyment. By that I mean if they seem to be moving their head backward lay off a little its uncomfortable for them and they might not be enjoying what your doing. That’s the biggest tip I can give. It’s a give and take there is two thoughts on how the kiss is going and remember to enjoy it. The best kiss I can recall had only the slightest tongue contact. It was so brief, I wasn’t even sure it was intentional, but when it happened, the quick, unexpected brushing, it sent what felt like a shock through me which made every other part of that kiss more intense than I could have imagined. So um, yeah, that. I definitely like that. I like to either hold my girlfriend’s cheeks and pull myself in close to her or draw her in close from the hips. She has this weird way of puckering up that makes it difficult for me to tell if I’m making flush contact with her lips or not. She doesn’t seem to like tongue so I just kind of go for lingering open mouth kisses. There’s about a foot of difference in height between us so it can be tricky sometimes. Playfulness. It should be fun. Don’t get too aggressive with it. I hate when a girl gets too aggressive. I usually pull a girl in, tilt my head a bit, slowly move my mouth towards theirs, put my hand under her chin, and guide her mouth to mine. First kiss is pretty light, it’s not a peck, but you’re not using tongue yet. Have soft lips. Then you tease a little bit with your tongue. Again, not too much tongue. Just teasing hers with yours. Pull back and lightly nibble on the lip. Back to teasing her tongue with yours. After a bit you just react to what her tongue is doing with your tongue. Every once in a while nibble on the bottom lip. From there you can nibble on the earlobe, neck, and once you’re doing that things just escalate from there. Hands down pants. Could slowly work your way down.

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