16 Hush-Hush Signs Your Friend Wants to Have Sex with You

signs your friend wants to have sex

Is your friend extra flirty around you? If you see these signs, you just might have a friend who wants to sleep with you the first chance he gets!

It’s nice to meet someone with whom you can just be friends, right? He shares your interests, he’s fun to be around, and you just have this chemistry that makes it so easy to be friends with each other. All your other guy friends seem to only befriend you long enough to get you in bed with them. With him, things are different. He’s different. You think to yourself, “With a friend like him, who needs a boyfriend?”

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but as the infamously wise Harry of “When Harry Met Sally” says, “Men and women can’t be friends, because the sex part always gets in the way.”

It may not be today, and it may not be tonight. But somewhere along the way, the thought of you in bed will come creeping into his head, and he’ll like the idea so much that he’ll do everything to make it happen. In fact, he may be doing it right now, and you’re just absolutely clueless about it. [Read: Are guy best friends nothing but trouble for girls?]

Open your eyes, ladies, he probably wants to sleep with you

Here are 16 signs that can help you figure out if your guy friend really wants to have sex with you.

#1 Keys to his place. Has he been telling you that you can crash at his place anytime, and you may as well just have the keys to his place. In fact, you know where he keeps his spare keys, as he tells you, “Just in case.” He says he’s concerned about your safety and he doesn’t want you to ever go home alone and in the middle of the night. He thinks it’s better if you spend the night at his place, but you should wonder if he would really just let you sleep on the couch.

#2 Lingerie. Remember when you guys were hanging out at the mall and you passed by a lingerie store and he joked about how those nighties in the window would look good on you? He may have said this jokingly, but the truth is, he definitely thinks about you in your lingerie.

#3 Feely friend. You thought chivalry was dead, but your friend proves you wrong. He helps you out of the car, holds you at the small of your back to lead you through doors, kisses your cheeks when you see each other, and hugs you. That’s it. He’s too touchy feely and when he hugs you, you feel him lingering and can’t help but wonder if he’s making out with you… using his arms. [Read: Unique and really effective moves your guy best friend may be using on you, to get you horny]

#4 Eyes on you. More specifically, your boobs. Or your butt. Or all of your curves. The thing is, when you talk to him, you never see him looking you in the eye. You notice a slight glance at your face, but most of the time, he lustingly looks at your humps.

#5 Nights out. He asks you to hang out at night more than any other time. Since you’ve met him, you’ve been going out to dinner. When you ask him to have lunch, instead, he tells you he’s unavailable or he convinces you to move it to dinner, so he has a better chance of sleeping with you.

#6 Drinking buddies. Yes, you are great drinking buddies, and he makes you feel like you can get drunk because, whatever happens, he’s got your back. In fact, you never need to ask for another round, because he’s so eager to buy you one after the other, after the other… [Read: 10 sneaky techniques guys use to get into your pants]

#7 Alone time. You have mutual friends, but most of the time, you find yourself hanging out with only him. He calls you to ask if you want to meet “them” at your favorite watering hole, only to find him alone, after all. The bottom line is: he does everything to get you to hang out with him alone.

#8 Movies. He always tells you, “There’s this movie you just gotta watch.” He knows you like noir movies, especially the weird and often morbid French ones, and he indulges you because he says he likes them too. Fat chance. He just wants you to watch movies at his place to maximize hook-up possibilities, even if it means he has to sit through the queasiness of watching gross, brutal things with you.

#9 You wore it best. You know he’s not gay, and from the way he smirks at fashion magazines and preppy-looking men with their man-buns, you know he isn’t the least bit interested in fashion. However, when it comes to the clothes you wear, he remembers them all. He knows the LBDs that look great on you, the ones that most definitely hug your curves, and he isn’t shy about letting you know it.

#10 Your sex life is his business. He is updated about your love life—and your sex life. After all, he’s a great listener. He listens to you whine endlessly about your dates, and he gives great advice… until he asks about how things are going in the bedroom, which you obliviously tell him, too, because he’s like your BFF anyway.

#11 His sex story. Now that he knows about your sex life, he tells you about his sex life, as well—to the point that he sounds braggy about it. He tells you how he is in the sack and how women respond to him. Does he want to impress you, or even turn you on? Most likely. [Read: 10 clear signs your male BFF is secretly trying to seduce you]

#12 Innuendo. You know him as the jokester in your group of friends, so when he starts to jokingly tell you to hook up with him, you laugh it off. When he kids you about how great you’d look in his sheets, you playfully punch him in the face. Often, he goes too far, but you let it slide because you secretly enjoy the attention.

#13 “Accidental” sexts. Aside from slips of the tongue, he also “accidentally” sends you sexts. Who does that? Well, if it’s once or twice, it’s barely acceptable. However, his accidental sex-laced messages to what he claims is “this woman he’s seeing” are getting more and more frequent, and he doesn’t even apologize about it.

#14 Scouting together? He tells you he’s your wingman, but he is actually just wanting to know what kind of guy you like or find hot. He sees those guys at the bar you say you like, and in his mind, he’s comparing himself to them, thinking he’s waaay better.

#15 He isn’t seeing anyone. When you ask him if he’s seeing anyone, he says he is. However, he’s always with you and, albeit rarely, with your friends. He keeps updating you about his whereabouts, so you wonder if that mystery girl really does exist. Most likely, he’s just waiting for you to notice him. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

#16 Your friends can tell. When your friends tell you that something’s not right, you’d better listen to them. You may be totally oblivious to your guy friend’s attempts to get you to have sex with him, but when everyone else can see it, you better look more closely.

Besides, your mutual friends know both of you well. If he has designs on you, he might have mentioned it to one of them, and news may have traveled. For all you know, he is your best guy friend, and if you had things your way, you’d want him to be part of your life platonically, with absolutely no sex involved. [Read: How to stop a guy friend from hitting on you or flirting with you]

However, reading the signs above and finding yourself ticking off each item as it applies to you, you know that he may just be around to get laid. Thinking about this can be enough to drive you crazy, especially because you both have a great friendship going and you wouldn’t want to ruin it by sleeping with each other. [Read: How to be just friends with a guy when he wants more]

Although the signs above are a great start, the only way you can find out for sure if your friend really does want to have sex with you is to ask him. If he’s really your friend, he won’t be offended and he’ll tell you, “No, I’m not trying to have sex with you, you little cray-cray.”

[Read: The step-by-step guide to getting your friend to sleep with you]

But if your friend does want to have sex with you, then you can see it straight after you ask him. By then, the ball is in your court and you can go from there.

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5 thoughts on “16 Hush-Hush Signs Your Friend Wants to Have Sex with You”

  1. Zohara says:

    I actually have the keys to a friend’s place for that reason. I didn’t have a clue it could mean he wants to sleep with me! Lol, I guess reading through the list some of these sorts of things are adding up and yeah it could very well mean he wants me to join him in bed, but I’m not sure if I would. I mean, I haven’t taken him up on his offer to crash on his couch after a night out and really I don’t plan on it unless I’m absolutely desperate and I’ve been to one of the bars near his place (he lives pretty close to the downtown core), but do I really want to now that it could mean he wants to have sex with me? I might give him his key back.

  2. Vijaya says:

    Wow, this is serious business girls. My best friend is super close with me, because we’ve known each other for 15 years. Can you imagine 15 YEARS???? We know everything about each other – he tells me about his girls and I tell him about the boys I have a crush on. We haven’t got to that point where we could exchange apartment keys. For me, that is reserved for my family and my boyfriend. The article is awesome and it’s amazingly helpful, but I don’t think that David wants to have sex with me. At least for now 🙂

  3. Handa says:

    We were best friends for 5 years while we both dated other people and one night, when we were both single, we got drunk (not even near completely hammered) and ended up having the best sex of my life. It was completely relaxed and carefree and stayed that way even after we were sober. He is now my boyfriend and I am head-over-heels in love with him.

  4. Sleepy says:

    My best friend who I’ve known really well for like a decade has just been dumped after like 4 years of living with his girlfriend. He has just expressed that he’d be interested in us becoming FWB. I’m aware that he’s obviously rebounding like a motherfucker and don’t know if I should view this as a opportunity or steer clear of it. I’ve been single for 8 months now and don’t want another boyfriend anytime soon and I’m very worried about ruining things with my friend. I feel like if I jump on the opportunity too soon that he will regret it. I also had gotten to know his ex girlfriend really well and would not want to do anything if it turns out that me and her stay friends. I’ve never been a FWB before and I’m have really mixed feelings on the whole situation (is that normal?) … I’ve mentioned I’d be more comfortable with the idea he sleeps with some random girl before me as I really don’t want to be the primary source of regret if he ends up feeling really bad about “moving on”. We basically hang out everyday and I enjoy hanging out with him, I really don’t want that to be ruined but on the other hand, I haven’t gotten laid in a LONG time and wouldn’t mind the action…. I don’t know what to do.

  5. come out of the water says:

    We were friends for almost 8 years… We were always both in relationships, so nothing ever happened. She would stay the night occasionally if it got too late or whatever. Nothing ever happened. She always complained about how her dude would only last like 30 seconds max then blow his load (they’ve been together for a year). Recently I became single and she stayed over like any other night. We got down. 6 times that night. Many more times after that night. It became too much for both of us, her realizing she was in love with me, and me with her, but she still had a boyfriend. We just don’t talk anymore. It was one of the hardest decisions I had ever made in my life, but it was just too much sh*t to deal with.

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