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what is pity sex
What is Pity Sex? 13 Signs You’ve Definitely Done This Before

Having pity sex isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it’s not really a good thing, either. If you want to know if you’ve had it before, we have the signs.

torn between two lovers
Torn Between Two Lovers: How to Make the Right Decision for You

You might find yourself torn between two lovers and in need of some help. If you’re lucky enough to have this issue, here’s how you can decide.

Serial Cheater

Serial Cheater: 14 Signs You’re Dating Someone Who Loves Cheating

The phrase once a cheater, always a cheater originated from a serial cheater. Not everyone who cheats will do it again, but most of them certainly will.

what is lust

What Is Lust? The Typical Signs and Ways to Turn It into Love

So… what is lust and are you in it? Furthermore, is there any way to turn lust into something real? We’re answering these questions and more.

Types of Vacations

10 Types of Vacations that Create Romance and Bring You Closer

If you want to create a stronger bond with your partner, think outside the box. What’s more fitting than a vacation? These types of vacations do the trick.

why do people cheat

Why Do People Cheat? 10 Sneaky Giveaways of a Potential Cheater

The question why do people cheat seems to be an easy one, but it is anything but easy to answer. These 10 things help you identify the signs.

Ghosted after the First Date

Ghosted after the First Date? 13 Calm Steps to Quell the Rage

When someone doesn’t call after a date, it’s a pretty obvious sign as to where things are headed. But what happens when it seemed like a great date?

NSA Relationship

NSA Relationship Guide: 15 Necessary Rules You Have to Follow

Strings? Who likes string anyways? If you’re looking to have some non-committal fun, well, then maybe a NSA relationship *no strings attached* is for you.

who cheats more men or women

Who Cheats More, Men or Women? How to Have a Cheat-Free Romance

The statistics about who cheats more is way less important than why the sexes cheat. Understand the reasons to help keep your relationship cheat-free.

Drunk Texting

Drunk Texting: How to Avoid the Awkward Drama of Drunk Texts

Waking up to read the drama you created the night before drunk texting is about as fun as the walk of shame. Try these nine tricks to reduce the fallout.

nsa sex

No Strings Attached: 17 Important Guidelines for NSA Sex

Sometimes, you just want to be able to have sex without all the drama. Well, there is a way to do it, and we have all your guidelines for NSA sex.

why good girls like bad boys

Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys? The Truth Finally Uncovered

There’s an overwhelming number of reasons for why good girls like bad boys instead of their own type. This is why they just can’t help themselves.

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